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To Protect And Serve
Chapter 3 - Permanently Reassigned
By Boyd Wunder

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Back at the Police Precinct, Officers Duke Miller, a massive brown haired bodybuilder, and Nick Lord, a young rookie who's just as huge as his partner with dark, handsome features, return from a call. They head directly to the Captain's office and knock on the door.

Captain Mickey Squires, a 25 year veteran on the force with a thick mustache, broad chest and a slight belly, shouts, "Come in!'

Miller and Lord enter. Captain Squires looks up from his desk and asks, "Well?"

Officer Miller answers, "Still no sign of them, Captain."

"Their squad car was found abandoned almost an hour ago! What did you find out?," Squires inquires.

"We found one witness, Sir," Miller replies.

"A woman staying at the motel a couple rooms down says she was looking out her window when Evans and Banes arrived. She saw them go inside then closed her drapes," Lord elaborates.

"But she couldn't describe the man who let them in," Miller adds.

"What about the desk clerk?," Squires asks next.

"The Motor Lodge claims the room was unoccupied," Miller informs the Captain.

Lord follows up, "According to their records, they haven't rented out that particular room in over two weeks."

"Go back there and question some of people in the neighborhood. Somebody has got to know something," a frustrated Squires tells his men.

"Will do, Captain!," Lord says as he and his partner leave the office.

Captain Squires picks up the phone and speak to his Sargaent, "Put out an all-points bulletin. We've got two missing cops on our hands. It looks like Evans & Banes might have been victims of foul play. I guess I'd better inform Police Commissioner Radcliffe. If someone's out there abducting officers, we could have a problem here!"

Meanwhile, the black van drives up to an eerie looking mansion. With the help of his muscular accomplish, the mysterious masked man who calls himself "The Warden" pulls Officers Banes and Evans, naked but still hooded and restrained, out of the vehicle and leads them into his private penitentiary. The prisoners are dragged down a flight of stairs and locked in a cold dark prison cell that resembles a state-of-the-art dungeon.

The Warden removes their handcuffs and straps them down to two large surgical tables like a couple of human guinea pigs. Their hooded host then conducts some bizarre experiments on the cops' brains. First he hooks some wires up to both sides of their heads. The electric cords are connected to a devious device he's invented called "The Mind Eraser", which allows its creator to alter his patients' behavior or eliminate any unwanted character traits. As the excruciating currents are sent directly into the subjects' skulls, they scream out in agony. A look of horror comes over the cops' faces. Still reeling from the torment they just endured, the vulnerable victims are then subjected to a laser lobotomy. Aiming a green beam of light in the center of their foreheads, the painful procedure purposely (and permanately) extracts any memories from their minds The Warden deems unnecessary. Once their initial brainwashing session is over, the tortured twosome just lie there, staring into space, as The Warden free them from their bonds.

The Warden helps his luscious lab rats off the table and pushes a button on the wall. Some manacles drop down from the ceiling. The Warden and his henchman turn the unclothed captives to face one another as they take their wrists and place them in the shackles. Then The Warden presses the button again and the wrist restraints begin to rise. Now the confined cops are suspended in the air, their arms stretched overhead, their feet dangling a few inches off the floor. These sweaty barenaked bodybuilders are just hanging there like two slabs of meat as their captor and his young assistant gives both of them another injection of the mind drug. The imprisoned policemen, unaware of what's going on behind them, each feel a slight prick in the back of the necks. When the menticidal medicines reach their brains, they experience a series of violent convulsions. The prisoners are in immense pain yet, for some reason, they are extremely aroused. It feels as though their skulls are being ripped in two but, at the same time, their cocks are throbbing with excitement. In fact, their rock hard dicks keep rubbing together as strings of pre-cum drizzle out of their piss slits, sticking to each other's cockheads. The confused cops inevitably give in to their drug-induced desires. They start licking the sweat off one another until their mouths eventually meet. Once they do, they passionately shove their tongues down each other's throats.

Even though he's been keeping an eye on his gorgeous guinea pigs to see if they have any negative reactions to the mind drug, The Warden is busy preparing the labrotory for the next phase of their retraining. It is imparative that he rehabilitate these police-patients as quickly as possible. After some extensive and (in their captor's opinion) much needed mental retooling, both of these well trained, highly skilled cops will become two very useful and obedient officers. Their abilities and experience will prove to be most invaluable to him. With their assistance, The Warden will be one step closer to achieving his goal.

The Warden reenters the jail cell to punish his horny hot cops. He grabs a leather whip and gives their broad backs and muscle butts a brutal flogging. The incoherent cops try to beg for him to stop but The Warden doesn't relent. Instead, each stinging lash he administers is more intense than the last. The punishment continues as The Warden takes an electronic cattle prod to their nipples and testicles. He shocks them repeatedly until they both pass out. The Warden takes avantage of his semi-conscience victims. First, he rapes Evans, feriously fucking this helpless hunk until he shoots a huge load inside him. The disoriented officer just hangs there moaning as The Warden's cum drizzles out of his asshole. After he has had his way with Evans, he turns his attention to Evans' partner. He slips his fingers into Banes' butt, eventually sliding his greasy fist into the officer's asshole. Soon Banes is forced to take The Warden's entire arm in his anus. His cries for mercy are ignored as his hole is stretched to accomodate the fister's thick forearms. Banes has no choice but to hang there and take it all in.

After brutaly raping his victims, The Warden prepares them for the second stage of their "retraining", Still chained to the ceiling, the "recruits" are repositioned to face their trainer. A couple of cock-shaped mouth plugs, attached to gags, are dispensing the mind drug down their throats while two huge dildos coated with a lust-inducing lubricant have been shoved up each of their already-sore asses, kept in place by a pair of suspension harnesses fastened around their lower torsos. Both their penises are firm and erect, proving how effective the lecherous lube can be. Each time they are force-fed another wad of the cum-like chemicals, it makes their massive manhoods throb with excitement, filling them up with their own manly juices.

Both cops are wearing a pair of headphones, leaving them no choice but to listen to the mind-altering muzak that's been playing in their ears incessantly for the past couple of hours. The series of odd and disturbing tones they're hearing are actually high frequency soundwaves, which are purposely arranged to reroute already existing brainwave patterns, thereby readjusting their personalities in the process. A continuous loop of auditory commands, such as "Serve" , "Submit", "Surrender", etc., are hidden within those loud noises. Contained within the headphones are some sinisterly installed electrodes which release a secession of debilitating shocks, each more painful than the last, that prevent the human brain from functioning normally, permitting these subversive messages to be implanted directly into their subconscious minds. By the time the prisoners are totally "rehabilitated", Officer Banes and Evans will no longer want to be members of the Metro City Police Force. Instead, they will be completely prepared to accept a whole new (and much more demanding) assignment.

The imprisoned police officers just hang there watching the images flashing before their eyes through some computer-enhanced goggles. The Warden suddenly appears in the optical lenses without his hood. His face looks vaguely familiar but the mind drug makes it hard for them to remember exactly who he is. Then the camera pans down to the muscleboy worshipping the unmasked man's beautifully built body. Both men are completely nude. The boy is depicted in various subservient positions, whether he's down on his knees sucking The Warden's cock, licking him clean from head to toe or throwing his legs in the air while the sexy stranger fucks his ass. In every scene, The Warden is asserting his dominance over his obedient bottom boy. The extreme cruelty and physical pain he inflicts on the young man is so needlessly violent, it can be difficult to watch at times. Nonetheless, the captive cops seem unfazed by this depraved display. In fact, the pre-cum hanging from their rigid hard-ons seems to indicate that these acts of aggression are actually turning them on. This leaves no doubt that they're totally under the influence of the mind drug which has effectively eliminated any resistance they would normally feel towards such debauchery.

Brief snippets of various criminal acts, such as robbery, rape and kidnapping, are repeatedly interspersed throughout the entire video. These violent images have been strategically placed within the sexually perverse programming in a deliberate attempt to convince the once-honorable officers to turn to a life of crime. The corruptible cops' cocks remain hard every time these injustices appear in their goggles, which makes them think that they would prefer to break the law rather than enforce it. In fact, these lustful lawmen are so turned-on by these crimes, they can hardly wait to commit them themselves. Once they have been completely desensitized, Banes and Evans, formally two of Metro City's Finest, will soon become a couple of "America's Most Wanted".

As their mental conditioning enters its final stage, the captivated cops see The Warden jerking off his boy toy through the goggles. Suddenly, two large hands grab hold of Banes' and Evans' hard cocks and start to stroke them into submission. As the video comes to an end, the mesmerized men-in-blue watch as the mysterious stranger forces his muscleboy to pop his load. At that very second, the hypnotized hot cops hear the voice coming from their headphones command, "Cum, slaves!"

Responding on cue, the obedient officers dutifully shoot their wads as ordered. The seductive stranger milks the cops' still-rock hard cocks until the last drop of cum is released. The brain draining procedure robs Officer Banes and Evans of their free will when they were most vulnerable, which was the precise moment they reached orgasm. Thus they were simultaneously enslaved at the point of ejaculation. Now that they have been "rehabilited", they are ready to serve their new Master.

At the conclusion of the programming, The Warden walks over to his prisoners and removes their goggles. The pupils of the policemen's eyes have faded from black to light gray, appearing to be in a zombie-like state. Then the captivated cops stare directly into the face of the man who they now belong to. They are now completely aware of his true identity. A few hours ago, this disturbing revelation would have repulsed these once-descent men but, after a couple of thorough brainwashing sessions, all they can feel is reverence. While their evil enslaver takes the cock-shaped plugs out of their mouths, both Evans and Banes continue to look adoringly at his ruggedly handsome features. His commanding presence makes them even more eager to perform all the duties they've just observed.

Releasing his recruits from their restraints, The Warden informs them, "Your retraining is complete! Now you reprogrammed policemen will only obey my orders. Banes and Evans, you are hereby permnanently reassigned to my sinister squadron of cop slaves. You shall serve me well. Tell me, are you ready to perform your new duties, my obedient officers?"

With the cum-like drug dripping down their chins, the reconditioned cops swallow what remains, then slowly open their mouths to speak.

Standing at attention, the successfully enslaved Evans enthusiastically replies, "Ready for duty, ... SIR!"

Blankfaced, a brainwashed Banes obediently responds, "It is ... an honor ... to serve you ... once again, ... MASTER!"

The mysterious Master smiles when he hears those words knowing they are now his to command.

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