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College Obsession
Part 4
By Catglee

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Chapter Four

All day long Harvey and I make preparations for the evening’s entertainment. In the windowless basement I have a playroom already set up with delicious devices of torment and pleasure. This is where we usually take our invited special guests to sexually abuse and dominate, some willingly others not so cooperative initially. It is always such fun.


I arrive at the cocktail lounge in the Desmond a little early and ordering a Bourbon Manhattan, I wait for Ignatius Harding to come downstairs. He shows up in a couple of minutes dressed in a charcoal gray suit and tie. He probably is wearing a white T-shirt underneath the dress shirt so I cannot scout out the hair that still must be underneath the cotton fabric. I hope to God that he does not shave his body hair.

As he walks past to take the stool next to me, his ass rounds out the back of his trousers like he has two hard ripe melons stuffed in there. I buy him a Tanquary Gibson and we sit and talk until our drinks are downed. Soon afterwards we leave the cocktail lounge and go to my car.

We get in, I start the engine and off we go to a night of surprises for him and a fantasy adventure for me.


On the way to my house, I take a confusing long-way round route, so he wouldn’t know where I live if he tries to find it on his own.

Sitting next to me in the front seat, just the smell of the man gets me hard. It is a combination of Old Spice and Ivory soap. I glance down and see how his thighs and upper legs fill the pant legs enticingly, with a nice full basket in the middle. I have all I can do to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

We get there in about half an hour and Harvey is waiting for us with dinner.

I introduce Harvey to him as my business partner and close friend. Then the jerk almost give the plot away when he remarks: “Mr. Harding is all that you said he was, and more. I am so happy to have him here, since you talk so much about him. I look forward to getting to know him, real close and personal.” I give Harvey a look and he shuts up.

Fortunately that outburst goes right over Iggy’s head as we walk into the living room. We have another round of drinks before we head into the dining room for supper. Although there is wine during the meal, none of us overdoes it with the number of glasses. I want us all to be wide-awake and sober for the evening’s entertainment.

Ignatius volunteers that he is staying in town for the weekend since he has no one waiting for him in Hartford. I shoot Harvey a nod and a smile. Over hot coffee I start the conversation that will lead us up to taking him into the basement.

“You know Iggy, I can’t help but notice how well you look these days. Back in college you had put on a few pounds our last year there, but now you look really buffed. You must lift weights or something because you certainly fill out those clothes.”

He just smiles and nods in agreement. Telling us that yes, he joined a gym a few years back and has developed a good routine of exercise and proper eating. He runs regularly and goes twice a week to his local health spa.

Taking the bait, he seems interested in seeing the exercise room I tell him is in the basement. At my suggestion, we all get up from the table and I direct him to the stairway that goes down below.

I lead the way and Harvey follows behind Ignatius on the dark narrow staircase. Earlier I had unscrewed the light bulb in the stairwell. I tell him that the bulb must have burned out, so he should be careful about tripping over anything in the dark.

I ask him to wait on the bottom step until I can turn on the light in the exercise room. I go behind the door and quickly open the bottle of chloroform that I have on the shelf and pour some of it on a cloth.

As soon as I snap on the light switch, in the sudden blinding brightness, Harvey grabs Harding from behind and pins his arms behind his back. In an instant I have the soaked cloth cloth firmly clamped over his nose until he stops struggling and slumps down in a stupor.

We lay him on the floor.


I quickly remove his suit coat while Harvey unlaces his shoes and pulls off his socks.


Finally his tie is removed and the white dress shirt is unbuttoned and stripped off his prone body. Harvey slips off his charcoal gray trousers, leaving Ignatius clothed in his white T-shirt and Jockey briefs.


The area of his bare forearms have a telltale soft growth of dark brown hair up past his elbows. The biceps are muscled and firm. When I prop him up to a standing position, I see the heavy legs are coated with another luxurious growth of soft hair all the way down to his ankles.

Now that he is peeled down to his tight-fitting white cotton T-shirt and Jockey briefs, we leave then on because it is such fun to watch the guy’s expressing of horror when we slowly rip the fabric from his body.

Harvey helps me to lay him face-down on the padded massage table in the center of the room. Quickly before he awakens, we strap his arms to the sides of the table at the wrists. Then we spread wide his legs and secure them at the ankles. Now Ignatius Harding is ready to start a night he will never forget.

After making sure that the straps are strong and secure, so that when he awakens he won’t be able to wiggle out of them. The lights are turned out.

Harvey and I go upstairs to clear the dining room table and get dressed in our play clothes. We like to enhance the atmosphere of our guest’s helplessness and apprehension by wearing clothes that suggest menace and danger.

Tonight to begin with, I wear a massage therapist’s coat and a jock strap. Our special guests always feel more vulnerable strapped down and naked while we are fully clothed.

It is almost an hour later. Although we know that Ignatius Harding is wide awake by now, in the dark heated room strapped to a table, we let him contemplate his upcoming hours in bewilderment, apprehension and fear. We know he is struggling against his bonds in desperation, so we let the reality set in that he is helpless and vulnerable almost to the point of despair.

To Be Continued……………………….

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