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The Thin Blue Line
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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Disclaimer: The story contains themes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape or torture. This is a fantasy only. If these themes do not interest you, or you are under eighteen you have no business reading this. If they are of interest to you as an adult reader, then please enjoy: Wolfpek


How do men survive the hell prison? The brutal loss of self , and humiliation behind bars. What keeps men alive until the day of release?

Some men cling to the hope of family, a better life, a love waiting patiently, anything, anything at all to keep them alive and sane until the gates swung open to a new life


Four years, four long inhuman years my thoughts were fixed on dark blue fabric stretched tight of the round firm ass of the man who brought me down.

My arresting officer; Trooper Mark Whitman. The cocky Dudley Do-Right stud who robbed me of the fortune I rightfully stole, and four years of my life. Leaving me with nothing but thoughts of the blue line that hugged the curves of those massive legs, those high shining boots, the merciless square jaw under those mirrored sunglass, but mostly the muscled curves of that tight ass taunting me under that dark blue fabric.

My mouth watered at the idea of taking my revenge out on those granite muscles

I was not alone. Many other cons brought to justice, by this self righteous pig shared this fantasy, but me, well, I'm not one for dreamin'

I used the long pent up hours to study him. His habits, his schedule, his obsessive workout regimen, his women to learn everything I could to stalk my prey, and now I sit in this stifling hot warehouse.. waiting

My thoughts were interrupted, by the roar of an approaching motorcycle, and a scrawny punk burst into the warehouse, brandishing a cheap toy popgun and a stolen purse. The kid raced to the far end of the building.

and on his heels, and right on cue came our hero, a latter day white knight on his shining motor steed.

He stopped just short of where he had the kid cornered, and stepped off the bike. I licked my lips watching the play of curved muscles under painted on cloth as he swung his leg over the seat, and towered over the shaking punk pathetically waiving the toy at trooper.

In four years he had grown from a hot rookie into a broad shouldered paragon of masculine power and authority.

He didn't he even bother to draw his gun. His condescending sneer was enough to terrify the punk into submission.

I stroked the can of rag doll spray in my sweaty hands, a nifty lttle device newly introduced as a law enforcement tool to incapacitate suspects without killing them.

It knocks them out for hours at a time.

One strange side affect is that it makes the suspects dick rock hard.

He drawled out some paternal John Wayne bullshit about making it easier on everyone "son" and cooperating. It wasn't too late to turn his life around. All in that sexy deep cool guy voice. Soothing and condescending

The frightened kid dropped the goods and slowly raised his hands. The cocky hunk was just reaching for this cuffs when I dosed him in the spray.

Watching this hot cop go down was a thing of beauty. He stumbled a little, and reached for his gun. I thought I saw a glimmer of recognition behind the mirrored shades, just before he went limp. I hoped so. I wanted him to know who had taken him down

With a big animal like this, you can't be too careful. I kept the spray on him long after he hit the ground, letting it liquefy on his nose and mouth and drip down his square jaw. I wanted him out for a good long time. I'd be no match for this stud if he woke up too early.

He fell face down, and I stood in silence for a moment, enjoying the flaring line of his wide lats tapering down to the waist, and curving over the buttocks and thick thighs. The tight uniform left little to the imagination.

One good kick rolled him face up, limbs splayed. I knelt straddling his magnificent torso, removed the helmet, and gently ran my podgy fingers through that silky soft hair, as if this sleeping beast were a little boy.

I tossed the kid his promised two hundred dollars and told him to fuck off

The scrawny thug didn't move. His eyes were riveted on my helpless muscleman, as my trembling hands ripped the shirt in two revealing luscious broad pecs, A few more rips and I had a naked torso, rippling abs, massive guns., just enough hair between those mountainous pecs to let you know you were dealing with a MAN.This guy really was a carefully sculpted work of art.

"Dude.. what're you gonna do to him?"


The kid backed off. No way was I gonna let this little hyena move in on my prey.

I didn't watch him go. I was too busy exploring the sinewy landscape laid out before me. My fingers traced flat planes of his chest and counted the sharply defined ripples of his stomach rolling with each slumbering breath. I fell on him chewing on this pink eraser nipples, licking deep into those salty pits, and kissing down the treasure trail until I met the impediment of that longed for blue fabric. My hands roamed down along the thin hips to the thick muscles of his upper thighs. The ridiculously tight pants highlighted rather than covered each shadow and curve. He knew how people looked at him, and got off on flaunting it. The arrogant narcissistic mother fucker was just asking for this. My hands moved to his package. I expected big, but this.. this monster was going to be a challenge. I rubbed it's impressive length with the flat of my palm pressing down hard, and tried to cover it with my mouth. It twitched through the cloth and was rewarded with a faint unconscious moan. That was all the invitation I needed. I tore the fly apart and watched the newly freed monster come to life.

I was startled by another, louder moan, and swung around. That fuckin' kid was standing behind the bike, eyes like saucers, fisting his dripping cock.

"What'd I tell you"

"PLEASE dude..please. You gotta let me have somma that"

I should laid him out flat, but I was suddenly feeling generous.

"C'mere kid, Help me strip him"

He approached tenativley, in awe, and gingerly reached for the gun belt. I He almost hit the ceiling when I roughly grabbed his hand.

"NO!! Boy you have a lot to learn. He's keeps the belt, the boots, and the shades ... just the pants now"

God how I'd waited for this. We shredded the over stretcthed fabric in long strips, souvieners for me to savour on long winter nights, exploring every muscles in those steely legs,until we finally uncovered the gleaming tightie-whities, or his case tighties. Like everything else he wore they hugged every curve and bulge. The tiny cotton could no longer contain his raging dick. The fucker was getting off on this. The head peeked tantalizingly from the overworked elastic band. Spots of precum already stained the virginal fabric. I scooped up a dab of it with my index finder, and let the kid lick it off. I couldn't help notice the surprising skill with which he sucked on my finger. The punk had promise

"Play with his tits kid.. watch and learn"

the obedient little thug tweaked the left and licked the sensitive right nub, while I pressed the flat of my hand heavy on the thick shaft. I fingered the oozing slit. The knocked out pig's head rolled from side to side. I eyed the rag doll spray close by just in case, but wasn't really worried. He was totally under my control now. I began to jack him slowly and was rewarded with a low moan. I tore away the ruined smalls and stuffed the damp rags into golden boy's mouth.

"Stand back kid..just look at him for a minute"

We both stood silently over our fallen hero and drank in with sight.

After all this time, the object of my ravenous obsession lay at my feet cum stained briefs stuffed in between his tender lips, naked save for the vestiges of his authority. The mirrored sunglasses, the gun belt, and shining tall black boots made him look even more naked and vulnerable than if we had taken hem too, and reminded us just what we had captured.

His rigid cock bobbed up and down missing the attention. His cowboy slim hips thrust upward involuntarily searching for friction. This hunk was primed.

Drool ran from my new sidekick's mouth and landed on a broad slab of pec

"Grab and ankle boy. I got somethin' to show you"

We dragged him back to his bike, the dirt from the floor smudging the marbled perfection of his flawless skin, his big limp guns and relaxed head bumped along behind, unaware of his predicament.

We wrestled the deadweight pile of muscle back up onto his chopper, draping his arms and head over the handlebars, his stomach flat along the seat, his long dick carefully laid out between his legs along , and there it was, the focus of my every fevered dream for the last four years. That big round bubble butt laid out before me like Christmas dinner on a plate, the leather belt contrasting with bare skin. I grabbed it with both hands, kneading into the muscle. I kissed and licked each mound, and worshipfully bit into the firm flesh. It was like granite.

I pulled the cheeks apart.

"Watch and learn kid. This is how you tame a stud"

I licked my finger and ran it gently over the exposed hole, and with increasing firmness, pressed into his taint, over his balls and along the shaft. The unconscious trooper groaned and raised his ass up toward me like a cat in heat.

Somewhere in his fevered dreamworld, I knew he could feel my hot breath moving in on his most secret vulnerable spot, and I could feel the terrible voltage shoot through his entire being as my dripping tongue finally made contact with that tender pink hole. I let it stop there savoring the wild pounding of his heart through the wet salty tang of the rubbery portal. I circled, and the licked up and down it's panicked attempts to bar this moist invasion, and finally dove face first into that smooth deep crevice. My intrepid tongue exploring the new musky sensations of this long awaited promised land

My greedy nose inhaling a feast of rich musty smells, as it was engulfed with my cheeks and and beard between those tight almost suffocating walls of silky hard chin. I shook my head back and forth between the heaven of his granite mounds. My beard must have tickled the vulnerable virgin skin. I chewed away some of the tiny hairs surrounding his violated pucker. I smiled and licked, my flickering tongue experimenting with degrees of pressure and speed

Then , after all these years of waiting,I heard it.

He moaned

Golden boy was staring to come around, at least enough to form a word through his gag.


He was ready.

I pulled out, and was reward with the sight of a mountain of feebly struggling muscle pushing it's need into the seat of it's bike, and pulling against it's bonds.

My own cock had become an uncontrollable monster of needful vengence. I could no longer be denied it's prize.

I positioned the beast's head, against the frantically winking virgin hole, and pushed just a little

But I had to take care of a growing threat. Golden boy was beginning to move his arms.

I grabbed his silky hair in my hand and held his head up. I bit his, and blew the words in so they would tickle the tiny hairs of the canal and make him shudder

"Remember me pig?"

Still to groggy to defend himself, His brow furrowed trying to concentrate. I knew he did and I smiled.

All those years in the cell, dreaming of this moment, I had thought I'd be gentle, make him enjoy it in spite of himself, ease my way in like a young lover, but I had teased my cock to long, and it had another plan. Our defender of the peace was going to SUFFER.

I could almost hear the impossibly tight rings of muscle tear apart as I thrust my monster shaft into his very center and my hips slammed against those alabaster mounds.

His scream was more than a reward for those long years.

The drug and the pain were too much, even for this hyper mach hero. He swooned limp against the brutal assault

I stopped and stock still, how I had waited to feel that tight velvet muscle constrict around my shaft. All those punks I'd raped in the joint while conjuring this image in my mind.

It was finally him; Trooper Mark Whitman impaled on my vindictive cock

I began to thrust, slowly now. I had my reward, and I could savour it. His chute had a pulsing strangle hold on my cock, so warm, so soft, and oh so tight.

I began to thrust slowy

I ran my hands along his thick delts and shoulders, the meaty lats and the creamy intricate play of muscles along his back, and tiny waist. I cupped kneaded and slapped his hard ass

I increased my pace

" That's right pig, this is what you've been begging for all these years. teasing us cons in those tight breeches, callin us fags"

I started really pounding now. He felt so good, so warm so tight around my raging meat. All those years.. This was everything I'd dreamed and more

"Well one of those fags, is finally raping your sweet ass. Does it feel good pig??""

I reached up and started the engine. I revved the powerful motor as I thrust into him.

"Noo. not...not my bike!

And then took off at full speed.

I had him now, and I had everything he owned. That bike was his world and I was taking it, and him on a wild ride around the warehouse, and roared through the abandoned lot, tearing up the gravel, as I tore up his sweet helpless chute

I rode that hog while I rode that pig, until they were both out of juice.

I swerved back into the warehouse and skidded to a gut wrenching stop in front of the gobsmacked kid.

My hips slammed against his ass cheeks, his body quivered, his booted calves flailed, while head bounced along the the handlebars

Years of pent up revenge welled up deep within my groin and bubbled up a white hot line headed for the center of my victim's guts


I let go

I released all my anger, hatred, and lust into that perfect helpless ass, and collapsed for a moment onto his sweaty back. He lay still, either swooning from the effect of the brutal rape, or just limp in defeat. I didn't care which. But I was far from finished

I began to kiss down along his naked spine, and dove my tongue back into that ruined hole to find the new tastes of blood and my own cum.

As I cleaned him out, I reached out and grabbed the hand of my entranced accomplice, and shoved it in between my captive cops legs

"Jack him off kid"

He didn't need to be told twice , and started manipulating our victim like a pro, while repeated my minstrations.

The hero cop, now my bitch slave began to wake once more to a new and painful nightmare


Too late. He was already spewing over his shiny bike

In response the punk , taking his brief youthful turn, was already shooting into the exposed ass

I grabbed his head in my hands, and with my mouth still wet from his chute, forced my tongue down is gagging throat.

I looked into his blue eyes.

"Now just we have to get you ready for a little party Some old friends have big plans for you."

I gave him another good hit of rag-doll, and dropped his head heavily onto the dash. he struggled a little but fell limp again, totally in my power

The punk's looked confused

"What party

"Shut up, and come with me"

All those years in the pen I'd planned for this moment, and I was going to savour it. I tossed the helpless stud over one shoulder, ruined naked bubble but riding high like a trophy, arms and head swaying limply in time with my slightest move.

I turned to the kid and told him to grab the keys to the bike. Like it's former owner, it could turn us a tidy profit. The I carried my prey into the alley, the little thug loping behind my.

It was a long walk, but I planned it that way. I could feel every curve and ridge of his sweaty torso pressing into my back, his stiff cock rubbing along my clavicle. Every now and then I gave him a good slap, and felt the cum drying on the smooth skin.

Finally we reached another abandoned warehouse. I kicked the door open to a raucous cheer, and a room full of escaped cons, each one put away by our intrepid trooper parted before me as I carried our guest of honor into the center of the crowd.

I used his own cuffs to hang him from a low beam.

Someone handed me a bottle of jack, and I sat back to watch the wolves move in

Four years.. It was worth every minute.

The end