Jayden and Kyle - Unlikely Bonds
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As they make their way through the park, Jayden and Kyle both sense some kind of evil danger is near. It is something like a sixth sense they gained that night. They quickly transform into their alter egos, Jade and Kai. Jadyen becomes the black and green latex clad superhero Jade. All of his senses are enhanced; he also has enhanced stength, speed, agility and durabilty. Kyle now known as Kai, wears the colors blue and black; his body is enfused and enhanced with cybernetics. These cybernetics enhance his normal body structure giving him superhuman stength and durability.

Yes this is the special bond that made these two unlikely college students best friends and partners in fighting evil and crime. We are not exactly sure of what happened that night when they recieved their powers, as they have never shared. Both of them decided they had to team up to fight crime and evil in the city to make it a better place.

Jade and Kai are now ready for what ever trouble could be coming their way as they make their way through the park. People see them in uniform but are used to the pair showing up around town to take care of trouble. Granted no one knows their true identies, as they try to carry on a somewhat normal life...

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