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What You Deserve
Part 1 - Judgement
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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What You Deserve

A Twilight Zone Style Tale of Commupence

By Wolfpek

Disclaimer: The story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. This is based on a real person whom the writer hopes will one day grow up and learn some compassion, but no actual harm is meant to this person. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy: Wolfpek

Part 1 - Judgement

“"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

“There’s a lot of provocative, seductive pictures of her that she has put out of herself,” He made sure to speak clearly into the reporter’s microphone. “I believe that if she was at home, and if she had kept to her orthodox Jewishness, that that rape really probably would not have happened.”

Pleased to present for your consideration, on Brother Dude Sexton, campus open air preacher, who tends to make incendiary comments about women, homosexuals, and Muslims, decreeing what they deserve due to their sins.

There were no less than five cameras pointed at him. It was finally happening! He was going to be famous! Brother Dude Sexton adjusted his sexy aviator shades that made him look totally boss, and looked earnestly into the lens. “I believe that feminism is hurtful to society,” he went on; “individuals who don’t submit to their husbands defy Scripture. He called this look “blue steele” the gaze he’d practiced in the mirror was just humble enough, without coming off like a weak ass faggot.

Fame! He’d worked hard. He deserved this. he was on his way. Just yesterday he had signed to make regular appearances on Duck Dynasty, and had already stood on stage with, no less, than three Republican Presidential candidates where he had made a speech demanding that queers should be given the chance to repent before being executed for the crime of homosexuality. He was, after all, a compassionate conservative. Ted Cruz had even patted him on the back and told him he had “the right stuff”, although Cruz seemed to be staring at Bro Dude’s cock the whole time. No surprise there.

It’s not that he knew or cared about Scripture, Jesus, or anything having to do with real Christianity, but these simple fools ate up everything he said, because they hated the same people he did. This was the shortest road to fame.

The camera loved his thick dark curly hair and matinee idol square jaw. He just needed something that would pull the lenses toward his good looks, and he would be on his way.

One day while scoping chicks on the campus quad, he’d hit on it. As one young lovely ankled by with a matt and headphones, he thought to himself; “Dude, just look at the way her yoga pants stretch over her ass. Man the bitch is just asking to be raped.” A bolt of inspiration shot through him, and he knew how to get the attention his looks deserved,

He’d become a provocative campus preacher. He printed up some T-shirts which clung to his rounded delts broad shoulders, and massive hard pecs, and were just short enough to allow a teasing peak at nicely ripped six pack when he raised his arms or wiped sweat off his brow. His carefully distressed loose fit jeans hung low enough on his lean hips to reveal a sliver of the sculpted V which drew the eye to his impressive package, and stretched suggestively across his hard round ass. The shirts read “Infidel,” “Femi Nazi,” “Virgin Pride,” “Read Your Bible,” and “You Whore,” pieces of clothing that change depending on which group he wanted to piss off.

He didn’t know what they were whining about. It’s not like the old days when he was still in high school roaming gay and Muslim neighborhoods with his baseball bat, looking for sinners foolish enough to stray from the heard so he could give them a proper beating for not following the good old American Christian straight and narrow. Especially the straight.


The one that got the camera’s attention read “You deserve rape”. It was his favorite.

He strutted around campus in this carefully selected costume shouting from a megaphone such phrases as “Give up your immodest clothing” , “Yoga pants are a sin.” or “I’m sorry to say, but most of your dads are ashamed of you.”


In his case he was protesting a screening of Brave Miss World , which shares the story of Linor Abargil who won the 1998 Miss World Pageant – shortly after being raped.

The standard issue blonde reporter lady was clearly disgusted by what he was saying, but couldn’t help glancing at his thick thighs and package. He’d noticed the faggot cameraman checking out his ass too, disgusting. He narrowed his eyes and finished with ““I believe that there are certain qualities that may be worthy of rape. If a woman dresses provocatively, gets blackout drunk, and is wearing really revealing clothing, then I would say she is partially responsible for the rape,”

‘Bro Dude” as he was called around campus, among other things, turned away and headed toward the LGBTQ student association office. The way that cameraman looked at his ass had pissed him off. Might as well take it out on those godless faeries for the rest of the day.

On his way across the quad his eye was caught by sharp sunlight glinting off a pair of long dangly, gypsy style earrings worn by some man-haired hippie dyke. Something about those multi coloured, witchy crystals held his gaze. He found it almost impossible to look away from them. The way they twinkled and danced made him dizzy and unsettled. He shook his head. The dyke was staring at his shirt head cocked curiously.

“Interesting shirt man.” She chuckled and read the words one by one “hmm you.. deserve.... rape”

“That’s right miss, I belie…”

She cut him off’ You.. deserve rape”

“Scripture says..”

“You deserve rape”

She kept cutting him off “You deserve rape”

Normally he’d make short work of her, but something about the dazzling light reflected off of the earrings had him off his game.

He backed away, and continued on but she kept saying it and laughing

“You deserve to be raped” You deserve rape” “You deserve rape.. hahahahaaa””

Even when she was out of earshot, he kept hearing her voice and those lights continued to dance in his eyes

“ You deserve rape” “You deserve rape”

“Shake it off Bro-Dude” he said to himself as he strode toward the student association building with his mega phone and sign. But something was different. Instead of the usual reactions of anger, silence or derision, the queers hanging around the lawn in front of the building seemed to sniff the air in an almost animalistic way. The slowly headed toward him, some skirting around behind trees and bushes to form a wide crouching circle like predatory cats.

Those twinkling lights from the earrings danced in front of his eyes, dazzling him into dizziness.

They seemed to sense his weakened state

He picked up the megaphone, and nervously began: “Repent! God hates Fa…..”

The first attack came from behind, an arm around his neck choking him toward blackout. He dropped the mega phone The rest pounced holding his powerful arms to his side, pulling him down, while lifting up his shirt to reveal the rippling abs, and pulling down his pants, leaving him fully exposed.

He tried to fight back, but those lights had his head swirling, and her voice in his head, over and over “You deserve rape.. you deserve rape.. you deserve rape”

He collapsed into the arms of his captors.


They laid him fully onto the ground, while continuing to tug and rip at his clothes. They seemed to not know what they were doing themselves, as if something had overridden any sense and decency and leaving only animal lusts.


Growling at each other, they tossed and tugged him around, like a rudderless ship in a stormy sea fighting for access to his naked flesh. Someone placed a rag over his face, which made him even weaker. Others found rope somehow to bind him securely.


Finally flipping him over, they tore away the rest of his “You Deserve Rape T-Shirt” and twisted the seat of his tight underwear cutting the twisted fabric, so that it left a round circle which finally left his pert round ass fully exposed to their will.


It didn’t take them long to rip away the rest of the fabric. He was completely at the mercy of this lustful mob. His ass was theirs.


This couldn’t be happening. He wasn’t some slutty tease chick who deserved this. He was a stud!

He tried to writhe free but only raised his ass up more pleasingly to his attackers


They began with fingers and then tongues.

Someone had crawled under and took his raging dick in their mouth. The feel of a tongue worming around in his most secret place, sent electric shock waves up his wriggling spine, and raised the hairs on the back of his neck. He moaned in anger, and something else.

Then the tongue was gone. He would never know who the first to violate him was, but they were not gentle, nor were they small. With only saliva as lube, something giant rammed up his helpless hole, blinding him with pain.


He thought he would black out, but that was too merciful a fate. The cudgel rammed in and out in violent agonizing thrusts. Maybe there was another, or was it the same one? A crowd had formed. They seemed to be taking turns.

Those watching seemed to be chanting something. He could hear it, as if in a distant place, or under water. What was it?

“You deserve rape! You deserve rape!”

How many hours passed, how many cocks invaded his hole. There was no way to know.

They seemed to want to carry him inside.

His limp form was thrown naked ass up over someone’s shoulder and he was processed toward god knows where.


Suddenly there was a tussle. Someone seemed to feel they didn’t have a proper turn to fuck him.

In the resulting chaos he slipped off his captors shoulder and fell into a basement stairwell.

With all his strength, he picked himself up and pushed at the door. Thankfully it gave and he found himself in the basement of the building. He crawled toward a supply closet, when he felt a presence.

“Bro Dude?”

It was Willy the custodian. Willy was a pretty cool guy, who had helped him carry his signs in the past. He hated fags too.

Brother Dude managed a hoarse whisper “hell.. Help me!”

“Oh my God” said Willy who threw an arm around his shoulder and helped pastor Dude to his feet, dragging him toward the swim team’s gym and locker room.

Willy sat him down on a weight bench. “Dude, sit here. Let me get you some water. Give you time to breathe before I call the police. What the fuck happened to you”

Brother Sexton couldn’t speak, but took some of the water Willy poured into his mouth. The lights still played before his eyes.

He felt some of the water drip onto his naked chest, by accident

Then the water began to pour freely, and he felt Willy’s hand rubbing it on to his naked torso. He looked up.

Willy’s eyes had gone empty, and his face hungry. He face became flushed and he was breathing very heavily. His hands were caressing every muscle now and pushing him back onto the bench

His montone voice droned: “You deserve rape”

Paster Dude struggled weakly. Willy had found some rope and was tying him onto the bench. He felt the custodian’s mouth close around his dick. Not again!

“You deserve rape”


The possessed janitor took his time, allowing his tongue to explore every inch of the struggling hunk’s naked flesh, before forcing itself through his tender parted lips for a deep invasive kiss, then kissing bag down the peaks and planes of the muscular torso, to close again around the thick cock. Even through his terror and confusion Bro Dude experienced the most intense blow job of his life exploding into Willy’s mouth with such ferocity that cum spilled out the edges of his mouth, yet he did not feel satisfied. He was as horny as if he had not come in months.


Willy’s monotone voice intoned; “If you hadn’t worn such provocative muscle shirts and low riding pants this wouldn’t have happened. You deserve rape”


He untied the writhing hunk and dragged his muscular form to a row of treadmills, tying the ravaged youth to the control panel and turning it on, Willy began to trot. He entered the ruined hole at full gallup. The young beauty bounced up and down on the massive pole on which he was impaled as Willy took his exercise and Dude Bro’s fine ass.


Not satisfied, he carried his groaning victim to a stationary bike which, for some reason, had the seat replaced by a large dildo, on which he impaled his beefy toy.

Something in Bro Dude’s mind, something with the voice of that dyke, compelled him against his will to peddle, pulling the obscene phallus further into his outraged ass.


Willy stood back, seemingly transfixed at the beautiful sight, and an exhausted Bro Dude fell off the bike, pulling the dildo out of his ass with a loud “plop” sound.

He spied the door to the sauna. Maybe he could hide there.

Unable to stand, he was able to rely only on his impressive upper body strength to drag himself over and push open the door. It was steamy hot, but silent. He lay down on the wooden planks, and tried to understand what had just happened to him.

“Brother Sexton, isn’t it?”

He turned with a start. It was Professor Cole, chair of the biology department.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone to be in here. It’s normally empty. I like to come in here at this time of day to think. I guess you had the same idea”

The professors eyes narrowed to focus through the steam

“Are you all right? You appear to be injured. Here let me help.”

The professor laid a hand on him.

“You’re bruised and bleeding! We better get you to the clinic!” The professor’s voice changed to a monotone. It was happening again. Bro Dude found he was unable to move.

“You should really give up the immodest clothing you wear. Those muscle shirts are a sin. Look at you now, completely naked. The wrong person might think you’re just asking to be raped. Are you? Are you just asking to be raped? Good thing I have this bit of rope with me. It might help”

The professor trussed him up like a rodeo calf and began exploring his heaving muscles.

“You deserve rape. Maybe you enjoy having a man take you like this. When you were making those signs, you were talking about yourself, weren’t you?”


Professor Cole cruelly played with his abused sensitive nipples, and drank deeply from his acing raw cock.

“Jesus, your tits look amazing all bound up like that “ gloated Cole as he shoved his dripping cock into Bro Dude’s mouth.


He roughly flipped him over, covered his mouth to silence the screams and roughly entered his helpless hole. “This is secretly what you wanted all along, isn’t it? You wanted a real man to lust after and worship your helpless muscle body. To hold you down and take what he wanted, because it’s what you want. Well. Here you go”

“No” he whispered “Someone help me”

Cole thrust in deeper than Bro Dude believed possible. Through the pain, he felt something else, something intensely pleasurable in a way he could never have imagined.


“No!!” He cried into the palm of Cole’s hand, muffling the sound into nothing but a whoreish moan,

Cole laughed “God this is hot! You’re nothing but my whore, aren’t you? You were just begging for this with your provocative tight shirts and hard round ass. You deserve this. You deserve rape”

He hammered into the helpless young beauty like a machine gun, sending Bro Dude into an orbit of pain, pleasure and shame. Bro Dude exploded onto the wooden slat in an orgasm that didn’t seem to end, nor did it relieve the hot longing and need. It did n’t stop Cole either. The rapes went on for hours. Both men came at least five times before the rampaging professor finally pulled out.

Inspite of the multiple rapes, the lustful professor still needed to bury his tongue deep in Bro Dude’s asshole. After burrowing in, and giving the outraged hole a throughough licking, he suddenly lay still. Bro Dude shuddered as a very light snore began to blow into his sphincter.


As he lay there with the sleeping professors face planted snuggly between his ass cheeks he tried to make sense of what had happened to him.

He knew both Willy and ole to be completely straight. In fact Cole had a reputation with quite a few of the coed sluts on campus.

Why all of a sudden did they want to rape a dude?

The ropes seemed to have loosened, after a bit of struggling, with Coles face riding his ass, he was able to free himself.

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