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Supermans Nightmares
Chapter 6 - The Sixth Night
By Wrstlr

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Superman’s Nightmares:  The Sixth Night

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Batman, Firestorm and Green Lantern are the property of DC comics.  Gunther the villain is the creation of the author.    No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Dream World:

Gunther awoke in his bed with the former hero Superman still sleeping soundly on his side in front of him still holding his caged cock like he did when they fell asleep after their play last night. Gunther was horny and felt it was time for his boy to wake up and service him before doing his other duties. Deciding that his new boy was going to experiencing enough abuse today with the activities Gunther had planned be began to nibble on the hero’s neck and ear causing Superman to stir, turn towards Gunther, and kiss his new daddy for a full three minutes. Once the kiss is broken instinctively Superman begins to nibble and kiss down Gunther’s neck, chest and then suckle on his nipples like a true submissive should without any instruction given. Superman believes that he has done a good job and begin to work his way over to the other pectoral nipple when Gunther slaps him upside the head saying, “You’re not done their yet. I want you to suck, bite, stretch, and nibble on them until they are at full mast. Then you can move on to the next. Now get back on their boy.” Superman returns and really begins to work over the pectoral, nipple and all, even giving it a bit of a hickey then doing the same to the other pectoral. Finally the hero works his way down Gunther’s lower chest and treasure trail edging him to precum constantly. Finally the hero begins to suck on the tip and swirl his tongue around the cock lips and in between the slit and eventually deep throat all the way to the nutsack pistoning up and down for a full 10 minutes until Gunther erupts his load of thick cum down the hero’s throat with him never pulling away and swallowing rope after rope with no spillage this time. Having been satisfied Gunther goes and lightly swats his boy on his ass while giving him some very passionate kisses. Finally Gunther lets go and tells the boy, “I’m hungry go to the kitchen and make me some breakfast. Afterwards the two of us are going to get cleaned up and finish our preparations for the day by making our new outfits that we will debut to the public and members of the Justice League today at our match.” Without a word Superman gets up and heads to the kitchen to make breakfast as ordered. “Enjoy the peace while you can Superman because after our debut tonight you are going to be the main attraction to anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to take advantage of you one last time. I will be the one to determine if they are going too far and stop them if necessary but I am sure that you are able to take a lot. They will know that you yourself are no longer a threat to them in any way but soon they will serve me as their new leader of everything or they will feel my own personal wrath against them.” Gunther mutters while lying in the bed imaging what all hell will be unleashed on the hero tonight. Picking himself up he walks in the kitchen bar and watches his naked, glistening bodied, submissive boy working hard on making a three egg omelet for each of them with a giant smile across his face at how well he has trained the former hero. When the food is served it is perfectly seasoned to Gunther’s taste and the boy even served a sample to the hero first to get his approval before handing him the fork and digging into his own food. Upon completion of the meal the hero cleaned the kitchen without any instruction and then headed towards the bathroom to prepare the shower for him and his new Daddy/Master Gunther. The two men took a thirty minute hot shower making sure that every fiber of their body was wash, dried, and glowing smooth. Then the two went to the work area and started build their new outfits that they were going to display to the Justice League and general public in a couple of hours at their charity wrestling event. Each piece was carefully crafted to accentuate their dominant and submissive roles in the relationship. Donning their new outfits as the 2pm time quickly approached the couple flew off towards the Metropolis Stadium for their second charity match and introduction the world. The former hero still was completely unaware of the announcement that Gunther intended to make involving the former hero Superman. Slowly the picture of the dream world begins to fade as the two fly in the direction of the stadium.

Gotham City (The Batcave):

A fully naked Clark Kent awakens to find himself lying prone on a metal examination table with a few monitor pads attached to his index finger, neck, area, chest area right above one heart, and the second one near his lower left rib cage where kryptonians actually have a secondary heart located. The machines seem to be capturing his blood pressure, pulse rates, and oxygen level in the blood for the time being and no one else is in the room. Sitting upright he takes in the tremendous sight of the medical facility that he is in wondering exactly where it and he are located. Most of this equipment is technology far beyond what any human hospital contains. Clark removes they sensors from from above his heart and ribcage and alarms start to sound in the room. Immediately three figures rush into the room all clad in costumes of various sorts that he does not immediately recognize. “Kal, are you ok? You have been sleeping for over three days now.”, asks the figure in the dark clad costume with rippled abdominal region showing a perfect 8 pack and the rest of the costume form fitting tightly to the rest of the muscled body except for the bat insignia and bat ears on the top. “Where am I? What am I doing here. If memory serves me right you are called “Batman” but who the others with you and what has happened to me?”, is all that Clark is able to say for the moment. Firestorm, Green Lantern and Batman all looked at their fellow hero Superman with states of confusion since it seemed that Superman no longer knew who they were. Trying to address Superman, Batman asks, “Kal, Do you know who I am?” “Who is Kal? My name is Clark Kent.” Is the response given back by Superman. “You are one and the same person. What has Brainiac done to you?” Firestorm retorts with a bit of agitation in his voice. Green Lantern just stands back and says nothing due to being completely stumped because when he looks at the aura of the hero standing there everything shows that he is Superman except that there is now a dark second aura that is outside the familiar one. This black aura seems to of completely enveloped the hero superman and is completely impenetrable even with Lanterns own supreme will power. It’s origin is completely unknown and alien to him. Batman takes of his cowl to reveal his identity as Bruce Wayne to Superman but is surprised that he is not even recognized as his alter ego to this reporter Clark Kent. Putting his cowl back on Batman and decides to escort the clueless hero all around the Batcave in hopes to jog Supermans memory with pictures, items, and other memorabilia of their adventures. Nothing seems to jog the hero’s memory of his life as a hero. He insists that he is nothing more than a reporter for the Daily Planet. When shown pictures of his co-workers Lois, Jimmy, Perry, and Lana though he is unable to even recognize who they are. Batman suspects that Brainiac has induced some kind of amnesia and with the evidence presented even the stupefied Clark Kent agrees that some other part of his life must have been locked away somehow. Just to verify this fact Bruce puts the now human Clark Kent through a series of hero tests which he is unable to perform in any capacity. Even when dressing the costume which would usually merge with his body refused to do so and hung like limp and baggy clothes that were far to big for Clark. Next Clark is but through a series of intelligence and strategy tests that he would normally breeze through in a matter of seconds. It actually takes him hours to complete these tests and even though the results show him to be almost genius level intellect it is far from what the hero Superman would of scored and took far longer to achieve. Clark Kent was no longer Superman and Batman had to get to the reason why. For a final set of analysis Bruce took a full set of X-rays, MRI’s, Biofeedback readouts, Organ Scans, and Synaptic activity scans. The only abnormal result seemed to be that Superman’s Kryptonian heartbeat was extremely weak and slow. All of this input was put into Bruces mainframe BatComputer for analysis and it gave an estimated time of completion of 2 hours to analyze. The whole time Batman was with Clark the other two heroes in the cave, Green Lantern and Firestorm went off to a private chamber to have some fun of their own of a sexual nature. They both had finally come to terms that they were in love with each other and wanted to consummate that relationship instead of just observing and being bored the whole time. Batman noticed that they were still at it and decided that it might be fun for him and Clark to join the other two while the computer did its analysis. Turning towards Clark he could see that the video of the heroes on the screen having sex was stimulating Clark as well so Bruce helped him strip out of his clothes, removed his own costume and lead the human Clark into the room Green Lantern and Firestorm were in. The other heroes quickly acknowledged the presence of the other two entering the room and without missing a bit motioned for Batman and Clark to join them. Jon Stewart leans and and plants a big long French kiss on Batman and Firestorm walks up behind Clark and starts to rub down Clark with a standing shoulder and back massage. Batman is the smallest one in the room only standing about five feet nine inches in height and weighing about one hundred seventy pounds in weight covered in a fur matte all over his arms, chest, legs and back with hints of grey at the very ends of each strand, slowly starts to hump Green Lantern who stands about five foot nine inches weighing roughly one hundred ninety pounds an idol to most black women, and most men, who ever lay eyes on him. The two start to gyrate their cocks, each about the same length of eight inches while they continue to kiss each other. Firestorm and Clark are both about the same height of six foot one inches. They now both have similar physical builds in muscles at about two hundred and thirty pounds each, where usually Superman/Clark had much more definition and weight in his body he is still a sight to behold. Lantern eventually released his kiss on Batman and kneeled down in front of his erect uncut cock and start to lick and suck all over it. Batman himself leaned over Lantern in such a way that he was able lube up his fingers and stick them in Jon’s anal opening and finger fuck him. To his surprise though the Batman soon felt a face being pressed against his ass cheeks and lapping at his own anal opening. Firestorm had bent Clark over and positioned him there instructing him to, “Eat it up boy. Make it good and wet so we can fuck it.” Once Clark started doing that Firestorm started to jerk off Clark and eat out his whole so that they could work out a chain fuck for all four of them. Eventually Lantern offered his ass up to batman, batman offered his to clark and Firestorm was on the end fucking Clark. They kept this chain of fucking going for almost a full 30 minutes until Batman and Clark unloaded their loads and then fell to their knees and received the loads from the other two heroes that sprayed all over Clark and Bruce’s bodies. All four heroes collapsed and rested for about another 20 minutes before cleaning up and checking on the analysis that the computer was doing. Clark actually drifted off to a slight slumber and entered the dream world one more time.

Dream World:

New York City National Olympic Stadium had filled up with over fifty thousand spectators all awaiting the anticipated match between Olympic Gold Medalist Gunther Mueller and the hero of Earth Superman. At exactly 1pm the whole audience at the stadium and television was stunned at the sight that they witnessed. Instead of watching the competitors come out of corners to the center of the ring they say to figures fly in and land in the center of the ring. The first was Gunther who was wearing a leather harness vest, Black calf high leather boots, and a leather jockstrap with a pronounced pouch in the front. In the middle of the harness was the familiar S symbol that the former hero superman wore. The second figure which was the original superman now only wore a mask over his eyes so he could not be made out, a dog like studded metal and leather collar and a pair of leather briefs with a protruded pouch snapped in front and his ass exposed by round holes cut into the back. General perception would be that this couple was a BDSM leather porn duo standing in the ring. Gunther grabbed the microphone nearby announcing to the crowd, “Greeting ladies and Gentleman. Do not be afraid of us. I am the Olympic champion wrestler Gunther Mueller and this person next to me if you look closely is the former hero of earth named Superman. As you can see I have already defeated him and made him my own sidekick and just for futher evidence of that we are going to have a match right here. Both of us will use all our strength and abilities until one or the other is knocked out or submits for you all to view. The winner will then be declared the new protector of this world. The loser will become the sidekick to the winner. For fairness I will be removing all the kryptonite studs and restraints on Superman and then give him fifteen minutes out here in the open sun to absorb as much radiation as possible before we begin our match for supremacy.” Gunther leaned over and removed the studded collar and opened the pouch to remove the kryptonite cock cage before snapping the pouch back clothed. Gunther then walked over to the stool in the corner of the ring and sat down while a fifteen minute timer began to countdown. Superman stood in the center of the ring bathing in the yellow sun radiation and his full set of powers and strength returning. While bathing in the solar rays Superman realizes that this is going to be his final chance to defeat Gunther and restore his former status and glory so he must use any and every method available to get the upper hand and victory. Taking a quick glance at the clock display superman notices it hit fifteen seconds and makes a mighty leap skyward in hopes that the height will increase his solar absorption for one large super charge right at the start of the match. Superman lands back in the center of the ring skin radiantly glowing from all the solar radiation absorption that he has achieved. He feels so much stronger and more powerful than ever before, hoping it is enough to defeat Gunther once and for all. The timer expires and Gunther gets up from his seat in the corner, striding confidently towards the hero in the center of the ring. Grabbing the microphone Gunther speaks, “As mentioned before this is going to be a no holds barred match between me and Superman. Any method of combat or powers is able to be used with the exception of leaving the ring area voluntarily or running away from your opponent. The match will end when either one of us had either been knocked unconscious for a ten count or verbally submits to the other loud enough so that all three referee’s outside the ring can hear the submission. Once that occurs the match will finish and the victor will take their place as the new Superman of earth. The loser will experience a full night of humiliation in any acceptable method the victor chooses and then will take their place as their servant for the remainder of their life. Do you agree to these terms Superman? Yes or No.” Superman reaches out and grabs the microphone and with a short one word answer says, “Yes.” Superman then reaches out his hand to shake Gunthers as a final sign of acceptance. Gunther shakes his hand firmly but does not release his grip instead grabbing Supermans other hand and starting to shove in a test of strength of the former hero to see who will be the first one to buckle. Superman slowly lets a smile creep across his face figuring Gunther would try something like this and knowing that fully charged they would be equal to each other in strength but that his supercharge might actually give him the advantage. For a couple of minutes both Gunther and Superman press against each other almost to a stalemate but the crowd begins to give out a loud supportive chant when Superman seems to be getting the upper hand and Gunther’s knees begin to buckle and slowly lead to him kneeling on one knee in front of the hero. Gunther realizes that to achieve this is taking all of Superman’s concentration and decides he can break the momentum by shifting the hero’s focus to a different region, so he lets out a quick blast of frost breath to the hero’s crotch region forcing the hero to release his grip and back away quickly. Gunther seizes on the opening and hops up to his feet and pursues the hero latching his massive hands around the hero’s ballsack and squeezing tightly with his super strength pulling the hero back towards him. Superman hollers out in pain from the grip as he tries to pull away and extricate Gunther’s grip from his nutsack. A quick flash comes out of Superman’s eyes which startles Gunther for a quick second loosening his grip on the hero. In response Gunther unleashes his own heat vision square onto the hero’s chest for a shot blast turning it bright red. In a rage Superman uses his super speed and runs behind Gunther clinching in a standing headlock to his right side in hopes to cut of his air. The move catches Gunther by surprise and starts to take effect but Gunther soon counters by delivering super strong elbow blows to the hero’s stomach until the headlock is released. Gunther then follows up by grabbing the hero’s closest leg and raising it off the mat. The hero can’t free his leg which is held up for a couple of minutes before Gunther trips out his other leg forcing Superman face first into the mat. Gunther hooks up a cross face maneuver on the hero and rides him around the ring for about 5 minutes to tire him out. A band of sweat is starting to form on the hero’s body due to the fatigue setting in and closeness of Gunther’s body which still emits a low level of green kryptonite radiation. Superman actually collapses chest first onto the mat after a few minutes of being ridden and tauntingly Gunther starts to swat the hero’s exposed butt cheeks until they are a bright rosy red color. Superman can start to feel his strength waning and tries to focus his mind for one last final assault to subdue Gunther. The hero’s skin starts to warm at Gunther’s touch and its color begins to radiate again as Superman focuses all his energies to his muscles. Superman is able to escape and regain his feet to stand face to face with Gunther once more. Superman once again uses his super speed to deliver some fast hard hitting body blows to Gunther and even is able to slip a sleeper hold on to Gunther who is slowly weakening to the onslaught from Superman. Gunther even drops down to both knees from the sleeper and looks about to pass out when suddenly he starts to violently vibrate at such a rate that Superman’s arms fall through Gunther’s body as if he had completely dematerialized. Next thing the hero knows it is him in the sleeper hold and Gunther has started pressing his knees into Superman’s back to add more pressure. Superman is on the verge of passing out and drops to the surface of the mat when Gunther releases the hold and whispers into the hero’s ear. “I am not going to let you pass out Boy. I will have my utter victory by making you submit to me in front of everyone here.” Superman is gasping for air when Gunther picks him up and slams Superman’s back over his knee. The sound is so loud even the crowd hears the popping of the hero’s spine before he slumps to the mat. Gunther then locks a camel stretch around the hero’s chin causing even more pain to the hero. The hero now knows that his defeat is inevitable and begins to more and more show his submission physically to the superior Gunther. The hero even taps himself as a sign of surrender and a microphone is thrown in next to his face where Superman states, “I surrender, you are my superior and master in every way.” The hush of the crowd witnessing this happen is absolutely mind blowing to Gunther as well. Gunther releases his camel clutch and rolls the hero over onto his back and plants a long french kiss on the hero saying, “Good boy, From now on you will do my bidding and assist me in all aspects of life.” Gunther gets up and walks to his corner opening the lead box that held the kryptonite cock cage and dog collar walking back to the hero. Superman offers no resistance as Gunther snaps these implements in place. Standing up Gunther picks up the microphone and addresses the crowd once again, “As I have clearly demonstrated by beating your hero I am now the new Superman of this world. From this day forward I am going to be the force of law, order, and justice for this world. Your former hero is going to be my mentor and servant for the rest of his life as well as my life partner in all aspects. Tonight though I offer a one time reprieve for anybody. I am going to open up my penthouse for anyone willing to donate five million dollars to have fifteen minutes of time to get a chance to take out their revenge and humiliation on Superman. I also promise that I will not respond or react to any emergencies until midnight tonight. The only rules are that if you come to my apartment you can not do any permanent scarring of Superman or take any biologicals from him for testing. I am going to be at the apartment the whole time to ensure that the slave obeys all orders and the rules are followed. With that I bid you goodbye and to enjoy the night.” Gunther leans down and picks up Superman and flies off toward his penthouse. Arriving at the penthouse Gunther ensures that Superman is awake and alert before locking him into the kennel cage until his guests arrive. Gunther then tells the front desk that he is going to have visitors and asks if they will collect his charity fees for him and deliver them to charity the next morning. Management agrees to do as he has instructed. Ten minutes later the first individual arrives and it is none other than Lex Luthor. Lex pays his fees and has a bag of toys which he opens to show the desk staff. They are amazed that all the toys seems to have a sexual connotation to them. Luthor closes his bag and heads to the penthouse elevator. Entering the room Luthor immediately sees that Gunther is sitting on a chair across and that Superman is encaged. To begin with Luthor strips to his five foot then inch frame of muscle and mass. His cock is fully erect at eight inches in length and thick as a polish sausage with almond size nuts hanging low in a sack 2-3 inches down. Without hesitation Luthor walks over and unloads a torrent of piss directly on the face of the hero in the cage. “I always have wanted to do this but it is not as satisfying since I was not the one to capture you originally but I will make do with this for now. Eventually though you are going to be in my cage and my servant you SuperScum.” Luthor angrily mutters while drenching the cages hero’s face, back, neck and upper back area with piss. Upon completion of the pissing Luthor grabs into this bag where he has a kryptonite tip cattle prod and applies it to various regions all over Superman’s body causing him to spasm from every little shock and howl like a dog despite the muzzle over his mouth. Supermans cock keeps trying to harden but instantly is denied when it touches the outside of the cock cage and its kryptonite. Using the prod to force the hero back to a corner of the cage Luthor then reaches in to his bag for a set of Ben-Wa balls and forceably inserts them with no lube into the heroes anal opening starting with the half inch ball and ending with the large four inch diameter going all the way into the opening. Gunther is impressed at just how much his new boy slave is able to take of this punishment and starts to jack off his own massive member watching this. Luthor finally continues his assault on the heroes ass while repositioning himself at the front of the cage. He teases the hero to come and suck his cock for a few minutes before shoving its full length down the heroes mouth. In a few minutes Luthor comes close to climaxing and pulls to shoot his load of cum all over the heroes face but orders him to leave it there instead of cleaning it up. He then cleans himself up, looks over to Gunther and states, “Thank you for this opportunity. But I promise that eventually I will have you in the same position and eventually get both of your DNA profiles so that I can clone and control you because I do not trust any of you so called heroes.” Gunther says, “You may eventually get that opportunity but not today and I assure you that you foolhearty goals will cost you more than you ever can imagine if they come true. Until we meet again Mr. Luthor enjoy the rest of your evening. For the next 7 hours Gunther watched as various millionaires, criminal, and scientific masterminds made their donations and had their ways with the helpless hero. Everything from using him as a punching bag, a human toilet, whipping with various implements, targets for various rotten foods or trash thrown at him, and sometimes just simple oral pleasure and raping of Superman’s ass without any lubrication. The whole scene Gunther watched all the hatred poor out at the hero and while he was jacking himself off he climaxed three times himself. Finally the midnite hour came and the last of the visitors was leaving the room. Jax went over to the cage and unlocked it to let the hero out. “From now on only I will put you in this cage and abuse you like they did when you feel the need to have it done. No other person will ever be able to take advantage of you in a sexual manner and if they try they will have to face my wrath.” Gunther states while leaning down to plant a large kiss on the weary hero. Scooping up the hero in one arm and the cage in another Gunther flies towards their new training fortress. At the fortress Gunther takes Superman to the solar shower and turns it on to clean up the hero and then the two of them lie in the bed to recover from the events of the night by drifting off to sleep holding each other and Gunthers cock in Supermans ass crack. While sleeping Gunther dreams of being the all powerful ruler of earth but is disturbed by the sight of the scrawny red haired freckled boy with a camera that is striding up towards him. “So you think you have won. That you finally know who you are and that you are earths new Superman. Well I know more about you then you do yourself and in ones years time you will realize that I was right that you and I are one and the same and that your slave is really our slave pal to be shared. All will become revealed exactly one year from now.” The image states as he slowly fades away.

Gotham City:

Superman, Batman, and the other heroes awake and head towards the bat computer to check on the analysis that it was performing. Reaching the printer first Bruce pulls off the printout and reads it aloud, “All of Superman’s powers and abilities are fully intact and physically there is no signs of them not being able to operate. Brain scans on the other hand show that his synapses no longer fire when trying to activate those appropriate skills due to being suppressed. His memory no longer has the ability to activate and operate those skills. It is the logical opinion that Kal-El/Superman no longer is able to be the hero he was in the past until all these mental blockages are removed and normal brain activity is restored. No recovery time line can be given for recovery because the only individual that can affect this kind of change is Kal-El himself by discovering the cause of the blockages and removing them at his own discretion. Final recommendation is that Superman take some time away from being a hero and serious think about what matters most to him and his life. Bruce hands the printout to Clark and states, “I think the best thing for us to do now is to have a meeting of the Justice league to discuss how we can best assist you and then take you home. All the heroes agree and call for a meeting at the Justice League satellite of all primary and secondary members of the Justice League. Green Lantern transports the party to the satellite as well. Arriving at the satellite Batman starts by greeting and welcoming all the heroes and apprising them of Superman’s situation before asking Kal-El to make his own request. Superman stands up and speaks to the assembly, “In the past I have been there for each and every one of you at a moments notice. Now I find that I must go away and find out exactly who I am and what I am going to be in the future. I plan to take a year off to explore the world by just walking and using what remaining powers I have at minimum. I will visit each and every one of you heroes individually to discuss or relationships and partnerships when I reach your areas of the world. For safety sake I am going to keep a Justice League communicator with me to call for support if I see a crisis that needs handled. I am also going to start off this journey at my fortress of solitude in the artic and develop a signal watch of my own to contact each and every one of you heroes individually if I need you or am ready to visit with you. Until then I leave the safety of the world into you capable hands.” Superman then leaves the podium and walks out the room and to the transporter typing in the coordinates for his personal apartment in metropolis. Clark transports back to his apartment and lies down on his bed to reflect on the findings and how to tell his cod-workers that he was going to take a extended leave of absence from the office to travel with Superman. Lying in his bed thinking about all this caused the hero to drift off to sleep for awhile and dream once again.

Dream World:

Gunther and Superman practiced each and every day with their new powers preparing to make their debut all around the world when they could. The slave superman serviced every need for the new hero Gunther and became his instructor, advisor, and sidekick settled into this new role for his life and was very happy to be a submissive. His master Gunther was all that he lived and existed for anymore and that is how he wanted it to stay. Never again would he dare to challenge his master or even question any of his decisions for the remainder of his life. All thoughts of his former life have faded and this new identity was all that he embraced even in the presence of the other former heroes that were not so accepting of Gunther. Eventually he believed they and the rest of the world would come around to accept the new Superman for what he was and the new Kal-El sidekick. Only time would tell.

Chapter 7: The seventh Day encounter of the hero and the mystery observers make their wagers on the outcome to happen a year later.

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