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The Reverse Takeover
Part 2 - No Butt's About it!
By Kyle Cicero

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Brett's vision was concentrated on the viewing screen. There before his wondering gaze was his father courtesy of a computer generated digital design. As Brett stared the image spoke to him.

"Think you are hot stuff huh kid," growled Barrett Taylor to his drugged transfixed son. "Think you are some fucking big-shot head of a financial empire huh boy." The image taunted in a voice that was an exact duplicate of the long dead sire of Brett. Hiro's engineers had spent months creating a video character that had been programmed to not only address the viewer but also to interact within a preprogrammed parameter. In another room Hiro's agent was at a computer keyboard watching his boss carry out a prearranged plan to defeat the proud American. The agent busily typed in the screen's answers and verbal commands to the dazed hunk. The video Barrett would act out what was required of it to accomplish the Asian's goal. Brett's alpha persona was about to begin the journey to becoming neutered.

"But dad," moaned Brett. The drug coursing through his brain was playing havoc on the young American CEO rendering him unable to distinguish between reality and cyber images. In Brett's confused mind he was once more facing the wrath of a father that he both hated and yet desired to please.

"Don't back talk me boy." Snarled Barrett. " I think you need to remember who the boss is."

"No dad please," whimpered the zapped Brett to the screen as a delighted Hiro watched the hunky young stud squirm in his chair. Things were going along quite nicely. Brett was slowly being stripped of his manhood as, courtesy of his father, he was being reduced to a scared & docile young boy.

"Don't cry you pathetic wimp," Barrett growled. "Time to make a man of you. Boy get up and get bare-assed."

"No please dad." Sobbed Brett as his voice cracked in emotion.

"NOW BOY!!!" yelled Barrett.

"Yes sir," sobbed Brett as he rose and started to unbuckle his belt. Hiro watched in glee as the smug American hunk quickly dropped first his pants and then his tight white cotton briefs to expose his white muscular butt to the middle-aged Asian's view. Hiro coughed slightly causing the young CEO to turn and face him. In his drugged haze he had forgotten where he was, " Hiro?" Brett replied in confusion as he took in the smiling face of what he had thought would have been his latest conquest. His handsome face flushed first in realization of where he was, then in disbelief and finally, with embarrassment as Brett realized he was standing bare-assed before a business rival. Brett faced away from Hiro & started to bend to pick up his pants & underwear giving Hiro the additional pleasure of glimpsing the back of Brett's bull-like sack as it dangled between the bent legs of the young man.

"STAY PUT SON!!" commanded the screen father.

"Dad " moaned Brett as he rose up straight, "I'm taking over this jerk's company." Brett argued turning back to face his old man. Hiro's face grimaced. The drugged hunk was still arrogant. Good he thought it will make taking him down even more enjoyable.

"Get in position boy," the video image sternly commanded.

"DAD?" questioned Brett in horror.

"NOW!!!!" yelled Barrett.

Brett let out a stifled moan and leaned forward to lay butt up on the table in front of him his eyes fixed on the video father before him. Brett couldn't believe his was doing this but the part of him that could never defy his father was slipping into gear. Hiro felt waved of lust rise in him as he gazed at the exposed ass of his former rival. Brett's thigh muscles rippled as they flexed awaiting his 'lesson'. Their movements caused Brett's creamy smooth shaped ass to clench thus showing off two luscious dimples. Hiro walked over and placed his hand on the hard cool rounded smooth cheeks.

"Get your fucking hands off my ass," Brett responded sharply.

"You need to learn to respect your elders’ boy," Barrett replied forcefully. "Now apologize boy!!"

"APOLOGIZE!!" Brett answered in horror. His mind fought to clear itself but the drugs effects were strong and his inner needs regarding his father were deeply ingrained. . Brett swallowed. "I'm...sorry," he meekly answered as he felt the shame of it race through his mind. Brett Taylor so powerful, strong, confident. was not only bare assed before some middle-aged Asian but apologizing for objecting to getting his butt fondled by him. Now his dad was going to tan his ass before this guy too. It couldn't get worse or so he thought.

" I'm going to let Mr. Hiro do the honors," said the image to his prone son.

"What!!!!" a shocked Brett responded. Brett tried to rise but the screen image roared.

"STAY PUT!!!" Barrett commanded. Brett froze and then retook his position. Hiro took in that waiting butt and ran his hands across them once more. Those cheeks were so cool and sensual to the touch. Hiro felt a sexual surge race through him as he felt them quiver under his caress. Brett flushed in embarrassment as he felt his ass being rubbed and fondled for the first time by a man.

"You have very impressive buttocks for a young boy," sneered Hiro. Brett flinched as he heard 'boy' and his cheeks tightened much to Hiro excitement. "I see you are careful to stay in shape," Hiro mocked as he sensually massaged Brett's mounds.

"I work out everyday ..... listen........not your ass.." mumbled Brett who was surprised at how pleasant the massage was feeling..could it be he wondered but....he never got a chance to finish his thought.

Hiro raised his hand and swiftly came done on Brett's backside.


"AAAAAWWW," cried Brett as he reached back and tried once more to rise.

"I Said STAY PUT AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!" Barrett Taylor roared. "You are a man aren't you?", the image taunted quietly," don't you want to please me son?"

Brett stopped his movement to get up. Hiro waited to see what would happen. If Brett defied Barrett then his plans would be ruined. Hiro however was convinced that Brett would yield as his profile had revealed the young man's deep-rooted desire to please his father and prove his manhood.

"Don't make me ashamed of you son." Barrett replied soothingly. "You are one big tough man son. I mean look at Mr.Hiro. You can take anything that smaller man can dish out can't you?"

"Yes....Dad," Brett responded meekly as he lowered back onto the table. His father was right. Brett was young, in-shape, and physically superior to Hiro . That would be the day some small Asian broke this American he thought. He turned to Hiro with eyes blazing defiance. “Go ahead I won't break.". Brett directed his vision at the screen and clenched his young ripe buttocks.

Hiro grinned. He had him! Hiro stared at the exposed buttocks. He would break this stud. His arrogance would crumble. Hiro raised his hand and came down hard on his prey's firm mounds..






"Oh God," groaned Brett softly under the assault .

"Is there a problem?" cooed Hiro mockingly," I will stop if you cannot take more"

"That will be the day I let some old fart take me," growled Brett forgetting his situation for a minute. His firm young cheeks now had a rosy glow . "No one takes me down."

We will see pondered Hiro as he pulled a paddle from a nearby drawer.


Brett's ass squirmed at each hit and to Hiro's delight the white buttocks now took on a warmer red glow. Hiro noticed how the muscles under the skin moved as each strike hit home.




"OOWWW...OOOWWWW" gasped Brett out loud in spite of his desire to remain silent. The pain shot through him. Brett had never experienced such agony before. His ass was on fire! He couldn't crack he screamed in his mind. Not in front of his father. Not with some foreigner who wasn't his equal in strength, height, or age.

Hiro continued his strokes. Arrogant American he thought as he drove in each hit in harder. Think you rule the world. Think because you are young, muscular, and given good looks you are so superior. I will break you!! Hiro intensified his efforts.


"Can't yield," whispered Brett to himself. " the pain...I ...can't...mustn't...oh god ," Brett was losing the battle with every hit on his enflamed buttocks. "Can't let this fucking Asian beat....a... American ..oh shit I'm losing it!!!!" Brett's mind was being ravished by the drugs and the pain now. He could feel himself barely clinging on.




As Hiro drove in one more strike Brett 's resistance shattered. He had been beaten. The middle-aged Japanese man had butt-blasted the young virile stud into surrender. Hiro heard the glorious words weakly come forth from his victim.

"SSStttoooppp." Brett pleaded softly, "you win."

"What was that?" Hiro taunted as he paddled one more hit sharply down onto his victim.

"Pleaseee," Brett begged." My ass hurts so badly...please stop ." Brett whimpered in defeat turning his head to look at Hiro. The smaller man had taken him. By now the young hunk's buttocks were bright red.

Hiro could feel the heat rising off them. He looked up and caught a glimpse of the American's face. Brett's cheeks were damp with tears and his eyes were red. He had succumbed! Hiro suddenly felt a rush of power and he continued his whacks with an intensity that soon had the young man bawling like a baby. He recalled Tag's remarks and Brett's attitude when they were said. The man must crumble totally Hiro thought to himself. His pride must dissolve fully! "Only an old suit," he hissed as he swung down harder.




"STOP.....STOP.......I GIVE......PLEASE .....I GIVE.....YOU FUCKING BEAT ME!!!!!!" Brett was babbling in pain .Hiro had completely broken the American & he had driven it home. He had avenged everyone who had been mistreated and looked down upon by this young muscle hunk whose bare bottom was now his possession. The sight of Brett Taylor the all mighty now just a quivering butt helpless before his eyes left Hiro in a rush of excitement. Hiro swatted the ass of his rival again.

"Daddy please make him stop...daddy please," cried Brett as he turned to see the screen. Brett was out of mind with the pain, the humiliation, and the effects of the drug in his system. Hiro was in heaven. The arrogant smug American was experiencing his first breaking. Hiro increased his whacks taking joy in each hit as he taught Brett how it felt to submit. Brett's howls of pain filled the room.


"AAAAAAHHHH", roared Brett.


"DAD...HELP ME," Brett begged


"Mr. Hiro is who you need to ask boy," replied the screen image mockingly, "and remember to be respectful boy!"

"PLEASE.... OH SIR PLEASEE," Brett screamed in agony and shame as he contemplated how this middle-aged man was beating his butt and forcing him to debase himself to beg for pity from him.

"You submit boy ," Hiro questioned making sure to emphasis the word 'boy'.

"Yes... sir..I do." Brett agreed as the agony of his ass was matched by his surrender to the older frailer man.

"You yield to me as a boy should to his superior?" Asked a stern Hiro.

"Yes," sobbed Brett as Hiro paused.

"Then you admit you are not my equal either in culture or stature?" Hiro quizzed

"I .. ahh.. guess," Brett responded with hesitation. Hiro slammed his hand down firmly on the young man's buttocks.


"Oh fuck yesss...sirrrr," yelled Brett as the pain shoot through his body. The arrogant stud collapsed onto the table the room filled with his sobs of pain, embarrassment, and defeat. He had had his butt kicked by a rival in the most humiliating manner possible. He lowered his head face down on the table. Hiro could hear his quiet sobs. "I yield sir. I am not a man sir. You showed me that sir. You have whipped my ass good sir." Brett moaned as he completed his debasement in a series of verbal grovelings saying anything in an effort to top the assault now. His mind recorded everything he was saying and inwardly he felt the horror even more of his complete defeat.

"Well son," inquired the screen Barrett," Don't you think you need to thank the man for doing right to you? Be respectful now boy. Make you father proud"

Brett lifted his head to face Hiro. His handsome visage was stained with tears. "Thank you ...sir." He mumbled as one of his hands reached back to soothe his ass. He had tasted the first lesson in humility.

"Good boy," chuckled Barrett, "Now Mr. Hiro has some tea for you to drink. It will stimulate things for us."

Brett lifted himself off the table and turned to face Hiro. He made sure to cover his manhood with one hand. . Hiro signaled the agent in the booth. The agent came in and gave the young American a sneering look as Brett stood there his pants down about his ankles, one hand rubbing his sore butt, and the other trying to keep his crotch hidden. Brett was a study in total defeat. He hung his handsome head in shame. He was standing there before Hiro and his smirking agent with a red ass and his pants around his feet. Hiro signaled to him to sit. then smiled as the formerly superior acting young stud gently lowered himself into the chair. Watching the painful expression as Brett sat was thrilling for Hiro. The Asian's agent poured a huge cup of tea for the young American who took it from the gleeful aide. Brett saw his humiliation reflected in the aide's eyes and blushed in further embarrassment . "May I drink it sir?" He asked Hiro meekly. Hiro nodded thrilled at the change in his American. Brett slowly drank it down still making sure to keep one hand over his crotch.

"That's a good boy," cooed the video screen as Brett felt himself drifting off into a deep drug induced hypnotic sleep. The agent walked over to him and lifted Brett's hand from his lap and proceeded to remove the rest of Brett's clothes from the drugged man. Hiro moved up close to examined his prize. Young Brett was well hung with a thick uncut 8'' of manhood and a large sack that swung between muscular thighs. His chest was full and firm and had just the right covering of light hair. Hiro reached over and fondled the young man's pectorals. They were hard and yet supple to his touch. Hiro grinned as he ran his hands over the firm round biceps and powerful shoulder muscles of the sleeping American. He was stunning thought Hiro as he gazed at the dozing hunk. Hiro nodded to his agent. Brett had only experienced the first part of the plan. Merely humiliating the man was not enough. Young Brett was to learn to serve and to enjoy doing so. Hiro's finger traced Brett's lips and then inserted itself into his mouth. Warm & moist thought Hiro as he finger fucked the young American's face.

"Soon your throat will feel more than a finger," he chuckled as he exchanged grins with the aide. .

"Sir, the agent asked quietly. "The bodyguard has expressed some concern about the length of the meeting."

Hiro smirked. "Tell him it will soon be over .....oh and Sano ," Hiro stated as he addressed his aide, "let us not be rude to the young man....serve him some refreshment...I think tea." Sano bowed. "But first prepare the second video...after that I leave you to handle the bodyguard as you see fit." Hiro laughed. The aide nodded visibly delighted and left his employer.

Hiro turned his attention back to Brett.

Phase two was about to begin!


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