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Do Unto Them
Chapter 1
By Anonymous

Phase one worked out very easily. The boss was right in every little detail. The first to go was the computer nerd. He was at home, on his computer. While he chatted to his new online friend the boss was sending his henchman to the address and to the window that the nerd unwittingly had marked. Thankfully the nerd lived in a bungalow. The window faced away from the street and was opposite a high fence. The nerd hadn't even closed the curtains. As the henchman, Todd, watched the nerd stripped off all his clothes. Todd whistled, the boss was sure a cool one - this was going to make the job even easier. Then the nerd seemed totally surprised by something he read on the screen. He stopped stroking himself and crossed to the window. He pushed open the window and leaned out. A cloud of sweet smelling smoke was blown into his face. He blinked his eyes and smiled. His movements became uncoordinated and Todd had no trouble reaching up and grasping the nerd by his thin neck. Several seconds of pressure on the arteries and the nerd was slumped half out the window. Todd ran his hand lightly down the nerd's back and slid it into the crack between the almost non-existent ass cheeks. He slid a finger into the unresisting ass and pulled, flipping the youth out of the low window and onto the ground. The thud of the nerd's head hitting the ground made Todd smile. He grunted as he picked up the surprisingly heavy, limp body and lugged it around to his van. After dumping the nerd's body on the floor in the cargo compartment he hopped in and drove off. He didn't notice the dark sports car that followed him at a distance.

Another Henchman, Troy, was already at Todd's next destination. That was not surprising, as Todd had dropped him there earlier. Todd's twin had hung around in the growing shadows until just after dark a car had pulled into the driveway. Now he had to think. That was why he was here and not Todd. He reached into the bag that he had taken from the van and took out what he thought would be most suitable. The occupants sat in the car for a while, the only sound that reached Troy was the metal ticking as the engine cooled. It looked like the two occupants were finishing a meal. Then the driver's door opened and a tall, solidly built youth climbed out of the car. He slammed his door and started around the back of the house. So far so good. Then the other door opened and, in the spill of light from the interior, Troy watched as a shorter and younger looking youth got out. The youth trudged back towards the gate and where Todd was standing. Troy moved slightly so that he was beside the house. By chance the youth had moved to the same side of the driveway and, as he drew level with the corner of the house, a fine spray mist hit him in the face and blurred his glasses. He gasped, the first time from surprise and the second time as he discerned a figure in the gloom. After his second gasp he no longer cared as his mind started to float and he felt happy and content. Troy slipped the youth's thick glasses off and put them in his pocket before applying a chloro soaked cloth he had taken from a plastic wrap in his bag. There was absolutely no resistance and the youth sank quickly to the ground. Troy held the rag there for a few more seconds before putting the cloth away. A very strong hand clamped itself around Troy's neck. He immediately started to see stars but had enough sense to reach for his atomiser pump and use it like pepper spray. The older youth gasped and Troy thought he felt the grip around his neck loosen. A few seconds later he woke up with his head resting on the younger youth's stomach and the older youth sitting quietly beside him smiling serenely to himself. It only took him a few more seconds to have the older youth in a secure chloroform sleep. Then Todd arrived, right on cue. After backing the van into the driveway the twins closed the high gates and they both carried first the younger youth and then the older youth into the house. The laid them both on the kitchen floor and Todd set about stripping them while Troy did a quick check of the house. He picked which room belonged to which youth and left the glasses beside the younger youth's bed. Then he dropped all the clothes Todd had removed into a basket he found in the laundry. That done he returned to find both youth's face down while Todd fingered them. He was happy to announce that the younger one could take one more finger than the older one. Troy sighed the sigh of an older brother lumbered with a younger brother and got Todd to help him carry the two naked bodies out to the van. They had just finished when the nerd groaned and started to stir. Both twins slipped masks onto their faces and, as the nerd opened his eyes, Troy slipped a drink bottle into his mouth. The nerd drank from it and slumped back into dreamless sleep. While waiting for the other two to awaken and so to give them their night-night drinks the twins moved the bodies round so they could study the three naked cocks. All three were uncut, all had nice bushes but one cock was very small (the nerd's), one was very short (the younger youth's) and the last one was very respectable in its dormant state. The two finally stirred and each sucked the drink they were given, like babies at the teat, and then Todd climbed into the front ready to drive off. After opening and closing the gates, Troy climbed into the back with the cargo and made use of the travelling time to slip out of his clothes and rub his slender, but sell formed body against all three youths. His cock fitted nicely into each unresisting ass. After half an hour Todd pulled over into a rest area and joined his brother, finally opening up to let his brother thrust deep inside him before cumming. He then did the same to Troy. They slept for some minutes before recovering and, after dressing, getting underway again. Unseen, the dark sports car still followed them.

Phase Two. Six hundred kilometres away a third henchman was in action...

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