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Do Unto Them
Chapter 2
By Anonymous

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The third phase had really begun a couple of weeks before when the medical student sought out and befriended the mature looking youth from 'down on the farm.' It had meant befriending the man who was hosting the youth as well. Tonight, even as his friends, six hundred kilometres away were passing out, this youth, Nate, was sitting in a discreet gay bar with his new friend. They had both had a couple of drinks, Nate on beers and his friend drinking cocktails. The student's eyelids were getting heavy and he was starting to struggle to stay awake. He grabbed Nate's arm and asked him to help him to the toilets. Tristan, the student, put his arm around Nate and leaned against him as they headed out the door to the toilets. As they were nearly at the entrance to the men's toilet Nate had to support his friend. An immaculately dressed woman came out of the men's toilet and paused to watch them before pointing to a discreet door further down the passage. Then he winked at Nate and suggested not putting so much in the drink before he straightened his skirt and returned to the bar. Nate didn't understand at first what the wink was a bout but half-dragged Tristan to the discreet door and pushed it open. He found them in the carpark, with the closed door disappearing into the wall behind him. The only good thing was that he was right beside Tristan's car. He leaned his friend across the bonnet while he searched Tristan's pockets for the keys. Then he opened the car door and lowered Tristan into the passenger's seat, fastening his seatbelt, before he climbed in and started the car. Nate suddenly realised that he didn't know where Tristan lived. He decided to head home and ask his host what to do.

It was when he eased Tristan onto the couch that his host asked if he was date raping his friend. That was when he realised what the wink was all about. He tried to deny it but his host only laughed and suggested he go and clean up while they worked out what to do about Tristan. After Nate had left his host checked that Tristan was still out cold before none too gently stripping the student. He breathed in at the sight of the totally shaved stud. Even out cold, Tristan's cut cock was a nice size, curled across his smooth balls. It took the man only a few seconds to be standing naked over the slumbering stud, his cock fully erect and bright red. As he reached down and slid his hand up Tristan's thigh to his balls his cock started to leak. Then Tristan groaned. Nate's host froze, then thinking quickly, threw couch cover over Tristan like a blanket and reached down and picked up Tristan's clothes to pile them by the couch. He heard a strange rattle and reached into a pocket to find a bottle of pills. He didn't recognise the name on them but guessed that there would be no harm in seeing if they would put Tristan out again. He held the bottle close to his face as he undid the lid. It was a bit tight but a quick twist and it was off. There was a faint hiss and slight mist came out of the container, straight into his face. Tristan was lying on the couch watching his successful ploy. He had played unconsciousness but had caught Nate's host in his trap. He braced himself as the man collapsed, bouncing off him and rolling onto the floor. Tristan sat up and looked down at the man. The slightly overweight body was not too bad and he might have time to play with the hairy ass later. First he had a job to do. He picked up his pants and took out a rubber glove. Then he picked up one of the small pills that had rolled out of the dropped container and headed through the house. Nate was still in the bathroom, a towel wrapped around him that was so small it barely held together. He was in front of the partly steamed mirror, one armed raised as he applied deodorant. He grinned as he noticed the reflection of a naked Tristan in the mirror. Then Tristan was close behind him, hard cock pressing into his ass cheeks through the thin towel. He let Tristan pull his head back, surprised but happy at this turn of events. He closed his eyes as Tristan slid his hand down and popped the towel open. He let Tristan slip his fingers into his mouth, not even noticing the glove. It was only when he felt the pill as it was quickly dissolving that he realised that Tristan had slipped it into his mouth. By the time he had realised this he was slumped unconscious in Tristan's arms. Tristan dragged him out of the bathroom and into the nearest bedroom. He laid him on the bed and looked around. It was Nate's room. His stuff was spread all over the place. Tristan stood looking down at Nate, eyeing his cute ass. He nearly gave into his temptation but his discipline was stronger. He went back into the bathroom and hung Nate's towel on the rail. He picked up Nate's clothes and went back into Nate's room. It only took him a few moments to cum into Nate's boxers. He then took Nate's clothes down to where Nate's host was still lying and dropped Nate's clothes next to his and dropped the boxers cum side down over the man's cock. He picked up his own clothes and dressed. Then he went out to his car, grabbed a sweatshirt and track pants and returned to Nate's room. He dressed Nate in the clothes he brought in and manoeuvred the youth over his shoulder. He carried him down to his car and minutes later they were heading south. He sent a text to the boss even as the boss himself was engaged in Phase 4 some eight hundred kilometres away, but only a couple of hundred kilometres from where Todd and Troy dozed in the back of their van beside the road…