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Traffic Stop
Chapter 2
By Anonymous

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The officer effortlessly put the drugged man's body into the back of the police cruiser.

As the officer entered the car, the neural implants automatically uploaded the report and alerted Central that he was bringing in a new alpha.

A thin wall grew to the ceiling from the back of the seats and the back of the cruiser filled with a potent anesthetic. Subsonic vibrations were beamed directly at the form of the sleeping man.

The officer had plugged himself into his car's console , in order to receive his next set of directions. He didn't need to drive, as the car did that automatically.

When the car pulled up to Central, it was met by four men entirely clad in rubber, muscled and well built. They wore tight latex masks that only allowed eye holes. With amazing precision, they took Mark out of the car and put him on a special table. One of the men pressed a button, the wires dissolved immediately and Mark was sheath in a light rubber layer, similar to a vac rac. With out a word they wheeled him off.

The officer approached the debriefing room. He took his place on his special chair, which shifted to fit him. Neural wires snaked out of the chair and attached to the connections implanted in him. The officer's eyes closed and he once again felt nothing as the central cortex took over control of him again.

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