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Cyber Breaker
Part 3 - Part 3
By Cracker

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Cyber Breaker 3

By Cracker

Got some interesting feedback. Hey guys write more. I answer emails okay! So let’s try a continuation. If you’re reading this, then you must have liked the first one? Also sites like this need your financial support so give something right now. Any amount is fine. Simply give them something to say thanks for letting me get off.:)


A lot of guys now engage in cyber sex. It’s a good way to get your rocks off. I wanted to try my hand at a story with this as its theme. Did this take decide or not. Since cyber chats are filled with typos, grammar issues, and cyber abbreviations I intentionally put them in...or did I simply leave them in this chat? Hopefully it lends realism to it for you. Thanks to Smiley doing me doing it with me {haha} for this one. Feel free to reach out to say hi or give feedback.

[11/11/17, 9:13:01 AM] Buster: I see the newest story got posted....nice job ; )

[11/11/17, 9:16:00 AM] Buster: so, ready for your new role as everyone’s bottom boy? Response has been pretty good though hasn't it?

[11/11/17, 10:37:01 AM] Footballer_ alpha: I have to admit that the emails from guys mocking me and wanting to bitch me too do give me a fucking semi- hard-on Sir. Thinking about how humiliated I would feel being fucked over by them.

[11/11/17, 10:40:52 AM] Buster: Damn, to get fucked over again by another one of your readers

[11/11/17, 10:41:06 AM] Buster: You’re really looking to get bitched huh

[11/11/17, 10:42:22 AM] Footballer_ alpha: Cash fagged already so why not just cop to it…yeah need some hard bitching pretty badly.

[11/11/17, 10:43:39 AM] Buster: Haha, it turns me on thinking about you getting bitched by someone else too ; )

[11/11/17, 10:44:10 AM] Footballer_ alpha: hell if it turns you on sir I will do it Sir

[11/11/17, 10:46:20 AM] Buster: haha. Hmm…go to Paypal bitch and give me something to thank me for turning you out while you fill me about those “fan” emails.

[11/11/17, 10:48:04 AM] Footballer_ alpha: sent sir.

[11/11/17, 10:51:14 AM] Buster: good bitch.. got it… sweet one too… aww look whose got a bone… cash fucking turns you on huh boy…fuck you are so low now huh…okay go on. Have any of your former subs reached out or reacted to these confessions.

[11/11/17, 10:51:28 AM] Footballer_ alpha: not yet

[11/11/17, 10:52:00 AM] Footballer_ alpha: well this guy I did hit me up online.

[11/11/17, 10:52:26 AM] Buster: Go on?

[11/11/17, 10:53:00 AM] Footballer_ alpha: he’s in his mid forties…said he and his nephew {in his early twenties} would enjoy filling both my holes at once.

[11/11/17, 10:53:22 AM] Footballer_ alpha: but fucked at the same time by an uncle and nephew..kinda creepy?

[11/11/17, 10:53:40 AM] Footballer_ alpha: hot lol but still

[11/11/17, 10:54:00 AM] Buster: Have you met him irl? Or just online?

[11/11/17, 10:54:36 AM] Footballer_ alpha: real time… beefy guy but not fat ..plowed him silly a few months ago. Now he wants payback.

[11/11/17, 10:55:08 AM] Footballer_ alpha: god his ass was so tight

[11/11/17, 10:55:39 AM] Buster: And now he wants to plug your hole

[11/11/17, 10:56:04 AM] Buster: With his nephew of all people, a joint fuck me

[11/11/17, 10:56:05 AM] Footballer_ alpha: his nephew is hot for it , so he says. Reclaim the family honor or something the guy told his uncle.

[11/11/17, 10:56:35 AM] Footballer_ alpha: nephew is leaner but played soccer so his legs.. I saw the pix in his uniform. God I’d lick those inner thighs

11/11/17, 10:56:40 AM] Buster: haha…panting there bitch.. so they jointly do you at the same time?

[11/11/17, 10:56:54 AM] Footballer_ alpha: my guess is they do it together

[ [11/11/17, 10:57:13 AM] Footballer_ alpha: met the uncle at the local bar here

[11/11/17, 11:01:09 AM] Buster: hmm, btw you ever gotten your ass plowed?

[11/11/17, 11:01:19 AM] Footballer_ alpha: nope

[11/11/17, 11:01:24 AM] Footballer_ alpha: fingered once

[11/11/17, 11:02:11 AM] Buster: Why not?

[11/11/17, 11:02:20 AM] Buster: Too much of a top jock to think about it?

[11/11/17, 11:02:30 AM] Footballer_ alpha: just didn’t..being a top before.

[11/11/17, 11:03:31 AM] Buster: Do you think about it now?

[11/11/17, 11:03:44 AM] Buster: Getting femmed, then fucked and fucked over… [11/11/17, 11:03:55 AM] Footballer_ alpha: yeah. Fuck… hell yeah now after you turned me onto it Sir

[11/11/17, 11:04:39 AM] Buster: Going from “never been fucked” to “two holes plugged at once” haha.

[11/11/17, 11:05:12 AM] Buster: Mm, maybe those two asshole could help me out sealing your new sexual identity?

[11/11/17, 11:05:20 AM] Footballer_ alpha: well didn’t say yes to him ….

[11/11/17, 11:05:26 AM] Buster:: but you want to now right.. two cocks fucking both holes at once…aw yeah that a wet spot I see in those lacy dainties you’re wearing? haha

[11/11/17, 11:05:54 AM] Footballer_ alpha: yes sir..I guess it might be hot

[11/11/17, 11:06:06 AM] Buster: Yeah definitely will be boy…opening your cherry… tell him yes…set it up..don’t argue…now pay me again right now… it…fuck you really love cash fagging..that wet spot is growing.

[11/11/17, 11:06:17 AM] Buster: Good boy, keep sending ‘em…now tell me how you love it and tell me more about the fan mail

[11/11/17, 11:06:28 AM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck I hate it and…fuck so hot doing it man

[11/11/17, 12:09:53 PM] Footballer_ alpha: From someone who asked, ” when are you writing the sequel?? Fiction or truth. Please...MORE!!!!!”

[11/11/17, 12:16:52 PM] Buster: Hahaha nice; )

[11/11/17, 12:21:04 PM] Buster: The fans are clamoring for your continued downfall. Maybe I’ll have you ask one or two to join us here on Skype and fuck you over with me.

[11/11/17, 12:24:14 PM] Footballer_ alpha: A joint three way one one on Skype?? You’re kidding right sir.

[11/11/17, 12:27:04 PM] Buster: not really but go on any more interesting emails?

[11/11/17, 12:32:14 PM] Footballer_ alpha: there is this one who said: “ I like that being put in panties by a real man turns you on. Bitches wear panties. You wear them because you have pussies and you don't need the extra material to cover up your clits. And you wear them because the men who fuck you like the way they look on you. I take my cunt waxed bare, clean, and fully exposed for what it is—and what your pussy is… is a tool designed by nature to bring pleasure to men's cocks. I wouldn't allow you to wear anything but panties, you can be sure of that. You will love being in panties, with your pussy waxed and anxious to be fucked by me… Because the reason you exist—is to serve me to make my cock feel good.”

[11/11/17, 12:48:04 PM] Footballer_ alpha: I kind of jerked off to that one .

[11/11/17, 12: 58:13 PM] Buster: At work now, but he sounds promising. Okay go set up that uncle nephew meet for tonight…and we will talk tomorrow.

[11/11/17, 12:58:36 PM] Buster: 1) did you buy those panties like I told you too?


[11/11/17, 1:02:09 PM] Buster: damn, you really have been fagged…buying them in the store.. Bet you are a wet a bit in your crotch.

[11/11/17, 1:04:00 PM] Footballer_ alpha: yes sir…I went out and brought new panties because the other day … just like you told me too. I hated the looks women gave me as I put some against me to be sure they fit. I was so humiliated. Lucky my panties that day were tight so it kept my cock pressed against my stomach. Damn waist band was cutting under my cock’s head so I had to run to the restroom to beat off though just to get relief. I knew you’d want to see.


[11/11/17, 1:02:19 PM] Buster: HAHAHAHA… sweet pix bitch…okay I’m going…I I’d be down for group “ fuck you over ” Skype with one of those email guys, I’d enjoy watching you get bitched again by someone online to reinforce your new place in the hierarchy.



[11/13/17, 6:59:10 PM] Buster: so did the uncle and his nephew fuck you good yet?

[11/13/17, 6:59:19 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck yes sir they did..met them at the bar and we went to his place. They blindfolded & tied me down and one straddled my face and sat on it while the other rimmed me out.

[11/13/17, 7:00:01 PM] Buster: hahah..sounds hot why don’t you pay me something as you go on about it okay..ah I see your wearing one of those cute panties toy brought suits you bitch… so go on

[11/13/17, 7:00:03 PM] Footballer_ alpha: yes sir. So I’m lubed or my but is. Next thing I know a cock is pressing up my shitter. I’m begging whoever it was to slow down but one of them grabs my jaw to steady it and a cock is thrust down. I mean really fucking in deep.

[11/13/17, 7:00:15 PM] Buster: go on feel it again. stroke that clit as u type…ah nice shot.


[11/13/17, 7:00:23 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck yes…I’m squirming and gurgling. The spit is flowing out the sides of my mouth and down my jaw as I’m try to breath. With my hands tied down and the guy holding my head …shit…my ass was on fire too…the two of them are laughing and mocking me for ever thinking I was a top . I mean they plugged me bad. After they shot they left me there while I guess they cleaned up…I’m moaning and begging to be jerked off…I was so hard by then. They untied me and told me to get out…On the ride home my jaw and butt was as sore as hell. Plus my cock was raging….. I beat off the second I closed my apt front door.

[11/13/17, 7:29:15 PM] Buster: So now there are more witnesses to your fagging

[11/14/17, 7:32:57 AM] Buster: Haha are you’re really hard there huh??

[11/14/17, 7:33:26 AM] Buster: Maybe you’re also boned up thinking about your bare clit in panties with those two one day? Ooops I see you are …lol…yeah lean back and jerk off bitch.


[11/14/17, 7:39:59 PM] Footballer_ alpha: fuck I’m so hard.

[11/14/17, 7:40:02 AM] Buster: Yeah, turning you into a little cock-whore definitely turns me on

[11/14/17, 7:49:46 AM] Buster: How many times have you read over Parts 1 & 2 and jacked off at your own debasement?

[11/14/17, 7:52:18 PM] Footballer_ alpha: More than a few Sir

[11/14/17, 7: 52:49 PM] Buster: What do you think about each time?

[11/14/17, 7:53:31 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Groveling and getting fucked orally anally and femmed…fuck I need to squirt sir

[11/14/17, 7:54:00 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Getting cyber gang fucked over

[11/14/17, 7:59:41 PM] Buster: Have you shaved bare before?

[11/14/17, 7:59:59 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Shaving my crotch bare so it looks like it did before fuck …please stop

[11/14/17, 8:00:00 PM] Buster: then showing off your naked clit to others?

[11/14/17, 8:00:23 PM] Buster: Played with your pussy hole yet?

[11/14/17, 8:16:46 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Never cut bush or shaved it.... I've rubbed my hole a few times before I actually. It's pretty sensitive.

[11/14/17, 8:25:43 PM] Buster: Mmm can you picture yourself lathering up the bush with shaving cream

[11/14/17, 8:35:56 PM] Buster: Taking an electric razor and trimming it down

[11/14/17, 8:36:20 PM] Buster: Scraping off even the stubble until the skin’s totally smooth, no hair at all left

[11/14/17, 8:36:49 PM] Buster: Washing away the shaving cream, watching the pubes wash down the drain, with what’s left of your manhood

[11/14/17, 8:37:11 PM] Buster: Looking in the mirror and seeing—not a man, but a woman with her pussy shaved bare.

[11/14/17, 8:39:59 PM] Footballer_ alpha: Shaving my crotch bare …fuck…I’m cuming sir…

[11/14/17, 8:42:11 PM] Buster: hahah..yeah you fucking did cum you degenerate bitch… now pay me on paypal , clean up lol… haha…next time a few readers and me are going to cyber gang fuck you hard boy huh… lol…your sprouting again..shit you fucking sick fuck… yeah a gang cash fuck too…haha..jerking off there huh….go shower and shave all your hair from the neck down you pussy…

[11/14/17, 8:43:00 PM] Footballer_ alpha: oh fuck yes ..yes..i will Sir

[11/14/17, 8:45:11 PM] Buster: yeah no man hair for you bitch.. just panties, serving men and cash fucks from now on…pathetic… send me a shot once you shaved too…cracked you so bad cracker!

[11/14/17, 10:03:00 PM] Footballer_ alpha: pix


The End?

Fact or fiction? Who knows...your write and tell me... don’t be shy feedback is great and may inspire more postings.