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Sacking Jason
Part 1 - Sacking Jason
By Kyle Cicero

Lee glanced over his company's notes on the man he was to meet. Jason Crawley , height 6'2'', weight a bit over 200 lbs of well defined muscle, age 28 yrs, hair brown, eyes green . Formerly star football player in Air Force Academy now top NFL player and America's newest matinee idol. Military record: Jason was high flying hotshot jet pilot during service awarded various medals for bravery. Pluses: extremely handsome with a Midwestern all American look, catnip to women world wide. Negatives: thinks he walks on water, rumors that his sexual conquests are sometimes less than consensual and always treats women like objects for his sexual pleasure. Lee closed the folder and sat back in the cab. The flight from London to NYC had been tiring but this was an important meeting, his company wanted to break into the USA market and, a celebrity endorser would do the trick for them especially a hot shot lady killer like Jason Crawley!

The cab let Lee out at Jason's condo and Lee was quickly buzzed up. As he entered the front door he saw Jason standing there in a tight white 't' shirt that clung to his powerful frame like a second skin and emphasized the players built chest and hard pecs. He was also dressed in a pair of light blue football uniform pants that had those cross string ties up the front. They had been cut off at mid thigh giving Lee a good view of Jason's taunt muscled legs. Lee gave a quick glance at Jason's bulging crotch which strained strings on the tight cutoffs.

Jason looked at Lee in confusion? "You're the London dude?" He inquired using his trademark 'dude' phrase that young Americans repeated incessantly now to emulate their new hero?

"Yes is there anything wrong?" Lee asked.

Jason smiled , his perfect white teeth seemed to sparkle. "No ..its just...well I was expecting an English guy it being a London're Asian"

"Japanese to be precise," said Lee. A problem ?"

Jason laughed deeply. Sexy voice thought Lee as he watched the player turn to go into the living room. Lee followed gazing at the player's bubble butt in motion. The ass muscles rippled as Jason walked. The effect was intoxicating.

"No dude none at all sit down", replied Jason. " Did a tour in Japan love the place. "cracked a few Asian pussy there !" he smiled and winked at Lee. "Those Jap oriental girls go crazy for a solid American cock esp. my nice 10 inches slipping up their small holes!”

Lee felt anger rising but remembered the company and just smiled weakly.

"Saw your contract and decided to give you boys a break and sign," Jason rambled on . "Just two conditions ok or no deal" "And they are ," queried Lee.

"Any tours the company provides me with a ' night companion' and they better be a virgin cause I like to cherry pick if you get my drift, " Jason chuckled, " oh and no faggot photographers taking my pix for the ads."

"You have a problem with gays?" asked Lee gravely.

"Fucking faggots…you bet I do," stated Jason warming to the topic. "Some guy who gets off licking a guys butt and cock...shit dam fairy perverts...hell one night some queer made a pass at me ....I beat him good... that will be the day some punk gets to ride my ass like I was some bitch. Fucking kick love to their pussy ass!" As Jason spoke he made a fist and threw an imaginary punch in the air for emphasis. Suddenly he pulled his arm back, grimaced in pain , and began to rub his shoulder..

"Anything wrong? " asked Lee.

"Damn shoulder, "grumbled Jason. “Still stiff from practice.” Lee looked at Jason and, in that instant, he formed a plan.

"Maybe I can help, being Japanese I know some muscle relaxation techniques".

"Hell ... yeah that’s right you Asian guys are into that weird exotic crap," Jason retorted. "I'm game dude"

"Good " answered Lee, "just close your eyes and concentrate on my voice". Lee watched as Jason complied by closing his eyes . "Listen only to my voice,” Lee stated in a clear tone to the player.

"I hear you dude ," Jason responded. "Just you."

"Hear only my voice.... hear nothing else.. breathe in deeply.." Lee continued as he watched Jason inhale and then slowly exhale.

"Mmmmm...", Jason sighed as he breathed in and out in compliance with Lee's order.

"Again" commanded Lee. Jason did his chest expanding so tight against his shirt that Lee could see the outlines of Jason's round firm nipples. The room filed with the sound of the jock’s deep breathes. Lee realized that Jason was, for all his arrogance and macho posturing, an easy subject for mental manipulations having been trained since his youth to just obey coaching. "Breathe in deeply and exhale...hear only my voice…you are drifting away on my voice". Lee observed the rise and fall of Jason's chest. His breathing was slow and steady. Lee continued this for a few minutes until it was obvious Jason was just on the edge of being fully under. “Go on drift off,” Lee finally said.

"Drifting...drifting..." Jason stated weakly in a fading voice. . A sigh of complete surrender escaped from the player. “Drifff…” then silence from the jock.

"What do you hear", inquired Lee.

"Your voice," mumbled Jason in a monotone.

"That’s right my voice...its in your mind..its taking control.." whispered Lee..

"Taking control," replied Jason as his voice grew softer.

"I control you now correct," asked Lee?

"Yes... control me.," Jason muttered as a low moan escaped him his lips.

"And it feels right doesn’t," asked Lee.

" It ..feels so ...", Jason answered .

"Feels so right doesn't it", Lee prompted for the critical point had been reached. If Jason felt that it was right he would yield to anything. “Listening to your coach.” Lee added using the ‘coach’ knowing that Jason would respond to that concept fully.

"…control….listen…”Jason answered slowly exhaling, "soooo righttt!"

Lee reached over to massage Jason's crotch . He knew the stimulation of Jason's vaunted manhood would further drive the message into his hypnotized jock. The effect on Jason was instantaneous.

"Fuuuuccckkk.....oohh rightttttttt.....its fuckkkkkkinggg ssoooo rrriighhhhtttttt," Jason moaned nodding in assent to the suggestion and giving into the hand-job’s erotic pleasures.

Lee laughed silently as he felt up the jock . Yes, he had crossed that point of control now for the next stages! "My voice will.. you cannot resist..yield to it and feel so calm."Lee retorted.

"Your voice ...your will.....oohhh...yyeeaahhh...dudeeeee," Jason heaved in a sigh as the last part of his brain yielded under the mental suggestion coupled with the crotch massage stimulations.

"You must obey because," Lee said firmly, “I am your coach!”

"Obey you..." moaned the sexually overheated stud..." must obey you ...ooooooohhhhhhhhh ............never resisttttt…coachhhh," Jason answered through his chattering teeth as his mind was racked by the power of the hypnotic suggestions . His head felt Lee taking over even as his pleasure centers were programming in overtime just how sexually hot the suggestions were getting him.

Lee stared at the once powerful player now a swaying docile vessel for Lee's wishes & now squirming under Lee's crotch rubs. "Stand up and open your eyes you mother fucker," Lee commanded as Jason instantly complied.

Lee noticed that Jason's now open eyes were completely glazed in a heady combination of hypnotic trance and sexual heat. The USA football god & ace American air force flyer was his for the taking ! Time to teach this arrogant jock some needed lessons.

Lee walked up close to Jason who stared straight ahead in total oblivion. "You love men you understand. !" Lee stated as he reached down to repeat his crotch massage on the swaying zapped football star.

"I love" Jason asked in an unsure voice.

"Yes , you do," Lee insisted as he continued his manual actions on Jason’s now engorged dick. "Repeat it!" Lee ordered noticing with pleasure how Jason’s rod was tent-poled in his laced up football pants.

"I," Jason replied firmly to a grinning Lee.

"Say it again." Lee commanded

"I LOVE MEN!" Jason yelled firmly. Lee had the young stud repeat that phrase over and over (remembering to maintain his hand job on Jason's hard rod) in a sort of cheerleaders chant for a few minutes until he was certain that the thought had lodged deep into his victim's inner mind.

"Your cock needs a man's touch.” Lee suggested. Look down see how you need that.

Jason glanced down to see his cock being fondled . He gazed back up at Lee with a goofy puppy dog look of joy. "Need a man to touch my cock.....aaaahhh.." Jason leaned his crotch forward so Lee’s hand now pushed it harder on his meat. " Do it dudeeee."

Lee's heart leaped in joy at his progress with Jason. The macho football stud was getting off on it now.

" Yes, you love cock, women do not arouse you," Lee stated to his receptive jock who was now mere putty mentally.

"Love cock. Women don't arouse me!" Jason agreed.

" You know men's cocks are hot," Lee said firmly

"Men's ...fucking hot!!!" Jason replied in agreement as Lee unlaced Jason’s pants freeing the young jock’s meat from the tight bindings of the laced pants.

“Fuck dude,” Jason sighed as Lee grabbed the swaying rod & pumped faster on Jason’s dick.

"Your mouth waters at the thought of sucking guys off. You understand!” Lee commanded.

"Love tasting cock," murmured Jason as he smiled and licked his lips lewdly!

“In fact, your butt hole itches to get a cock inside it." Lee instructed as he masturbated Jason to full erection. The hunk squirmed as he got jerked-of.

"Love cock," Jason smiled even more broadly as he self programmed that thought into his pliable brain cells which were already on sensual overload thanks the Asian’s stimulations of his young jock’s manhood, "my chute burns to be fucked by hot men!"

“Why don’t you finger that butt-hole of yours then,” Lee hissed as he ran his hand vigorously up and down Jason’s swollen cock. Jason immediately reached behind himself to rub his ass with both hands.

"Oh my yes," chuckled Lee as he rubbed Jason's basket while the stud massaged and probed his own muscular butt!!

"And you love being their slave-it gets you aroused the more you are used like shit by men!!" said Lee.

"Hot’s fucking hot to be used like a slave....YEAH!!!" yelled Jason as Lee noticed the players cock expands more at the thought. Jason's eyes rolled back in his head. He was turned on and ready to be turned out!

Lee smiled as he reached down to push Jason's blue pants past his muscular thighs. He increased his hand-job on the football ace & felt Jason's tool stiffen more. A long deep moan came from Jason's lips as the stud further squirmed in pleasure. Time to play laughed Lee as he watched Jason wiggle in heat under his cock-massaging. Yeah, got a lot of plans for you . Big stud huh, thought Lee, by tomorrow you'll learn humiliation , discipline, and service!!

“Oh…fuck…DUDE!!” Jason suddenly howled he erupted in a stream of spunk. Lee let his jock spurt away making sure that he continued his mental re-programming even as he milked the young stud dry.

"Okay boy, let’s go to the bedroom", Lee commanded once a panting Jason had finished spilling every bit of jis from his nuts. Lee watched as his stud toy turned and, with his football pants around his ankles, shuffled off to the bedroom. Those crazy now flexing butt muscles of Jason’s drove Lee wild. Looks like the cherry picker is going to get picked himself tonight , Lee hooted. But first, it was time to "clean up" Jason a bit. Lee reached into his travel bags and pulled out some shaving cream and a new razor.

"Nothing like a clean shave to make a new man out of a person", Lee smiled . "Oh, Jason" he called.


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