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Part 9 - The Feast
By Wolfpek
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Finally the agonizing procession came to a halt and Sin found himself face to ass with his treasure. Tenderly he allowed his withered talon to rest on the smooth glute, and was pleased to touch round steel under tight skin.

"Ahhhhhh…exquisite." A razor sharp fingernail found it's way into the deep cleft to threaten the tender hole, followed by another to pluck a hair from the rim. He delicately lifted it under his nose and inhaled like a fine wine, and then brought it to his lips, and closed his eyes in ecstasy savoring the musty taste before swallowing. "Every part of him is delicious, you may lay him down"

A submissive Farrington having been led away, it was now Nick's turn to lie as a slab of meat across the slab of rough stone.

Catlike the shadow of the spiked fingernails protracted over the drugged beauty, and then ran, oh so lightly, lazily starting at the ankles, and then, threateningly, up the inner thigh to tease the heavy balls, one running up the central vein of the shaft, to scoop up a bit of the thick layer of precum forming in the lower, heaving flat stomach, the manly peroxide spunk wafted past his nose. Using the fingernail like a spoon, he coated the parted, "Elvis lip" with it and bent to kiss his beloved. The kiss was at the same time cinematic and obscene. The insistent tongue exploring even to the tonsils. Nick retched and gasped for breath. It seemed to go on forever. Then ended.

The daggers that were Sin's fingernails continued to explore the virgin landscape of Nick's torso, torturing the pert nipples that peaked over the massive chest. Leaning down occasionally to tear at the tender flesh of the nubs with his nibbling teeth, like a rat.

"Welcome to your new life detective DiCipriani. I hope that you have enjoyed our little deception as much as we have. It was delightful to watch you as you fell so perfectly into our trap"

Sin had by this time clamped a suffocating cock ring at the base of his thick meat, and was, butcher-like, wrapping Nick's now indigo balls with twine. His cock now felt swelled to a painful deformity and yet no release came.

"Uuunngh Yo..hmmmphhh… you'll never.. aahh… get away with this…aaagghhh…you ..ahhh…cocksucking…faggot huhunnnnghhmmmmm"

Sin frowned thoughtfully.

"Hmmm perhaps not. Perhaps someone will discover your plight and come to save you. But, I am sorry, my prize stallion, I don't think anyone will arrive before, Mr. Danvers and I have had a chance to ride you.

And we do intend to ride you very hard indeed. By then it will all have been worth it."

He stepped back to admire the package he had made and pushed the upright cock flat against the stomach to see that it now reached the navel, and once released, point rigidly toward skyward once more.

"You see?"

He lifted Nick's head roughly by the hair. Through his dropping lids, he could see Sin's embroidered robe had fallen open to reveal his own huge member, pierced at the tip with a decorative ring studded with tiny spikes.

"I have dressed up just for the occasion…Do you see what is in store for you?..But less talk from you I think, more writhing."


Nick's head bounced heavily back against the stone. His mind still swimming in the ether high overhead. Sin's laugh once again echoed in the chamber.

At a nod from Sin, the infernal machine clamped on to his limbs, and flipped the helpless stud over a bench not unlike a sawhorse constructed over a chair in which sat the man he used to know as The chief. His swollen bondaged manhood was forced through a tight hole at the apex, and the naked detective found himself again bent over and ass high in the air. He felt his arms and ankles chained to the corners of the apparatus.

"Now my beauty, we both know it is not necessary to restrain you like this, the drug has made you quite helpless, however, I am sure you recall that I prefer to see my muscles bound. If only you could see how beautiful you look…You may begin Mr. Danvers"

Danvers needing no permission, had already, like a suckling calf gone to work on Nick's dangling dick, while reaching up to paw at the agent's shivering man tits.

Where Virgil had sucked with the skilled artistry, Danvers devoured the swollen cock and balls with an urgency born of starvation, a hunger never before satisfied. His need was to take pleasure not to give it. Nick felt a screaming pain as if he had become attached to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

And then, worse than he could have imagined, he felt a cold wind blow into his exposed and quivering asshole. Sin had placed an ice cube in his mouth, before beginning to blow into that rosebud pucker. His hands roughly massaged, and mangled the round high glutes, the long sharpened thumbnails, spearheading the first invasion into the long schemed for hole.

An attending slave held a small glass bottle against his nostril to further thicken the drugged cloud in which he was lost.

Nick's buzzing mind became aware of sharp points poking into the delicate canal. Sin had begun to gingerly kiss the marble mounds moving closer and closer toward the uninvited fingernails. Again that cold breath nearer and nearer until the shock of icy tongue, an melting cube made him lurch to rigidity, and back to limp.

He felt Sin completely bury his face, nuzzling deeper and deeper into his defenseless hole, as wet cold tongue replaced sharp fingernails to continue the invasive exploration into his center.

Somewhere between rage, pain, and unimaginable pleasure Nick felt he was going insane. His mind buzzing around the toxic injection, and inhalation of rush, the relentless hoovering of his cock, combined with the twisting of his nipples, and the sucking, chewing and slurping face further into his ass, Nick tried to resist giving his tormentors the satisfaction, but failed. He began to moan loudly and fuck into the chief's greedy face, at the same time bucking his ass further up into the invading face of Mr. Sin.

Sin smiled deep within the crack, his hero had succumbed to the pleasure of the rape. Without removing his tongue, he changed his position to continue his licking, while giving his silent audience an unobstructed view of the invaded ass.

Finally the tongue left his asshole, and Nick foolishly sighed in relief.

Sin took a moment to enjoy the shadow of his dick hovering menacingly over the helpless ass it was about to invade. He had waited so long to see it exposed before him and, hairless and dimpled it exceeded his expectations, now writhing before him he could see the sinewy muscles which gave it it's firm roundness ripple invitingly under the taut skin.

He could stand it no longer. He placed the ringed cockhead teasingly against the small wet opening. Nick's hole instinctively clamped shut against the pending invasion. His popper increased heartbeat now thumping against his eardrums, Nick could see a dark circle on the interior of his eyelid drawing him in and down, a reflection of the soon to be ravished hole.

"NNNOOOOooo!!! PLEASE …PLEASE DON"T!!!!" Sin smiled and teased again, just a centimeter in.


That was it. That was what he had longed to hear. This macho stud, this unconquerable tough guy, begging him not to and then threatening him. He could bear it no longer. Finesse would come later. Now he must hear the scream.

He pulled his hips back and then with all the strength he possessed he buried himself into the unlubricated virgin hole. He was not dissappointed.


Nick's head now hung limp jiggling with every thrust. The velvet hole formed around his dick like a latex glove. Now he could take his time, so he pulled back out and entered again torturously slow. He swiveled his hips around, torqueing and sliding, as the alarmed sphincter spasmed around him. The tiny spikes on his cockring ripping into the sensitive interior flesh. He gazed lovingly down at the intricate pattern of muscles which came together to make up the sweat slicked heroic back tapering down to small waist, lean hips, and that firm bubble butt crushed up against the invasion, as, parasitically, Danvers fed off of the cock underneath.

Along with the increased beat of the drums, Sin's pace began to gather speed, as the hard ass special agent beneath him jolted with very invading thrust until he finally reached a wild frantic rhythm stabbing in an out of the ruined asshole with all the caution of a runaway train.

His victim's head now banging against the frame of the structure which held him, his cock into the gurgling mouth of the traitor.


He exploded into the helpless gaping hole.

Cum also overflowed down the sides of Danvers' apple cheeks, as the man he betrayed finally released in hot pulsing waves into his mouth. He tried to swallow it all but there was to much and the musclegods dick was also ramming down his throat in complete step of Sin's ramming thrusts.

Thunderous applause filled the hall as the perverted assembly celebrated the capture of another hero.

Now it was Danvers' turn. As the chief stepped behind the captive he thought back to the smoldering stud he had last seen working out at the punching bag, with sweat sticking the ribbed wife beater he wore to every curve, and then running down over the ass crack of the shorts stretched over the pert ass. Now he had him as he had always dreamt of. Naked, humiliated, cum oozing out of the raped hole.

He clamped his sweaty palms firmly onto each round cheek, and parted.


Nick had hoped that the middle aged Danvers would be a relief, after the oversized cannon that had first violated him. But his ravaged hole now damaged and throbbing could bear no more. Tears welled in his eyes as the shocked grasping muscle of his colon was once again stretched beyond it's limits

The over eager Danvers was not capable of the subtle varied approach of the first rapist. He had watched this stud cop every day swagger like a king around the office, too many years of longing were pent up in this fuck. Nick's hole felt like velvet around his needful cock, soo good his reward. His cock was short, but it was fat, and tested the strength of the ass muscles it rammed into. There would be many more times to practice technique. He slapped the stud ass "Not so tough now huh?" THIS was for every time Nick had confidently torn off his shirt while working out. THIS was for every cocky swagger when ever he closed a case. THISTHIS was for every time he bent over a neighboring desk to look more closely at a computer screen. THIS THIS was for his careless use of all of the models, and dancers, and waitresses he went through like a box of candy. And THISTHISTHIS was for all of the tight fabric that stretched so thin, so enticingly over that HIGH TIGHT ROUND PERFECT ASSSS AGGGHHHH… AGGGGHHHHH NIIICKK!!!!…and so the Italian tough guy cop, with killer body was raped a second time.

Nick sensed the drug began to wear off slightly, but not enough to call his massive limbs to his aid. He felt the same machine that had ensnared Farrington clasp onto his own naked body, and lift him again in the same fashion.

Terrified he tried to struggle, but could only writhe pleasingly. From far away he heard the chanting castrati:Sors immaniset inanis, rota tu volubilis, , status malus,obumbrata et velata michi quoque niteris;;nunc per ludum dorsum nudum fero tui sceleris.

He felt as Farrington had, Sin's soothing hand on his bare ass.

"I could have taken you after this, but it was so much more fun to rape you"

The third invasion into his ass came from the glass beaker with the bubbling green fluid. The liquid tingling, and warm seemed to spread through his solar plexus and mingle with his blood stream.

He felt the flat of the chip injector against his perineum, and then white, searing pain as the chip tore into the very center of his sexuality, and sent shooting charges into his brain.

Again he heard Sin's subzero laugh.

Something in his consciousness was suddenly not there, like a deleted file. Something else had taken it's place. An unfamiliar sexuality, not his own had entered, as if he could see, and be aroused by his naked muscles hanging in the clutches of the machine. He understood. Mr. Sin's desire had control of his brain. He was enthralled. He must obey.


Rapidfire, surgically precise blows rained down upon the battered punching bag, the sound of the repetitive pounding echoed through the otherwise empty gym. Special agent Nick DiCipriani, grunting and focused, his square stubble covered jaw set in concentration, was perfecting his already deadly kick-boxing skill. or maybe just trying to release the crushing anger that boiled in his mind.

Coated in a thick layer of dripping sweat, which plastered his ribbed wife beater to the shelf of huge round pectorals shading the abruptly tapered six pack, and cascading in a solid line over the grey shorts covering his pert round ass, DiCipriani's 5'11 175 pound 6.1% boy fat frame worked like a machine to pummel the bag. Rivulets of moisture glued his raven black hair onto his brow. It is easy to see why he never had a problem landing any woman he chose to glance at.

He had been unable to save Farrington, a fuck toy in a luxurious Saudi Harem. He had also failed poor Hunt now rented out nightly to the highest bidder in the Hong Kong brothel that was his home. At least he was still playing ball. Nick understood that he had been trained to shoot ping pong balls across a room during nightly entertainment.

Angry blood filled his throbbing temple as he continued to pummel the bag.

Virgil, at least was healing well, and under Nick's careful tutelage was becoming an accomplished fighter. Nick glanced at him performing careful pull-ups on the other side of the gym.

Nick thought of all of the men he had been unable to save, and knocked the stuffing out of the bag.

His frenzied beating was interrupted by the sound of a newspaper hitting the floor.

"Looks like I had the drop on you again"

It was the chief. He always came in this way and said that same thing here in the recreated FBI gym here on the island, so that Hal Danvers could act out his diseased fantasy again and again.

Without looking away from the bag Nick spat on the floor.

"I saw you faggot traitor. I always see you"

The chief slowly walked to him, and as always suckled his tit through the ribbed wife beater before tearing it in two, and lowering the gym shorts, leaving only a jock strap to protect Nicks overused genitals.

"It's a little different this time. I brought a friend. You remember Doc."

He felt his hands suddenly joined by cuffs behind his back and a weasel finger enter his callused hole. Doc and his bag of toys. This would be painful.

He watched the chief's comb over from above as once again the flabby mouth closed around his already hard cock, and up again to meet Virgil's inscrutable gaze.

He tried to cling to hope.

One day he will be free.

The End