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Tarzan and the Snare of the Witchdoctor
Part 3
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Herodotus)
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Struggling to a crouching position, the desperate witchdoctor's mind raced. Because of his greedy minions he would not only lose this Adonis, but probably his life as well. Had he gambled all and lost?

Tarzan's movements were still slightly slowed. The potion was not completely worn off. There was still one last chance. He began to chant a spell he hoped was strong enough.

Tarzan spied a vine out of the corner of his eye, he could swing down to destroy his enemy, as he reached for it, it seemed to reach back to him. Something was wrong! Whip like the vine wrapped around his thick wrist and bulging forearm, his other arm snapped backward trapped in the same manner by a vine that seemed to appear from nowhere. Two more around his ankles yanked him off of his feet. He found himself once again face up on the altar his arms painfully stretched up and back down the sides of the altar, his heaving pectorals forced upwards, his legs pulled to the corners of the slab. The potion still had sufficient hold on him that he was unable to break these clinging, inexplicably living, bonds. Stretched out upon the rough slab, his lion's tooth necklace, bronze armbands and dagger sheath accentuating his nudity. To his shame his impressive exposed member coming to stiff attention.

Cautiously, his leering nemesis slithers toward the beefy feast laid out on the slab. "Leaving so soon? But the party is just beginning." A spider like hand crawled up the rippling abdominals and painfully pinched a tender nipple, the other hand wiped the gob of spit landed into his eye by his defiant prisoner. "You sick perverted freak! I will kill you for this"

"Oh I don't think so my delicious friend. You see, my spell is going to make you much more polite soon" Another vine wrapped itself around the thick neck of the prey to prevent further annoyance. A heavy papery substance was slapped down roughly across the heaving torso. "Here is the balance of the payment I owe you my friend. You have done well, he is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined" Tarzan will never know the fortune that has been laid on his body, but understands it is the price of his freedom. He strains his bound neck to see a terrifying sight. The witchdoctor had a twin! The same small hunched stature the same oversized hairless head, the impossibly long bony fingers, beady eyes, and leering grin. Only this version of his nemesis is pasty white with thick spectacles and a lab coat.

"Tarzan, may I present your master; Dr. Nefario" chuckled the crafty sorcerer stuffing the wad of money into his pouch. "He is conducting a series of experiments, on male sexuality, and has paid an astronomical sum of money for you. So we have to make sure that you will be obedient"

Smiling beneficently at his new possession, Dr. Nefario's voice is unusually high pitched and cracked "The cost of my experiments will be defrayed by my ability to prostitute you. As I see you now, I think I should recoup my losses in a very short time, and perhaps turn a tidy profit"

The man of science, and the man of magic stand together gloating over the helpless man of muscle naked and struggling against his bonds.

A minion of the witchdoctor approaches with a tray bearing a hollowed out human skull affixed to a golden stem to form a goblet, a vial of oil, dried herbs and a ceremonial dagger.

"And now, my ravishing warrior, it is time to begin my spell" The magicians henchman begin pounding out a steady rhythm on their drums, chanting he removes a feather from his headdress and begins to paint the straining muscles with the oil. The feather tickles along the unprotected rib cage along the oblique, and down to tease the stiffening cock. Dr. Nefario shivering with pent up desire suckles and chews the eraser shaped nipples, his widely roaming hands rub the oil over every shinning muscle. The witchdoctor motions him away and raises his dagger high over the writhing oiled muscleman. With a primal shout he lowers it to make a deep incision under the heaving left nipple and holds the goblet under the flow of blood. The enraged ape-man growls in response. At a half full goblet, he rubs some herbs into the wound which instantly closes and sets it aside. Forcing apart the upper thighs he takes the hero's now rigid member into his mouth, as the scientist straddles the massive torso and rubs his own deformed cock, pale twin to the witchdoctors, into the deep cleavage between the massive pectorals.

Straining with every bulging muscle against his bonds, Tarzan begins to feel his very self gather into his throbbing loins now held prisoner past the scattered, pointed teeth and deep deeper into the throat of the bobbing troll head engulfing his manhood, the surprisingly long tongue of the scientist sliming over his flawless torso, choking his own throat, pincer like fingers painfully twisting at his nipples. He feels his very soul being milked from his ravished body. The increasing beat of the drums calling him down the witchdoctors throat. Down, down drums in his ear carry him along with the steaming ropes of cum he cannot hold back from his aching cock now shooting into the goblet. He feels himself swirling into his own blood joining with the herbs and oil being mixed into the goblet, as if he were steam rising from the potent mixture he sees himself being ravished by the evil black and white troll twins white hot ropes of cum still spewing form his spasming manhood. From far away he hears his own voice "Nu... Nooo... aaghh" He sees the enchanted vines forming a web raise him above the altar, turn him over hand lower him, as flying face down toward the altar. One vine, forming a shelf about 2 feet above the slab catches his lean hips and groin on the way down wrapping around the base of his unaccountably still hard cock. The massive hard globular glutes raised uncomfortably high the centre of all attention helpless before the rapists closing in on it.

He remembers with horror the grotesquely oversized deformity the witchdoctor had in place of a penis, and writhed desperately against his bonds in a vain attempt to avoid a fate worse than death.

Both panting villains approach the prize, the liquid Tarzan feels the chanting sorcerer's finger dip into the liquid and carry himself towards his own exposed brown hole. He feels himself enter his own body as he feels the stake like finger enter his virgin hole coating the pebbled inside with the rank liquid.

Nefario interrupts. "My dear friend, I have brought my own magic potion that will heighten our beautiful friend's experience. Where I come from we call these poppers" He produces a small brown bottle. "May I?"

"Please do, my brother, it will not break the spell" One of the magically animated vines helpfully holds the bottle tightly to the victim's nostrils for the remainder of the ritual. Tarzan begins to feel his heart like the drums pounding into his head, he arches his back displaying his ass even more for his captors and feels something cold and wet enter his brown pucker and slime it's way into his bowels. His already hazy mind swirling in and out of his body is driven further into the haze by the powerful scent forced into his nostrils. He tries to struggle away from this perverted molestation, but only bucks up onto the invading tongue.

Unable to stop himself the witchdoctor has dug his claws into the resistant flesh of the two succulent orbs and buried his face deep within the cleft between them. Drawing low moans from the helpless poppered stud, the emaciated wizard slurps and licks deep within the quivering pucker. How long had he dreamed of this meal? Meanwhile Dr. Nefario has crawled underneath and taken the fat cock completely into his mouth. The living snakelike vines slither around his writhing stud's body, two thorned suckers latch cruelly onto the luscious red brown nipples breaking into the tender flesh.

The sun sinks to an anticipated point in between the monoliths sending a reddish beam onto the writhing body on the altar. The wizard pulls away resuming his chant, greedily he quaffs half of the fetid contents of the goblet and instructs the scientist to finish the now bubbling brew. The mighty hunk feels himself consumed by his enemies.

He stands on the slab above the moaning hunk. How long has he waited for this moment of conquest? The all powerful Tarzan, Lord of the jungle, at his mercy. "Now, oh great white hunter? now you are mine" His now gigantic dripping cock casting a shadow over the undefended ass. Spittle, and the mixture of blood, cum, and oil prove insufficient lubricant, as with one cruel thrust, he savagely invades the helpless hole far past the sphincter to the very base of the cock crushing his own balls against the steely hard glutes.

Tarzan's scream can be heard to the far reaches of the jungle. The Tarzan bound on the altar feels a white hot pain rip into his very centre, while the Tarzan joined within the bodies of his rapists experiences the ecstasy they feel as the witchdoctor feverishly pounds into his defeated ass, he passes from consciousness. The muscular rag doll dances with every merciless thrust, head bouncing on the rough stone of the altar.

The witchdoctor removes his massive bone from the ravaged hole and pulls a reluctant scientist from the dripping heavy cock. The slithering vines, now lift the slowly awakening stud above the hideous twins, now standing face to face on the altar. The witchdoctor holds the identical enormous dicks together to form one nightmarish, black and white column, as the vines spread the victim's tree trunk legs into a wide split, smaller vines snake into the dripping hole, thorns latching onto the sides of the ruined pucker pulling it wide. Tarzan comes too as the vines release him to drop, unimpeded , impaling the ensnared stud on the two joined cocks. Unable to bear the blinding pain, our hero again passes out, his limp head and arms roll and bounce with every thrust. The scientist facing him suckles intently on his bleeding nipples, and vines wrap tightly around his shaft jacking it to an unbearable burning ache.

The drums reach a feverish pitch

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All three men explode at once. Tarzan's essence, now part of the ropes of cum ripping into his bowels re-enters his spasming body, leading the way for two uninvited spirits. Tarzan feels the bubbling cum, like the animated vines binding his limbs clamber up through his intestines, past his oesophagus, upward, like a giant claw seize his brain, the wills of his tormentors forcing him back into a corner of his brain, raping is very soul as they have his body, claiming complete control over his deepest self, his will to resist flowing from his body with the steaming ropes of cum still spurting from his cock into the thirsty gulping throat of Dr. Nefario.

Spent he slumps back onto the stone slap resistant no more. The snivelling worms who have defeated him congratulate each other over their virile conquest.

"Thank you Witchdoctor, I will never again doubt your power. My plane will depart tomorrow to carry my new cargo home. As a thank you to your henchman, they may have him for tonight.....Tarzan"

Our hero hears his own voice respond without him "Yes master"

"You will go to your cage now" Without his will, the naked muscleman rises slowly and walks to the cage which has been brought to the sacred circle. He steps inside and crouches on all fours his still bleeding nipples to the floor, his perfect glutes pressed out through the window like opening in the back for easy access to the long line of henchman already forming, eager to take their sweet revenge on the hero who had bested them so many times. The evil scientist closes and locks the cage.

The scientist and witchdoctor step aside to watch as the first brute spears the ravaged hole producing a satisfy grunt from the defeated hero. "unnnghh uhhh"

The twisted twins smile at each other and shake hands. "I cannot thank you enough my friend. I will miss you when I am home in the lab with my new slave"

"I invite you to return to us as soon as you are able, my brother" The witchdoctor smiles his chillingly evil smile. "In fact, we have a new neighbour I am anxious for you to meet. Tell me, have you ever heard of a man named ... Dar?"

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