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The Lurker
By Wolfpek
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I sense a disturbance in my waters, I know that it is you. I've been watching you...waiting for you. You have been coming to this secluded cabin of yours, near to my lair for sometime now. I am ancient. I am patient,. I have watched the millennia pass by ..silently.

You like the seclusion, the connection to the primal, your sense of communion.. and arrogant dominance of the verdant life in the area...and I have seen you bring your women many different women to this secluded spot, so special, romantic, they all fall to your charms, and drive back to their city. smiling.... Sometimes, during my nocturnal hunting, forays onto the shore, I have pressed against your window to watch that mouthwatering ass buck up and down over one of your lovely guests.

I see you invade my waters, as you do now, arrogantly naked, flaunting the ability to be naked out under the wide sky, secure in your complete privacy to take my scaled brethren from the lake, blissfully unaware of your vulnerability. Only the rumbled cap, and hip high wading boots adorn your classic form. I like those wading boots, somehow they make that perfect ass, so much more will keep these.

You have never noticed me lurking silently just around your submerged feet. Worshipping your heroic form , glinting in the sunlight, looking directly up into the heaven between your massive legs spread wide masculine, to the ironically tender balls hanging low , and the heavy cock.....mmmm this is why so many women drive away happy.. a story to tell their girlfriends over cocktails.....and gazing still at those juicy round round ripe fruit just above me. My scaly skin may be covered by soft oozing slime...but a part of me is solid stiff, and rigid as I drift aquatic cat around your unknowing ankles. The humanoid part of me, two legs and arms, crawling in the pebbles of lake floor, my tentacles, pushing me along. I am hungry, I need more than my meager repasts of small night creatures to keep me alive... I need a host with a strong life force to keep me alive.. it has been so long.

Yes... I have been watching you... I have been waiting for you... now it is time.

I tug on the fishing line. I want to watch the play of muscles on your v shaped back as they work to reel in your catch.

It will be too late by the time you notice me...I slither silently between those manly legs spread legs, I spit the quill, up, sharp, my aim so accurate, into that in between place called the perineum. To you, nothing more than a mosquito bite, for now, then you sense the quickly spreading throbbing numbness from groin to feel heavy.. floating.. your brain swims high above the waters....I see how it stiffens the heavy low hanging cock... This is necessary my love, you are so strong, and I am small.. this is the only way to bring you to me safely ...The pole splashes into the waters...there is a different sort of catch today.. I rise erect on my two legs, finally emerged, behind you . Climbing you like a hill....the hardness of your flesh surprises me...I know the terror you feel and now are too dull to react to. My tentacles enfold your slowly struggling form, that flawless pale skin, contrasting with oozing mud slime of all of my vine like limbs which encircle the rippled arms and legs, wrapping firmly, undulating around your ever hardening manhood, the last covers the square jawed face latching on to the mouth and nose, and secrets my sweet my diver, you can breathe, yes, the air that I provide for you, amphibious, like me. Does your head spin more? Stronger than the Maui weed you have stashed in your cabin? I feel you slip closer to limpness, but still you struggle, knees buckling against me, please, no, don't stop... the undulating struggle excites me more.. that hard hard ass rubbing against my fluid do you feel my hardness answer yours?

I slip around to face you, your fading eyes widen as you take in my, to you, repellent, form, you struggle a little harder, but I lift you, stronger, larger, you should be to heavy for me, but my lust gives me strength, over my scaly shoulder. I feels your, rippling abs, full rounded pectorals, and rigid manhood, resting securely against my back, the dorsal fins cutting into one pectoral . I wish I could step out of my body to see you now, hanging completely in my power, over my stooping form. That flawless creamy ass framed so beautifully by those high wading boots, and my restless tentacles, arched, exposed to the sky, my treasure, precious.

In this helpless position your drooping head sways very slightly. I carry you, my meaty burden, deeper toward the center of my lake. How you must look, hanging, helpless, wrapped in my watery embrace...and that displayed ass, I try to see it reflected in the sparkling waters disturbed by your trailing hands..but not clear enough.

I carry you, my burden to a small island in the centers of the lake and lay you lovingly face down, in the ooze of the shoreline, and convenient log, a resting place for those lean hips a pedestal for the work of art that is your ass. Your booted legs still in the water, your mythic, hairless, torso face down in the slime, that flawless, unbroken skin now plastered by the mud and goo between land and water...I slither two tentacles to torment your tender pink nipples, anther continuing to pump around your cock...and my lizard tongue begins to flicker, rapid and delicate toward your hole, through your ticklish haze of gas and venom... do you sense my approach?... yes you do... you feel my hot breathe inhaling...and blowing into the parted cleft between those inviting, high round mounds...and then as you feel the darting wetness of my long shooting tongue enter your most privates place, you moan into my gaseous tentacle in protest...yessss moan.....your quivering pucker is small pink and round. tastes sublime like nectar to me, yes that's right struggle to escape, I release my clutching grasp, slightly enough, to allow you to writhe against me.. I bury my face deeper and deeper into that divine valley, as you rise up towards me, and I chew and suck and... insert..deep into your succulent centre.

Nothing has been in here before me... the hole is so narrow.. a tight constricting tunnel around my exploring tongue, my fangs rip at the small hairs around the entrance... Now rough and raw from the probing... does it hurt you?

Another free tentacle wraps in-between and sharply injects a venom bard into each egg like ball in the low hanging scrotum....yes that sharp sweet pain, causes you to cry out. as I extract more of you and implant more of my venom.

Reluctantly I pull away, I have something better for you. I enjoy lying fully along your wide back, a moment of rest before.....I meant to be gentle. .. I did....I have been watching that creamy white ass for so long, so smooth , dimpled, bitable, above your high boots.

I could not. I enter, with one thrust... your muffled scream into my gaseous appendage thrills me, those hard muscled arms flail uselessly into the clinging mud... can you imagine how you look to me.. the tight muscles like writhing snakes, under that flawless golden skin struggling helplessly, soiled by the wet earth, against the attacking ooze, like an insect in a spiders grasp... your growling moans as you feel my rigid member rip away at the defending rings of muscle that are your now ruined sphincter........I know the shocking pain is intense.. I feed off of it... moan again.. yes.

Now I can begin to be slow and gentle, I undulate into you injecting you with myself... you pebbled chute, so tight, forms around my cock.. you have not yet adapted to the invasion, every deliciously slow thrust, a painful stab...your growling increases my speed... into a regular pistoning slam, I constrict tightly around your wide muscles again, I feel you struggle to breathe.. breath my toxic gasses... anything as my embrace becomes a chokehold... I am frenzied now...and so are you.. we are linked.. we both pound our thrusting dicks in unison.. you helplessly against the damaging bark of the log, and me into your helpless ruined hole.

How does it feel to be so invaded? Every struggling limb bound and useless. You , so strong, so fearless, who are so used to dominion over every other thing.... now you are my prey... wriggling on my barbed hook, the fate you intended for my finned brothers. Do you still think you can free yourself? Do you still have hope as I rape your perfect man hole? I hope you do.. I hope you will always struggle and buck against me as you do now, as I plant my spawn into your tight bowels.

An aching pleasure floods my mind.. and explodes into overflowing into the hunky raped ass raised up beneath me... I feel you spurt ropes of cum in unison.. and fall limp beneath me, I kiss the back of your neck just below the curly golden hairline where softness meets hard neck muscles and down the spine.

Come my host, my love my strength, come with me to our watery home, still impaled on my cock , I pull your unconscious form with me under the surface, my gas your only link to breath, now we need each other to survive.....

The End