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Cyber Breaker
Part 2 - Part 2
By Cracker

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Cyber Breaker II

By Cracker

Got some interesting feedback. Hey guys write more. I answer emails okay! So let’s try a continuation. If you’re reading this, then you must have liked the first one? Also sites like this need your financial support so give something right now. Any amount is fine. Simply give them something to say thanks for letting me get off.:)


A lot of guys now engage in cyber sex. It’s a good way to get your rocks off. I wanted to try my hand at a story with this as its theme. Did this take place…you decide or not. Since cyber chats are filled with typos, grammar issues, and cyber abbreviations I intentionally put them in…or did I simply leave them in this chat? Hopefully it lends realism to it for you. Thanks to Smiley doing me doing it with me {haha} for this one. Feel free to reach out to say hi or give feedback.

[11/8/17, 11:55:15 AM] Footballer_ alpha: the story is now online

[11/8/17, 12:07:12 PM] Buster: Fuck, I saw. This is pretty hot

[11/8/17, 12:07:27 PM] Footballer_ alpha: So you like this story?

[11/8/17, 12:07:47 PM] Buster: Considering I “wrote” half of it...yeah ofc

[11/8/17, 12:07:52 PM] Buster: Like you posted it like I told you too

[11/8/17, 12:08:33 PM] Buster: Really shows the world the “stud” that you aren’t anymore. I’ll be curious if anyone emails you comments : )

[11/8/17, 12:08:59 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Got to admit I was rock hard while I sent it off to the site

[11/8/17, 12:09:19 PM] Buster: Nearly get off again did ya?

[11/8/17, 12:09:37 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Do you think they will think you bitched me or it's just a fantasy story?

[11/8/17, 12:10:41 PM] Buster: Are you going to answer the question if anyone does ask? ; )

[11/8/17, 12:10:57 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Not sure ; good question

[11/8/17, 12:11:39 PM] Buster: You should send the story to the other guys you’ve cybered with so they know about you

[11/8/17, 12:11:57 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Fuck, you really want to turn me out as a bitch, don't you?

[11/8/17, 12:12:52 PM] Buster: Yeah I think they deserve to know the kind of person they’ve been cybering with this whole time

[11/8/17, 12:13:11 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck I’m so fucking boned right now

[11/8/17, 12:31:30 PM] Buster: Where are you gonna post the story next? You know you’re hard right now for it

[11/8/17, 12:31:56 PM] Footballer_ alpha: {the site’s name} maybe, sir

[11/8/17, 12:32:44 PM] Buster: Good boy, looking forward to seeing it on there. In fact boy do it now.

[11/8/17, 12:37:37 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck. sent

[11/8/17, 12:37:54 PM] Footballer_ alpha: can’t call it back now I guess

[11/8/17, 12:38:31 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck

[11/8/17, 12:41:08 PM] Buster: haha…you are now totally revealed on the Net, boy: )

[11/8/17, 12:46:21 PM] Footballer_ alpha: feeling humiliated but totally turned on

[11/8/17, 12:46:34 PM] Footballer_ alpha: knowing u love that too

[11/8/17, 12:47:20 PM] Buster: Too bad the story won’t get posted with pics.

[11/8/17, 12:47:39 PM] Buster: so much fun if the world to saw your cock tied up like that?

[11/8/17, 12:47:57 PM] Buster: relax I know you can’t add them on story sites but if you could…haha.. you’d do it I bet…hard there bitch? In your panties right now are you … maybe?

[11/8/17, 12:50:30 PM] Footballer_ alpha: not in panties

[11/8/17, 12:51:10 PM] Buster: Getting hard thinking about those panties again though right?

[11/8/17, 12:51:47 PM] Footballer_ alpha: yeah

[11/8/17, 12:52:24 PM] Buster: You should think about buying new ones

[11/8/17, 12:52:38 PM] Buster: Having people stare at you as you walk into a Victoria secret store

[11/8/17, 12:53:04 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck

[11/8/17, 12:53:32 PM] Buster: Listening to people snicker as they watch you take the panties into the changing room

[11/8/17, 12:54:20 PM] Footballer_ alpha: why is this so fucking hot

[11/8/17, 12:54:41 PM] Buster: In the changing room, you’d strip everything off

[11/8/17, 12:54:52 PM] Buster: Before trying on some silk panties

[11/8/17, 12:56:06 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck

[11/8/17, 1:07:36 PM] Buster: Picture yourself in that changing room. Send the story to the bottoms you cybered with while thinking about being in panties in that store.

[11/8/17, 1:07:47 PM] Footballer_ alpha: all my old bottoms reading how you bitched me …shit… so boned

[11/8/17, 1:07:52 PM] Buster: Naked and ashamed, but your little fag clit so hard

[11/8/17, 1:08:00 PM] Footballer_ alpha: yes

[11/8/17, 1:08:05 PM] Buster: Making those silk panties wet

[11/8/17, 1:08:19 PM] Buster: As you try each of them on

[11/8/17, 1:08:31 PM] Buster: Pink and red and white, all frilly and feminine

[11/8/17, 1:08:43 PM] Buster: Nothing a real jock stud would ever wear

[11/8/17, 1:08:56 PM] Buster: But they all have a damp spot on them now

[11/8/17, 1:08:56 PM] Footballer_ alpha: sent them the story sir… why the fuck am i doing this shit and so hard on it

[11/8/17, 1:09:08 PM] Footballer_ alpha: not even drunk right now

[11/8/17, 1:09:24 PM] Buster: You have to buy all of them, you’ve made them dirty with your leaking

[11/8/17, 1:09:47 PM] Footballer_ alpha: how u doing this shit with me now

[11/8/17, 1:09:52 PM] Buster: When you get dressed and take the panties over to the check out counter

[11/8/17, 1:10:13 PM] Buster: You look up - fuck, it’s one of the fans who used to watch you play football

[11/8/17, 1:10:23 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck

[11/8/17, 1:10:29 PM] Footballer_ alpha: seeing me all femmed

[11/8/17, 1:10:37 PM] Buster: He doesn’t recognize you at first - but after a couple seconds his eyes widen

[11/8/17, 1:10:51 PM] Footballer_ alpha: smiley I’m going to pop

[11/8/17, 1:10:58 PM] Buster: You hand over the handful of panties that you tried on

[11/8/17, 1:11:09 PM] Footballer_ alpha: oh fuck im close

[11/8/17, 1:11:14 PM] Buster: As he scans them, he sees the wet patch

[11/8/17, 1:11:19 PM] Footballer_ alpha: why am i loving it

[11/8/17, 1:11:21 PM] Buster: And just starts laughing

[11/8/17, 1:11:27 PM] Footballer_ alpha: oh fuck im

[11/8/17, 1:11:28 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I’m

[11/8/17, 1:11:36 PM] Footballer_ alpha: oh fuccc

[11/8/17, 1:11:38 PM] Buster: “Holy shit, you used to be such a stud on the field

[11/8/17, 1:11:41 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fucccccccc

[11/8/17, 1:11:49 PM] Buster: Now you’re trying panties on in Victoria’s Secret?”

[11/8/17, 1:12:02 PM] Footballer_ alpha: shit i just exploded

[11/8/17, 1:12:12 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuc

[11/8/17, 1:12:35 PM] Buster: Yeah boy, you don’t even have the excuse of being drunk or tipsy

[11/8/17, 1:12:43 PM] Footballer_ alpha: everyone is going to see that story including the bottoms i cyber bitched b4

[11/8/17, 1:13:25 PM] Buster: I can’t believe you ever thought about topping

[11/8/17, 1:13:37 PM] Footballer_ alpha: i always topped b4 last night

[11/8/17, 1:14:06 PM] Buster: There’s no way I believe that - you? The little fag who shoots his wad on being femmes?

[11/8/17, 1:14:21 PM] Footballer_ alpha: smiley i swear it honest….god u own my ass and my writing ability

[11/8/17, 1:14:43 PM] Buster: That’s right, it’s all mine

[11/8/17, 1:15:02 PM] Footballer_ alpha: exposed and publically fucked too

[11/8/17, 1:15:27 PM] Buster: Publicly fucked ..haha

[11/8/17, 1:15:35 PM] Footballer_ alpha: not everyone will think its fiction

[11/8/17, 1:15:54 PM] Buster: The ones who ask you will find out it’s not if you tell them…

[11/8/17, 1:16:09 PM] Footballer_ alpha: ??

[11/8/17, 1:16:18 PM] Footballer_ alpha: can’t tell them

[11/8/17, 1:16:44 PM] Buster: No haha…why not bitch?

[11/8/17, 1:17:28 PM] Footballer_ alpha: please don’t tell me to do it…I’ll be your bitch..I’ll do anything you order..I’ll do whatever but not that sir

[11/8/17, 1:18:06 PM] Buster: Convince me why you shouldn’t admit your true nature to those who ask

[11/8/17, 1:18:47 PM] Footballer_ alpha: please I’ll be your total bitch

[11/8/17, 1:18:58 PM] Buster: You already are

[11/8/17, 1:19:31 PM] Footballer_ alpha: tell me what

[11/8/17, 1:20:15 PM] Buster: Anyone who emails you to ask about the story should know

[11/8/17, 1:20:35 PM] Footballer_ alpha: please

[11/8/17, 1:20:47 PM] Buster: They should know who you used to pose as

[11/8/17, 1:20:49 PM] Footballer_ alpha: tell me what you want not to have me do it

[11/8/17, 1:21:12 PM] Buster: They can know that you used to top

[11/8/17, 1:21:22 PM] Buster: I’ll bet they’ll be pretty surprised like I am though how much you’re a screaming bottom now boy

[11/8/17, 1:21:37 PM] Buster: Given what a good fag bitch you’ve turned out to be

[11/8/17, 1:21:47 PM] Footballer_ alpha: please no don’t make me do it

[11/8/17, 1:21:52 PM] Footballer_ alpha: begging

[11/8/17, 1:22:00 PM] Buster: And they’ll know you’re a great fag bitch

[11/8/17, 1:22:15 PM] Buster: After all, I now have the chats, and the screenshots, and the pictures to prove it too : )

[11/8/17, 1:22:17 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck why am i sprouting another boner

[11/8/17, 1:22:39 PM] Footballer_ alpha: tell me what u need me to do to not tell

[11/8/17, 1:23:01 PM] Footballer_ alpha: anything

[11/8/17, 1:23:06 PM] Footballer_ alpha: just tell me sir

[11/8/17, 1:24:05 PM] Buster: That’s twice now that you’ve cum while thinking about being a fag bitch and now hard again lol

[11/8/17, 1:24:17 PM] Buster: People who ask deserve to know that

[11/8/17, 1:24:36 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I’ll do whatever you want not to

[11/8/17, 1:24:48 PM] Buster: People who you’ve topped before deserve to know what their “top” now gets off to

[11/8/17, 1:24:48 PM] Footballer_ alpha: there has to be something sir

[11/8/17, 1:25:56 PM] Buster: I want you to show off what a fag bitch you are to people who email you

[11/8/17, 1:26:22 PM] Buster: But I’m open to alternative ways of having you prove that

[11/8/17, 1:26:44 PM] Footballer_ alpha: anything

[11/8/17, 1:27:19 PM] Buster: Propose something then

[11/8/17, 1:27:50 PM] Buster: What are other ways you’ll prove to the world what kind of fag bitch you are?

[11/8/17, 1:29:01 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck whatever you want

[11/8/17, 1:29:03 PM] Footballer_ alpha: please

[11/8/17, 1:29:15 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I’ll do whatever if you let me not do it

[11/8/17, 1:29:18 PM] Footballer_ alpha: anything

[11/8/17, 1:29:23 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I’m your bitch

[11/8/17, 1:30:05 PM] Buster: Buy some panties yourself

[11/8/17, 1:30:14 PM] Footballer_ alpha: okay

[11/8/17, 1:30:50 PM] Buster: Tie your cock up, wear those panties, and send me a picture - visual proof of the kind of fag that you are now

[11/8/17, 1:31:17 PM] Buster: Dickless, with your cock tied up and clad in female lingerie

[11/8/17, 1:31:26 PM] Footballer_ alpha: yes sir

[11/8/17, 1:31:34 PM] Footballer_ alpha: no face right sir

[11/8/17, 1:31:52 PM] Buster: hmm maybe a face…that one is up to you

[11/8/17, 1:32:01 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck I’m boned

[11/8/17, 1:32:58 PM] Footballer_ alpha: whatever u say, yes sir

[11/8/17, 1:33:05 PM] Footballer_ alpha: totally compliant

[11/8/17, 1:33:09 PM] Footballer_ alpha: no resistance

[11/8/17, 1:33:25 PM] Footballer_ alpha: u hard there sir?

[11/8/17, 1:33:40 PM] Buster: You better hope I get the picture of the panties before those emails come to you or else…

[11/8/17, 1:33:47 PM] Footballer_ alpha: or?

[11/8/17, 1:34:22 PM] Buster: You’ll be admitting the truth to people who email you about the story

[11/8/17, 1:34:31 PM] Footballer_ alpha: okay sir

[11/8/17, 1:35:07 PM] Buster: Yes

[11/8/17, 1:35:21 PM] Footballer_ alpha: u own my ass, sir

[11/8/17, 1:35:50 PM] Buster: Oh yeah

[11/8/17, 1:36:53 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I’ll do whatever you order me to do…

[11/8/17, 1:39:15 PM] Buster: That’s right boy

[11/8/17, 1:39:22 PM] Footballer_ alpha: anything I swear

[11/8/17, 1:39:45 PM] Buster: Fuck, it’s hot hearing you bitched out

[11/8/17, 1:39:58 PM] Footballer_ alpha: stopped fighting it

[11/8/17, 1:42:19 PM] Buster: No use in fighting your nature

[11/8/17, 1:42:25 PM] Footballer_ alpha: your bitch

[11/8/17, 1:42:38 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fagged and femmed brain

[11/8/17, 1:44:40 PM] Buster: you’re plowing days as a top is over huh

[11/8/17, 1:46:50 PM] Footballer_ alpha: you made me your little bitch now .Do you want to publish my future stories under your name? I mean, after all, you took my ass and I don't have a problem with you taking my stories and putting them at under your own name

[11/8/17, 1:54:06 PM] Footballer_ alpha: For some reason, mentally it feels only right.

[11/8/17, 1:59:00 PM] Buster: No, keep it under your name - but dedicated to Smiley, who owns you

[11/8/17, 2:02:26 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Ok sir.

[11/8/17, 2:07:43 PM] Buster: btw why footballer_alpha?

[11/8/17, 2:08:06 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I used Footballer_ alpha cuz it was a nickname. On the field I was aggressive.

[11/8/17, 2:08:35 PM] Buster: It’s pretty self-evident why I used Buster now huh boy lol

[11/8/17, 2:08:54 PM] Buster: turn on your cam I want to see you strip and get into those panties. Turn the cam on your crotch.

[11/8/17, 2:11:17 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck…yes sir.


[11/8/17, 2:14:30 PM] Buster: sweet. Aw your looking embarrassed in those panties….haha…..see you cock in that lacy pink…Have you cash fagged before?

[11/8/17, 2:14:42 PM] Footballer_ alpha: No, why have you?

[11/8/17, 2:14:49 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Or have guys done it for you

[11/8/17, 2:15:04 PM] Buster: No I haven’t, but the thought just hit me

[11/8/17, 2:15:33 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I mean, I know about that scene.

[11/8/17, 2:15:43 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I try not to be too judgmental, but still.

[11/8/17, 2:16:49 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Was that question a hint?

[11/8/17, 2:16:54 PM] Buster: But still?

[11/8/17, 2:17:15 PM] Footballer_ alpha: It does carry a certain stigma doesn't it

[11/8/17, 2:17:20 PM] Buster: would the idea of cash fagging be something that gets you off

[11/8/17, 2:17:30 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I've never done it

[11/8/17, 2:17:45 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Would it get you off?

[11/8/17, 2:18:22 PM] Buster: ...maybe? Uncomfortable right now sir

[11/8/17, 2:18:38 PM] Buster: I’ve read a little bit about the ethics around it

[11/8/17, 2:18:45 PM] Footballer_ alpha: And

[11/8/17, 2:19:30 PM] Buster: And I think I’d be willing to participate as a cash Dom. It’s not something I’m looking to actively pressure you about but …might be fun don’t you think boy?

[11/8/17, 2:20:04 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Actually, I never thought about it until just this moment.

[11/8/17, 2:20:23 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I mean a guy who would cash fag

[11/8/17, 2:20:57 PM] Buster: And yet you’re looking hard there on cam

[11/8/17, 2:21:05 PM] Buster: It would be a true sign of being owned

[11/8/17, 2:21:09 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I just never thought of cash Fagin.

[11/8/17, 2:21:22 PM] Footballer_ alpha: It was just something that popped into my head

[11/8/17, 2:21:32 PM] Buster: Is that hot to you?

[11/8/17, 2:21:49 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I'm not sure how I feel about it. Its so degrading.

[11/8/17, 2:22:28 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Fuck

[11/8/17, 2:22:40 PM] Buster: It IS degrading

[11/8/17, 2:23:17 PM] Buster: It’d be especially degrading to hear you beg for the opportunity to give $$ away to me boy

[11/8/17, 2:23:30 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Are you turned on right now

[11/8/17, 2:23:39 PM] Buster: Mmm yeah are you?

[11/8/17, 2:23:48 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Yeah you can see I’m stiff

[11/8/17, 2:24:15 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Fuck, this is all pretty new for me. It's only been less than 24 hours.

[11/8/17, 2:24:37 PM] Buster: You’ve come so far in 24 hours

[11/8/17, 2:24:54 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Yeah, but I think my brain is now being totally controlled by a different organ.

[11/8/17, 2:25:06 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I'm not even sure how cash Fagin would work with us.

[11/8/17, 2:27:08 PM] Footballer_ alpha:. How are you feeling about it?

[11/8/17, 2:27:50 PM] Buster: Again, I think it’s hot but not something I’d pressure anyone into but it would prove you are my little bitch… oops is that wet spot getting bigger in those panties boy?

[11/8/17, 2:28:09 PM] Footballer_ alpha: If we did this how would you feel

[11/8/17, 2:28:18 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Especially how would you see me?

[11/8/17, 2:28:30 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Be honest

[11/8/17, 2:28:49 PM] Buster: Oh a total bitch - cash fagging isn’t something you come back from

[11/8/17, 2:29:05 PM] Buster: It’s a done deal after that

[11/8/17, 2:30:24 PM] Buster: I’d think of you with contempt, not to kick you to the curb but to laugh at how far you’ve fallen

[11/8/17, 2:30:42 PM] Footballer_ alpha: So you would regularly financially milk my ass.

[11/8/17, 2:31:15 PM] Buster: Yeah, totally owned and mine to financially milk (or to withhold milking) as I please

[11/8/17, 2:31:32 PM] Footballer_ alpha: so you'd be cash tagging me on a regular basis.

[11/8/17, 2:32:31 PM] Buster: Well, cash fagging isn’t something that I’m asking for - it’d be something you’re willing to offer as a sign of how bitched you are….damn your cock is straining in those want it don’t you boy?

[11/8/17, 2:32:57 PM] Footballer_ alpha: on a scale of 1 to 10. How harder you for it?

[11/8/17, 2:33:07 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Right now

[11/8/17, 2:33:15 PM] Buster: 8-9

[11/8/17, 2:33:42 PM] Buster: How hard does it get you, thinking about that level of ownership?

[11/8/17, 2:34:02 PM] Footballer_ alpha: 6-7 ; i think

[11/8/17, 2:35:17 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Shit? How did we even get into this level of discussion? I mean, we started off talking generalities and now something more particular.

[11/8/17, 2:35:46 PM] Footballer_ alpha: If someone told me I'd even be having this as a point of conversation, I'd be laughing my ass off.

[11/8/17, 2:36:32 PM] Buster: You had no idea at our first chat that you’d sink this low huh boy?

[11/8/17, 2:36:41 PM] Footballer_ alpha: No

[11/8/17, 2:38:14 PM] Buster: What did you think would happen?

[11/8/17, 2:39:23 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I thought we'd have fun in a chat. Sure some domination and submission by me of you. Now you've got me turned out and right now we're discussing me being a cash faggot. And before you ask, yes, I've got a total boner right now sir.

[11/8/17, 2:40:06 PM] Footballer_ alpha: More probably because I think right now, I'm figuring you as hard as a rock.?

[11/8/17, 2:41:33 PM] Buster: Yeah definitely

[11/8/17, 2:41:56 PM] Buster: Surprising to me too to see how far you’ve sunk right now bitch

[11/8/17, 2:44:10 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Do you want me to be your cash fag?

[11/8/17, 2:48:04 PM] Buster: Yeah I do. My pathetic cash fagged out bitch. , I think it’s really hot to see how far you’ve gone, just by posting these stories

[11/8/17, 2:53:36 PM] Buster: Will be even hotter to know that the level of ownership extends to cash fagging

[11/8/17, 2:54:07 PM] Footballer_ alpha: So basically your telling me you want me to be your cash fag.

[11/8/17, 2:54:27 PM] Buster: I’m hard thinking about it

[11/8/17, 2:54:44 PM] Footballer_ alpha: And to pay you on a regular basis like a good little faggot as you get of with me

[11/8/17, 2:56:20 PM] Buster: Good little faggot indeed

[11/8/17, 2:56:28 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Hard sir?

[11/8/17, 2:57:12 PM] Buster: Yeah boy why not run with it while I stroke…

[11/8/17, 2:57:14 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Think about it and Stroke off for me sir

[11/8/17, 2:57:39 PM] Footballer_ alpha: How you will feel

[11/8/17, 2:57:49 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Seeing that first payment

[11/8/17, 2:58:02 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Knowing what it means

[11/8/17, 2:58:18 PM] Footballer_ alpha: your cash faggot

[11/8/17, 2:58:34 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fucking turned out and cash fagged

[11/8/17, 2:58:50 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Think about it as you climax

[11/8/17, 2:58:54 PM] Footballer_ alpha: cash fagged me

[11/8/17, 2:59:00 PM] Footballer_ alpha: The fun

[11/8/17, 2:59:13 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Knowing we know what I did

[11/8/17, 2:59:21 PM] Footballer_ alpha: The sexual power

[11/8/17, 2:59:21 PM] Buster: Beg for it

[11/8/17, 3:00:47 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Cash fagged

[11/8/17, 3:01:01 PM] Buster: Beg for it …go on…cop to it…you want to…

[11/8/17, 3:02:16 PM] Footballer_ alpha: God, you turn me on. I feel so submissive around you. It's so hot when your humiliating me, mocking me or degrading me and having me post the story or rather telling me to post its. Okay, I gotta go beat off.

[11/8/17, 3:15:29 PM] Buster: beg to be a cash faggot…..: Maybe I'll readers to join us in a groups chat so they can watch you do it

[11/8/17, 3:17:23 PM] Footballer_ alpha: oh fuck ; fucking need to go beat off

[11/8/17, 3:20:57 PM] Buster: Hahaha take off the panties and stand in front of the cam


[11/8/17, 3:21:16 PM] Buster: haha.. aw my little boy wants to hide his junk from me? Move the hand bitch…you just do whatever I say huh. Now think about it. I bet you’ll beat off to the idea of getting fagged in a group chat ; begging to cash fag for me haha.

[11/8/17, 3:23:34 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Stop my balls are aching.

[11/8/17, 3:24:09 PM] Buster: All these guys shocked to see you begging another dude to let you be that bitched …ooops …pathetic…getting a stiffy there huh

[11/8/17, 3:24:29 PM] Footballer_ alpha: making me your cash faggot.

[11/8/17, 3:24:54 PM] Buster: yeah while you stroke your clit to, yes, giving cash right then to …all of us lol

[11/8/17, 3:25:11 PM] Footballer_ alpha: god my head is spinning..gotta jerk-off

[11/8/17, 3:25:37 PM] Buster: Maybe we’ll make a deal - pay me a dollar for every stroke that you beg for

[11/8/17, 3:25:54 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I pay you

[11/8/17, 3:26:04 PM] Buster: PayPal. Use this email on it

[11/8/17, 3:26:15 PM] Footballer_ alpha: shit..oh fuck

[11/8/17, 3:26:44 PM] Buster: Still hard?

[11/8/17, 3:26:52 PM] Footballer_ alpha: yes sir ..u?

[11/8/17, 3:27:00 PM] Buster: Yeah

[11/8/17, 3:27:15 PM] Footballer_ alpha: need to blow my wad

[11/8/17, 3:27:48 PM] Buster: Damn you’re a little horndog

[[11/8/17, 3:29:26 PM] Buster: But I own your little clit now

[11/8/17, 3:29:33 PM] Footballer_ alpha: so hot sending that story

[11/8/17, 3:29:40 PM] Footballer_ alpha: yes master

[11/8/17, 3:29:58 PM] Buster: So I get to get off when I want, and you get to call me Sir and ask for permission to cum and beg me to be your cash master now right?

[11/8/17, 3:32:02 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Sir yes sir

[11/8/17, 3:33:30 PM] Buster: You want to get off bad, don’t you

[11/8/17, 3:33:44 PM] Footballer_ alpha: sir yes sir

[11/8/17, 3:34:30 PM] Buster: You want to get off bad, don’t you then beg…go on say what I want to hear. Beg to be my cash fag as you go onto paypal!

[11/8/17, 3:33:44 PM] Footballer_ alpha: sir yes sir. On the site…please make me your cash fag.. please make me your cash fag.. I’m on paypal sent page…sending you… cash fagged…fuck…oh fuc …sent….…I’m.. I’m.. cuuuuummmm….

[11/8/17, 3:35:00 PM] Buster: such a bitch… you a top ..yeah right…think of how you’re going to feel feel writing it up? Then sending so everyone sees how low you sunk. Haha aw, your little clit is getting hard again? HAHAHA, I’ve cracked you again cracker.

The End?

Fact or fiction? Who knows…your write and tell me… don’t be shy feedback is great and may inspire more tales

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