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A Superhero's Saga
Part 7 - His Rear Justifies The Ends!
By Kyle Cicero

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Epilogue: His Rear Justifies The Ends!

The former young assistant now newly enthroned ruling crime czar sat in his chair and pondered the strange turn of events that had unfolded. “You know it’s truly funny when you think of it.” He said out loud to Randilor. “Barrett was so obsessed with victory he never stopped to consider any other consequences. Sure we discovered that on your world part of the population gives off an erotic chemical scent that turns the other half into submissive sex slaves who live to pleasure them and in fact get aroused by domination but, he never thought out how infecting himself with an alien pheromone would over tax his own body. Imagine he literally died in the saddle from the overload. Funny how I forget to measure that last dose huh?”

Finding Barrett first had enabled the young man to act quickly to maneuver into power. Few in the organization had ever seen Barrett and it easy to arrange some secret orders to ‘put away’ the few that had contact with the former boss. To the organization the young man WAS Barrett Lang! A quick sprits of a more refined and potent form of the chemical on himself that night coupled with a sharp dominating tone in addressing the recently violated hero had insured that Randilor eagerly succumbed to serving ‘under the new management’. The handsome hunk was so submissive by then he had crawled out from under Barrett’s body without a sec ond thought. That night the formerly bold crime fighter was thoroughly broken into sexual submission. As the mirth of the situation came to him he gazed down into his lap where a naked Randilor was energetically engaged in orally servicing the former assistant’s, now turned criminal czar, manhood.

“MMMMM…MMMMMM,” slurped the former super hunk who was now fully addicted to his new sexual role in life as a sex toy for his alpha male. He stopped his ministrations only for a second so he could look up at his master with delirious joy.

“That’s a good boy,” the young skinny czar muttered as his loins filled.

He reached down to fondle the wavy head off the super-hero who lapped and sucked flushed with an uncontrollable sexual lust to submit to his master. “Bit deeper now boy.” The young man said as he reached farther down to Radilor’s neck and pulled the hunk’s handsome face closer by gripping and pulling inward on the metal choke collar which the taller muscle man now wore as a sign of his submission. “Yeah just a dab of it on me every so often and my super stud goes ape for my bone every time. I love it. Super stud crime-fighter by day super submissive sex toy at night. I think after you get me hot enough we will retire to the bedroom to open up that meaty bubble butt of yours some more. That okay my pet?” He chuckled as he gripped the collar. “Yeah I knew I had to have you from the last time I saw you shaking and sexy in your birthday suit. Watching that crazy meaty butt of yours walk out the room was when I knew that I was going to make your sweet cheeks my own personal depository. You don’t care do you if I’m the one screwing you right Randilor…or should we just rename you Randy!”

Randilor didn’t answer. He was too turned on by thoughts of getting anally penetrated once more by his owner to stop sucking.

THE END…so far