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The Alpha and his Beta
Part 3 - Part Three
By Cracker

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The Alpha and his Beta: Part Three

By Cracker

To erastes from his devoted eromenos

After college I got a job with an aggressive cutting-edge tech firm. Pretty soon I was in-charge of the new project we were developing. Security at was tight especially as raiders from our rivals wanted anything they could get on it. There was pressure but still, my life was good. I was young, still in great shape, had a fantastic job that paid well. 

I was sitting at my desk one night when that life changed. One of the guards brought in a  young black man who was found trying to access the computers and commit industrial espionage. To my shock it was the same black teammate that I couldn’t stop checking out when we both played on our high school soccer. He was even hotter than he was back in those days. His snug fitting tee shirt showed off his defined upper body while his fitted pants displayed an even more hefty looking bulge in his crotch. My throat was so dry I could barely tell the security guard to leave him with me. Standing in front of my desk I couldn’t take my eyes off that massive mound between his legs. I mean his crotch was directly in front of me. Memories of seeing his thick dark meat when we showered filled my head. After a few minutes of silence, I heard him say it was okay to stare at it. I looked up more in shock than anything else. I wanted to deny what I had been doing but, the leering grin on his face silenced me. He just laughed in that sexy deep way he always had, while reaching one hand down to rub his crotch. My eyes refocused on what he was doing. I was mesmerized by how his thumb gently traced the rounded outline in his pants. By now I was sweating.  As I stared at his hidden manhood, he told me he always knew I’d checked him out back in our school days. How it was natural for a white guy to secretly be fascinated by a black man’s dick and balls. He also said he knew I worked on the project and purposely got caught so we could meet.

I kept thinking I should say something but my eyes were riveted on how his hand was sensually cupping that bulge. I swear I could smell a musky scent drifting into my lungs.  He walked around my desk to stand next to me. I closed my eyes to breath his essence in. Before I knew it, I was slipping off my chair and moving my face towards it. The material covering his hard round mound pressed against one of my cheeks. With my eyes still closed, I tentatively let my tongue run lick the coarse fibers. By now his crotch’s scent were swirling around me. At one point I pitifully groaned. He simply laughed. I breathed in his warm scent. As I did he asked if I wanted to plant my face into his crotch. I FUCKING DID. By now my mouth was so close to that well-rounded package.  I hungrily gazed up at him, He as smiling and called me a pathetic hungry white bitch. I returned my gaze to his crotch and watched as he unzipped. Within seconds, his thick long cock flipped out. An even stronger odor of his musky scent wafted out. I took a long deep breath, filling my lungs as he tousled my hair and called me a good white bitch. By now my desire for him was out of control. I could feel my own pounding erection. Unconsciously I unzipped and pulled it out. He laughed again causing me to flush with embarrassment. Then he said I could blow him provided I let him access my computer and download files. I knew it was wrong, but all I could see was that erect shaft waving at me. I nodded and mumbled out my access codes.

A few minutes later he was sitting at my desk downloading files while I knelt between his legs slurping on his cock and beating off my own stiff shaft. His dark hard meat pounded into my throat. My tongue felt the throbbing rush of the blood from the veins lining its shaft. As I slurped and licked on his undershaft, he grunted with pleasure. The sound pleased me and I quickened my own masturbation. At some point he must have completed his task at my computer because he leaned back in my chair. His strong thighs parted even further giving my face greater access to his dick and balls. Soon I was happily gagging on my prize. At some point, he grabbed my head and began thrusting my face down into his cotch. His short wiry crotch hairs painfully rubbed against the skin around my mouth. The burn I felt only increased my eagerness to service that rod. As he violently faced fucked me, his balls slammed against my jaw. My head was spinning. I took in more of his heady erotic scent and focused on my task. As he fucked into my mouth, he began a steady stream of verbally abuse. He told me I should be grateful to be permitted to service a strong back man. He teased how, in our school days, he joked with his friends about his white boy teammate who constantly gazed at his meat.  He explained that, from now on, I was his personal spy in my company. I would be his sweet, little, white bitch who was going to send him everything we did on the project. As I sucked and beat off, I nodded. I would anything he wanted to keep his hard black meat inside my mouth.

For the first time since my high school sexual encounters, I felt my true  place in the world. I needed to serve this powerful black man! He growled as he climaxed. I frantically gulped as his hot superior jizz raced down my gullet. My own body quaked as I blew my own wad between his strong legs. When he was done, he roughly pushed me back. I gazed at him, panting like a dog, my mouth raw from the burn of his pubic hairs, some of his spunk dripping from a corner of my mouth. He gazed at the puddle between his feet and shook his head in disgust. Saying nothing he pointed down at it. Instinctively I leaned forward to lick the mess up. As I did, he stated he was taking me to a black-owned private bondage club for black men and their ‘owned’ white boys. As we left my office, he gave my ass a hard slap. He joked how my sweet pale anal pucker was going to be opened wide by him and two of his friends. How he would use a hot branding iron and sear his mark onto my ass so everyone would know I was his submissive white boy. My cock stiffened at thoughts of what was to come before the night was over.


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