The Telemachus Story Archive

The Last Kryptonian
By Wrstlr
Chapter 1 - The Toymans maniacal Toys
Chapter 2 - The Menace of Metallo
Chapter 3 - The Sapping Power of the Parasite
Chapter 4 - Luthor experiments on Superman
Chapter 5 - Invasion of Supermans Secure Fortress and Safehold
Chapter 6 - Superman Revenge Squad. United?
Chapter 7 - Supermans Public Humiliation with Toyman’s Toys
Chapter 8 - Metallo kicks Supermans ass and likes it.
Chapter 9 - Superman Rejected or new found love?
Chapter 10 - Dr Hamilton and Lex Luthor reveal the true Kal-El to the himself.
Chapter 11 - Unification and the meeting of the kryptonians. What could possibly go wrong?