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Aqualad vs. Eric
Part 5 - Planting His Territorial Flag
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Planting His Territorial Flag

For the rest of the next day Eric followed set pattern.  Before his captive came down from the effects of his drugging, Eric continually gave Aqualad a series of drug enemas. He then waited as the teenager’s youthful hormones dove the hero into a sexual frenzy. Aqualad was never permitted to come down from his “high.”

“I need to cum sir,” Aqualad would yelp and cry. Eric would let the pressure build until Aqualad agreed to some sexual act he never would have undertaken before in return for Eric’s assistance in getting off sexually. Soon the chiseled once rigidly hetero stud was introduced to the pleasures of rimming another man, worshipping feet and armpits. In general the older teenager soon just agreed to whatever Eric wanted a he was enthralled in his carving to shoot his spunk. Thanks to the drugs his rattled mind began to associate all this man-on-man activity with powerful sexual orgasms. In addition his brain made a subtle connection between being penetrated and the rush of erotic stimulations that soon followed. By the end of the day Aqualad’s anal muscles seemed to suck in the nozzle of the enema. In fact at one point the drug screwed superhero meekly asked for his regularly timed  “douche”. He was truly ready for seeding.

“I’m going to fuck you now Aqualad okay?” Eric said as he cupped his hand under Aqualad’s chin to lift the drug-addled boy’s face towards his.

“Fuck me?” Aqualad mumbled as his blue eyes looked at Eric. The drugs and his sexual escapades had dulled his handsome face by now. His dark hair was matted and tangled. “Fuck me?” he asked before a goofy grin overtook him. “Okay whatever,’ he said no longer realizing what he had consented to. “Can I cum now sir?”

“I have your permission to seed you right?” Eric stated as he expertly rubbed Aqualad’s super sensitized sack. “You consent to being fucked and seeded like my bitch right!”

Aqualad nodded. “Yeah whatever. Fuck me. Seed me,” he babbled lost in the delirium of the dug. “Can I come now sir?”

“Tell me clearly boi,” Eric sharply said. “Tell me you consent for me to fuck you AND make you my bitch.” He maliciously massaged that tender erogenous nerve in Aqualad’s nuts and evilly grinned at how Aqualad quivered in heat from its stimulation.

Aqualad seemed to try to concentrate. Time stood still for them both for one brief second. “I… me. Make me your bitch!” He barked desperate to please the younger boy who controlled the very thrill of his sexual climaxing.

Eric swam happily up behind Aqualad and spread the buff superhero’s powerful legs apart. “I consent to your request,” he solemnly said in triumph. The law of the sea was satisfied. Aqualad had given clear agreement to a change in his status. Now Eric had to formally seal the deal. He thrust savagely into his former tormentor. He wanted to take the bound muscled teenager hard and rough now.

“ARRGGHHH SHIT!!!” Aqualad roared as his ass was impaled on Eric’s thick and long rigid shaft. The wand and enema were nothing compared to what he now felt as he was penetrated. He opened his mouth and hollered as his eyes budged in their sockets. “I…can’t…the …pain!” He squealed like a kid. Gone was any of his former cock-of-the-walk demeanor.

“Yea making a bitch out of you,” Eric yelled over Aqualad repeated screams of agony and entreaties for mercy.

“My ass!!!” the youthful hero moaned as this final shred of virginity was screwed away. “You’re fucking me with your dick,” he bawled.  The pain seemed to override the drugs in the older teenager’s system. Aqualad began to violently buck in his bindings forcing Eric to cinch in tighter. He saw that the bound older teenager had lost his erection. “My ass,” Aqualad moaned as he aggressively trashed about.

Eric quickly grabbed his nearby needle gun and gave his muscled stud a massive shot in both of the round firm bums of Aqualad’s rear-end.  He held onto his bucking bronco determined to win this final chapter in their conflict.

“Oh yah my ass,” Aqualad suddenly roared in an entirely different tone of voice as the drugs kicked in and his prostate came alive. “Oh fuck my ass man. Make me your bitch!” He suddenly yelped as his hard muscled rump thrust upward meeting Eric’s every stroke. “Fuck that ass! Fuck it. Shit my ass is so hot now. What the fuck are you tapping in my ass sir,” he shamelessly wailed like a dog in heat.

“Oh fuck yes,” Eric wheezed as the well-built teenager strong ass muscles wiggled under him eagerly anally sucking in Eric’s cock. He pounded his heroic stud like a madman. The room filled with the cries and yells of two teenagers rutting with sheer abandon.

“Aw fuck I’m going to seed you.” Eric finally gasped as he lost his composure. He was seeding the object of both his hate and lust. It was all too mind blowing for him. “Take my Manta cream you bitch!” He yelled as he erupted inside of Aqualad’s ravaged chute.

“Fuck!” Aqualad screeched as his guts were filled with the heated moisture flooding into him. “You seeded my ass,” he wailed. His powerfully built body went rigid and he too climaxed.

In the end the two lay one on top of the other silent panting for air. Eric was exhausted, his cock still deeply inside the muscled fame of a gasping teenaged hero.

“More,” the drug fueled Aqualad moaned. “Fuck me more!”

Eric blinked and took a deep breath. Well every victory had its personal price. He stiffened inside of his new bitch and began to hump. Hours later he slipped off his super-steed and they both drifted off to sleep.

The next day a thoroughly trashed Aqualad began the process of returning back into full un-drugged consciousness. He blinked his eyes trying to take in his surrounding. “Where the fuck am I?” He said in slightly slurry tone of voice. “My fucking head hurts. What the fuck happened. Why am I naked and tied up?”

 “You gave quite a performance,” Eric said as he came out of the shadows. He flicked a switch and a video played showing everything the young superhero had done while under the influence of his sexual high.

As he watched the flickering images Aqualad’s own brain recalled his situation along with flashes of his drug fueled sexual frenzy. “What the fuck happened.” He moaned as he struggled in his bindings. He closed his eyes trying to block out those pictures but the sounds of his own voice saying all those things drew him back to watch the screen. Aqualad’s eyes bulged in horror and shame. His mouth dropped open as he heard his blatant moans of pleasure coupled with his whimpering cries for a hard fucking. He was so engrossed in the screen he never noticed the thin white energy beam coming from Eric’s Manta helmet.

The white light hit Aqualad’s head and soon, Aqualad’s eyes grew duller. “Fuck,” he muttered as his mind scrambled.  A part of the old Aqualad told himself to use his powers to fight off the beam. By now, however, he was so demoralized by everything Eric had done to him. “ Oh fuck my ass man. Make me your bitch! ” Aqualad heard himself say on the screen. The ramifications of hearing himself speak those words left him dumbstruck. He knew that under sea law he not only had just consented to being screwed he had also agreed to be Eric’s bitch. He desperately tried to think of some escape clause. It was just enough of a mental diversion to un-focus his mind on the battle in his brain. “Shit,” he exhaled.

Eric saw the tide turning and hit replay of that critical scene. He increased the volume.

Oh fuck my ass man. Make me your bitch! ” Aqualad heard himself loudly say once more. “I fucking said yes,” he moaned in surrender as he lost his mental war beat off the effects of the beam. His last thoughts in his old persona were spent processing Eric’ telling him that from now on, “Aqualad is my Aquabitch!”

Eric’s mental mind re-program went quickly to work rapidly doing what it was designed to accomplish. The beam redirected the mental circuitry of the stunned teenaged superhero, creating an entirely new sexual and emotional persona. In few moments Aqualad’s entire demeanor began to change. As he watched Eric sexually violating him on screen Aqualad grew less disgusted and more aroused. Feelings of inferiority to this younger boy replaced his old arrogant confidence. He became more passive in his concepts. His macho take charge old self was effectively castrated. Now he would be happily subservient and respectful around other Eric. Soon his cock was stiff and a look of eager sexual arousal came over his handsome face. “Yeah fuck my hole,” he muttered as he watched Eric’s screwing him on the screen.

Eric chuckled and swam up behind the still spread legs of the once hyper masculine nineteen-year-old. “My pleasure,” He laughed as he slipped his hardness back up into Aqualad’s now looser anal entryway. “Looks like my raging teenaged stallion is now my compliant teenaged brood mare.”

“Aw fuck yeah!” the teenaged hero grunted as he humped back on the hard cock that now fully impaled him. “Take my aqua-ass sir,” he giggled coquettishly. For the next hour while the beam completed its work, Eric sodomized Aqualad both anally and orally until at last, Aqualad was completely addicted to sexually serving men in general and Eric in particular!

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