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The Reverse Takeover
Part 3 - Tag You're It
By Kyle Cicero

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Sano entered the outer room where an increasing anxious Tag was pacing. Tag turned to the young aide . "What's going on?"

The muscular bodyguard asked impatiently. "This is taking too long. I also thought I heard Brett cry out. If I don't get an answer I like quick I'll punch out your lights ..GOT IT!"

The two were a study in contrast. Tag was all muscle with a hard but handsome masculine look and an even more masculine demeanor. Sano had a slight build and appeared to any casual observer to have a rather effeminate nature. It was obvious the 27-year-old American had no respect for the rather frail 20 year old that he was now confronting. The handsome bodyguard gave Japanese man a condescending look. From his viewpoint he saw before him a slight rather wimpy guy who could be easily dominated. It was an impression that was to be soon corrected by the young Japanese man who in reality got off on dominating stronger and taller muscular men such as Tag.

"They are in the midst of the final contract talk," stated Sano firmly. "If you will be patient I am sure the wait will be over for you very soon."

Tag shook his head. He hated wimps especially Asian ones for some reason. He figured it was due to all those WW11 movies he watched as a child. He was glad when Brett took over their firms. Hell he admired Brett intensely. Tag enjoyed serving under powerful men both in the military, the state police, and now in business. It gave him a thrill serving their wishes!

"Please have some of our special tea," Sano suggested as he went to a table and poured a cup.

"Don't you guys have coffee," jeered Tag. " Tea is a sissy....never mind it figures." The powerful bodyguard took the cup and gulped it down. As he lowered the cup he noticed Sano looking at him strangely. He was about to inquire why when he suddenly felt woozy.

"Is everything all right?" Inquired Sano as he went up and grabbed Tag who was now swaying.

"I tea," Tag muttered as he felt himself drifting.

"Only our special blend," replied the young aide as he put one hand behind Tag's head and raised another full cup to Tag's lips. Tag was about to protest but when he opened his mouth the Asian tilted the cup & poured more tea down the woozy hunk's throat. Tag found himself gulping it down as the room spun.

"Sit please," the young aide said as he guided the drugged hunk to a chair. "Now tell me do you enjoy working for Brett?"

"He's tah besth," Tag slurred as his brain fogged. " He don't thak no craph..Gottha resthpect a man lith that."

"So you like to obey strong men," Sano quietly confirmed.

Tag dully nodded his head. "Gotha respect ..learned to respecth in military...and polthice. Yea...real men deserveth my respecth.Pleasurth to therve dem." Tag babbled on spilling his guts without reservation to the young aide. Here was the key Sano realized.

"I am a strong man Tag," the Asian stated to the zapped stud. "I am the most powerful man you ever met."

"You areth." Tag mumbled as he stared in confusion at the lisping young man sitting next to him.

"Yes, I am." You are unable to resist my power." Sano repeated as he raised another cup of the drugged tea to Tag and helped the zonked bodyguard to drink.

"Can't resith you." Tag agreed as he slurped more tea.

"You will be unable to resist my orders. You will find you cannot do anything but obey me in all I ask. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!" Sano commanded. Tag was feeling the full effects of the hypno-laced tea by now . As Sano continued to repeat his instructions over and over the bodyguard's pliable brain soaked in everything the young Asian man told him. It was easy to program the arrogant American. After all, he had been well trained to obey in both the military and the state police. His younger life had been filled with powerful men whose respect ensured his obedience. Thanks to the drugs in the tea it was a simple matter to rewire that predisposition to obey into an irresistible imperative. From now on Sano's word was all controlling for Tag.

Tag awoke a short time later to find himself in the outer room with Sano. "Yes I agree Tag." Said Sano as if he were in the midst of a conversation with the bodyguard.

"What was that?" Tag replied confused as to what had been going on.

"I agree that a man's nipples are very sensitive to one's touch." Sano responded. "I am sure you want to play with them even now."

"I what?" Tag answered in shock even as his hands went up and fondled his own chest. Tag stared in horror at his actions.

"I bet they'd feel better with that shirt off. Take off your shirt ." The young aide smirked as Tag began to unbutton and remove his tie and shirt. Tag's chest was hard and full. His hard six-pack nicely set off a muscular frame that veered down into a "V" pattern to a narrow waist. Tag was stunned at his actions even as he pulled the shirt from his body and tossed it to the floor.

"Rub your nipples boy." Sano said harshly.

"What the fuck do you," Tag protested as he fondled his increasing hard nipples. He couldn't believe he was rubbing his tits for this lisping idiot but something about obeying him was speeding pleasure through his brain. He got off pleasing him.

"Stand and strip boy and move like a dancer."Sano laughed.

"Now just a fucking minute you faggot," growled Tag as he rose and slowly started a bump and grind while he stripped to imaginary music.

"Continue to fondle yourself all over now!" ordered Sano, " and make the dance more erotic. Pretend you are a cheap whore showing her wares!"

Tag almost choked in rage as the music's tempo quickened in his head. His body took on a life of its own. And he danced for Sano!

Sano smiled as his hunky American revealed his full beauty in slow strips . He dropped his tight cotton briefs to reveal to Sano what he suspected : the ex state trooper, military man , and bodyguard was very well hung with a 9" long & thick uncut rod and a set of full rounded low hangers that swayed wantonly to the imaginary beat of music playing in poor Tag's head. Sano watched with ill concealed delight as the hunky American moved sensually to the imaginary tempo his mind was creating. Tag's firm hands caressed his tits, then slide down his pack to grab his cock and wave it lewdly. As Tag turned in his dance the straight stud reached behind and fondled his muscular beefy oh so fuckable bubble butt. At one point he bent over and spread his cheeks giving the Asian a perfect view of his virginal rosebud pink butt-hole while he swayed his hips provocatively.

Tag was dumbfounded. He was taking orders from some young Asian Homo-faggot. Here he was a strong powerful macho guy dancing obscenely like some cheap pussy for the sheer pleasure of some limp -wristed kid that he could take apart at any time.. His mind reeled but it also felt that same thrill Tag got in serving a powerful guy.

"My my," cooed Sano as he focused on Tag's crotch, "such impressive meat & full rounded potatoes my boy. I bet your nut-sack contains the seed of countless strong Americans waiting to be borne." He snorted in glee.

"You better fucking believe it," replied a smug Tag as he stood there naked before his frail tormentor, "going have a bunch of boys to show you Asians". A smile played out on Tag's lips as he contemplated his strong sons.

He could take him , thought Tag, I got the seeds in me of strong sons that will butt kick this guy's ass and his son's asses too . Yeah he would show this punk what a man has in him!

"Well overpopulation is such a problem." The aide said, "lets not contribute. I want you to pump that American well dry boy. NOW!!"

Tag looked at Sano with loathing as he suddenly found himself jerking off . "I'm got me fucking...jerking....." Tag groaned he discovered he was desperate to obey the slight oriental man. He noticed that at Sano was laughing, "Faster. Faster boy." Sano hooted gleefully as he watched the powerful American meekly obey .

Tag felt his face flush with the humiliation as he stroked his meat faster. "He's watching me jerk myself off." Tag moaned out loud to Sano's joy. "That sick mother-fucker is watching me as I fucking blow my wad for him!"

"Come for me American," Sano cried, " Spill out all your man-juices. Know that an Asian has made you lose your ability to make more American studs!"

Tag could feel the approaching orgasm. He couldn't cum, he thought. He couldn't blow for this geek. He tried to concentrate . He was not going to pop for this foreign bastard. Yet, even as he struggled Tag's body betrayed him . His hard cock lurched in his grip and Tag erupted.

"OOHHH FUUCCKKKK!!!" He roared as he spurted his seed onto the ground. He stared at the creamy jis now laying useless on the floor. He glanced at his tormentor and back at the pool of spunk on the floor. The man had gotten him to shoot. He was no better than a smutty cunt.

"I said pump yourself dry." Sano ordered. "I want all your proud American manhood spilled out."

Tag gulped and began to jerk off once more. He knew further resistance was futile.

Sano watched as Tag repeatedly masturbated over the next ½ hour . By now the hunky bodyguard's body was streaked with sweat and he was gasping for air. One of his hands was cupping his balls which hung loosely in his drained sack. Finally Tag 's cock juice gave out. With a loud moan Tag's blew only air from his pecker and the smug American stud sunk to his knees with his head down totally exhausted.

"I'm," Tag mumbled as he sucked in air. He was humiliated, butt whipped, and filled with shame at his actions. He stared at the floor a broken man his manhood pooled out before him in white puddles.

Sano walked up to the bowed head of the kneeling bodyguard. He placed a hand under Tag's chin and lifted his head. “I have emerged victorious over you and you know it now," Sano crowed," You will admit this and demonstrate a proper attitude towards one who is your master."

As Tag's eyes met Sano his knew that he was beaten. "You took me sir," he found himself saying in a dry husky whimper. "You took me bad sir." The proud American muscle hunk's masculinity had been cold conked but good by a small lisping kid.

"Your throat sounds parched. Have some of my refreshing fluid." Sano said as he unzipped and pulled out his cock.

"No please ...don't ask me to do that sir," Tag begged as Sano's engorged cock traced across Tag's trembling lips. "Please don't turn me into a cocksucker sir ."

"I am not asking," Sano corrected, "I'm ordering. And from today on you ARE my personal cocksucker!"

Tag tried to resist but even as his mind screamed his mouth opened and sucked in the young man's cock. As he was filled with revulsion Tag found himself giving his first blow-job to the smaller weaker man. Sano's musky scent filled Tag's lungs. He was smelling a man' sexual odor for the first time. Tag 's brain roared with the knowledge that he was the wimpy guy’s personal cocksucker from now on..

"Uuummpphh," Tag moaned as he slurped on his first cock. Sano reached down and began to piston Tag's head back and forth into his cock Tag felt his throat fill with the meat of a man he had previously had nothing but contempt for.

"Suck more," commanded Sano as Tag complied slobbering greedily along the stiff rod and later bathing as ordered Sano's ball-sack. He was whipped. I'm sucking this Asian guy's cock he thought. I'm fucking giving head to a wimpy faggot. Tag continued his oral service even as his stomach churned.

"That's good," sighed Sano, "get my Japanese cock all slippery and wet. After all, it will be easier when I fuck your virginal American chute in a few minutes if it is ."

Images ran through Tag's brain while a part of his mind screamed out what it knew was now in store for him. I'm going to get his cock up my straight ass! He's going to turn my hole into his own cunt. I'll be this guy's pussy! The American wanted to cry out but the room however only recorded the moans from Sano and the gurgling sounds of a man who was giving head!

Tag might have taken some comfort from knowing that he was not the only one servicing another man for the first time. For in the next room Hiro and Brett were playing out their own drama!

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