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Specialist Sites

An assortment of web sites which are dedicated to homoerotic images with similar themes to the stories in my galleries. Little or no CGI, just conventional text and pictures


An assortment of interesting blogs

Uniform Sites

An interesting range of uniform based websites. Both fetish based and otherwise!

Sleepy websites

If you are into the sleepy fetish then you should enjoy these.

3D Art

I do my CGI art using the Curious Labs software utility called 'Poser 6.0'. These sites are dedicated to male 3D art, mostly gay male and others

Conventional Art

Paintings, drawings and other non-3D artistic expression

Superhero Action

If you love the sight of buff guys in lycra doing superhero things (like suffering at the hands of the supervillain, bwahahahaha) check out these links!

And ...

If you know of any more links that would interest visitors to this site, please email me with the details, thanks!

My favourite commercial website is ...