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Supermans Nightmares
Chapter 7 - The Seventh Night
By Wrstlr

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Superman’s Nightmares:  The Seventh Night

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Perry White, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, The Phantom Stranger, and Spectre are the property of DC comics.  Gunther Mueller is the creation of the author.    No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.


7am came very quickly for the sleeping Clark Kent who was startled awake by Mother Box warning him that he only had one hour to get up and prepared for his work at the Daily Planet. Clark stirred out of bed extremely focused on the images that the he had witnessed from his dream that night. Wondering if they were to be sign of his future to come. He took off his clothes and familiar Superman outfit and walked slowly towards his shower stall for a quick shower. Superman take his six foot two inch smooth everywhere frame still would make all men and women swoon when their eyes fell upon it. His massive manhood which swung between his thighs as a soft eight inches and reasonably thick even soft would turn anyone’s head upon being seen and yet he just did not have that same shimmer and polished look that Superman always had. That glow seemed to be lost even while he was in the shower and working on his body over with the soap and water. Feeling a bit horny Superman starts to jack off his cock while washing it with soap bringing it to its full erect size of close to eleven inches. Making sure it is well lathered he then shifts down to his large ball and nutsack and lathers them up in rich thick foam. Returning his hand to his own cock it only takes him about ten to fifteen strokes to build to his climax and release rope after rope of thick kryptonian cum that shoots out to the far shower wall and slowly oozes down it to the shower floor to be washed down the drain. Feeling relaxed with this release of sexual tension Clark quickly finishes up his shower and walks back to the bedroom to get dressed. He opens up his costume closet and picks out one of his familiar Superman outfits that he plans to wear for the next year while he goes on his walking journey around the world to determine exactly who Superman is to the world anymore and If he can ever truly be that champion he once was. In Clarks mind this would be the only way for him to resolve the issues in his mind and hopefully reclaim the powers that he has lost over the past week. He realized that for his work purposes he would actually need to be both Superman and Clark Kent one last time at the Daily Planet. The plan was to appear as Superman first to inform them that Superman was going to be leaving for a period of one year from Metropolis and that he wanted a reporter to travel with him. Naturally Superman was going to request that the reporter be Clark Kent since he knew him the longest and was closest to him. Then he would go leave saying his goodbyes to everyone only to quickly change to Clark Kent and walk in to Perry’s office in hopes of receiving this gift assignment request of Superman’s. The hardest part was going to be having to say goodbye to Lois as both entities since he still have serious feeling for her as both individuals. Motherbox chimes in that he is due for work at the Daily Planet in fifteen minutes so Clark quickly chooses a suit for himself and compresses it into the hidden cape compartment of his Superman costume. Superman then opens the doors to his penthouse porch and begins his mighty leaps towards the Daily Planet building arriving outside the main press room windows in a matter of minutes finding one open to step through and into the building. Typically the room goes silent whenever this great hero walks into the room and this time was no different. Superman scans around the room and notices that most everyone that he needed to talk to was there. Perry White, Lois Lane, Cat Grant, and the other reporters had already arrived ready for their day of work. Strangely missing though was Jimmy Olsen, a few other photorgraphers, some copy boys, and messengers that were always around the building long before the reporters arrived. Each day there always seemed to be fewer and fewer of them over the past week but no one really seemed to notice much except for when they were looking for Jimmy. Superman gave a quick thought wondering if maybe some they were related with the rash of crimes happening by being abducted and brainwashed. Quickly though he shifted his thoughts back to the task at hand and greeted everyone by saying, “Hello all, You know who I am and I know who you are so I am going to just get right to the point here. I have come to a personal decision that for a period of one year I am going to leave Metropolis and explore the world on foot. I am going to be taking a walking tour all over the country and other parts of the world. As you all are aware there has been a uptick of petty crime here that has been keeping me so busy I have been unable to take care of my other duties around the world and galaxy. I have asked for assistance in bringing all this activity down to regular levels with the help of my fellow members of the Justice League while I go on this sabbatical. I will provide the Metropolis SCU and a few select individuals who I trust with communication methods to those members of the Justice League should they ever need their assistance. I will speak to them individual in a matter of minutes to instruct them on how to use the devices. Finally I would like to ask for a reporter from here to join me on my travels and record my exploits over this next year. I know many of you would be honored to do this, especially you Lois and Cat, but feel that the best choice for this assignment would be Clark Kent because I have known him since I was Superboy and feel the closest to him. He will send weekly columns to the paper of my journey over this next year exclusively for the Daily Planet. I already know that he would be honored to do so for your prestigious paper and as my friend. Thank you all for your time and understanding and I will be returning to you all in one year from tomorrow. Perry and Lois may I see you in Perry’s office for a minute?” Perry White respond with an affirmative and the three of them head towards his office. When the office door closes behind the three of them Lois is the first one to speak up. “I don’t understand. We need you the most now and you choose this time to walk away. There has to be something more to this. And why you asking for Clark to accompany you. I am the one that loves you and wants to eventually be Mrs. Superman? I can do a much better job in covering your journey then he can.” Lois blurts out almost in tears. “That is precisely why I must go and ask Clark to accompany me. Unlike you he is unbiased in his friendship and reporting of me so the world can see that what is being reported is fair and critical at the same time. He will not allow personal attachments to color his stories of my journey. I am sorry Lois but it has to be this way. I will return and be a much better individual and hero for this journey. I have confidence that my fellow justice league members will keep Metropolis safe and secure in my absence. I made these communicators for both you and Perry to contact the JLA watchtower if you ever need any assistance while I am away. They are already configured and ready to be used a moments notice with an endless battery life. I had one made for Jimmy as well could you please make sure that he gets it.” Superman closes while handing out the communicators. “Jimmy has been missing for 5 days now Superman. I thought you knew since he is you pal and all. No one has seen or heard from him at all over this time. Please ask your friends to check on him for us.” Perry requests. “I will.” Superman states as he leaps out the window and into the distance. He finds a secluded spot and changes into this Clark Kent persona before walking back into the Daily Planet building. His mind is curious as to where Jimmy may be and why he has not contacted anyone over these past five days. During the elevator ride up to the main reporters floor Clark wonders if he should check into this more before he departs on his journey to ensure that Jimmy is ok. He decides that he will stop by Jimmy’s apartment before he leaves as Superman just to check up on him. The elevator door opens and Clark begins to walk towards his desk for what he thinks will be the last time for at least a year anyway when he hears Perry call out to him. “In my office Kent. I need to speak with you before you take off on this journey with Superman.” Clark walks into Perry’s office and they spend the next hour talking about what Perry expects from Clark while they are on this journey together. He wants daily reports, good or bad, people reactions to witnessing this journey on foot by Superman, and an analysis of Supermans own interactions to everything. No favoritism is to be shown to the hero since he is leaving in this manner. Clark gets up to leave for his desk to hear Perry say, “Hopefully this teenage crime spree will be solved before the two of you leave.” Clark arrives at his desk and notices an envelope addressed to him. Inside is a letter from an anonymous source stating, “Mr. Kent, I know that you have been investigating this rash of crime done by teenager and young men that have been occurring all around the city lately. I also know that they have recruited Jimmy Olsen into their group as well. I will gladly tell you what I know if you will agree to meet me on the subway platform number fifteen at 1pm today. It is the one that was closed after being bombed last week but go on down and I will meet you there.” No signature was provided on the letter. Clark decides that this is a lead that he should follow up on, sits down at his computer desk and begins to research more on the bombing of that platform last week to be prepared before he arrives. The noon hour arrives and Clark heads out the building towards the closed subway platform hoping to meet this anonymous source. Arriving at the location five minutes early Clark slowly begins to descend down the steps to the station platform. There is very little light on the platform due to damage that was sustained from the bombing. Clark walks to the center area of the station so that he can scan the whole area looking for this source who is ready to blow the lid of the criminal ring and missing young men. After waiting about five minutes on the platform Clark sees this younger looking male in skater type clothing with a sweat hoody drawn over his head and mask obscuring his face walk off the subway tracks and up to the platform. The boy looks very handsome in build and appearance for his age but his clothing is specifically worn to camouflage his true physical appearance. The boy stops at the top of the stairs looking everywhere to ensure that only he and Clark are on the platform. Then the boy speaks up, “Mr. Kent I presume, You may refer to me as Boy or son but no other name will be given. I understand that you have been investigating the rash of crimes and abductions that have been occurring all around Metropolis recently. I will tell you up front that I have been one of those involved but offer you the chance to get the inside scoop of exactly who our group is and what our objectives are. I can also tell you up front that your Friend Jimmy Olsen is safe and unharmed as you will witness soon enough. If you are interested though I must ask that you leave your tape recorders, phones, and any other devices here at the platform in the lockers over there. They will do you no good where we are going because of all the electrical interference.” The boy points towards the lockers on the far wall and Clark goes over and notices that one is open with a key in the lock and decides to put his stuff in there as requested. Clark then approaches the young boy and says, “Ok son, you have my interest and I have done as you requested so why don’t you go ahead and take me to the individuals behind all of this.” Clark and the boy both descend the stairs and work their way down the empty subway tunnel along the edge for about two miles. It is pitch black in the tunnel but the skater boy knows his way well enough that the two of them make it down the tunnel with little effort. Clark himself was struggling with the lack of light but was able to stay close enough to the boy to follow without getting lost. If only he had his super vision he would have had no problem at all with maneuvering around the tunnel. Suddenly the boy stopped and pushed an area of the subway tunnel wall and a sliding door opened revealing a huge well illuminated structure with a three large chambers present. Lots of kids were gathered around in the main central chamber as Clark and the skater boy entered. It took a few seconds for Clark’s eyes to adjust and take in the whole surroundings. Much to Clarks amazement as his eyes adjust he seems to notice that the teenagers and young adult males all seem gathered around a central male that looks to be approximately twenty-four years old, standing about six foot even, approximate weight of about one hundred sixty pounds, with bright red hair, and a well framed back and butt thanks to the tight clothes that he is wearing. Clark is certain that he knows who it is but since he is not in control here he decides to hold his breath until the right opportunity presents itself. The boy that he was following beckons Clark into one of the side rooms where there is a desk with three computer screens on and full of information and a lounger a little distance away where the boy motions for Clark to sit. The boy then sits down and the desk and rotates his chair towards Clark stating, “Mr. Kent I want to welcome you to our home here. This was originally a bunker built by German Scientist that immigrated to the United States shortly after World War II. We happen to be the offspring of those scientists and were summoned to this place over the past couple of months as our ancestors have passed away. They use to do research on young adults in hopes to eventually create a master race that would be superior to all humans and heroes present on earth. They have had many failures over the years but with our generation we have started to see success in the first few trials that have been done. What we do is summon the young men here and educate them about who they truly are and what they truly represent before sending over for treatment at an undisclosed location for a year. When they return they are not the same individual that they left as. We plan to use them to infiltrate all the major constructs of the world such as sports, politics, business, entertainment, and the military branches worldwide and once we have infiltrated all them we plan to take over the entire world and anyone that wants to resist us will eventually become our servant slaves. Even your vaunted heroes will not be able to stop us. Your friend Jimmy Olsen actually is one of these offspring and he is going to be the best of us all. He happens to have a mutant genetic makeup that with the treatment will make him even stronger then the exhaulted hero Superman of this world. He actually is the one that requested your presence here because he wanted to see you one more time before he is sent off for his treatment. We have gathered enough money and he is scheduled to leave in the morning to begin his treatment. We agreed to let him meet with you and let him say his peace before leaving. One of my boys will take you to his quarters in a few minutes if you would please wait here. He also will have a copy of all the early research that was done over the years for you to use as reference for your story. Until Jimmy is ready for you please feel free to review the information on the computer displays, the keyboards are locked tough so you cannot access any other information.” The boy then got up and walked right through the wall, instead of the door, to the main chamber in the blink of an eye. Clark walks over to the desk and sees that the genetic research was designed to create people with super speed, super strength, bullet proof skin that is strong enough to even take a missile shot directly, super intellect, superior psychic abilities, and even ones with telekinetic powers. The thing most telling is a more recent one that seems to show an individual that has had steroids and genetic material into their own that would rival the powers of Superman himself. Most of the material can be injected but the final material needs to be absorbed directly into the body and be raw genetic material dispensed in sperm. Clark is unclear how this transfer could occur but is unable to think about hit further as the door opens and a different boy that is wearing boxer shorts and a wife-beater t-shirt opens the door and calls, “Mr. Kent, Jimmy is ready to meet you in his quarters. If you would please follow me.” Clark walks away from the desk and follow the new boy to Jimmy’s quarters. At the door to Jimmy’s quarters the boy stood to the side and motioned Clark to open and go on in. Clark did as instructed and was welcomed by his old friend saying “Hello Clark it is so nice to see you again. How are things at the Daily Planet? I am sorry that I am not going to be able to come and see them before I depart but at least I can see you and you can pass on my goodbyes to them. Please join me here in the sitting area of my bedroom and lets talk since I know you must have lots of questions and things to discuss.” Clark notices that the six foot kid he saw in the main chamber was indeed Jimmy who is still wearing the tight cargo pants that shape his butt, crotch region, and thighs very nicely. The polo shirt that Jimmy is wearing is so tight on his body that it is practically stretching enough to allow one to see Jimmy’s bare smooth skin underneath it. Clark asks the obvious question. “Are you alright Jimmy? We have been so concerned about you since you have been away.” “I am doing fine. Since I got down here I found out that my real name is not Jimmy Olsen but rather Gunther Mueller. My Grandparents changed my fathers and my name when he snuck us into the United States. My Grandfather who’s name was Hans Mueller was famous geneticist in World War II. He was a pioneer on genetic manipulation on mutants but never joined either side during the war. He got cast out of Germany to Italy early during the war where he continued his research eventually getting labeled a war criminal for his research at the end of the war. He fled Italy and settled down here in the U.S.A and raised my father and me. I did not know who my father or grandfather were since I was adopted when my dad died as I was a young boy of five from an accident. I have learned so much about him and my grandfather during my time down here. It seems that all three of us are actually mutants in our own rights. My father had a second skeleton throughout most of his body and my grandfather was able to emit sonic wave radiation focused to the any frequency and to pin point accuracy for damaging effect. While these mutations were very useful they also shortened their lifespans the more they were used. I myself have the ability to enter peoples dreams and influence them for right now. I have more but I will not divulge those until they are fully manifested after my treatment.” Jimmy stated while setting on the couch right next to Clark and leaning into him. “I have also began to notice that I have a large sexual appetite and find people like you extremely attractive.” Jimmy rubs his hands all over Clarks body knowing it is having the intended affect of confusing and stimulation to Clark. “I am sorry Jimmy but I do not fell ….” Clark starts to say only to be cut off by Jimmy. “Shut up, Boy!” Instantly Clark stops his sentence and sits stiff as a board like he is waiting instructions of what to do next. A big smile grew across Jimmy’s face as he realized that the conditioning that he had been using on Clark the past week had taken effect. “As I mentioned Clark boy I have the ability to enter peoples dreams and influence them. For the past week I have been entering you and showing you scenes that I knew you would fully enjoy of Superman, my pal and yours, being erotically dominated and controlled by a superior being. These dreams were intended to allow me the opportunity to control and dominate you and be able to Superman exactly what my plans are for him in the future. In just a couple minutes I intend to incapacitate Superman and bind him with a low level of kryptonite radiation and give him a glimpse of what is to come for him after my procedure by doing those actions to you.” Jimmy states standing up from the couch and heading to an end table containing a lead lined box and his Superman signal wrist watch. Opening the lid a familiar green tint is cast in the room for a bit as Jimmy reaches in and pulls out some kryptonite handcuffs and kryptonite laced rope. “In this box is a small rock of green kryptonite which will be just enough when opened to weaken “My Pal” so that I can bind him to this wheelchair and force him to watch you service me as my Slave Boy. It is time to summon him now.” Jimmy states and reaches for his signal watch. Jimmy has his back turned and is unable to see though that Clark is sweating and showing signs of weakness by slumping a bit since the box has been opened due to the radiation. Jimmy pushes the button saying, “It will only be a few seconds and then the fun begins.” Turning towards Clark he is stunned to see the reaction of Clarks body as a results of the past few actions that he has performed. While Clark is still unable to move Jimmy detects that he is not feeling well and when the hyper pitch of the watch was turned on Clarks eyes immediately widened in response like Superman’s always did when he used it in the past. Jimmy finally realized then that the two objects of his affections were one and the same person. Clark Kent and Superman were the same person and they were his to control. The sense of power Jimmy got was intense but he decided to take his time. This fact was something that would change the means his demonstration would happen but the intended effect would be one and the same. “Well what do you know Boy! I can tell by your reaction to the kryptonites presence that you and Superman are one and the same and that currently you are under my mental control. Do you deny this fact?” Jimmy questions. Clark responds in the affirmative to which Jimmy says, “Stand up and prove it to me. Strip to your costume and show me you how and where you store your Clark clothes for me Boy.” Jimmy orders. Clark stands up from the couch stating an affirmative, “Yes Sir.”, and begins to remove his Clark Kent suit opening the small cape pouch they store in. Jimmy is awed when he uses his super strength to shrink the suit small enough to fit inside the pouch. Superman is now standing in the bedroom in his costume with sweat forming all over his body due to the kryptonite radiation. Jimmy approaches the hero with the kryptonite rock and slowly moves it all over the heroes body from head to toe. When it gets close to his head, heart, crotch and buttocks the man of steels knees buckle but he stands tall through it all. Sitting on the couch next to the side of Superman Jimmy instructs, “You have such a wonderful physique. I want you to perform a striptease and lap dance for me boy. I will let you know when it is enough.” Superman turned towards Jimmy and started to dance as if there as music present in the room giving Jimmy an erotic charge by grinding his heroic buttocks into Jimmy’s lap while in full costume even showing hints of a erection forming through the fabric. Jimmy’s own member was growing hard and straining at the fabric of his cargo pants. He keeps his hands away from it yet because he is not ready to unleash his cock on the hero yet. While grinding his buttocks on Jimmy’s lap, Jimmy reaches up and releases the heroes cape watching it fall to the floor and then starts to rub the heroes pectoral region with the kryptonite in one hand and his other bare hand. Superman lets out a few moans while Jimmy massages and tweaks each nipple through the fabric. This goes on for about ten minutes and then Superman stands back up and rips off the top shirt portion of his costume to reveal his massive upper pectorals and hair cropping between the pectorals and a treasure trail that runs all the way down to his crotch. Each of the heroes nipples are protruding out a good inch to inch and half and are hard and round like large glass marbles. They each have a slight tint of red to them which does not seem enough to Jimmy so he has the hero sit in his lap once more and works over the pectorals by slapping, pinching, and biting them until the entire area is covered in sweat and a bright red in color. Then while Superman is giving him a lap dance Jimmy reaches down and starts to feel up the heroes cock and nuts. He is impressed because the hero is fully erect under the fabric and the nuts are extremely sensitive to Jimmy’s touch which is verified by the moans from the hero everytime Jimmy rubs and tugs the sack. Superman pauses just long enough to reach down and remove his size fourteen boots and the tights from his legs. The red trunks he puts back on for a minute or two which barely contains his erect twelve inch cock, the head actually peeks out over the top band and gives another lap dance to Jimmy making sure to grind his buttocks on Jimmy’s cock and his own cock rub up and down Jimmy’s chest like he is fucking and being fucked simultaneously. Jimmy pulls down the heroes briefs to reveal Supermans cock which falls down fully erect into his lap. The Hero continues to grind as a lapdance when Jimmy leans in and plants a firm long kiss on the hero exploring his oral region for a good two to three minutes. “Boy I want you to get down and give me a blowjob. You cannot use your hands to release my cock and to ensure that I want you to hand me those handcuffs which I will use to restrain your wrists behind your back. You got that Boy.” Jimmy instructs. “Yes, Sir.” Is supermans response as he grabs the handcuffs and hands them to Jimmy before turning his back to him and putting his wrists behind him listening to the handcuffs close over this wrists. The initial pain from the kryptonite pebble in them swiftly passes and Superman turns back around and kneels in front of Jimmy burying his face into his crotch region bathing it in saliva while hunting for Jimmy’s cock and balls. Superman periodically sucks on his cock and balls through the fabric for almost five minutes before starting to open the buttons. One by one the hero opens all four buttons and out spills Jimmy’s cock which is a full nine inches in length and about as round as a polish sausage. It smacks Superman directly in the face which Jimmy decides is a good way to torture the hero so he grabs his cock and continually smack the heroes face with his manliness. “You want this don’t you boy. Tell me how much you want to work on this boy. Make me believe that you want this instrument of your defeat.” In reply Superman starts to moan when the cock smacks upon his face and low pleas of “Please Sir let me service you Sir.”, come out the heroes mouth. Finally the pleas get loud enough to be plainly heard and Jimmy directs the heroes mouth over the tip of his cock and shoves it all the way down to the red bush he had in one stroke holding the hero there for about thirty seconds with his hands. Superman soon relaxes his throat and once adjusted begins to lick and bob up and down the shaft of Jimmy’s cock. Jimmy removes his cargo pants and slaps the heroes chin with his nutsack as the hero sucks on his cock. The hero does such a good job that Jimmy has to pull out and relax a couple times to keep from cumming down the heroes throat. Jimmy knows that he wants to fuck the hero and blow his load in the heroes ass for his first time. “I want you to bend your chest over the bed and your ass off the end. It is time for my boy to get fucked by his masters cock. But to start with I am going to loosen you up a bit with my fingers and jack you off.”, Jimmy instructs. Superman obeys with no objection and Jimmy takes the small piece of kryptonite and starts to slowly jack off the hero with it in hand intermittently spanking the heroes ass to a bright red brilliance. Then Jimmy spreads the ass cheeks and teases the heroes anus with his fingers and the kryptonite rock watching it convulse open and close from the enticement and nerve reponse. Taking the kryptonite into his left hand Jimmy then starts to rub it up and down Supermans rigid cock a few times then grips it into his palm and cups the heroes nutsack and thrusting his own hard cock to its hilt deep into Supermans ass causing him to scream out from the violation and pain in the two areas of his body. Jimmy starts to fuck the helpless hero while stroking him with the kryptonite rock in his hand slowly and steadily and the heroes cries of pain slowly turn to moans of pleasure as the two individuals slowly build up towards their climax. In about ten minutes of fucking Jimmy starts to feel Superman tense his anal ring so Jimmy picks up the pace of humping and jacking off the hero. It is only a matter of seconds more when Jimmy starts to shoot rope after rope of cum in the the heroes ass all the while milking the cum out of the hero at the same time. Superman’s ass clinches tight that Jimmy is shoved all the way in as he spews his cum into the hero and even when he is done shooting he leaves his cock in the hero for a few minutes more to let the hero milk out the remnants with his own ass. The spent hero collapses and rolls over to his back on the bed as Jimmy pulls out and is immediately greeted with a hot spray of urine coming from Jimmy’s cock on his face. The torrent of piss completely soaks Supermans hair, head, and upper chest and goes on for what seems like minutes. Jimmy then grabs the heroes head and forces him to milk the remaining piss and cum mixture out and off his still rigid cock until the hero passes out. Jimmy gets up and says to the hero, “Thank you for the wonderful time Boy. Next time we meet though you will do this and more without the mental conditioning and become my servant of your own volition. For tonight though I must take my leave and will turn you over the the throngs of males out their just waiting to take advantage of you for the time being while you are still under the conditioning. Next time we meet though I will no longer be your Pal “Jimmy Olson” I will be your master Gunther Mueller and with my mutant ability take all of your powers as my own each and every time you feed me your seed. So long Boy.” Jimmy picks up the unconscious hero and releases the handcuffs, walks him to the door of the bedroom, opens it and walks to the center of the main chamber laying the hero down. As he walks away Jimmy states, “He is all yours boys. Do with him what ever you want. He will be like this for about another twenty to thirty minutes I suspect. I suggest you all get your jollies and leave before he wakes up. Jimmy then leaves the facility and is gone in just a matter of seconds ready to go have his procedure done. The remaining boys take full advantage of the unconscious Superman drenching him from head to toe in a mixture of piss, cum, and spit. Kicking him in the nuts, stomping on his cock and chest and even using whatever implements they could think of to rape Superman with. All the while superman is off in the dream world seeing images of him and Gunther together as rulers of the entire world and no longer his sidekick but as his submissive partner in all manners of life. Just as Superman begins to awaken the entire scene completely freezes as the boys begin to take their leave. Two figures emerge from the shadows and take form in the chamber. The Phantom Stranger stands next to the Spectre in the center of the room. Both of them have their cocks out and cum dripping on the floor witnessing the events of the past seven days. The Phantom Strangers cock is very thick and semi soft has a length of almost twelve inches. The cum dripping out has a strange silverfish tint it and is very thick as it splatters on the floor. The Spectres cock is about as thick as the strangers but not as long at only ten inches. It has a slight curve to the left and is a pale white in color along the entire shaft similar to the color of his own skin. The oddity is the bright pink mushroom head hidden by a covering of white foreskin. Solid white cum is dripping from his cock as well. “So now that the preperations are over and the stage has been set I think it is time for us to announce the rules, stipulations, wager, and what we are risking of each other.”, says the Spectre. “I agree. The rules are simple. Over the next year you and I will have no direct influence with either Superman, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Gunther Mueller as they make their own individual decisions on who they are and what they will become. You and I may observe their development either as ourselves or through the eyes of people around them but we cannot influence the people we are observing from in what they have to say. In one year the two individuals will confront each other again and we will see which of us is correct. I say that Superman will never be a true submissive to anyone in all aspects of life and will defeat Gunther even though he may love him at the same time. You say that Superman will finally embrace that he truly is a submissive to a superior being like Gunther will be and drop all resistance fully becoming a slave to Gunther in time as they meet again. Does that sound right?” Phantom Stranger asks. “ That is correct, Now as to what we are each risking. If you win the bet I am willing to sleep with you and by having sex with you merge my soul and powers with your own unifying both our universes once and for all. If I win you will surrender yourself to me and when I fuck you and shoot my cum inside you our two universes will become forever separated and never cross again. You and I will each control the outcomes of our own independent universes until such time that they cross of their own volition instead of through your or my influence. The two of us will forget about each other and everything we have learned about each other over the years and be reborn. Is this acceptable?” Spectre inquires looking directly at Phantom Stranger. Both of the ethereal beings agree to the wager and its terms fully aware of the consequences should they lose this wager because ultimately it means one or both of them will die.

What will happen when the parties reunite in a year. Will the nightmares superman had ultimately come true? What will be the true cost to the ethereal beings? How will this affect the two different earths that have just collided? Time and space will tell.