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Savage Saturday Fantasy
By Wolfpek
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This is a story that I have based on images and mpegs I have seen from a JPWA wrestling match called Savage Saturday between wrestlers Savage and Brad Martin. This is a sexual fantasy only. I bear no ill intentions toward Mr. Martin or Mr., Savage. I wish them no harm. Nor do I make any assumptions about either man's sexuality. This is a work of fiction. The author of this story does not condone in any way rape or torture. This story contains scenes of nonconsensual M/M sex. If you are a minor or such scenes offend you, you have no business reading this story. I hope enjoy it.

The indelible image of Brad Martin succumbing to Savage's merciless sleeper stands as one of the great heel's finest moments.

The shine of the pale silver blue trunks which lovingly outline the package and ass of this doomed jobber beg for merciless punishment Throughout the match, Savage takes delight in positioning the hunky puppet into excruciatingly sexy positions, each more humiliating than the last.

Every muscle and curve, tantalizing glimpses of jockstrap on display for the camera's pleasure Delicious to watch, the square jawed yet boyish face falling from sinewy struggle into peaceful slumber allowing those powerful muscles fall limp, completely at the mercy of his opponent.

Best of all, binding powerful arms behind his back and throwing the helpless jobber over his shoulder.

Brad hanging bound, unconscious, over his captor's shoulder. His muscled ass presented for viewer's pleasure, protected only by the thin layer of blue spandex, and carried away to whatever fate Savage has planned for him.

Where is our favorite heel carry his freshly conquered play thing?

This is where the fantasy begins….

A very special playroom lies in wait for our handsome young athlete dangling helplessly from his captor's shoulder. A metallic sheen catches the light

where the pale colored trunks stretch tight over the curve of upraised ass. Savage allows his hand o wander up, unimpeded, over the muscular thigh. Unlimited access to the forbidden. His roaming fingers find the strap tantalizingly peeking out from beneath those shining tights, outlining the exposed lower curve of the buttock.

He pulls and snaps it against the pale skin, and traces it delicately , following the thin elastic band to the place it meets the cup, and slips his finger under the spandex to tickle the tender balls. The warmth between his prey's legs increase as his exploring digit, as if by vertigo, is drawn toward the musky abyss. Softly he allows it to wander up the perineum, and dangle, just by a nail over the precipice of Brad's virgin hole.

The faintest of moans escapes the sleeping hunk's parted lips, and Savage smiles.

This stud is primed.

He shakes himself, realizing how long he has been standing still, mesmerized by the promise of that chute, and the feeling of his fingertip circling it's rim. He has plans for this stud.

The dungeon door creaks open to the vanquished wrestler's fate.

Brad awakes to s strange hissing sound. . He tries to move his aching arms from behind his back, the cuffs cut into his wrists His inverted head pounding, by a rush of blood as he realizes he is hanging upside down by his ankles. His eyes focus on his opponent's shins. The hissing continues, as something cool and slimy coats is torso until an empty canister of whipped cream clatters to the floor, and a tongue flickers along the inside of his meaty thigh.

"Get off me you fucking faggot!! I'm going to fucking k…Oooooffff"

His useless threats are cut off by a reign of blows to his muscled abs, shaking gobs of cream onto the floor and his square jawed face. A pulley raises him to his tormentors chest level , and Savage bends to meet eyes.

"Rise and shine jobber boy. Time for a new kind of punishment"

A rough hand grabs the base of his neck and the sugar coated tongue fills his mouth. He gags as it rams into the back of his throat.

Brad's eyes widen as Savage pulls out a switchblade.

"I'm going to have to shut you up"

With one flick he severs the alluring blue spandex, rips it free leaving only the moist jock to protect his captives modesty. He holds to his face savoring it's smell and stuffs it into between the parted lips.

"Now, I'm going to have a little snack"

The struggles and muffled protest no longer stop the tongue as it continues it's journey down the trembling thigh to engulf the engorged cup, made nearly transparent by the heel's saliva. Something else begins to moisten the fabric It has miles to go. It pays close attention to the light dusting of hair that begins under the naval and thickens at the top of the waistband, thoroughly cleansing the quivering abdominals. Is this hard ass brawler ticklish, he experiments by running his hands along Brad's sensitive ribs and is not dissappointed. The youth wriggles like a trout on a hook The intrepid mouth continues over the rounded pectoral shelf, nibbling on the hard slabs until he reaches those pale pink nipples. He flickers his tongue over left while flicking the right with his fingernail. . He cannot resist biting down hard. His teeth dance to the music of the scream cutting through the spandex gag.

Savage finishes his feast of whipped cream and salty sweat, pulls back, and cups the man breasts in two merciless claws. The screams increase. He grins and relents.


He wets his finger and gently rubs each bleeding nipple, before decorating them with clothespins.

"I think, you deserve a little reward"

The blade flies again, and the jock joins the canister on the floor. Brad's thick cock bounces free and stands straight out.

Even Savage is impressed at the size of his victim's meat.

The wriggling increases as Brad tires to escape, but the pearl of precum at the tip of his erection tells a different story. Savage, savagely grabs it and begins to jack, while teasing the slit with the tip of the blade, before allowing it to join the toys on the floor. He tastes the salty liquid pushing his tongue into the sensitive slit, before engulfing it fully into his mouth. The screams, have become audible moans. He bobs up and down along the shaft digging into delicious butt flesh with his fingernails, manipulating the cheeks

Brad feels cool air meet his warm hole.

He is a hardened fighter but he is young. It takes little time for him to explode into the gulping Savage mouth..

Even less time for Savage to release his ankle bonds and watch the young stud fall in a heap of naked flesh onto the concrete floor.

Brad, quick to recover tries to defend himself with his freed legs, but the handicap of his bound hands easily allows the heel to slip behind and pull the young hunk into another sleeper hold. He relishes the square jawed face fall, once again into unconsciousness. He lays him, gently back onto the floor, exploring the curve of his chest, down his hands, and giving the leaking cock one more squeeze, before, again shouldering the beauty. This time the ass raised above his shoulder is naked. Brad could use a tan, he thinks, but it makes him no less inviting. He cups the curved naked skin and gives the hard muscle a squeeze. He fought hard for this . He carries his prize to another station.

Brad struggles again to consciousness, he his lying face down, in a more comfortable position. Big hands are gently rubbing the muscles of his back.

He slowly realizes that he has been laid on a bench angled so that his naked ass is raised up high. His spread legs hanging over the side and chained to the floor.


He tries to cream out but discovers that his jock has been stuffed into his mouth

The hands begin to work back toward his defenseless ass. He begins to struggle violently. The hands bear down firmly.

"Now Brad, you should have known that when you wrestle in these little blue trunks, someone was going to have to rape you"

A hand slaps his ass

"I'm just glad it could be me"

He shudders as the heel's goatee tickles the back of his neck. Hands wrap around to roughly cup his man tits, and the mouth nuzzles and kisses down his spine, over the cuffed hands, to his lower back.. He stops.

"Look at this nice prize I won "

Tears well in Brad's eyes, his face hot with revulsion.

He falls on the helpless butt, licking ,biting, and kissing every inch of those smooth, hard, round muscles, too long concealed by those teasing blue tights, now completely his for the taking.

Hungrily he follows his tongue deep into that hole. Whether the moans he hears are of protest, pleasure or both, he does not care. He just burrows in deeper and deeper. Tearing at the smooth skin as he claws apart the glutes for further access. He licks, blows, inhales kisses and bites his way toward the prostate. He reaches between the legs to jack Brad's rock hard shame.

How long he tortures that hole with mouth and finger, he will never know.

He knows, only that he can stand it no longer, and frees his own dick, slapping it against his victim's ass muscles


"Be afraid, Brad.. This is going to hurt"

He teases the quivering hole at first, an then pushes the tip in.

Terrified Brad tries not to scream, as the invader pushes his way past the sphincter.

"Don't fight it, it will hurt less if you relax"

He knows Brad will do nothing of the kind. The virgin chute is deliciously tight and clenching. He pushes in and enjoys the muffled scream

Brad's breathing changes. Growing deep, growling as his hole grows used to the invasion, and Savage begins a pulsing rhythm, slapping his thighs against the ass. Stuffing it full up against the prostate. The pounding thrusts rub his shaft along the bench, to his horror he grows closer to climax.

The hands claim his pecs for leverage. The pain sends Brad over the edge and he spews onto the bench.

The resigned moan of climax, causes Savage to explode, and the rapist's dick pulses steaming ropes of cum into his victim's ass.

Brad feels a victorious arm coil around his neck for one last sleeper, sending him back to dreamland.

Savage pulls out and looks down at his vanquished foe. The violated ass, tempting him back in for another round. A droplet of cum leaks from the blinking hole.

But he has a match with Corporal Punishment. He lifts the naked athlete again over his shoulder. This time, unceremoniously ramming an index finger well into the moist pucker, and heads back to the ring.

Might as well show his next challenger exactly what the stakes are.

The End