Jayden and Kyle - Unlikely Bonds
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Jayden and Kyle

Jayden (dressed in black) and Kyle are two college students in their second year. They are best friends but could not be more different. Jayden is a jock, a total athlete. He plays football, baseball and wrestles. He spends a lot of time working out in the gym and is proud of his body and what he has done with it. He likes to show it off and impress people. The girls all want to date him, and the guys all seem to want to be him. He is one of the most popular guys on campus. He even gets top grades and is studying to be an engineer, so he does not lack for brainpower either.

Kyle on the other hand is what you might call a little bit of a bad boy. He always was kind of a loaner, wears leather and doesn't really like to be around other people; prefering to keep to himself. He rides an motorcycle, or what some would call a crotch rocket; he tends to live life on the edge and to the fullest, taking risks and loving adventure. At times his grades can suffer because he gets busy living life. The only real reason he is in college it to please his parents. At this point he has no clue what he wants to do in life other than to enjoy it.

As to how they met, it was at the hand of some scheduling clerk at the college. They were paired together as roommates in their freshman year. At first their relationship was very contentious, they did not get along at all; it almost came down to one of them moving out.

Then there was an unusual event that brought them closer together and in fact made them best friends, even giving them a common, almost unbreakable bond! That event happened over a year ago now, on a dark and stormy night. We will see the results of that event and what happens to them...

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