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The Snow Queen
By Wolfpek
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This is a work of fiction based entirely on the classic work by the great Danish writer; Hans Christian Anderson, which I have used as a template. No disrespect to the writer is intended. I have endeavored to pay homage to his 19th century writing style.This was written as part of a contest to create an erotic story based on a Christmas/Hanukah/Solstice theme. This work contains scenes of male on male nonconsensual sex. The author in no way condones rape, or torture. This is an erotic fantasy only. If such themes offend you, or if you are under eighteen, you have no business reading this. If such themes do interest you I hope you will enjoy this strange little story, and I wish you a glad Yule

Now then, let us begin. When we are at the end of the story, we shall know more than we know now: but to begin.

Once upon a time there was a wicked sprite, indeed he was the most mischievous of all sprites. One day he was in a very good humor, for he had made a mirror with the power of causing all of the will of strong men to melt away and fall under the influence of those clever enough to control them.

"That's glorious fun!" said the sprite. If a good thought passed through a man's mind, it came out only as the whim of his captor, then a grin was seen in the mirror, and the sprite laughed heartily at his clever discovery. All the sprite's minions told each other that a miracle had happened. They ran about with the mirror; and at last there was not a land or a person who was liable to fall under the spell of the mirror. So then they thought they would fly up to the sky, and have a joke there. The higher they flew with the mirror, the more terribly it grinned: they could hardly hold it fast. Higher and higher still they flew, nearer and nearer to the stars, when suddenly the mirror shook so terribly with grinning, that it flew out of their hands and fell to the earth, where it was dashed in a hundred million and more pieces. And now it worked much more evil than before; for some of these pieces were hardly so large as a grain of sand, and they flew about in the wide world, and when they got into people's eyes, there they stayed; and then people saw everything the perverted sprite had wished, or only had an eye for that which evil sprite wished them to see. This happened because the very smallest bit had the same power which the whole mirror had possessed. Some persons even got a splinter in their heart, and then it made one shudder, for their heart became an icy possession of the sprite Then the wicked sprite laughed till he almost choked, for all this tickled his fancy. The fine splinters still flew about in the air: and now we shall hear what happened next.

Snow was falling lightly on the dockyard as two burly workmen emerged from the furnace room of the large ship where they had been shoveling coal. Coal dusk decorated their necks and arms , thick with years of hard work, their legs, so full of rounded muscle that their threadbare trousers strained at the calves, thighs, and buttocks. They walked wearily, but proud and upright.

Kai and Gunnar had been friends since early childhood, Kai at 23 was six months older than his friend, and had always been stronger, smarter, and tougher, the leader, and Gunnar had followed him faithfully through the world, emulating his every quality and manner. Everyone had wanted to be, or be with Kai. His stunning masculine beauty, self effacing confidence, and deep voice, made gruff by a lifetime of hard work in the face of unforgiving winters made him a natural leader. Every man envied and admired him, and every woman blushed red at his approach. Gunnar was unaware that he too, provoked the same affect in the community, he only followed Kai. When Kai grew strong, Gunnar worked his body to exhaustion to have the same hard muscular body. Both from old Nordic stock,. Kai with straight corn- blonde hair falling over china blue eyes, in contrast to Gunnar's mane of red. Apart from this difference in coloring they were often mistaken for twins. Kai was Gunnar's hero.

Gunnar did not know why it had stung him so when Kai's engagement to his sweetheart, Sigurd had been announced, he would miss his friend when he was married.

"Take care my lads" said an old grandfather they passed as he fished from the dock "See where the snow clouds gather? The Snow-Queen is abroad tonight to be sure"

"Only let her come," snorted Kai, "I'll set her on the stove and then she'll melt." He did not believe such superstitious nonsense.

That night, in the tiny flat that they shared Kai, half undressed, the shadows and plans of his classical form, glowing blue-ish in the moon light, unable to sleep stared at the snow falling out the window. So far, only a few flakes of snow were falling, and one of them, rather larger than the rest, alighted on the edge of a nearby rooftop. This snow-flake grew larger and larger, till at last it became a figure, dressed in garments of white gauze, which looked like millions of starry snow-flakes linked together. Angular and eerie, made of ice…shining and glittering ice. It was alive. He could only make out the eyes which sparkled like dark stars, but there was neither peace nor rest in their glance. It nodded towards the window and waved a long bony hand. Startled, Kai leaned in for a closer look; at the same moment it seemed as if a large bird flew by the window. He did not tell his friend of the incident he passed off as a dream. On the following day there was a clear frost, and the two young men. Stripped to sleeveless undershirts, and suspenders despite the cold were shoveling coal, sweat and coal dust mingled to coat the straining muscles on their bare arms. Their breathe visible like snorting stallions in the clear air. Suddenly Kai stopped short and stood straight. "Ahh, something has struck my heart!" and soon after, "There is something in my eye."

Gunner had to brace himself from the vertigo he felt looking deep into the bottomless blue seas that were his friend's eyes, but could see nothing. He felt as if he could fall happily into those inviting pools, rounded into the slightly almond shape peculiar to the sons of the Vikings. Staring deeper, he could see a new darkness swam under the azure waves.

"I think it is gone" he said But it was not gone; it was one of those bits of the looking-glass…that magic mirror, of which we have spoken…the evil glass which made mindless toys of the strongest of men. Poor Kai had also received a small grain in his heart, which very quickly turned to a lump of ice. He felt no more pain, but the glass was there still.

He fell silent and the two friends returned to their task, after a long time of silent work Gunnar looked up to see his friend had disappeared.

Throwing away the shovel he ran toward the town square, where he saw his friend walking as if in a dream, pass the Rund Turm and turn down an alley. Running so fast as to upset a vendor's cart he turned down the same alley, and found himself on a deserted street that he did not know, running past snowy arcades, he came to where the street ended in the sea. He stopped to keep from stumbling over his own jaw, open so wide it seemed to trail on the ground.

He saw a sledge, hovering inches above the gray sea, sparkling like a white sapphire, the back of which was outfitted as a sumptuous beds draped with layers of thick white furs, and drawn by eight large, white reindeer. A nightmarishly beautiful figure stood holding the reigns in one hand and beckoning with the other ghostly talon to his sleepwalking friend. This could be none other than the Snow Queen!

The figure's hooded robe of rough white fur, glinting with stars and snowflakes, opened in the stiff breeze revealing a dazzling tunic made of twinkling stars, and Gunnar was even more shocked to see that this queen was not female! He knew of some quare fellows who simpered around the Oresund region and called each other "her" or "queen". He now saw that the Snow "Queen" was one of these. Such fellows aroused the darkest contempt in Kai, as well as discomfort in Gunnar. They had always shunned such as these.

Why was Kai wandering towards this effeminate dandy?

His hair, beard, and eyes were black streaked with white, like the iron railings that peaked out under the thick blanket of snow under which slept the city. His thin sunken face unnaturally white, and covered in glitter paint, which was heaviest on the cobalt painted eyelids. the high cheekbones heightened by rounds of rosy pink blush, paler than the coral paint which decorated his thin lips. He was adorned with crystalline necklace, earrings and diadem. He was indulging in an oddly white cigar, which glowed an unsettling blue at the tip, which e absently waived at a nearby tree causing it to be covered with dainty icing. He laughed as he took Kai's hand to draw the solid workman into the frosted sledge, his cackle, like bare branches which tapped and sighed against the windowpane on lonely February nights, set Gunnar' s teeth on razored edge.

"Kai!!" he called, only attracting the attention of the shimmering freak. The soulless black eyes smiled into Gunnar's blue. He took a languid draw on his cigar and blew the smoke in the direction of the advancing youth, enveloping his sturdy frame and stopping him dead in his tracks. Gunnar found himself unable to move.

"You look chilled my young swain," said the Queen, turning his attention back to the hunk at hand. " here, lie back onto my warm furs." Then he laid the young laborer across the furs in the back of the sledge and as she gently settled him into position he felt as if he were sinking into a snow drift.

"Are you still cold?" he asked, as he kissed him on the forehead, and again lingering on his lips. Cupping the stubbled, square jaw in his beautiful white talon. The kiss was colder than ice; it went quite through to his heart, which was already almost a lump of ice; he felt as if he were going to die, but only for a moment; he soon seemed quite well again, and did not notice the cold around him.

More smoke tinkled into glinting chains and Gunnar saw his friend bound fast arms above his head. He could have easily broken these delicate bonds, but was unable to struggle, The Snow Queen kissed Kai again, and by this time he had forgotten faithful Gunnar, his work, and all at home.

"You are so tempting," he said, "I fear I could kiss you to death." He sat back and taking the stained cloth of the undershirt ripped it in twain, exposing Kai's full round pectorals. While large , they rode high above his lean, sharply defined abdominals. A long glittering fingernail, began at the soft curve at the base of the throat, and trailed down the deep cleft in between the heaving pecs, and followed the blonde down covered treasure trail, stopping briefly to tease the rising and falling belly button, and further down to hook under the waistband of the coal smeared breeches. An arctic grin spread across the sunken face before he made short work of the threadbare garment leaving the entranced stud exposed at the mercy of the glittering frost creature.

Spread nude and bound across the polar animal skins, Kai 's robust ruddy flesh seemed to Gunnar a succulent cut of red raw meat soon to be devoured by the snowy creature which gloated over his enthralled form.

Immobilized by this strange magic, Gunnar could only stare as the cackling Queen began to accost his helpless friend. The only movement his body could manage was the shameful stirring of his own cock as he watched the nightmare unfold before him.

The snow, queen took another drag on his cigar, and touched the tip to the tender nipple crowning the firm breast, as a cherry crowned a dessert. Kai's head rolled back as he let out a low rumbling moan as the ash burned purplish into the stiff pink nub, slender hips thrust a torrid cock up toward it's tormentor.

The Snow Queen, unable to bear the anticipation fell, a ravenous hound upon the naked captive, pointed blue teeth bit into the opposite nipple Phantom hands frantically explored every inch of the sculpted and unresisting body, kissing and biting working his way down to the sensitive belly. Delighted to find his victim ticklish, deft fingers danced like spiders along the ribs which no fat protected from view, or attack. He was rewarded with magnificent convulsions..

Suddenly he pulled back, scratching the long lady-like fingernails, painted with white glitter down the hard breathing form, and renewed his attack from the other side, by kissing the instep of the perfectly formed left foot, gracefully torturing the other ticklish foot with dainty fingertips. The needful mouth explored upward past the ankle, to the inside of the thick calf, upward still trailing frosty saliva along the interior thigh, kissing and biting meeting pleasure and sharp pain simultaneously, the sharp fingernails mirroring it's journey along the other tree trunk leg until they met in that secret musty place between testicle and anus, the perineum chewing at the soft blonde hairs that nestled there. Kai let out a sorrowful growl as his balls were enveloped by that dark , cold cavern that was the Snow Queen's mouth. Sucking painfully away at the salty eggs, there was no relief as they were released, and finally the cock, already primed and oozing was claimed by the greedy maw.

Gunnar could not decipher whether Kai's violent shivering was caused cold snow on this naked skin, or the expert ministrations of his molester. Gunnar was too occupied by the shame he felt at his reaction. His dearest friend, was being molested by this bizarre beast of blizzard, and he not only unable to save him, burned with feverish longing at the sight of his friend's rape. His own member, now as torrid and stiff as the enchanted victims, wept with sympathetic precum.

Kai's striated muscles stretched and strained, his lean hips undulated, snakelike upward towards his undoing, the ghoulishly beautiful fingers freely roamed the heroic torso, hurting the sweet nipples and pulling hair from the underarms, the vortex on his cock now more than he could bear he howled, a wounded wolf as the Snow Fiend devoured his manly seed, and he fell into a merciful swoon.

But the Snow Queen was not finished. Smiling pleasantly at the red faced Gunnar, he cruelly grabbed a handful of the soft corn-gold atop Kai's head and sat him upright, only to drape the limp, Nordic hero over the back of the driver seat.

Gunnar would never admit this to himself, bur he had, on occasion stolen glances at his friend's muscled buttocks, stretching the fabric of his workmen's breeches, or on rare precious occasion, when swimming, completely uncovered. But these where only brief glances of heaven, never long enough, to really appreciate it's beauty, or for anyone to suspect the shameful secret, unknown even to himself, until now.

If Kai had known they would no longer be friends, or Gunnar no longer alive.

But now, frozen as he was, and this virile beauty insensate, he could not help but stare, slack jawed at the sight that far surpassed his liquid dreams. Kai's ass was round and perfect, like the hard pre-ripe peaches sold in the town square in far away June, dimpled by muscles at the sides, it seemed ultimately bite able. Gunnar let out a audible breath at these flawless mounds helplessly bent upwards toward this lascivious monster, who even now was grasping them firmly in each bejeweled claw, kissing, and biting the iron globes, the thumbs prying them apart to find the brown pink rosebud. The Snow Queen took a deep inhaling breath, and the blew an icy wind into the defenseless hole. Kai stirred at the shock of the first invasion. The arctic wind was quickly followed by the eternally burning cigar. Kai's breath caught in his throat, unable to even scream, as the searing heatless burn branded his prostate. Giggling the Queen torqued the cigar in and out of Kai's most secret place, Kai's head bobbed up and down in reaction to the thousands of new sensations that rang form his anus to his brain .

The Snow Queen stared cruelly into Gunner's tearing eyes as he stood to reveal his own member, a twelve inch icicle, pointed sharp and perfectly transparent, save for the thick veins filled with inky black liquid. He grasped those perfect mounds one more time, and grinning heartlessly drove home his glistening desire into the rugged studs virgin hole. Finally he was rewarded to growling scream, at the shocking invasion. With great relish he pulled back and repeated into the deflowered hunk's very center. Kai's torso and head bounced limply in response to every thrust.

Gunnar could see that the Snow Queen was skilled at buggery, watching his heartless finesse, as he twisted, teased, and torqued in and out of the naked workman, and was rewarded with grunts of forbidden ecstasy, and moans of unbearable pain . Finally he increased his rhythm to a recklessly frantic pace, through back his painted head and screeched as he pumped squid black seed into the enthralled muscleman.

Kai and Gunnar also exploded with ropes of steaming come at the very same time. The sated Queen pulled the spent victim in the seat next to him as he took up the reins. Kai looked at his captor, and saw that he was strangely beautiful, he could not imagine a more lovely and intelligent face; he did not now seem to be made of ice, as when he had seen him through his window, and he had nodded to him. In his spellbound eyes the Queen was perfect.

Gunnar wept in shame at his reaction to his friend's brutal rape, tears and snow blurred his vision as the reindeer pulled the sledge skyward into a blinding squall. The Snow Queen looked round the vast expanse as he flew higher and higher with his new toy upon a black cloud, while the storm blew and howled as if it were singing old songs. They flew over woods and lakes, over sea and land; below them roared the wild wind; the wolves howled and the snow crackled; over them flew the black screaming crows, and above all shone the moon, clear and bright,…and so Kay passed through the long winter's night, until they reached the Snow Queen's palace, where they alighted, and the Queen draped the heroic workman over one shoulder, that perfect ass raised in luscious humiliation, completely in the power of his owner, and was laid on a slab of ice. The snow queen covered him with a whisper thin, glimmering layer of ice and so by day he slept , a frozen statue at the feet of the Snow Queen.

Gunnar remained frozen in place for some time, tears streaming down his immobile face, cum freezing a stain into the front of his breeches. Slowly, his body returned to his control, and he found himself standing I in the middle of the market square. He stared up into the black cloud floating away into the crisp blue sky.

He must save his friend. His love.