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Sacking Jason
Part 2 - Sacking Jason
By Kyle Cicero

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Lee stepped back to admire his work so far. He had shaved Jason's (who fortunately was not hairy to start with) arms, armpits, chest and legs quite nicely. Jason had stayed still, as ordered, his arms extended and eyes , though glassy, fixed straight in front of him as he stood in the tub.

Lee foamed up the hypno zonked players crotch area. As Lee took hold of the stud impressive tool Jason emitted a gasp. Immediately the jock's dick firmed making Lee's job all the easier. In a few strokes good old Jason was clean-crotched like a new borne .That should make for interesting locker room talk snickered Lee! Lifting Jason's ball sack for its 'unveiling' Lee lathered the low hangers up taking time to roll the nuts in their sack and causing Jason to shudder in delight.

“Dudeee,” Jason gasped.

"So you are sensitive there huh", inquired Lee as he fondled the squirming player impressively large nuts.

"Oooooo..yes...",Jason replied squirming more under the assault. Lee noticed that a grin had broken out on the stud's face.

"Like that boy," Lee asked as he rotated the jock's nuts in his hand while he gently scrapped away Jason's signs of manhood.

"Love it ...oohhh fuuckk duuuudddddeee," moaned Jason his knees beginning to buckle.

Lee stood up, "turn and bend for me you jock boy like you do on the field for a play. Jason instantly complied putting one hand on his thigh the other ,on the ground in front of himself bending in that classic football crouch. His head was straight , his eyes focused in front on an imaginary player. Lee casually came up behind Jason . He opened the player’s cheeks exposing the tiny hole . Lee lathered the opening and then, for fun , inserted his finger inside the ring tickling the straight boy's prostate for the first time.

"AAAAAAAAHHH. .... SSHHIITTT......" groaned Jason

"Fingering your cherry huh,"Lee joked.

"Fingering my cherry.... man.........ddduuuuddee..oohhh..ooooohhh...ffuucckkkk….DDDUUUDDEEE!!!!", growled Jason in a voice that welled deep from inside him.

Lee began to tickle inside the zonked straight boy faster causing Jason to moan louder.

"Owwww...mmmyyy asssss...feeellllssss….. hhooottt..."

While Lee continued to finger fuck his new toy he finished scraping away the ass hairs around the , until now, undefiled chute. Almost finished he withdrew his finger and scraped away the hairs he missed in the center. As the cool metal hit the moist sensitive spot Jason expelled a gulp of air, shuddered and, ejaculated! His juice splattered on the bathroom wall tile.

"AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH..........." , the jock cried as he came.

Lee howled in amusement. The hypnosis was in full control ! That boy's ass was one newly sensitized erogenous zone. And one Lee intended to explore to full effect!


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