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Throbbing Nightwing
Part 2 - Did Anyone Say ‘Moo’
By Kyle Cicero

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Throbbing Nightwing

By Kyle Cicero

Chapter Two: Did Anyone Say ‘Moo’

Nightwing vainly struggled but the drugs effects held fast. “You sick bastard,” he yelped seconds before the Riddler produced and then shoved a small round rubber ball into his mouth.

“That’s better,” he joked as a now muffled Dick Greyson struggled to be heard. “I really need to concentrate. Don’t want to hurt the product.” He pulled out a small scalpel and, with a series of stokes, rapidly cut away pieces of Nightwing’s outfit. In the end, all that he wore was his mask. “I think masks are sexy don’t you,” the Riddler teased as he adjusted the one he wore. “Let’s leave yours on. I hear you like doing it masked too. Well never let it be said I’m inconsiderate about letting you enjoy a few of your sexual fetishes.”

Nightwing glared back at the Riddler. I’m strung up like a fucking piece of meat , he thought as he watched the man go over to a small table. Riddler picked up a syringe. As the fiend approached him, the young hunk again gyrated his body trying to at least get free of the band holding up his waist.

“Yes go on and fight,” the criminal stated as he came up to Nightwing. “The more you struggle the more testosterone will flow inside 6of you. That will help this drug sped throughout your system.” He reached out to gently pat one of Nightwing’s muscled butt cheeks. “Prime side of beef. Nightwing you really are a work of masculine art,” he laughed as he punctured the cheek with the syringe. “This will boost your normal libido by a rate of fifty percent. Not that you need any help in that area, if my reports are true,” he said. He withdrew the needle and rubbed Nightwing’s ass. “I swear I’m not gay but this butt and these powerful thighs are sheer perfection. I admit I am aroused,” he said as he slipped his hand between Nightwing’s spread cheeks to fondle the young hunk’s anal entryway. The Riddler saw the terrified look on the young man’s face. “No I’m not going to rape you. It’s your jism I’m after, not your anal virginity. My scientist believe the sperm from a lusty young stud, who is in peak physical shape and condition, contains the basic building blocks for retaining one’s youth and vigor. You more than fit that bill. So shall we get started? You will also feel a bit disorientated too. The drug weakens resistance. It should be taking effect right now. Feeling…horny…my luscious former Boy Wonder?”

To his shock, Dick found his balls were, in fact, pleasantly tingling. Even more humiliating, his shaft began stiffening. His muffled horrified reactions only brought a smile to the Riddler’s face. Within a few minutes, the muscular hunk was squirming in his bindings and causing his body to gently sway. This isn’t happening, he told himself. I will not bone in front of this guy , he decided even as his shaft continued its growth. Until now, Nightwing had always been in control of his arousals. Indeed this concept of self-control formed one the key foundations of his mental persona as a man and a successful crime fighter. Now, for the first time in his life, he was beginning to feel as if his very masculine sexuality was, on some level, being taken from him. Combined with how the Riddler had successfully ‘neutered’ in his ability to fight back, his self-image was taking a pounding.

“Good boy,” The Riddler  softly stated as he reached out to fondle Nightwing’s nut-sack. He grinned as he heard Dick’s soft moan through his ball gag.

As the drug’s sexual stimulation took further effect, Nightwing soon lost focus.

The Riddler gazed at his captive’s eyes taking pleasure in seeing that ‘drugged look’ appear in them. 

By now Nightwing’s athletic torso was swaying and his cock had achieved a respectable erection. Without realizing what he was doing, Dick’s strongly built thighs began coming together to again urgently press upon his pouch. His eyes closed as his mind involuntarily focused upon the sensation. A Barely audible moan of pleasure escaped from his mouth as his muscular inner thighs squeezed his balls. God my nuts feel so good , he thought before then silently yelling at himself that, I can’t do this. I shouldn’t do this . Yet, the growing erotic sensations that squeezing his nuts gave to him began taking over.  Ball play was something he loved when achieving sexual release. Whenever he was aroused, his balls needed attention.That unconscious predilection to satisfy their urges was now turning against him in his mental struggle.

The Riddler reached up to pull down a long tube. He generously lubed it up and spread Nightwing’s legs apart. A loud groan of what was obviously disappointment came from Dick as the thigh pressure on his nut-sack was terminated.

“Patience Nightwing. Relief is on the way,” the Riddler cooed as he spread lubricant around and lightly into Nightwing’s anus. A low moan of pleasure escaped from the captive stud as the Riddler digitally massaged the outer ring muscles to loosen up Nightwing’s ass. 

No don’t let him peg you…clench your muscles…clench. Aw fuck that feels so good…no clench..don’t let him…not him…not any guy…I’m not like those two guys I’ve screwed…I’m a man…stop…oh god it’s getting into…ah fuck…I can’t stop it…fuck ,” he thought as he gave up the battle to the combination of drugs effects and arousals that swirled into his brain centers.He unclenched his anal ring defenses.

Dick’s butthole muscles suddenly relaxed. When the Riddler stuck his finger deeply inside to tap Nightwing’s prostate, the young man’s body quivered. A guttural, muffled grunt of satisfaction came from the gagged hunk. Clearly he was primed. “Pegging time Nightwing,” the criminal joked as he slowly slipped the tube past the outer ring muscles of Nightwing’s anal entryway. Dick’s body quaked, a muffled prolonged protesting sound came from him as the tube probed its way in deeper. To the grinning Riddler’s delight, Nightwing’s cock lurched and a small amount of pre-jism dripped from the slit in his cock-head. 

A some point the tube hit its objective. As his sensitive prostate got tapped, Dick let out a low yelp of obvious delight. He pushed his rump backward onto the tube. Thanks to the drug he was sexually on fire and mentally mind fucked in a drug induced haze. A guy is fucking pegging me and I’m letting him do it , his added brain screamed. Visions of the two young men he had fucked during drunken revels in his frat house flickered inside his head. He recalled the contempt he had felt for them when he did it. Now he was letting it be done to him! Worse he was hot for it too! I’m so turned-on, he silently sobbed as his prostate rubbed on the tube.

Moving quickly now, the ach-fiend began attaching a series of wires to Nightwing’s balls and shaft. Lastly he secured another tube around the young hunk’s cock-head. “I want nothing to go to waste,” he joked as he took out a remote and pressed a button on it.  A series of highly pleasurable electrical currents hit Nightwing’s cock and balls in tandem with a series of equally arousing vibrations from the tube that he was impaled upon. Nightwing’s powerful body jolted as the combined devices did their evil job. His prostate was hit by undulating waves that had him wiggling in heat. The currents hitting his sack and shaft were stimulating his nuts in ways that had him in full rut mode. Getting pegged , he inwardly moaned as that all-to-familiar sexual stimulations he felt when a woman did it to him took hold.

Part of the former Boy Wonder still wanted to fight but unlike Bruce, he had never tried to subjugate or control his sexual lust. It was these very unbridled lusts he was losing his war with. Ever since he first hit puberty, he was relentlessly sexual in his escapades. He had first begun having sex by seducing every one of the mansion’s twenty-something maids when he was just fourteen. Since then he had cut a path of sexual conquests right under Bruce’s nose. His confidence in his abilities and sexual prowess was part of his makeup. Now his very lack of sexual control was his weakness. One that the Riddler was now exploiting it. He knew Nightwing would never be able to keep from ejaculating once he was erotically stimulated. From his reports he knew once Dick  Greyson was in his “rutting mode’ , he was relentless about spunking as much as he could into his conquests. The Riddler also knew, from one of the young men that Dick had fucked, how after they’d both sobered up, Dick had criticized him not only giving up ass but also shooting during it. Dick had been quite clear about his belief that guys who did  this were less than a real man. In fact, he was counting on that very concept of Dick to help demolish young Greyson’s masculine self image.

“Go on,” the Riddler teased as he watched the unfolding events.  “Milking time my little crime fighting cow. Say ‘Moo’ for me,” he laughed as the muscled torso of the young man suddenly lurched. 

“AW FUCK,” a  gagged Nightwing howled as he sensed his first load gushing up from his overly-stimulated nuts and up his cock’s shaft. The knowledge he had ejaculated with a tube fucking his butt was a mental body blow too.

The Riddler shouted in joy as the muffled crying Nightwing energetically shot his first load into the waiting sucking tube. A highly respectable amount of spunk flowed down the tube and into a waiting beaker. “You do shoot a a nice load,” the impressed Riddler stated. “Still, My cow can give me more milk and I intend to secure it. He pressed another button on the device. The vibrations in the tube and the electrical currents attached to Nightwing’s equipment intensified.

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