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What You Deserve
Part 4 - Sentence
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Part 4 - Sentence

He blindly stumbled down the hall and fell into the ROTC recruiting office where they

Simply fell on the poor hunk like a pack of wolves, and began fucking him without ceremony or mercy.


They bound him, ass up, for maximum access.


They even dressed him up in camouflage for a little playacting, as if he were a captured soldier across enemy lines where the interrogated him by hammering a dildo in his ass.

“Admit it Maggott!!! You deserve this! You want this!”


After a while two of the soldiers sat over him and discussed the idea of selling him off to a brothel near an army base in Thailand.


But they were called away for muster, leaving him in the perfect bound position for later use.


As he struggled out of his bonds, he knew he had to get off campus to the real world, and to the police.

In the T-Shirt and fatigues they had dressed him in, he stumbled out toward the parking lot.

He was nearly to the entrance to the campus when he heard voices. Some of the boys from the basketball team were getting out of a bus.

Not about to take any chances he ducked behind a van. Some other random students passed by as well. While waiting for the coast to clear, he noticed that there was something familiar about this van. Where had he seen it before?

The news!

This van was associated with the disappearance of several college students and young men in the area. One young jock reported narrowly escaping sexual assault having been dragged into the van. It was unclear if this was connected to bodies found upstate.

Suddenly he saw stars. His head was slammed against the hard metal wall of the van. Blood trickled down into his eye.

“ Well HEELLLOOO there my handsome young stud. What a nice surprise to find you here”

His head, still held firmly against the van, making it impossible to get a good look at his attacker.

“A hot young slab of beef like you shouldn’t be walking around by himself in such a tight T-shirt. Anyone passing by could be rightly enticed to molest a stud like you on sight. Strutting around teasing men like this, you deserve anything that happens to you”

Long hands roamed freely exploring his weakened, but struggling, body.

The creepy attacker yanked down the fatigue pants and gasped.

He knelt down before Bro Dude’s perfect round hard muscle butt.

“My God. You can’t walk around with an ass like that and expect not to be raped!”


“I must say, my slutty young whore. This may be the finest ass I’ve ever seen, and I’m quite the connisseur. Such steely hard muscle, so meaty and full.”


“How can anyone who sees this bubble butt not want to dive in and.. oh nom, nom, nom”

This creep was clearly a master at eating stud’s asses. What he was doing with his tongue blew the straight stud’s dazed mind far out into orbit.


Through the intense sensation of the rimming, Bro Dude knew that no one forced into that van ever came out alive.

His attacker slid open the door and roughly pushed him inside.

“Get in there whore. This is your fault. This wouldn’t be happening to you if you hadn’t built up such a hot muscle body, and did all those squats to get that amazing ass. You deserve everything I’m going to do to you.”

He tied the young stud up and ripped open the shirt.


He flipped him over face down. The floor of the van had a musty raw stink. He thought he noticed dried blood.

“God you’re magnificent. I’m going to enjoy this.” he ran his hands greedily over the young stud’s body.


He whispered in Bro Dude’s ear

“That’s right stud, squirm for me... Squirm Boy!”

Bro Dude had no choice but to do just that.


He pulled apart the ass cheeks and spit a white wad in the hole.


“Such a perfect ass, just made for fucking. I’m going to give you what you deserve”

He’d been raping stud’s asses for years. He was a master. He played Bro Dude’s helpless body like a violin. The rape was, at once brutal, tender, and slow.


This particular stud’s suffering drove the rapist more wild than ever before. He pounded into his victim with such savage ferocity that Bro Dude that the van might fly apart from the rocking.


The pervert pulled out, flipped his captive over and stuffed his tongue down the stud’s throat. After a long passionate kiss, he looked lovingly into the young preacher’s eyes and said “Now don’t you move. It’s time we take a little drive. I want to find a more secluded spot where no one will hear you scream.”


As they sped off down the road he boasted about all the sick things he planned to do to the poor hunk’s bound body. Bro Dude wanted to retch.

The van slowed as they seemed to pull of the main highway and up a steep incline.

The sicko climbed back to his prey for an even more brutal session. As predicted Bro Dude could not help but scream.


The session left both men exhausted.


“You look tired my beauty.” Said the pervert. “You need to rest. Up here, on this quiet hillside, is where all my young beauties rest. It’s time for you to join them”


Bro Dude struggled mightily as the pervert put his hands around the young preacher’s neck. While he was fighting for his life Bro Dude accidentally kicked the stick shift into neutral, and the van began to roll backward down the hill.

As it picked up speed, it hit a bump so hard that the back doors of the van burst open, and Bro Dude bounced out, skipping down the roadd like a smooth stone a young boy throws on a lake.

The pervert managed to regain control of the van and sped away.

The stud picked up spped rolling down the hill and on to the highway where he heard tires screeching.

The police cruiser stopped only centimeters from his head.

“Sir! SIR!” The police officer checked his plus, shone a pinlight in his eye, and said to his partner; “He’s alive, but barely responsive. He seems to be in shock.”

He slapped Bro-Dude’s face gently.

“Sir! Can you hear me?”

The young studs eyes focused on the officer’s face, praying that now he was off campus he was safe under the protection of the law.

He sputtered:

“Please help me”

“Yes sir, we’re trying. We’re going to take you to the hospital.Can you tell us what happened?

I was.. I was .. raped. It was that serial killer you’re looking for. He was going to kill me”

The officer nodded gravely.

“Right” He said. “We’ll hunt him down”

His tone changed

“Of course he raped you. If you had stayed at home and stuck to your religion this wouldn’t have happened. But instead you had to go to the gym, do squats,and build up that amazing ass. You had to tone that provocative six pack, thick thighs, and massive chest to tempt men. Now you’re lying in a public street, naked, and for the taking. You deserve rape. We’re going to have to bring you in and rape you ourselves”

They picked him up, bent him over the cruiser

“You have the right to get fucked. Any exposed flesh can, and will be abused and used .”

They threw him in the back of the squad car.


It was a short ride to the police station.

“Chief, we found this delicious hunk of meat lying naked in the street”

“Good work men, throw him over the desk and let me get a closer look”

It was happening here. Was there no where in the world he would be safe?

“C’mre slut!” Shouted the chief. He grabbed Bro Dude’s hair and slammed his head down on the desk a few times to let him know to obey

“I feel teeth, I’ll knock every one of ‘em out of your mouth”

He forced his dick down the stud’s throat. Bro Dude had grown used to this, and didn’t resist, but he still gagged and sputtered.


“Now let’s get a closer look at that fine ass. Jesus, boy, that’s one magnificent booty you’ve got. No wonder that perv raped you. I gotta have a taste.


“Tie him down men. I need in there!”

They tied him securely over the desk, and the chief plowed right in, with all the authority of his office.


“You know boy, people call us pigs, but you’re just on pig slut, aren’t you? Oink, oink boy.”


“C’mon chief” whined one of the cops; “We brought him in. When do we get a turn?”

“All in good time, officer. This hunk has me so hot, it’s not going to be much longer”


“ I need to see his face when I fill him up with cum. Flip him over boys!”

Obeying orders they tied him face up facing the chief, who almost immediately let out a war whoop, and exploded into Bro Dude’s abused asshole.


He collapsed down on his prisoner, spent, and lay there a few moments, enjoying the feel of hard muscle against his cheek, and then collected himself.

“Okay boys. Cuff him, throw him in a cell and go to town on him”

They didn’t need to be told twice. They arresting officer took the first turn.


“I’ve been waiting for this since I saw you lying in the road. Helpless naked and bruised. I knew I had to have you”

He pulled him over the edge of the cot for the best view of his ass, and covered his mouth. He wanted to pile drive into him as painfully as possible, but didn’t want his screams to disturb the other prisoners.


His partner got the next turn. He was a but more gentle because this was too nice a rape to rush. They settled in for a long night alternating turns, and allowing everyone on the night shift, including the janitor to have a taste of the helpless stud.


Finally in the wee small hours they decided they needed to interrogate, to find out more about the perv in the van.

They left to set up the room for questioning.

Bro Dude lay spent on the cot, unable to find the merciful release of sleep.


They stormed back into the cell and threw a bucket of water on him to wake him up. He was already awake.

They dragged him into the interrogatin room for questioning and chained him, face down on a table.


“All right Pig slut, make it easy on yourself and tell us everything you need to know about the perv in the van.”


Bro Dude told them what happened, but they weren’t satisfied.

“You were in it together weren’t you?!!!”

They brought down a whip hard on his back.


“I’ve told you everything I know!”


“We could be here all day. Admit it!”

Bro Dude couldn’t take it anymore

“I’ll say anything you want! But it won’t do any good. Your just want to whip my ass, because you like the way it looks and then fuck me more.”

“You insolent whore! You’re asking for a beating” they reigned down hell with a riding crop, but in the end admitted he was right.


“You’re right slut, we just like beating that pretty ass of yours. We don’t care what you have to say. Let’s see how you look with a bit of hot wax”


They tied his legs to the ceiling for a face up fuck.


And then flipped him back for thier favorite viewing position.


Of course they all had to take a turn before they were done.


After hours of whippings and fuckings an emergency call came into the station. Someone had spotted the perv with the van. Leaving a wiped out Bro Dude lying very still on the interrogation table. They rushed out to answer the call of duty.


The destroyed hunk shook his head from side to side trying to rouse himself. He knew this was his one chance to escape. With superhuman strength he managed to lose his bonds and roll off the table. He crawled out of the room, found a police some pants that were, of course, too tight, but would serve and managed to stand and limp out of the precinct.

It seemed to be early evening. He had no idea how many hours or days had passed since the beginning of this ordeal. He only knew that every single person whose path he had crossed had brutally raped and tortured him.

He had to find his way home without anyone seeing him.

He heard voices. The cops were returning to the station.

He ducked into a back alley and hid behind some rubbish bins.

Several others passed by without detecting him. He might have to wait it out here until dark.

The chains seemed to wrap themselves around his bare chest without making a sound.

A latex clad fetishist used the chains to pull the hunk to him, and bit is earlobe whispering; “Now what’s a half naked stud like you doing wandering around by himself without a shirt at this time of night? Anyone can just walk right up and rape you, because you deserve it. In fact, don’t mind if I do.”

He bend Bro Dude over some rubbish bins, the rusted aluminum cold against his bare stomach.

The latex man pulled down his pants, and admired the hard round ass.

“MMMMmm this is an ass that just begs to be raped”

Bro Dude found himself, yet again impaled on a hungry cock. The chains and the metal cut into his bare flesh painfully as he cock rammed into him rattling loudly.

“ I should just leave you here. This is where you belong pig. You’re nothing but trash, and you deserve rape.” Taunted is attacker.


“But I have some biker friends who would like to meet you”

He shouldered the violated hunk, and carried him to a garage which echoed with the sound of cheering leather bikers.

“I brought you boys something fine to play with”

The roar of the crowd indicated they agreed, and he was tied onto a motorcycle and ridden hard by the whole gang.


“Dudes there’s a big party down the leather bar tonight. I think we should bring our knew friend. He deserves a good ride tonight.”

One of the bikers jumped on the seat behind him. Rammed his cock in Bro Dude’s hole, revved up the engine, and they sped off into the night. High speed on bumpy roads pushed the bikers cock even deeper.


They rode right into the center of the bar.

Bro Dude was passed overhead, crowd-surfing by hundreds of hands, tossed over some kind of crate, and firmly tied down.

The hunk shuddered at the now familiar sensation of a tongue in his ass. You’d think his asshole was made out of filet mignon the way the queers were always so ravenous to eat him out.


As always, this was followed by another huge cock ramming into his ass.

He raised his head at the painful rush of the invasion and her saw her!

It was her! The dyke! The witch!

She smiled at him and spoke as if she were meeting a long lost dear friend:

“Welllll HEY THERE Preacher boy!!!!!! You havin’ a rough week?”

Bro Dude’s only response was huff in in time with the cock slamming into his ass.

“Unnghh ungh ugnh”

She knelt down to speak to him eye to eye. No one else seemed aware of their conversation.


“I know just how you feel, preacher boy. I was raped once myself. I was 15 years old and dressed very provocatively in an oversized Cardinal’s hoodie sweatshirt and a pair of baggy overalls. Way hot right? Boy I bet that big dick in your ass really hurts right now.”

She beamed at him.

“I took it hard, but while I was recovering, I met some very interesting people, who taught me a few magic tricks so nothing like that would never happen to me again. I met my girlfriend and pulled my life back together. But, I confess, I still hang on to a bit of anger. I guess you’ve figured out by now, that even though you’re completely to blame for your fate, I’m the one that orchestrated what’s been happening to you. You see, when I saw you, on campus, with your ‘You Whore’ sign, and your ‘You deserve Rape’ T-shirt, I thought you needed to really experience the horror you so casually wish on women. Of course , my wife always complains that when I’m trying to make a point, I tend to go waaay overboard. I was only raped by one man, buy I fixed so you’ve been continuously raped, nonstop, for five days, by everyone you saw. Iterally hundreds of men. Where you even aware of the time passing?” Guess you were having way too much fun, huh?”

“You.. unghh, inngh unnhh you… bitch”

“Oh now, temper, temper” She put on a mock frowny face. “That’s so hurtful, especially after I gave you your deepest wish. I made you famous! Did you know? I’ve been recording every moment. It’s all on line. You’re an honest to goodness, world famous gay porn star!! Isn’t that great?? You’re welcome”

“Pl.. plu ..please.. noooo”

It was bizarre that she would be having such a casual conversation, in such a cheery tome with someone who was being brutally raped.

“Tell me, now you’ve experienced it first hand, do you really still think little 15 year old me, in my baggy sweatshirt really deserved what happened to me?”

A fifth leather man took his turn in Bro Dude’s ass.”

“Unng,.. God was huff, huff, unggh.. punishing you for your homosexual lifestyle.. and for unngghh.. practicing witchcraft”

She chuckled.

“ I thought you’d say that. I suppose I have to admire your commitment. You know, part of me imagined this saga might end with you learning your lesson, becoming a better person and devoting your days improving the lives of women around the world. But deep down I knew that wasn’t going to happen.”

“Plu.. ple… unghh please make this stop!”

“Tell you what, dude, Imma do you a solid.”

She motioned behind her toward a man in a Chinese style robe, a shaved head, and extremely long fingernails.

“This nice gentleman is Mr. Sin. He’s going to help you. He has this beautiful, peaceful, safe, island off the coast of Chile, that he’s made the perfect place for boys like you.”

The line of rapists seemed to have disappeared.

“Boys like me?”

“Why, sex slaves, of course..silly. Mr. Sin is going to add you to his collection. Normally he sends hunters around the world to aquire his merchandise, but when he heard your story, he decided to come in person. It’s quite an honor, really. You’re going to be a sex slave for a long, long time. And do you know why? Because you deserve it!” She laughed.

Bro Dude tried to struggle “Nooo!!!!”

But Mr. Sin covered his face with a rag, whispering “shhhhh!!! Just breathe my beauty” and the hunk writhed into stillness.


He kept the rag pressed down for a long time to make sure the muscle stud was really subdued, then pitched his new slave over his shoulder.

He turned to the witch, and handed her a briefcase full of money.

“Thank you so much my dear. I’ve very much enjoyed working with you. I look forward to our next project”

The witch’s laugh remained in the air long after she disappeared. Bro Dude would hear the echo of it for the rest of his new life as a sex slave.


“As Pastor ‘Bro Dude’ Sexton learned, the tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, and explosions, but words and ideas. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, to be found in the minds of men to keep the oppressed in their place. To decide what slavery others deserve. The pity of it is the consequences of this oppression can have repercussions, that are not necessarily confined to the Twilight Zone.