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A message from Mark Dylan

Dear Reader, my name is Mark Dylan, and I love to write… No! I'm passionate about it.

I have now written nearly 200 stories for several sites, over more than 800000 words in fact, and counting. With “The Hollywood Agency” I have started a new project. This is a full blown new novel, published for the first time here on Telemachus.

I write this header to the following story as I feel I need to address a misconception some of my readers may have, especially those that check my Patreon page and may consider subscribing,


If you check my Patreon page, you will find there are three tiers, three levels, at which to support me. I ask you quite openly for help to be able to concentrate on my writing, However, I do not offer or provide any other services except for my writings!

I will be happy to answer each and every question you have, either on Patreon or my email:

Top tier users can “order” a story. Basically I will use your ideas and fantasies, for example the names of celebrities that should be in the story, and I will weave a story dedicated to that top tier Patreon sponsor which will then be published here on Telemachus!

As you can imagine, I love to chat with my readers, and in many cases a chat has lead to a hot fantasy, inspiring me to my next story. Users inspiring me are always mentioned and the story is dedicated to them. You will find several dedications in stories on various platforms.

As a Patreon you may suggest a cyber meeting, and I will be happy to let you know where we can meet!

After you have seen the Benefits of becoming a Patreon sponsor, I hope that some of you will consider subscribing to my site.

If you want to sponsor a poor but up and coming author, please feel free to check my Patreon page:

Now, have fun reading my newest story-line. The full book will be published here on Telemachus over the course of the next few months!

- Mark Dylan


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I dedicate this book to my good friend Andy, whose support in writing and editing was invaluable!

   - BOOK 1 -

Chapter 1 "Openers & Beginners"

Chapter 2 "First get an Agent"

Chapter 3 "Beware Greeks bearing gifts"

Chapter 4 "Training for the part"

   - BOOK 2 -

Chapter 5 "Ready for the close ups"

Chapter 6 "Lights, Camera, Action!"

Chapter 7 "Family Affair"

   - BOOK 3 -

Chapter 8 "Rehearsals!"

Chapter 9 "Curtain Up!" (22nd June 2024)

Chapter 10 "An Oscar Winning Performance!" (29th June 2024)

Chapter 11 "The Last Act!" (6th July 2024)