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Traffic Stop
Chapter 1
By Anonymous

Mark was enjoying the wind blowing through his hair. It felt good after his strenuous workout. His car was running well and for the first time, it appeared that he was going to be early for his new job. Not that it mattered, because he was working in an isolated region and really didn't have any set hours to keep. Mark did like to keep a regular schedule.

"Shit" Mark uttered as he looked up to see flashing red and blue lights in his mirror. "Where the fuck did he come from?" Mark thought as he pulled over.

Mark watched in his mirror as the patrol unit pulled in behind him. He damn near fainted as he watched the officer emerge from his car.

The officer was very well muscled and it appeared that his uniform was painted on, as it showed every muscle. High leather boots and gloves sealed the deal for Mark. He tried not to stare but it was hard not to.

He also noticed the officer had a very close shaved skull and sported one of the earpieces that are now all too common on drivers. Mark watched in fascination as this muscled hunk approached the car.

Mark already had his license and registration in his hand.

The officer approached the car warily from the side. "Afternoon, Sir, may I see your registration?" The deep voice completed the image for Mark. He handed the items to the officer. "Could you please step out of the car, Sir?" Mark thought this odd, but complied. When Mark stood next to his car, he noticed how tall the

officer was. The officer appeared to tilt his head as he read the registration. Mr. Hardy, do you realize.." the officer stopped, and readjusted his earpiece, that you were exceeding the speed limit?" "Yes sir, I do, and I apologize., I as just trying to get to work on time." "No excuse, Mr. Hardy"

The Officer walked back towards his unit. He leaned and punched some information into his onboard computer. At the same instant, the officer was being fed the data into his earpiece. Mark watched and as the officer leaned over, his shirt pulled away a little and revealed his....flashing lights?

Mark shook his head and looked again. There was no doubt about it, there was something like circuitry on the officer's chest. Mark held onto that thought as the officer started to walk back towards Mark.

This time Mark looked carefully at the officer. He noticed that the earpiece was not only attached to the officer's ear but his neck as well. Mark looked and noticed a slight metallic hue to the officer's neck. Now he started to panic.

The officer approached and said to Mark in a flat tone. "I am sorry Mr. Hardy, but I am required to take you shouldn't take long to straighten the matter out." He approached Mark. Mark stepped back and said "What matters?" The officer replied "some unpaid fines" Mark said "That's ridiculous"

The officer stopped and stared at Mark "Resistance is not going to help"

Mark looked at the officer in disbelief and was stopped from behind by his car. The officer closed the gap. He was now directly in front of Mark.

"Please come quietly" the officer said. Mark looked directly at the officer and said "why? Why do I need to come in?"

There was a faint click. As soon as the words had faded on Mark's lip, a specially designed nozzle on the officer's badge opened up and released a thick stream of silvery gas. The cloud quickly covered both men. Mark got a deep breath and the effects were instant. He could feel himself fading away.

He just stared at the officer with half closing eyes...he never felt the two tranq darts that hit him. Two silver coils sprung from the officer's wrist and quickly ensnared Mark and wrapped him tight.

"Because you have been determined to be an alpha plus candidate" replied the officer as he adjusted to the drugged man's weight.

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