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Throbbing Nightwing
Part 3 - Milking Daze
By Kyle Cicero

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Throbbing Nightwing

By Kyle Cicero

Chapter Three: Milking Daze

To the Riddler’s surprise, Nightwing managed another two quick and impressive ejaculations in the next twenty minutes. “Clearly they told us the truth when they informed me you had amazing sexual endurance and potency,” he said to the loudly moaning, gagged ex-Boy Wonder as he fired off another decent, if not quite as copious, third spunk. By now Nightwing’s cream had filled a beaker and half. His strongly muscled torso was covered in a sheen of sweat. Beads of it ran enticingly from his rump downward along the sharp definition of his leg muscles. The effect was quite arousing. The Riddler detected the young hunk was trying desperately to say something so he removed the ball gag.

“Please no more,” Nightwing wheezed as he took in gulps of breath. “I can’t shoot anymore. please stop I’m begging,” he rasped. He squeezed his eyes tightly together; unwilling to let his enemy see the defeat reflected in his eyes.

A grin came to the Riddler’s face. “The once mighty and smug Nightwing is actually begging me?” He teased.

“Yes,” Nightwing whined. By now, his voice no longer had any trace of his once unassailable self confidence. Indeed its tone sounded more like the pathetic whine of a child. “I’m begging you. Yes. Please. Stop.” Inside his brain the idea that he had been “mounted” was also too much too bear.

“What will you do if I agree,” the Riddler asked as he hit the button on his remote.

“Anything,” Nightwing yelped as the current on his nuts and shaft increased along with the vibrations from the tube against his now highly overstimulated prostate. “Anyth…oh fuck,’ he screeched as he again shot into the tube attached to the head of his cock.

This time the amount was not as impressive. The Riddler kept up the stimulation watching as the now sobbing, pleading Nightwing managed to deliver two more loads into the tube while pleaded for mercy. “Anything,” Nightwing bawled after that last clearly agonizing ejaculation. “I swear anything,” he moaned as he hung swaying in his bonding gasping for air.”Anything I swear. You win. You win,” he humbly confessed. For the first time in his young life, Nightwing had capitulated. his brain took in his words and part of him cracked.

“Okay,” the Riddler said as he turned on a nearby tape recorder. “Tell me all you know about every crimefighter.” He saw the hesitation in Nightwing’s eyes to that demand so he hit the button to let the current’s flows increased. 

“Yes,” shouted Nightwing. His self image as a macho, unconquerable crimefighter had totally cracked into pieces. Even more mind-fucking for him, his prior image as an alpha type of stud who was always sexually in control had also vanished. For the first time since puberty, he had lost control of his very sexuality. He had repeatedly shot his cream while being fucked and that knowledge finally crushed his spirit along with any sense of his masculinity.“I’ll tell you, just stop.”

“Beg me nicely,” The Riddler insisted as he lowered the current to a dull throbbing. He wanted Nightwing’s capitulation to be complete, degrading, and fully recorded.

“Please let me tell you everything I know,” Nightwing bawled.

“With respect Boy Blubberer,” Riddler gleefully insisted. “Say it with respect. Say, ‘please sir, can this widdle boy tell you whatever you wish to know cause his pee-pee is so hard.’ do it or…” his finger hovered over the button.

Nightwing opens his eyes and gazed in utter terror at the Riddler’s finger. He gulped and began. “Please Sir can this little..

“I said widdle not little,” the Riddler replied. “ Now start again and use exactly the words I wanted from you.”

A teary Nightwing nodded and began once more. “Please Sir, can this widdle boy tell you whatever you wish to know cause his pee-pee is so hard.” When he finished, he stopped speaking. He clenched his eyes closed again. Tears flowed from them. He had been un-manned. His balls rose up in their sack as if to hide in shame.

“Say moo a few times too, my cow,” the Riddler teased. 

“Moo. moo.Moo.Moo,” Nightwing sobbed.

The Riddler was overjoyed. He had mentally crushed Nightwing. The young man’s days of smug crimefighting, indeed his very sense of manhood, had been annihilated. “Now spill your guts, like a good widdle boy,” he sneered.

For the next half hour a blubbering and mentally shattered Nightwing spilled his guts. The Riddler pumped the young man for all he knew about secret identities, safe houses, various hero headquarters, and, even more valuable, the secret weakness of each superhero/crimefighter. Satisfied he had pumped Nightwing dry of  all the valuable information the young possessed, he hit the button on his remote.

“You promised,” Nightwing pathetically whimpered as, once more, he was stimulated to another agonizing orgasm. “You promised,” he whined over and over as he struggled in his bindings.

“I lied,” the Riddler quietly replied as he brought up a small container to take the place of the tube under the head of Nightwing’s cock. With one last howl, Nightwing managed to spunk a final tiny few droplets into the glass container. As his now dried-out nut-sack swung uselessly between his quivering legs, Dick passed out.

“Ah perfect. good to the last and most Precious drop,drop,drop,” the criminal hissed at the unconscious and utterly spent Nightwing. “Ta-Ta you neutered fowl. I hope the Bat finds you before some lecherous vagrants do.” 

He turned to leave then suddenly stopped. He gazed back at the young hunk hanging in midair. “Fuck, he said. “He still can be useful for future supplies.” He walked and slapped Dick’s still luscious ass. The old-cold Nightwing let out a soft groan as a pink impression of a hand appeared on one muscled cheek. The site of the young, crimefighter’s muscled body and that prime rear-end aroused him. The Riddle gave the Dick’s rump another few quick slaps reveling in the grunts from the unconscious young man. After the last one, the world’s most famous and desirable butt was a nice shade of pink.

He quickly came to a decision. “Poor Nightwing. I lied about not being gay,” he stated as he lowered Nightwing to the floor to prepare him for transport. “Not only do I get to try some new milking techniques on you but, I intend to be the  first man to pluck the cherry from your only slightly defiled ass. I wonder if you ever tried the sexual act of sounding?” He muttered as he went to get his henchmen to help take a whimpering Nightwing back to his lair.

Over the next few weeks, Nightwing was mercilessly screwed and subjected to various sexual implements. His body was shaved from the neck down to sear an image into him of being a boy by removing this sign of his manhood. By the time the Riddler was finished with his breaking in, the once overly smug, young stud was reduced to a being compliment and docile ‘cum-cow’. A sexual submissive who meekly gave up his ass. One who, as he was fucked, quickly delivered up his ‘cream’ whenever it was required by his owner!

The End