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Aqualad vs. Eric
Part 6 - Schooled and Dazed
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Schooled and Dazed

When the male teenagers at the all boy’s school arrived for classes that morning they were shocked to see Eric leading a collared and leashed Aqualad into their gatherings. Aqualad was totally naked except for a skintight black bikini Speedo that had a “snuggles pocket” built into its front. The buff superhero’s “jewels” lay impressively inside of this “pocket”. Overall he was a magnificent site in his new look of Speedo and a sole chain collar of which in their community signaled “ownership”.

“Aqualad is fucking wearing a chain collar,” the boys mumbled among themselves.

“Where the fuck is his uniform too dude?” Another softly asked his friend.

“Do you think that son-of-a-bitch finally got his butt kicked?” Many asked their fellow students.

Eric looked about at the whispering crowds. “Kneel down on all fours boi and crawl to me up to kiss my basket. Do it nicely and you can suck what is inside too.”

A collective gasp came from everyone as Aqualad meekly dropped down and did as he was ordered. He leaned his handsome face deeply into Eric’s crotch and kissed it in front of everyone. He pulled back and gazed up at Eric who nodded as he reached into his pants to pull out his dark cock. Aqualad opened his mouth and eagerly took the thick long shaft deeply down into his throat. From the flexing of Aqualad’s throat muscles it was obvious the teenaged hunk was sucking the shaft.

“Oomph,” Aqualad quietly mumbled through his cock stuffed mouth.

“Man the dude is doing it,” someone laughed. “He sucking cock like Aquaman does on the Black Manta!”

“Look at what’s in silver stenciled on his Speedo’d ass. It says  “Manta’s Bitch.”

“Damn the dude’s was just a total cocksucker just like his mentor, Aquaman!” Another chuckled.

A tiny fragment of the old superhero persona that Eric had evilly left intact in Aqualad shivered in humiliation at what he was doing and in front of whom he was doing it. Eric didn’t want his former tormentor to ever forget who he had once been. But it was powerless to interfere now in any meaningful way. Mentally re-wired where it counted Aqualad’s redirected hyperactive teenaged sex hormones just re-enforced his newly created addiction to obey Eric and to thoroughly crave cock. Soon he was shamelessly slobbering over Eric basket as cheers and hoots of derision flooded around him. “Love dick,” Aqualad muttered as he orally serviced his new Master. The young superhero’s own cock began to engorge with blood as he licked and slurped.

“Yeah fuck his face, Eric,” many shouted happy to see the once strutting hyper macho Aqualad turned out as a total bitch.

“Damn the Aquabitch is boned too,” a student shouted in disgust.

Eric smiled then addressed his peers. “Now I’m top dog!” He growled as the now totally erect Aqualad sucked contentedly on his prize. “I know that Aqualad fucked a lot of your bitches guys. Well he’s a broken in cock hound right doggie- lad?”

Aqualad broke off his oral activities and looked up at his master. “Woof!’ he barked as he had been trained to do whenever he heard Eric call him a dog. Eric laughed. “Say good night,” he teased.

“Goodnight sir,” Aqualad roughly replied as Eric gave his “pet” an uppercut that knocked the older teenager out cold.

“Uh,” Aqualad gurgled as he went out. His hard muscled form fell back ward to lie face up and spread eagled in the ground.

The crowds of boys really cheered then. “He fucking put out Aquabitch’s lights.” One boy yelled with derision.

“Yeah how you like it cunt-boy, getting all put down and put out!” The crowd exploded into applause witnessing Aqualad’s well publicized arrogant “kill-shot” now being used on him. Hearing Aqualad use the very word he used to make his opponents say as a symbol of his personal put down on them really rocked their world.

Eric stood over his demolished yet still charismatic foe. “So as the first sign of changes I’m giving you this bitch to hump for the next twelve hours. After that his asshole and mouth are mine alone. Come on guys go wake him up. Time to gang fuck the fucker who fucked you over!”

In minutes Aqualad was roused back into consciousness. The guys quickly lined up and excitedly engaged in plugging a squirming Aqualad’s every open orifice. For the boys their “revenge sex” fantasizes were unfolding as last! They had always hated him for making them somehow desire him! Now he would pay in full for that charismatic charm which, even now, he still held over them! The sounds of Aqualad’s embarrassed groans but eager slurps filled the courtyard. By the end of the day he was completely washed up as a superhero but had gained a new role among his teenaged peers as Manta Eric’s personal bitch!

The End