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To Protect And Serve
Chapter 2 - Guilty As Charged
By Boyd Wunder

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Officers Eric Evans and Brent Banes have already been ambushed, drugged and taken by force. Now they are trapped in a van heading to some undisclosed destination. The restraints around their wrists and ankles makes any escape attempt virtually impossible. Latex hoods were purposely placed over their heads so they would not be able to see the face of the man sitting in the driver's seat. Even if they could, his identity is concealed behind a leather mask as a precautionary measure. This mysterious stranger, who apparently orchestrated the entire kidnapping, is waiting for the right moment to let his prisoners know who he really is.

As the effects of the temporary paralysis start to wear off, Evans and Banes try to break their bonds. Soon the captive cops are flapping around like a couple of fish out of water. Their captor finds this display quite amusing but manages to hold back his laughter. The policemen put up quite a struggle but they quickly realize it is hopeless.

Even though the drug they were given has made the officers slightly disoriented, they can still tell that they are leaving the city limits because the traffic noise is becoming much less noticeable. Soon the passengers can hear nothing but the van's engine running as the vehicle turns off the highway and heads towards a remote area in the woods, far away from civilization. There is not another car for miles.

Now that he has confirmed that no one has been following them, the man behind the wheel decides to make his presence known to his prisoners as he speaks directly to them, "Evans and Banes, listen up! This is The Warden speaking. As my attractive young assistant has already informed you, you are no longer police officers. You are now my prisoners. Is that understood?"

The confused captives aren't sure who is talking to them but his manly authoritative voice seems hauntingly familiar.

The Warden asks, "Don't you know who I am, Officers? Let me assure you that we all know one another. You don't have a clue, do you? Don't worry, men. I will reveal myself to you in due time."

Tired of their captor's mind games, Evans and Banes try to express their anger but the hoods over their heads keep them from being understood.

The mysterious stranger takes one hand off the steering wheel and clicks his fingers. His muscular young henchman reacts swiftly, holding down the prisoners as he shouts out, "The Warden ... is speaking, ... Pigs! ... Disrespect will not ... be tolerated! ... You will ... lie there ... and listen!"

"Thank you, my boy," The Warden says.

Stone robotically replies, "You're welcome, ... Warden. ... Please continue, ... Sir."

The mystery man informs his prisoners, "Now I suppose you're wondering why I arranged this little reunion? My motivation is revenge. The two of you may not remember who I am just yet but, try as I may, I can't forget you, nor can I forgive you. You see, you both have betrayed me in the past. So, to right these wrongs, a trial was held without your knowledge or participation. Although you were not given the opportunity to defend yourselves against my accusations in court, it wouldn't have made any difference. Eric Evans and Brent Banes, I, being the Judge and jury, find you guilty as charged! I hereby rule that the two of you be sentenced to life in prison, effective immediately. Since I am also The Warden, I will personally see to it that you prisoners are duly punished for your crimes. Now that you are in my custody, justice will finally be mine!"

The long-winded Warden has been waiting to say these words for so long. His manhood stiffens as he tells his victims what he intends to do to them. He looks back in the rear view mirror so he can see his passengers' reactions. His hard-on pops up as he watches them squirm in fear.

The mysterious madman suddenly softens his tone, as he continues to play mind games with his confused captives, "But it would be such a shame to let a couple of hot cops like you rot away in some prison cell for the rest of your lives. Sure, you've made some mistakes but it's not to late for you to change your ways. Maybe I should give you a second chance ... "

As their crazed captor determines their fates, Evans and Banes are forced to lie there perfectly still and just listen. The helpless hostages desperately want to defy their abductor but are unable to defend themselves. They both are getting so angry, they could explode. Their rock hard cocks bulging inside their tight-fitting slacks are about to explode as well. They are so busy trying to break free of their shackles that they're not even aware of all of the pre-cum that has been involuntarily oozing out of their piss slits as a couple of very big stains start to form around the crotches of their uniforms.

The Warden, who has been closely observing his captives in the rear view mirror, surely can't help but notice these enormous wet spots on the front of their pants. This confirms that the prisoners are already under the influence of the mind drug his underling administered earlier, only they know it yet. The Warden is very pleased to see them respond so quickly. As he keeps an eye on the cops' cum-stained crotches, The Warden takes out his own cock and starts stroking it with one hand while he steers the vehicle with the other.

Now that he knows the mind drug is working, The Warden finally reveals his true intentions, "After some careful deliberation, I, the judge, have decided to commute your sentences. Rather than spend your remaining days locked away in my private penitentiary, it is the order of this court that the two of you attend my perverse police academy instead. There you will receive the strict supervision and necessary retraining you corrupt cops so desperately need. Then, when you are completely rehabilitated, I shall grant your parole and permit you to return to active duty ... but only under my command, of course. Well, what do you think, men? Wouldn't you prefer to be reassigned to my fledging police force than trapped in a cage like a couple of common criminals?"

The enraged officers try to protest but the latex hoods covering their mouths make it impossible for them to shout out their objections. While the policemen may appear to be infuriated by what they heard, subconsciously what The Warden said seems to be turning them on. Their already swollen cocks are now totally erect. The confused captives don't know why but, for some reason, the more he says, the more they want to hear. The sound of his voice is so hypnotic, it commands them to listen. He speaks to them with such authority that they feel as if they must obey him.

The mind drug injected directly into their brains is slowly eating away at their resistance. It becoming harder for the prisoners to tell truth from fiction. As The Warden's voice keeps repeating inside their heads, his words become more and more convincing. The accused cops start to question whether The Warden's allegations might be true. If only they could remember ...

The prisoners try to retrace the past, hoping to prove The Warden's accusations wrong and vindicate themselves. Even though the diabolical drug has made it difficult for its recipient to remember, they still are able to recall many of the arrests they have made over the years. But what they don't realize is that the mind-altering chemicals have already contaminated these memories and twisted those thoughts around. Somehow the roles have been reversed so now they.are the ones who are breaking the law instead of enforcing it. These mental pictures seem so real to them that the confused cops are actually starting to believe that they may be a couple of crooked cops, just like The Warden says. The pleasurable sensations they're experiencing in their penises intensifies whenever they see themselves committing these crimes. As these incriminating acts become increasingly violent, the pleasure increases as well.

Since their beliefs vastly conflict with their newly awakening desires, the captive cops somehow manage to find a way to resist these criminal urges. They remind themselves that they are being held by this mysterious madman against their will. Determined to fight these feelings, the police prisoners try once more to free themselves of their restraints. When they attempt to escape, their erections suddenly go limp. After a brief struggle, they quickly give up. Instead, they would rather give in to the drug-induced images that continue to appear in their chemically altered minds. As soon as they surrender, the blood rushes back to their flacid cocks until they're even harder and firmer than they were before. The confused cops find themselves getting more and more turned-on by the thought of committing these horrible crimes. It's even more of a turn-on to believe that they are capable of such evil.

Realizing they are now easily corruptible, their cold hearted captor teases his confused captives, "What'd you say? I couldn't quite make you out. Marc, could you help our prisoners make the right decision?"

"It would be ... my pleasure, ... Sir," Marc obediently responds as he grabs the hooded cops by the top of their heads and forces them to nod 'yes'. The muscleboy's firm grip feels like a steel vise tightening around their skulls. The boy ignores their muffled screams, waiting for his boss to tell him stop.

The unidentified driver acknowledges his captives' coerced responses, "I'm glad you've chosen to cooperate, men. And thank you for helping the prisoners come to this decision, my boy."

"I know that ... they will be ... as grateful ... to serve you ... as I am, ... Sir," Stone states as he looks lovingly at his boss while the punished policemen cry out in agony.

"Evans and Banes, you have just officially resigned from the Metro City Police Department. Now that you been relieved of your old duties, you can be the first officers to join my newly-created squadron of supercops. Remove their uniforms, boy. They won't be needing them anymore. Besides, I want to get a better look at my rugged new recruits," The Warden says in a salacious tone.

"As you ... command, ... Sir!," the obedient boy replies.

The musclebound Marc immediately lets go of the prisoners' skulls. A loud thud can be heard as their heads hit the cold hard steel floor of the van. As the captive cops lie there, dazed and confused, The Warden's young ward tears off their shirts, exposing their rippling chests, drenched with sweat.

Their abductor continues, "Evans, Banes, you both are about to become my obedient officers. After you have successfully completed my rigorous rehabilitation program, you will obey my every command without question. Soon you will come to think of me as your commander and accept my word as law. Not only will you consider it your duty to carry out my orders, you two shall gladly enforce my will on the good citizens of Metro City. In fact, you will be so honored to serve me that you will help me recruit more policemen so that they can be of service to me as well. Then I shall have the entire police force at my command!"

The prisoners are shocked by what they've just heard and (albeit briefly) return to their senses. Not only does this mysterious madman pose a threat to them, but also to their friends and families, not to mention the entire city. The captive cops are determined to stop his sinister scheme before it goes any further. Both Evans and Banes summon all their strength to make one last effort to break free from their captors. The incarcerated cops bravely try to fight back but, in their weakened state, they don't get too far. Unfortunately, The Warden's sidekick quickly squelches their valiant yet futile attempt by forcing them back down to the floor with all his might, then wrapping his strong arms around their necks. Pinned between the muscleboy's big biceps and thick forearms, the helpless cops feel as though their heads are about to burst. Alas, the punished policemen can take no more and finally collapse.

The wicked Warden continues to taunt his prisoners after their outburst by saying, "I know you're eager to start your retraining but you must be patient, prisoners. Now just relax. Your rehabilitation will begin soon enough. The correctional facility is only a few miles from here. Meanwhile, why don't you let my sexy young subordinate relieve your stress. You know what to do, my boy!"

His able assistant obediently responds, "Yes, ... Sir!"

Preparing to seduce his victims, as instructed, the obedient boy unzips the officers' pants and pulls out both of their rock-hard penises. Stone strokes Banes' boner into submission while he goes down on Evans' erection. The Warden's young ward is an expert cocksucker and equally capable of milking even the most stubborn dick. As the devious mind drug wears down their defenses, the jism is building up inside their manhoods. Evans and Banes find that they can no longer defend themselves against their sexually assailant and finally succumb. The prisoners moan as muscleboy Marc pumps all the manly juices out of their satisfied cocks.

Even though they've just ejaculated, the seemingly sex-crazed cops already want to cum again. Their captor can hear their lustful pleas coming from inside their hoods. He takes his eyes off the road for a split second so he can turn to see his captives' cocks which are still standing at attention, begging to be serviced once more. This sight pleases their captor very much. It confirms that his obedient boy toy has distracted the prisoners long enough to allow the mind drug to saturate their entire brains, rendering them highly suggestible and completely corruptible (not to mention, extremely horny).

Enough time has passed for the corrosive chemicals coursing through the cops' brains to do some serious damage. By now, the chemically impaired policemen are both so high, there's no way they will ever come down. Their heads keep spinning round and round until the captive cops are completely in a daze. Slipping in and out of consciousness, the captive cops once again find themselves trapped in a drug-induced dreamworld where it's hard to tell the cops from the criminals, rules were made to be broken, evil always triumphs over good, morality doesn't exist and sex is violence (as well as vice versa). This is one trip from which there is no return. Driven to the brink of insanity, the mentally-corrupted cops have totally lost their grip on reality.

The effects of the mind drug is making it becoming extremely difficult, if not impossible for the prisoners to think for themselves. Unable to form their own thoughts, the voice of this mysterious stranger keeps echoing over and over again inside their heads, " ... I am The Warden! ... You are my prisoners! ... I am The Warden! ... You must be punished for your crimes! ... I am The Warden! ... You will obey my every command! ... " The confused cops begin to associate The Warden's words with the persistent tinglings in their loins. This leads them to the misguided conclusion that what The Warden said is indeed true, that they are in fact guilty. After all, if they didn't commit these crimes, then wouldn't they be trying to prove their innocence? But, instead of defending themselves, this convicted cops are actually glad they were caught. Suddenly, they don't care where their kidnapper is taking them. They're not even worried about what he plans to do to them either. Now convinced of their guilt, both of them are ready and willing (and quite eager) to serve their sentences.

Now that the prisoners believe that they are a couple of cops-gone-bad, they want to be rehabilitated. As they think about the punishment they're about to receive at the hands of the wicked Warden, their cocks are filled with anticipation. Streams of semen rush to their cockheads, aching to be released. The convicted cops can no longer contain their excitement and cum all over themselves again, but this time without any assistance (other than the fact that they can hardly wait for their retaining to begin!)

The Warden see the cum pouring out of the captive cops' cocks and shoots a big wad into his own hand. As he licks his own man-juices off his sticky fingers, he thinks to himself, "At last, their minds are mine to mold! It won't be long now until they are completely under my power. Within a few short hours, these hot cops will be my obedient officers ... once again!"

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