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Fine Dining
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Fine Dining

Disclaimer: The story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy: Wolfpek


A renowned Spanish athlete once quipped sardonically “I’ve a pain here, in my famous ass”

Dick Greyson could sympathize. The downside of having a secret identity is overhearing lewd comments about your alter ego.

“Well, if he doesn’t like people noticing it, then he shouldn’t wear those tights” Barbara sniffed into her Pinot Noir. Barbara, his long time girlfriend, was great and very understanding about the many other women who found their way into his bed. Still, the objectification of men really got under his skin

As super hero and gymnastics coach since his teen years he knew his body hot, but this sort of attention embarrassed him

Everywhere he went he would hear gay men and straight woman’s lewd comments whenever Nightwing appeared in the news, always about his damn ass.

He overheard one of Barbara’s gay friends at a party gush; “He must be gay. No straight man could ever have an ass that fine.” He wanted to punch the queen’s lights out. He had worked hard to overcome his discomfort around queers, but was deeply offended to be mistaken for one.

For god’s sake, there were even entire blogs devoted to it, and a statue, no less

He was out there saving lives, at risk of his own and defeating evil. He deserved a little respect for that. He didn’t ask for praise, but he was more than his ass.

The costume was aerodynamically designed for optimum effectiveness fighting evil, not to be leered over.

But then, how could any mere mortal, or even super human be expected not to leer?

Nightwing’s body was a sleek, meticulously designed weapon. Every muscle was clearly outlined and trained to its ultimate righting perfection. The glossy fabric of his costume was more like a thin coating of black oil than clothing leaving no flex, or curve to the imagination. The color so clearly matched his raven black hair and the manly coating of stubble on his square jaw, that it seemed a second skin.


Although there was not an ounce of superfluous fat on him, the two big, round, beefy, hard, twin spherical muscles that were his famous ass, drew the gaze, and challenged the sexuality of even straight men

Even when he was beating bad guys to a bloody pulp he could feel their hungry eyes on his straining muscles. Was every super villain gay?

As Dick Grayson he dressed more modestly of course, but it was actually impossible to find clothes, no matter how baggy that didn’t drape alluring over his wide shoulders, and the ripe curve of his glutes.

He could feel heads turn as he walked down the street and it made his skin crawl.

Barbara finished her wine. She was wearing a low cut cocktail dress, which perfectly accentuated her pert tits. “ Hey! I’m up here” She feigned anger. She liked the way he looked at her. “You don’t get to whine about objectification and stare at my tits like that at the same time. Come on, I don’t want to lose our table”

Walking to the bistro for their date she glanced longingly over at the hottest new spot in Gotham “Le Cul Charhu”

“No one can get a reservation at that place.” She sighed. Dick did a double take. Was that the Riddler and the Penguin walking through the gilded door of the pricey new brasserie?

He made a mental note to investigate.

That night as he made love to the beautiful Barbara he was haunted by wary suspicion about that place. Some thing was wrong

The following evening, Nightwing pulled on his costume. It took time to pull the tight lycra fabric of his meaty thighs and big round butt.


A thick fog had descended on Gotham as he ventured out. Nightwing seem almost to swim, rather than stride though the mist, which covered his glossy suit with an even denser sheen and translucency, as he approached the service entrance of the chic new bistro.

Suddenly he heard a heavy thud, and a feminine scream coming from the back of the restaurant

A shrill voice yelled: “Au secours! “Au Secours! ‘alp! “Arrete Thief!

A small fat man dressed as a chef was lying on the ground being beaten by at least ten gorilla-shaped assailants

These thugs were strong and tough, but no match for Nightwing’s super human strength and speed.


As he was fighting the little chef seemed to be struggling to rise, or was he motioning to someone? Was it an illusion, or did he see a shadowy figure carrying another large muscular figure slung over its shoulder into the service entrance? No. It must have been a trick of the fog.

In moments all the thugs were subdued, and he rushed to the side of the little chef, whose hands seemed to roam a little to freely over his tight body as he helped him to his feet. In fact he had to brush the little hand discreetly off his firm ass, as they stood. This happened quite a lot.

The Chefs was bruised and a bit bloody but seemed to have avoided serious injury.

“Oh Monsieur! Sank you. Merci beaucoup! I would surely ‘ave perished ‘ad you not come along”

The way the man’s eyes rolled over his big heroic body made his skin crawl

“Sir, let me get you to a hospital!”

“No Monsieur, c’est pas necessaire!” The chef objected ‘I am un’armed, and must go in to prepare ze masterpiece that will be my menu for tomorrow night”

“Who were those guys?”

“Zey were send by my rival chef to steal my secret recipes! I yam certain, but sanks to you, I and my creations are safe. I must sank you, my ‘ero! I am called ‘Le Chef’ and I am proprietor of this fine establishment. Please you must come tomorrow night. I weel prepare my finest table just for you.”

“No need to thank me, sir. I’m just glad you’re safe. May I walk you inside”

“NO!!!” The little chef seemed to try to bar the door with his body. “I yam fine! I must work in complete secrecy”

The chef quickly produced a remote which slid open the massive metal wall of a door that presumable lead to his kitchen.

“Sank you encore, monsieur. Please come tomorrow. I ‘ave a special table just for you”

With that he disappeared and the door slammed closed behind him

Something didn’t add up. Nightwing waited in the misty shadows and watched. Sure enough the door slid open again

The little chef peeked our suspiciously, looking up and down the alley, and tiptoed back out, carry a large satchel which seemed to move

This was his chance to investigate.


Nightwing waited until the chef was out of sight and used his immense strength to break the lock and push open the heavy metal industrial door of the kitchen.

It was the biggest industrial kitchen he had ever seen. Every oven, countertop and workspace seemed large enough to prepare a whole bison.

Nightwing was not accustomed to fear. He could face anything but something about this place it made the hair stand up on the back of his neck. There was something evil going on here.

The place was spotless, nothing suspicious, until he spotted a line of light coming from under a sliding metal door from which wafted a white mist, like ice particles. Clearly this was the freezer.

Suddenly thugs were on him again, even bigger and tougher than the ones he encountered outside. Someone really didn’t want him to see what was behind that door. Using his finely honed acrobatic skills, he was able to out maneuver them. They were big, but he was stronger. They didn’t take long to dispatch. As he stepped over the pile of defeated thugs, he knew he had to act fast, before they woke up or that creepy little Le Chef got back. The tiny little slime posed no physical threat, but there was something about him that put the hero on edge.

He put his big hand on the handle and pushed. Immediately he was enveloped in a thick mist as the cool air met the rest of the room. Oddly enough it didn’t feel cool, but had a particular sweet spicy smell to it, which seemed to choke him a bit and made him feel a little lightheaded.

It seemed to be a meat locker. He could just make out shadows of slabs of beef hanging from hooks.

As the mist cleared he could see they weren’t slabs of beef. They were hunks of men. Nude hunks of men, hanging upside down from their ankles their taunt muscles covered by a wet sheen glistened in the dim flight.

He hadn’t imagined seeing a shadowy figure with a muscular form slung over its shoulder.

Looking more closely he could recognize the faces of his friends and comrades, fellow super heroes

Supes, Spiderman, Thor, they were all here.

Who was missing? The spicy sweet sent got into his nostrils and throat. Suddenly it was hard to breathe. His heart pounded in his ears. He began to fall backward into the waiting arms of Le Chef.

It had all been a trap!

His head lolled onto his massive chest. Le Chef pushed it to one side exposing the mighty column of his neck. The chef opened his mouth baring sharp incisor fangs and bit into the poor hero’s exposed neck, and injecting some sort of toxin, which made it impossible for Nightwing to move his own limbs, and made his dick achingly hard. He sighed as he felt the fangs pierce his skin, and slowly slid to the floor.


Le Chef stroked his hair. “You are magnifique, my beauty. It cost me a few ‘enchmen, to lure you into my trap, but watching your strength and power in action was worth eet.”


He felt le Chef clasp cuffs around his ankles and began to turn a crank attached to a pulley which pulled his new prey into the same hanging position as his fellow captured heroes.

Le Chef took a scalpel and carefully peeled away the second skin that was Nightwing’s costume savoring every moment of revelation, and commenting on the succulent and ripe firmness of each body part.


“We must tenderize, but be careful not to leave marks, scars, or bruises.” The poor hero was subjected of a series of whippings and beatings with various implements.

Then Le Chef turned a powerful hose on the muscular beauty for a thorough cleaning, both inside and out.

Nightwing was left to dry struggling weakly to regain control of his limbs. He found the poison bite left him so incapacitated the he could only wiggle and undulate slowly. He sensed that this was just enough to put on a pleasing show for his captors. Eventually he hung still until he was dry.

He had almost drifted to sleep when he heard a bell, and a voice yell. “Order Up! One Nightwing a’la Maison!”

Le Chef, and some henchmen, no dressed as waiters with long white aprons, bustled in.

They lowered Nightwing to the floor and undid the restraints around his ankles.

The little chef pulled the limp beauty into a sitting position, and leaned a chubby shoulder into the rippling eight-pack abs. With a soft sigh the helpless hero slid over the mad cook’s shoulder. Le Chef rose to a standing position. That curve of famous big round muscle ass accentuated by the lewd and humiliating position displayed perfectly like prize game from a hunt.


Nightwing’s heart beat loudly into his ears and ticklish waves, like pounding surf rolled through his body, making the contact of his naked flesh to Le Chef unbearable. His eyes opened and closed trying to bring himself back to his senses, and he noticed huge fish tank out of the corner of his eye. The water was bubbling slightly. I contained a bound Aquaman, and a few squid and octopus.

“Ahhh oui” Chuckled the chef merrily. “I must check on the poached Aquaman avec octopus”. Nightwing’s arms and legs swayed like laundry on the line as the chef changed course for a detour to the fish tank. He plunged a chubby finger into the boiling water

“Magnifique!” he cried “Eeet is nearly finished. Prepare the sauce, and then we will remove him from the tank”


He turned back to his original course. Nightwing noticed his aquatic friend struggle weakly as he had within his bonds.

Le Chef caught sigh of himself as he passed a mirror, with Nightwing’s famous ass bent perfectly over his shoulder

“Ahhh plus beau! To see the young stud displayed to such perfection. My young prey, you will never know how beautiful you look at this moment”

Finally they reached a large roasting spit, to which le Chef and his henchman bound the naked young hero.

A very small blue flame was lit underneath, which gave of a pleasing warmth, rather than a searing heat

As the henchmen turned the crank le chef ladled warm oil onto his captives body. The hard planes of muscle glistened, and gleamed, as Le Chef’s pudgy hands spread the oil lovingly over every inch of unblemished skin. Massaging the oil firmly into his ass and dribbling into his hole.


Le Chef’s toxic bite had left Nightwing painfully aroused. To his shame his dick stood at it’s full aching twelve inches. It throbbed jiggled and leaked precum.

Le Chef lifted a drop from the tip of the twitching penis, as one would a glob of icing from a mixing bowl, and closed his eyes and tasted. “delicious” he exclaimed.

The spit stopped turning for a moment.

Le Chef wrapped a wire tightly around the base of the cock and balls, and then with a needle pierced the hero’s pert, tender nipples. Nightwing groaned in pain. Any of his women could report that his nipples were unusually sensitive. In spite of the pain, his bound cock throbbed.

Into each piercing Le Chef inserted tiny clasps.

The spit continued to turn and the oil massage resumed, until the bleeding stopped.

“Perfection!!” declared le Chef “Our ‘ero is ready to serve.”

Nightwing was removed from his bonds, once again slung over Le Chef’s shoulder, and then laid gently on a bed of lettuce.

The Joker sipped his pre dinner martini trying to maintain a façade of serene calm, but the truth was he could barely contain his excitement. The art on the walls only made his anticipation work. Oversized paintings and artful black and white photos of beautiful young studs in bondage, only made his mouth water more.

Suddenly two long apron-ed waiters and Le Chef appeared pushing a cart upon which was placed a huge serving dish covered by a huge warming dome.

“Et voila’ mon cher Monsieur Joker! As you ‘have ordered.

“Le Nightwing a la Maison!”

The two thug waiters lifted the dome and the Joker gasped, his breath taken away by the beautiful sight before him.

The long desired Nightwing, in all his muscular perfection, laid out, a literal feast before him.


Amuse Bouche-

Le Chef produced a paper pastry cone and piped an orange pink cream on to Nightwings pert nipples and along his cock. He then forced the tip of the cone into the hero’s mouth and piped a generous amount. The cream has something in it, which burned and stung the sensitive skin.

“Compliments of the ‘ouse, Monsieur Joker I offer an Amuse Bouche. Whipped cream cheese with orange and dragontail ‘ot pepper. Enjoy Monsieur”

The Joker leaned over and suckled the cream of of the nipples, intermittently nibbling licking and kissing.

Le Chef kindly piped a line of the cream in the deep cleft between Nightwing’s mountainous pecs, and down the line between his overly defined eight pac abs. Nightwing’s ticklish center quivered and jumped as the Joker’s eager tongue followed behind, along the treasure trail to envelope the rigid leaking cock.

The captive stud moaned as the villain took his full manhood into his greedy mouth, and sucked expertly, just enough to drive the hero mad, but not all the way to release.

The Joker kissed his way back up, and roughly took the square stubble covered jaw in one hand, and kissed the full lips deeply and passionately parting them with his tongue and sucking the cream from his victim’s mouth.

“As monsieur Joker requested, I will offer the full presentation. The cart was wheeled to the far end of the restaurant, and once again Le Chef slung the naked hunk over his shoulder, so the Joker could enjoy the full effect of the helpless Nightwing’s big muscle ass bent in its full spherical glory, as he was carried toward the cackling Joker.

Le Chef laid his prize face down on the table. Nightwing’s cock rested on the plate in front of the Joker. His hips bent over the edge of the table straddling the Joker’s lap. The wire around his cock and balls was connected to a wire next to the plate. The clamps on his nipples were fastened to matching clamps on the table. His wrists were bound to the opposite end of the table. A small apple, which was pierced by a leather strap was placed firmly in his mouth.

“Allow me to demonstrate Monsieur Joker. You see the plate may be raised up and down, by touching the teaspoon, so you may ‘ave ultimate access at all times, comme ca’.” He pressed the teaspoon, and Nightwing’s ass was raised up high toward the Joker’s drooling mouth.

“Ze fork and ze knife control ze electrical current to ‘is succulent nipples, and mouthwatering cock and balls.

He pressed the fork and a sharp shock blasted through Nightwing’s oversensitized nipples causing him to raise his sculpted torso up away from the pain, with such forced he almost tore his nipples off. The young hero groaned.

Le Chef pressed the knife and the same current ripped through his cock and balls, causing him to leak more precum.

“Of course you may use these features to your own taste, but I recommend gently at first. If you touch the salad fork and butter knife ze current will remain constant until you turn hit off”

The villain licked his lips. Nightwing’s hard round ass was laid out, literally on a plate before him.

He spoke to the superhero’s firm round ass as if he were looking him in the eye.

“So many years you have defeated me, foiled my plans, and sent me to prison over and over.” He placed his hands on the hero’s thick upper thighs, groping and kneading his way up to the granite dimpled melons, rubbing them gently.

“ I have watched you grow from a beautiful youth to this magnificent hot manly hero, all the while lusting for your beautiful body, and longing for this perfect ass. All this time, and now all I had to do was order you off of a menu”


The Joker cackled maniacally, and pressed he knife and fork slightly. The muscles in front of him jigged and undulated.

Through his pain, Nightwing became aware of other manly moans from different parts of the room. He was not alone

He heard another waited declare; “Voila le Superman Supreme” and another “Poached Aquaman in butter sauce”

This seemed to be some sort of restaurant which served hero’s sex to villains.


Le Chef cleared his throat. “Monsieur if I may offer you the soup course.

Tonight we ‘ave le consomme’ poulet.”

Nightwing felt nearly scalding liquid turn his flesh pink as Le Chef ladled the warm broth over the mounds of his ass, along the crack, and pulling the checks apart into his virgin hole.

To avoid damage to his nipples he forced himself not to jump when a light electric current course through them and into his balls.

The Joker reached under his crotch pushing his ass up even more, and pulled his cock out behind

The Joker trembled as he licked he oozing tip of Nightwing’s cock, up the shaft, and tenderly took the balls in his mouth sucking the broth off of them.

He licked every bit of the consomme’ off of the big round hams of the hero’s ass.

Nightwing felt a chill ride up his spine into the back of his neck as The Joker teased at the tender opening before plunging his tongue deep into the virgin hole, creating a small vacuum as he sucked the soup out of the crevice


Nightwing’s nearly retched in disgust, but something within his blown mind moaned in pleasure. Something about his pervert’s wet tongue worming deep into his hole and shaking his head back and forth against the fleshy walls of his cleft sent tingling shivers through every nerve in his body and up into his brain.

“Would Monsieur care for a cocktail?”

The Joker nodded, his head still buried in Nightwing’s ass.

A waiter held a martini glass under the hero’s cock. The Joker reached down and milked the shaft. Nightwing exploded into the glass. He had never felt such an intense climax, but with every spurt his need only increased. There came no relief. Something in Le Chef’s poisonous bite kept him hard and aching even while he came.


While the Joker sipped at his cocktail, Le Chef slid a small clay pot between Nightwing’s legs, and sprinkled some water on the soil within. Just like a fairly tale about a magic beanstalk, a snap pea vine rose instantly from the soil, winding tightly around the young hunk’s shaft and balls, strangling the cum out of them, an up into his pink brown hole, quickly followed by the Joker’s ravenous mouth .

Nightwing could feel the crunching of the little pods in his ears as the Joker ate them out of his hole.

Palate Cleanser

“Deux scoops of glace’ citron” Shouted the chef.

Nightwing shivered as the cold sorbet was stuffed into him, only to be lovingly slurped out by the Joker.


Fish Course-

With a flourish, Le Chef produced a large breaded squid, which still seemed to wiggle slowly. “Le Poisson de Zombie Monsieur. Marinated in the same tank with Aquaman. Poached in white wine, lightly breaded and pan seared. Then avec a la mode de Haitian, we ‘ave reanimated the creature. Un Octopus pas morte. An undead octopus provides a unique piquant flavor”

He placed the wriggling thing on Nightwing’s broad muscled back. It slithered down his shivering spine, slowly making its way toward his big muscle ass. Making its corpse like way over the round firm mounds toward his quivering helpless hole.

A zombie creature was crawling on his helpless smooth firm flesh about to invade his asshole! Nightwing struggled mightily against his paralysis and arousal to escape. Had he not suffered the noxious injection from Le Chef’s bite he could have easily snapped his bonds, destroyed the creature and his foes, but all he could manage was to writhe seductively as the gruesome undead creature enveloped his firm supple flesh.

“You see Monsieur Joker how ze ‘ero fights in vain. Ze muscles in his ass flex and bulge, but cannot stop the invasion. It is enchanting, no?”

“It’s fuckin’ hot” chuckled the Joker. “That’s right! Squirm for me hero! Squirm!”

The zombie creature wrapped its tentacles around his tree trunk muscle thighs, around his balls and shaft of his cock, framing his helpless ass perfectly in a grisly embrace and brutally thrust its beak deep into his quivering hole.

The beak thrust and vibrated with an irregular unnatural rhythm.


The Joker chuckled as he pressed on the cutlery sending jolts of electricity through the bound stud’s sensitized nipples and the base of his throbbing cock. Nightwing moaned into his apple gag

Le Chef liberally sprinkled his creation with stinging hot sauce.

“Enjoy Monsieur!”

The Joker leaned down and took a large bite causing the undead creature to thrust deeper into the hero’s helpless hole, and wrap it tentacles even tighter around the beauty’s limbs, strangling his dripping cock.

Nightwing’s gluteal muscles spasmed and flexed as he tried to fight off the violation and the confusing sensations that seemed to come with it.

Bones crunched as the Joker devoured the creature manically in order to get back into the hero’s delicious hole


Slurping down the tentacles like spaghetti, he chewed and wolfed down the creature until finally the hole was once again open, unimpeded to his tongue.

He squirted the remaining hot sauce deep within, burning the sensitive interior flesh. Nightwing was,, for the first time relieved at the feel of The Joker’s invading tongue as it licked away the burning fluid

The Joker raised and lowered the plate to bring Nightwing’s butt into just the perfect position for entry.

Once again, he buried his face deep into the cleft that divided the two ripe mounds, which he kneaded and spanked.

The chef cleat his throat

“Et maintent Monsieur Les Viandes”

Main Course

The chef had wheeled on a slab of black stone which emanated extreme heat. Next to it, a large ham.

The Chef poured a generous amount of honey of the round globes of the hero’s firm ass, along the crack, and into the much abused hole

“Le Jambon Miel!!”

He sliced the ham. The thin pieces sizzled on the hot stone until he decided that they were just right.

The Chef lifted the steaming slices gingerly off of the stone with silver tongues.

Held them aloft to cool slightly. He did not want to scar of blister such perfection. Only to cause slight pain, and laid the gently long the curve of Nightwing’s ass, drizzling more honey on top. The poor hero jolted as the hot slices of meat made contact with his flesh, painfully pulling his pinned nipples up from their clasps, collapsing this torso back on the table.

The Joker gobbled down the meat and licked away the honey coating clean away down to where it had dripped over Nightwing’s balls, along the shaft.

“Hmmmmm” he drooled, as he licked up along the crack. He embraced the round muscles as he nuzzled back deep into the hole savoring the sweet taste until not a drop of honey remained.



“Crème Anglais avec Fraise”

First le Chef piped a delicate tracery of decorative white chocolate over the curves of Nighwing’s muscle butt. Then laid out a line of strawberries along his spine, into the small of his back. Finally he piped the sweet substance into Nightwing’s hole and lathered his entire creation with whipped cream

The Joker picked up a strawberry and dipped it into the crème Anglais within Nightwing’s cleft. “mmmmm” Then other, and a third, but the could no longer contain himself. He dived in face first like a starving animal, covering himself with gooey sweet cream. Until he had licked every inch of the hero’s ass clean.


The Joker sighed as he enveloped the big muscle butt in a full embrace with both arms, and buried his face in it like a lover kissing his beloved for the last time not wanting this to be over. He kissed the hole gently.


He heard a violin begin to play and new it was time for:

After Dinner Dancing

The Joker rose sniggering from his chair, and bowed formally to his heroic victim.

“May I have this dance? Of course I may!! There’s nothing you can do to stop me! Ah hahahahaaa.

He pressed all the blinking cutlery down hard so the electricity sent relentless high voltage buzzing shocks through Nightwing’s nipples and cock throughout the brutal rape.

He unzipped his fly. The Joker’s cock was comically oversized, thickly veined and gnarled like the root of an old tree, but twice as stiff.

It cast a long and threatening shadow over the perfect muscled back and meaty round ass of his victim.

He cruelly grasped a handful of the poor beauty’s raven black hair for leverage, positioned his massive cudgel against the quivering defenseless hole and thrust in brutally with all his strength. The blinding pain of the invasion, coupled with the nonstop electric current shooting through his body, was too much for Nightwing who howled and blacked out momentarily

When he came too, The Joker had reached a frantic rhythmic pace his whole body was bouncing up and down with every merciless thrust. His head slammed limply onto the hard surface of the table. The villain’s dick pounded so deeply into his core he felt it would come out of his mouth.


After what seemed hours, the massive rod pistoning deep within him exploded so much cum it overflowed around The Joker’s cock and down Nightwings cock and legs.

The Joker pulled out. The sight of that cum oozing from the hero’s hole made him need to begin a new dance immediately

First he toyed with the thick white goo oozing out of the hole. Trying to push it back in with his finger.

He sighed breathlessly. “Oh Nightwing if you could see how beautiful this is. I want to make a video and send it to your Barbara, so she would see. He would understand how beautiful your hole is.”

Nightwing imagined all of those people who made lewd comments, wrote blogs, and sculpted statues of his ass. Had he been teasing them all this time with his skintight costume? Had he asked for this? Is this what all the villains wanted to do to him?

How could he allow himself to be taken like this, by his worst enemy?


The Joker continued breathlessly as he tried in vain to push all the cum oozing out of Nightwing’s ravaged hole back in. “If you could see this, you would understand why I must rape you again”

The Joker, once again position his cock against the outraged ring of muscle, and rammed back in with renewed intensity pounding into the young stud even more fiercely.

Every part of Nightwing’s body screamed in shame and in the desperate need to cum in spite of his disgust. Villain and hero came together. Nightwing’s seed shot out of him like a machine gun, and The Joker’s seed shot into Nightwing with even more intensity.


Finally he pulled out and gave a slap to the ass he had so thoroughly ravaged.

“Did Monsieur enjoy the evening?”

“More than any in my life” Money sprang from the Joker like a fountain toward Le Chef and his waiters. Now that all these studley do gooders are on the menu here, we can rob the city blind, and I can come back every night”

“We are so very grateful for your patronage, Monsieur”

The Joker turned and gave Nightwing one last longing look. He bent down and kissed the hole one last time for the night.

“And you, hero. I’ll be seeing you again real soon!

Nightwing lay still. Every cell in his body quivered in outrage at the brutal invasive rape, but also with the overload of sensation. What these villains had done to him had triggered every pain, and pleasure sensation in every part of his exquisite body. Even were he not subdued by drugs he would have been paralyzed by the sensory tidal waive he had been forced to experience.

The patrons had all left for the night and the waiters began to clear away the superheroes.

Nightwing’s nipples and cock were unclipped from the table and he was thrown over the shoulder of one of the thug waiters, his ravaged hole still leaking the Joker’s cum, and his own never satisfied dick still dripping precum

Back in the kitchen, he was thrown over a steel table where the waiters took turns violating the stud moving in every possible orifice and position.


He felt his strength return somewhat when Le Chef entered.

“Do not use ‘im too long mon garcons. ‘e must be ready for tomorrow, and I must hunt early. Some one ‘as ordered a Monsieur Arrow for tomorrow night’s menu… oh what ze ‘ell. That ass is so perfect, I must ‘ave it once for myself”

Le Chef took a turn fucking the helpless stud.


“Ahhh Monsiuer Nightwing! I sink you ‘ave a leetle fight lef in you, non? I must take care of that”

He leaned down and bit into the stud’s neck injecting his toxin and relaxing the stud into stillness, and his cock into full rock hard extension once more.

They placed the motionless hero onto a conveyor belt which pulled him into a machine they called the Studwasher. Nightwings motionless naked body was rolled through a sudsy chamber of horrors made up of stiff brushes that mercilessly scrubbed every nook, cranny, and hole raw and clean, Followed by hoses that shot hard jets of scalding water into his deepest center from every angle and corner until he was rolled out the moaning to the other side.

Nightwing was one again hung, by his ankles, to dry in stud storage. The electric clamps one his nipples and balls were re activated to emit very soft buzzing jolts throughout the night

A catheter was placed in his cock to prevent him leaking too much precious cum, which had to be saved for the next meal, and a massaging phallus was placed in his ass, designed to make the muscles tight again for the next customer

They lights went out and all the helpless heroic studs hung still, in aching silence. Electricity bussed into their sensitive nipples, cocks and balls, and the weird massaging dildo’s poked prodded and massaged their ass muscles back to virginal tightness.

Nightwing’s eyes closed. He felt himself falling free on to the ground. He was rising, freeing his fellow captives, and leading their fight to freedom, together bringing le Chef and his minions to justice.

The sharp sound of a bell snapped his eyes open. He saw Arrow hanging next to him, has manly features furrowed in the grip of an erotic nightmare.

Freedom had been a dream. He was still nothing more than a slab of meat on a hook in a storage chamber.

The bell rang again.

“Order up!”


The End