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Supermans Nightmares
Chapter 5 - The Fifth Night
By Wrstlr

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Superman’s Nightmares:  The Fifth Night

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Brainiac, Firestorm and Green Lantern are the property of DC comics.  Gunther the villain is the creation of the author.    No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.

Dream World:

Gunther awoke at 5am the next morning fully rested but a little confused about his dream while he was asleep. The young man with freckles seemed so familiar to him and yet he could not place who he was. Since he was fully refreshed Gunther decided that this morning would be a good time for him to start his new role as a hero for the world and test his new powers. He dressed in his custom leather jockstrap and the harness that he created as his new outfit. Gunther opened the terrace doors and stepped out just as the sun started to light up the city. Gunther activated his super hearing trying to focus on alarms and police band frequencies where he may be the most use. Gunther wanted to be especially selective where he responded because he wanted to test out his new abilities and be able to respond with little knowledge of his presence since he was not fully ready to debut himself as the new Superman in town. Gunther first responded to a factory fire which he extinguished easily with his super speed and flight to form a flame tornado that he directed into the outer atmosphere to dissipate due to lack of oxygen to feed the fire. Gunther then responded to an armed robbery where he disabled the crooks easily with super speed blows and heat vision to melt their weapons. Throughout the morning Gunther made a total of five different appearances throughout New York City, While he showed no signs of damage to himself physically Gunther did have to admit though that he intellectually was making things a bit harder for himself each situation since conflict and brute force was all that he had ever used in his competitions. Gunther hoped that even today when he faced the Justice League that he would be convincing enough to them that they would believe what he was saying, He did have the documentation that he had from his old doctors and trainers to lend some credibility to his claims. Arriving back at his penthouse terrace around 8am Gunther noticed an envelope had been slipped under his front door with the emblem of the Hall of Justice on it. Gunther approached the envelope and opened it already knowing that it was the confirmation that he was seeking of a audience with the hero’s. The request said that Superman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Flash, and Batman would be honored to meet with him at the Hall of Justice at 10am today as he requested. They would meet and hear what he had to discuss with them. The note also showed that Superman would honor him with a one on one wrestling match for the charity of Boy’s Club America and the public match the following day as well. Gunther smiled knowing that his new submissive had done his job in convincing the other members to accept the invitation as instructed. Gunther knew that he could expect Superman to completely respond as instructed to through the course of the day. Gunther stepped into his bedroom, opened up his closet and took out a nice pair of slacks, button down shirt, tennis shoes and gathered all the documents that he had from his trainer and doctors about their plan to take over the world. Gunther then removed his strap and harness and walked towards the showers, He stepped in and washed himself up oblivious to the extreme temperature of the water. Finishing his shower Gunther then steps to the basin and mirror grabs his regular razor and starts to shave only to witness the razor head shatter upon contact to the stubble on his face. Gunther then realized that his new invulnerability was the cause and concentrated on reflecting his heat vision off a mirror to shave his body and face. The first few attempts melted the mirror before he quickly stopped, repaired the mirror by super speed buffing and polishing, and trying again. Gunther then stepped to the full length mirror to inspect his frame of six feet five inch frame now even more massive at 275 pounds of solid muscle and mass. His skin was now completely smooth and gave off a shimmer like it was finely oiled all over from head to toe. Gunther cock now sat at a full nine inches fully flaccid. He looked ever more a Superman then the hero that he was about to conquer. Getting dressed in the tight fitting slacks and dress shirt, with their buttons threating to burst apart due to his muscles, Gunther then packed up a singlet in his bag with a towel and some regular wrestling gear. He then went over and locked up in the safe his bag of toys that he planned to use on Superman when they returned here that night for his final preparation and the ultimate reveal the next day. With all his preparations Gunther heads to the elevator and underground transit system heading his way to the Hall of Justice and his meeting with the hero’s. Taking his time Gunther approaches the Hall of Justice confident that Superman would be the first one to greet him in the lobby upon entry and follow the rest of the instructions that he was given the previous night. As expected when Gunther entered the Hall of Justice Superman was in the main lobby with the other hero’s gathered around on the upper level looking towards him and Gunther trying to show their dominance as the world’s elite hero’s. “Welcome Mr. Mueller, SIR, I am so honored to have someone as influential in the world as you honor us with your presence. I understand from your interview that you wish to speak to us about some humanitarian concerns in your country. We all would be honored to gather with you and discuss these concerns in due time but for someone such as you I would like to extend you a full tour of the Hall of Justice before our meeting if you can spare the time.” Superman offered while extending his hand out and giving a firm handshake to Gunther. “I would be delighted and this is such a honor to meet all you heroes assembled like this and I hope that we can build a long term relationship together.” Gunther states loudly so all present can here. “The others will meet us in the conference room while I show you around.” Superman states letting Gunther take a step in front of him as they begin the tour. Superman took Gunther all around the Hall except for the heroes private chambers pausing for a bit to let Gunther see that he had prepared the workout room with a full size wrestling ring mat and an area for the other heroes to observe. Gunther was extremely pleased since he did not even ask for this preparation from the hero. It showed that Superman had accepted his place as a submissive to him. The other heroes accompanied the two on the two so Gunther really could not give the hero his proper reward. Approaching the conference room Superman opened the door to let Gunther enter follow him immediately after and sitting down immediately next to him when he choose a chair and set down his bags gathering his documents about people wanting to restore the Nazi party. “Thank you all for agreeing to see me. I have recently learned about a potential humanitarian threat that is occurring that may effect the entire world. I just recently learned that there is a faction of scientist, trainers, and soldiers that are working on genetic enhancement on individuals to create a new master Nazi race. I recently found out that I was one of their original test subjects and the first one that they released out in public for test trials. Upon learning this fact I broke away from their control and came here immediately to ask for your help. All of these documents I provide here are proof of exactly what I am telling you all.” Gunther states addressing all the heroes and passing around the documents for them all to review. “This group seems to be doing all this without any governmental knowledge of their actions and how they are getting their funding is a complete mystery to me and even though I want to put a stop to them being just a celebrated Olympic sports hero is not enough so I am here asking for your assistance to prevent them from finishing out their fiendish plot. Thank you all for hearing me out and now I am open to hear any questions that you may have before you decide.” Gunther then sits back down scanning the entire room to see how the heroes are reacting. Based on their pulse rate and lack of tension in their bodies none of them seem to distrust him in any way. Superman stands up after being the last to review the papers, “I think we all agree that this is situation that must be taken care of and offer you our full support in stopping these people. Any further help or information that you might learn about this group of individuals yourself would be greatly appreciated and we will follow up on it. Shall we vote on this?” Superman requests of all the heroes present. With no objections they all agree and pledge their assistance to Gunther. “I see the time is now about 12:30 in the afternoon and I would recommend that we all conclude this meeting for a couple of hours to get some lunch. Gunther I would be honored if you would accompany me to my quarters and share lunch with me.” Superman requests calling the meeting to a close. “I would be honored Superman. Then later we will have our first charity match, say about 3pm.” Gunther states. The other heroes all agree they will be in the workout facility at 3pm to witness the match with a referee to keep it fair. All the heroes leave the conference room, Gunther gathers all his documents and puts them back in his briefcase with Superman’s help and strides out the door in front of the hero brushing the back of his hand on Superman’s buttocks as he passes him. Superman follows Gunther out the door and stays a full step behind his new master like a good submissive should. Entering Superman’s quarters Gunther quickly took a plop into a nearby reclining chair and put up the foot rest. “Be a good boy and get me a salad lunch and water to wash it down with.” Gunther ordered and Superman quickly walked over and fixed the salad and water for his new master. Superman brought the food over to Gunther and kneeled down next to the recliner awaiting his next instruction. “I want you to feed me, you got that boy. Do not drop a piece of you will be punished later. I will tell you when I am done and you are able to eat what I leave, if there is any left.” Gunther instructs and the hero obeys. The salad, with 3 kinds of lettuce in it, fruit, melons, and croutons is very filling for Gunther and after every four servings from the hero he is offered water which he drinks. “I am done you can have the rest. If you want something to drink though you must ask permission first. You got that boy?” Gunther instructs. “Yes Sir.”, Superman replies and begins to eat the salad while still kneeling next to his master. The first couple times Superman asks for water he is refused it by Gunther until about the fourth time when it sounds more like a plea instead of request does Gunther allow him a drink. After eating and relaxing for a while Gunther and the hero go to the bed chamber and undress to prepare for their match. “You will undress me and then put my jockstrap, singlet, and wrestling shoes on for me boy.” Gunther orders and without hesitation Superman does as instructed. “Take it slow boy. I want to enjoy this.” Superman takes his time undressing his master and begins to put on the jockstrap but gets his hand swatted when he brushes Gunther’s nutsack. “No touching boy, I did not give you permission to yet.” Gunther states looking a bit angered at the mishap. Superman finishes dressing the Olympian in his gear and then kneels once more in front of his master. “Get up and get yourself ready for our match by removing your cape. The rest of your outfit will be fine for our purposes today. You remember all the instructions I gave you yesterday don’t you hero? You follow them and continue being a good boy and I will reward you later tonight when we are alone.” Gunther states while Superman stands and removes his cape. “It is showtime. Lets go and put on a good one for these other people so they can see you as you are one last time. “ Gunther says waiting for Superman to go to the door and open it for him. The two then walk to the workout room where the other heroes have gathered to observe the match. The two participants are joined on the mat by a licensed wrestling referee who goes over the rules of the match. “There will be a total of three rounds each lasting a maximum of five minutes. No points will be awarded but at the end of each round I will declare a winner. The rounds end either by time being called, or pinfall of either grappler. Take your starting positions and shake hands.”, the referee says and then puts his whistle in his mouth ready to start the match. The referee starts the match and the two grappler clinch into each other full muscles bulging through the fabric of their outfits. Gunther attacks for a single leg but is unable to make contact due to Superman doing a quick sprawl maneuver to keep the leg just the edge of Gunther’s range. Gunther knows that he could of easily completed that maneuver but has to keep up appearances for the other heroes so they do not find out about his powers yet. Superman attempts an arm bar spin on Gunther who resists for a few seconds for succumbing to the heroes take down attempt. An arm bar chop and leg grapevine weave keep Gunther sprawled and on the defensive position for the next three minutes before he allows the hero to land a cross face cradle and eventual pinfall for the round victory to Superman. The heroes applauded both grapplers for the fine round and with a bit of awe that it took so long for the pinfall to occur. Even with Superman restricting his powers they believed that no mere human could ever stand up against him very long. Thirty second rest period ends and the referee signals the grapplers back to the center of the mat for the second round. “Superman leads one round to none. Grappler ready.” the referee states just before blowing the whistle to start the second round. The two grapplers clinch again in a mutual standoff attempting various throws and lunges with the other countering but unable to capitalize either. Finally Gunther see’s the hero a little off balance and dives in for a double leg takedown which is a complete success. Superman actually is able to twist over to his belly and prevent Gunther from turning him for the remainder of the round. The referee declares Gunther the winner of that round and the heroes applaud them both again but this time they realize that Gunther himself if pretty impressive to stand toe to toe against Superman. Thirty seconds later the referee beckons the two grapplers back to the center of the mat, “It is one round apiece. The winner of this final round wins the match. Grapplers ready.”, the referee states and blows the whistle to start the next round. After the initial clinch Superman takes the aggressive role and attacks with a crotch lift carry but before he can complete the maneuver he finds that Gunther is behind him and using his own momentum to push the hero sprawled in the mat on his belly before locking a headlock on the hero. Gunther tries to turn the hero and knows that the headlock is taking its toll cutting off the heroes air flow but Superman is able to stalemate the action so the referee blows the whistle for a stalemate and reset. Superman takes his time getting up and everyone notices that he is winded. This time Superman has to start on his hands and knees and Gunther takes the two hand on top starting position. The referee blows the restart of the round and almost immediately Gunther pounces on the hero catching him in an arm and leg cradle while turning onto his shoulders with little effort. Breathing heavily and with much effort the hero is unable to escape for being pinned by the Olympian. The heroes stand and applaud the two grapplers politely for the fine match but don’t say a word and are dumbfounded by what they just witnessed. Superman takes almost three minutes to catch his breath, get up and shake Gunther’s hand and declare him the winner. “We all know that with your powers you could of beat me anytime but thank you for not using them and being fair in the match.” Gunther states while shaking his boys hand. The two grapplers start to exit the workout area and the heroes around start to move towards him to offer their congratulations. Using restraint of his super strength Gunther shakes each of their hands as he and Superman head back to the heroes quarters to shower and clean up. “Undress you and me and get the shower ready, boy.” Gunther orders once in the quarters and the door is shut. “You will start the water and let it spray over you without touching any soap or anything until I join you, boy. I will join you when I feel the time is right.” Superman does as ordered taking his time to remove both of their clothes while Gunther observes his own six foot five inches and two hundred seventy five pounds of glistening smooth muscles be revealed piece by piece by Superman. He then takes in the sights of Superman’s own six foot two inch two hundred fifty pound frame as he slowly strips to reveal all his muscles and sweat from their match. The sight is enough to cause them both semi hard erections of their cocks and when Superman enters the stall and turns on the water Gunther watches his boy do as instructed from a bit of a distance away slowly edging himself for about ten minutes before joining his boy in the shower. “I want you to wash me from head to toe as usual and then yourself. Once done with that you will dry us each off get dressed in your costume and I in the clothes I arrived in and then you will say your farewells to these heroes here and leave with me. Got that boy?” Gunther instructs and the hero responds with an affirmative, “Yes SIR.” Superman washes, dries, dresses and prepares to leave with Gunther explaining to the heroes that he feels Gunther’s life may be in danger due to his disclosure to them. The two head out of the Hall of Justice and walk to an alley way where Gunther quickly strips his shirt and slacks to be fully nude, picks up the hero and flies him back to his penthouse suite in mere seconds. Once inside Gunther instructs the hero, “Strip out of that outfit, In my presence you will only wear a collar I will lock on you in a minute, the cock cage that I have for you, and any other piercings that I insert into your body. You will never wear that costume out in public again. Only the attire I fashioned for you will be allowed in public and I will show that to you later. Do you have any more of those old costumes anywhere? If so retrieve them all and bring them back here within 5 minutes or you will be whipped for each minute you are late.” Superman strips and heads out to retrieve the rest of his costumes. The whole process takes a bit longer than eight minutes which means he will receive 3 lashes from the whip for being late. “You were late three minutes that means you will receive 3 lashes for being late and for because you were such a good boy all the rest of the day we will administer those right now without restraints. Don’t you move boy or the lashes do not count.” Gunther instructs to the naked hero as he pulls out the kryptonite tipped whip and administers the lashes to Superman’s back. Superman never flinches or moves with the crack of each whip despite the pain and welts that form. After the third lash Gunther sets the whip aside and steps to the pile of costumes, activates his heat vision with nova intensity and incinerates the costumes to a small pile of ash. Grabbing the kryptonite studded collar and cock cage he puts them on and locks them into their appropriate place on the former hero, placing the keys on a chain around his own neck. “This is all you will wear when we are at home. They only come off when I wish for them to be removed. They do have a trace amount of kryptonite in them but only enough to keep your powers weakened and under my control. You got that boy?”, Gunther states and Superman responds, “As you wish SIR. I am yours to control entirely.” “Good boy. Now you have two hours to clean up this whole penthouse, make the bed, make our dinner. Each minute longer you take will be a lash, understand boy. I am going to be in this chair here watching you the entire time and if I do not like what you are doing I will increase those lashes at my discretion. After dinner we will have some fun as long as you are a good boy.” Gunther states while plopping in the chair at the far side of the living room so he can view the entire penthouse. Superman begins to dash to the get the cleaning supplies with super speed only to hear Gunther bellow, “No powers, You will never use powers to do these chores if I see you or find out you did you will receive ten lashes for each instance boy.” Superman immediately slows down to normal pace and begins his assigned task. Superman dusts, vacuums, polishes the furniture, and prepares a nice dinner for his master. Each time he drops something, or made a mistake Gunther would count out a number to indicate what he did was wrong. By the time dinner was finished the count was to 4 and he finished an entire minute early. Gunther went to the breakfast bar to see the hero had prepared for him a plate of German traditional Eintopf stew with pork in it. “You forgot the kale and parsley in dinner. So what number does that make now?” Gunther asks and Superman responds, “Five and Six SIR.” “We will just call it five and count those to together. Now clean up the dishes and kitchen and meet me in the sitting area.” Gunther states going back to the recliner in the sitting area. Superman cleans up and kneels next to Gunther in the sitting area. “On all fours in front of me boy. I want to prop my feet up and you are going to be their resting place.” Superman complies without hesitation and feels the strong force of Gunther bringing his feet down square on his back causing him to buckle a little before getting back into a rigid stance. “Here at the house your job is to keep it clean at all times without using your powers, You are in charge of keeping my scheduled events in order, you will do my recordkeeping for me, whenever I want you will act at my foot stool, you will terminate all personal and professional relationships that you currently have including your marriage and fellow employees at the newspaper, You will not go out in public unless I instruct you to even though together we are going to provide you with a public image as my slave and sidekick, You will sacrifice every fiber of your being to service and protect me even more then saving yourself, and in return you will get the pleasure of being my boy and sexual partner. In the bedroom you will never touch yourself erotically unless I give you permission, You will never ask for anything sexually either it will come when you earn it, Periodically we will sit down out here and I will let you discuss your thoughts about how you can better service me including sexually, When we retire for the night you will take your place lying on your side in front of me and I will wrap you up in my arms to sleep for the night, and you will not leave the bed until I awake myself and allow you to leave. You understand that boy?” Gunther directs and Superman responds, “Understood SIR.” The two of them stayed in the sitting area for about thirty minutes before Gunther drops his feet and stands up. “Lets go to the bedroom boy. I have to give you your punishment and then I am going to reward you for being such a good boy overall today.” Gunther grabs the whip on his way to the bedroom with Superman following closely behind. In the bedroom Gunther opens the safe and pulls out some leather bed restraints, a mouth bit, a kryptonite coated dildo, a set of nipple rings, a kryptonite piercing needle, and a kryptonite infused cock and ball pump for their pleasure tonight. Superman stands in the middle of the room a fair distance away fully aware that he will be getting his lashes first and that his master will need some room to deliver them. Gunther turns towards his boy and starts to deliver the lashes from the front and moving around to the back. The increased kryptonite radiation presence of the other toys and proximity to Gunther constantly have caused major welts all over the hero and even a presence of sweat begins to form on Superman’s body. “Now lie down on your back on the bed. For being such a good boy tonight is going to be all about your pleasure and I will be doing all the work. To ensure that you do not try and assist you are going to be spread eagled out on bed and restrained with the straps.” Gunther states attaching one to each wrist and then to the corners of the bed followed by the ankles to the opposite posts. Taking the bit Gunther affixes it Superman explaining, “For the first order of business I need to work on your pectoral nipples and get them good and hard so I can pierce them and insert these rings for future enjoyment. I am giving you this bit to bite on because I am sure that when the needle penetrates them the pain will be immense and this bit will keep you from injuring yourself by allowing you to bite into it instead of thrashing about. These rings are just the first of my gifts that I will mark you with over time boy.” Gunther starts to massage the pectorals with the kryptonite muscle cream making them nice and hard with the nipples being tweaked occasionally until they were standing a full three quarter inches tall and hard as nails. Rubbing the cream all over the nipples Gunther then grabs the piercing needle and inserts it into the first nipple. The agony is all over Superman’s face as he bites hard on the bit in his mouth from first penetration of the needle all the way through. A little blood is drawn which Gunther quickly wipes up after removing the needle and inserting the ring. With the needle withdrawn Gunther had to move quickly to insert the ring to keep the piercing from closing and he barely made it and now with the ring inserted and low level of kryptonite the wound seals leaving just enough room for the ring to be maneuvered if needed. Superman is still clinching his mouth and jaw on the bit waiting for the pain to subside only to have it reinforced quickly as Gunther repeats the previous procedure on the second nipple. With both rings in place Gunther starts to slowly massage the pectoral region with regular baby oil and antibiotics in hopes of relieving the pain some for Superman. Ten minutes of massaging later and superman has adjusted to pain so Gunther removes the bit from his mouth. “Thank you SIR.” Superman lowly states. “Your welcome boy.” Gunther states while taking the baby oil and performing a full upper body massage from the neck down on the hero. When he reaches the cock and ball region he decides to go ahead and remove the cage for the time being. Gunther then begins to stroke both the cock and the nuts below for a full 20 minutes until Superman has a full blown hard-on of twelve full inches now. Gunther attaches the automatic cock pump to keep the hero hard as he begins to rim and eat out Superman’s ass and lube him up. Ten minutes later Gunther removes his mouth and inserts the tip of the dildo into the heroes opening and pistons it slowly in and out of the moaning hero. Gunther replaces the pump with his own mouth and deep throats Superman’s cock all the way to the hilt and mouth fucks the hero while anal fucking him with the dildo. In about ten more minutes Supermans is spurting rope after rope of cum into Gunthers mouth about 25 shots in total completely gobbled by Gunther. Gunther then continues to work the dildo in the hero and moves up to deliver a big sloppy kiss to his boy. Gunther attaches the cock pump to his own thirteen inch hard cock to go to work on him while he continues to dildo fuck Superman. Just before he gets to climax Gunther shoves the dildo all the way in to the rubber balls and flings the pump off his cock to grab it with his own hand and finish reaching the climax himself. Within ten strokes Gunther unleashes a flood of his kryptonite sperm all over the hero starting all the way at the face and working down to the chest to the crotch region with his cum. The radiation and activity is just to much for the hero to take that he starts to mumble incoherently before passing out and Gunther starts to massage the cum all over the heros cock, nuts, chest area, and eating the cum splashed on the hero’s face. Slowly the scene begins to fade.

Brainiac’s ship:

Superman awakes to find himself naked and restrained on a vertical table looking at an android that he should recognize but cannot put a name to. The android approaches him and starts to attach some computer probes to various parts of his body. “Well Kal-El, It looks as though I have you this time and I will be able to preserve all you memories and knowledge as the Last Kryptonian to my collection.” Braniac states while attaching the probes to Supermans head. “Kal-El, Who is Kal-El?” My name is Superman is all that the hero can say in response. This actually catches the other creatures in the room off guard for a moment. Firestorm and Green Lantern have regained consciousness themselves but are confined inside an energy prison watching the scene. “Is he just playing dumb?” Firestorm whispers to Green Lantern. “I certainly hope so.”, says Green Lantern in response. “Superman and Kal-El are one and the same.”, comes the cold reply from Braniac. “I have no idea who you are or who this Kal-El is I am Superman of the planet Earth. I know that the black guy there is named Green Lantern but I don’t even know how I knew that.”, says Superman struggling with his restraints. “I don’t think he is faking” says Green Lantern. “Interesting I can tell by your biorhythms and the response of the others that you do not seem to be fully functional. I must investigate this further.” Brainiac dictates while studying the various data screens in front of him. “Physically you are complete and in full health except for the slight weakness due to lack of yellow sun radiation. Your body is absorbing the radiation at its normal rate yet you seem to be lacking most of your powers and abilities. I am going to put this theory to the test by releasing you and letting your go.” The restraints release Superman and almost immediately without any warning or thought of what to do he tries to run away. It is only a matter of seconds before he is caught and restrained again by the cables from the ship without any type of super powered struggle occurring. “You seem to be afraid of me now and unable to logically process the situation that you are in. I must probe you and your mind directly to prove this. Brainiac positons the hero so that his now kneeling directly in front of the android as he opens up his crotch area and produces an ever lengthening metallic tube that almost resembles a cock. It grows a full sixteen inches in length and beer can thick before he inserts it directly into the hero’s gaping mouth. From Brainiac’s right hand he produces a second metallic tube that looks like another cock and inserts that into Superman’s ass reaching in as far as he can. Superman actually looks like he is completely drugged out from the insertion of these devices and Brainiac is also oblivious to all that is around him. A simple field develops around the two so Green Lantern and Firestorm start to focus on a means of escape from their prison and rescue of all three heroes. Brainiac continues to mind fuck as well as physically rape the helpless Superman exploring all the events that have been occurring with him since their last encounter. The kneeling Superman even shows signs of being turned on by this activity with a full raging erection that shows no signs of going soft any time soon even without direct stimulation. Firestorm is able to track down the origination of their cell bars energy signatures and blasts it with a opposite type radiation which cancels out the bars effects and they safely dissipate allowing the heroes to enter the main chamber. Approaching Brainiac and Superman they find that the field will not allow them direct access. Instead Green Lantern uses his will power and energy ring to merge form a mental probe of his own which does penetrate the field. Attaching his own probe to the back of Brainiac’s head Green Lantern begins to explore his mind for the temporary shutdown protocol that he has used before to disable Brainiac and then transport him and ship far away across the Milky Way. Firestorm can do nothing more than just observe the three. For about 5 minutes stay this way until Firestorm cries out, “Hurry Green Lantern, I don’t think Superman can take much more of this. He is leaking so much precum and spasming so much I think he is about to cum.” Just as Green Lantern get to the location of the protocol he hears Firestorm say, “He is cumming of my God he is shooting so much cum and so far it is unbelievable. After about 30 spurting ropes of cum are sent flying across the ship all over Brainiac, the floor, and other parts of the ship the probes are removed from Superman as Green Lantern begins to initiate the protocol Brainiac says, “Stop, I will leave here willingly and you will be free to go. This man is no longer Kal-El of Krypton but just a simple earthling type hero with simple mental faculties. He no longer poses any threat to me and is unworthy at this time for me to even continue pursuit. Maybe someday he will become that individual again but that is going to be up to him and the decisions he makes. “ Then the room floods with a bright light and everything fades away.

Dream World:

Superman awakens from the pleasure his master gave him to find Gunther sitting in a chair next to him observing his body and healing process. All the restraints have been removed, but the cock cage has been put back in place and locked once more. “Did you have a pleasurable time my boy? If you continue to serve me and assist me occasionally you will be rewarded like this and maybe even get a bit of control of the action. It will be my reward for you being a good boy and a reminder to us both that being selfish will lead to disobedience and eventual betrayal by you and I hope to never have that happen with you. Now I am going to take you with me and we are going to develop our own special private place away from all the people and completely isolated so that you can train me properly on how to use my abilities and knowledge, including your own memories to better serve this world until such a time that I have gained all their trusts, people and heroes alike and become their leader voluntarily. Gunther flies off with Superman hanging on, arm wrapped around Gunther’s waist in search of a remote location to build their own private facility for training and monitoring of activity in the world finding a undeveloped dormant volcanic island in the south pacific ocean. Landing on the Island the two heroes begin to develop it into a full fledged facility hidden inside the volcano itself which they have made active so the general populous stays away. They also have raised the coast line so that direct access to the Island could not be made from any type of ship or aircraft. The only entrance was about ten miles underwater where the pressure was so great that only a hero of their caliber could obtain entrance. It seemed pretty crude and simple for the time being but Gunther knew after another day or two the whole facility would be finished and his training as the new Superman would begin. Tiring from the whole events and construction of the fortress Gunther decides that it is time to go home and rest for the night. Tomorrow would be him and his slaves new debuts in front of the whole world and he still had to finish both their outfits. Scooping up his boy they leave the fortress from the underwater entrance and streak back to the penthouse suite to rest. For about an hour Gunther sits in the recliner with his feet propped up on Superman’s back and talk about all the powers that he now has with his boy. Finally he leads his boy to the bed and the two crawl in and drift off to sleep, Gunther cupping Superman’s cock cage. In a short dream Gunther again see’s the young red head, freckled kid that he saw in yesterday’s dream standing and pressing a button on his watch. This time Gunther approaches the kid and introduces himself as Superman. “You are not Superman, Superman is my buddy. My Pal. You will never be Superman. You are actually me and just don’t know if yet. You will in time yet for you see you and me are the same.” The image then fades from view for the rest of the night.


Firestorm is the first to awaken and notices that the three heroes are now back on earth. Scooping up the other two heroes Firestorm flies off with one in each arm and heads towards Gotham City for a rendezvous with Batman. Firestorm fears that this is the last hope they have to ever recover the hero known as Kal-El/Superman.

Next Chapter: The new Superhero team is revealed to the world and training begins while Batman locates the origin of the problems with Superman but can’t cure him of it.


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