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Dar's Turn
By Wolfpek (Illustrated by Wolfpek)
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Dars Turn

By Wolfpek

This is a work of fantasy fan fiction. It contains graphic scenes of man on man nonconsensual sex. This is a fantasy only. Rape is torture and is not condoned by the author in any way. If such scenes offend you then do not continue to read.


The hawk's warning was confusing at best. "Stay away from the sacred stones" He was Dar, the Beastmaster. There was no place in the jungle he should fear to go. "..An evil witchdoctor... a scientist...selling the great beast...?" He could not get a clear message. Something was wrong. In fact all of his communication with the animals seemed, well, scrambled. One thing, however, was very clear. There was mischief afoot surrounding the cloying witchdoctor inhabiting the enchanted grove.

He was Dar. He had nothing to fear, and that is where he would go. With a deep breath expanding his magnificent chest, he strode through the forest to investigate.


The dappled light of the forest plays upon the golden muscles of the noble savage. Only his bone necklace, armband, dagger sheath around his thick thigh, and teasingly brief loincloth protect him from vulnerable nudity. In some tantalizing way these seem to highlight his uncovered ripe flesh. From the rounded lightly haired calves, up to the widening thighs, maddeningly naked hips, washboard abs, lats as wide as the savannah, and mountainous pecs his minimal attempt at modesty only made an enticing decoration of his proud nudity.

As he approaches the grove he comes to a clearing in which a number of beasts are trapped and caged. Some smaller animals such as the gazelle are dead. A caged leopard is nearly so with a trap still affixed to it's leg. None of these animals communicate their thoughts to him except for a python, a noose tightly wrapped below its jaws.


This animal communicated very clearly. "Dar...sssss..helpsss..usss... Dar. They have taken my offsssspring"

"Who? Who has done this to you?"

"The witchdoctor...heee isss ssselling all the beasssts to the sscientissst...I know a way to ssstop them. Free me and I will ssshhhow you"

Dar did not fear or mistrust the beasts. Even the snakes respected this powerful warrior as their protector. Dar bent, his tiny loin cloth rode up to even more expose the lower curves of is delicious muscle ass, to free the serpent.

"Sssthank you have no idea of the wonderful giffft you have given usssss"

Without warning the snake slithered around the hero's v shaped torso and latched its fangs into the tender flesh of Dar's inviting right nipple. Dar could only watch in shock as the snake morphed into the skulking remotely human form of the witchdoctor, the now human fangs still biting into the right nipple as the free hand injected the leftwith an oversized syringe.

Dar rose to pull away from the wrinkled gremlin wrapped obscenely wrapped around his heroic torso, only to stagger weakly as he fell under the power of the wizened fiend.

The syringe, a gift from the helpful Dr. Nefario contained a powerful sedative that allowed even the most feeble pervert to capture any virile stud.



The sorcerer gently stroked the straw colored hair of the stud he rode to the ground. "Why?!! Why look at you, my helpless hunk. I’ve watched you for years, teasing me with only that skimpy loincloth barely covering your magnificent ass. How could I not be driven to rape such beauty? I will make a fortune at the same time. I have sold you to my dear friend Dr. Nefario, and you will join your own friend; Tarzan in the good doctor’s laboratory"


Dar's mind is swirling "Rape!? How could this be? He is a man" The thought of men having sex with men was new and repulsive to his mind. How could this drooling ancient have defeated him so? He is Dar! Blackness closed in the corners of his eyes and into his mind. The hero fell, face down draped over a stone, unconscious, ass upward at the mercy of the skeletal wizard.

The witchdoctor stands back to appraise his conquest and chuckles, exposing the few pointy teeth left in his mouth. There was something about an unconscious man that made his dick rigid. His victim seemed so at peace, unaware, oblivious and vulnerable to all of the horrible things that will be done to him.


The Witchdoctor knew the drug would last quite a while, but he would take no chances this time after almost losing Tarzan. He bound Dar's thick wrists and ankles painfully tight, and kicked him brutally over face up in the dirt. "Gods, those man tits are unbelievable. That peacefully sleeping face with the square noble jaw lips slightly parted, was irresistible. The Witchdoctor laid himself, face down, over his victim’s body. His own puny deformed body rubbed and slithered over the perfect and still form, forcing his tongue deep between the parted lips into a suffocating kiss. Kissing and biting down the column of the throat, nuzzling the cleft between the pectorals, and again nursing on those peaked nipples, he followed the treasure trail. Like a holy pilgrim,e down to the light wisps of hair that sproutd just above the loincloth. Impatiently, he ripped away the offending garment. Sniffing nuzzling, licking it, and finally he tied it, another trophy, to join Tarzan's around his neck.

Dar's cock was a challenge. Could he take such a monster fully into one's mouth without gagging? Thick and long, it was a test of his abilities to look forward to. But he knew he must hurry and cast a spell, before Dar awoke and broke free.

He wrapped his unconscious prey in a fishing net, another precaution, and pulling him to a seated position by the hair leveraged the passed out naked muscle man over his shoulder. The webbing bit diamond shapes into the bronzed flesh. An unconscious hero is a joy of life, but an unconscious, nude, bound hero being carried helpless and limp over the shoulder of an evil nemesis is ecstasy. Dar's ass was like a ripe apple perfectly round and exceedingly bitable. Confined, as it was, within the net riding securely over the hunched shoulder of the witchdoctor there was nothing to prevent that very thing, or anything else from happening to it.

The witchdoctor laughed maniacally as he carried his slumbering prize toward its unspeakable fate.


Part 2

Savoring the juicy round ripeness of the hard muscle ass riding against its will over his shoulder. The sniveling ghoul reluctantly laid his somnolent catch across the bloodstained slab that was the scene of Tarzan's defilement. Resisting the urge to rape the lights out of the knockout stud right there, he spread the helpless Beastmaster lewdly across the stone.


He must prepare him for Dr. Nefario. Beginning a breathless chant, he lifted his bloody dagger high above his head.


Dar awoke to find himself laid out face up and naked, the rough hewn stone of the altar biting into his back, his arms and legs hanging heavily over the sides of the slab.


With considerable difficulty he managed to raise himself to a sitting position. He was on the altar in the center of the standing stones. To his awakening eyes there seemed to be a haze covering everything outside the stones slightly blurring all of the cages and animals surrounding the sacred site. Only one cage is empty, with a sort of window cut into one side and a grinning witchdoctor seated on top casually swirling some dried herbs into a morbid cup shaped like a human skull. "Did you sleep well my beauty? I hope so. You're going to need your rest."

The animals slowly emerged from their cages. As they moved they pass inexplicably from animal to human form. He recognized them as the witchdoctor's henchman. Dar was too stunned and groggy to speak.

"You see my dear Beastmaster, I enjoy the new found power to magically transform humans into animals. You may have been wondering why you have been unable to communicate with your beastly friends recently. I am sorry to say that you animal friends are all gone, sold to collectors and researchers as you have been, and replaced by my spies, who's thoughts you cannot read... Unless, of course, I wish it."

He remembers now. This puny troll had promised to rape him....and SELL him!! He had stolen all of his friends from the forest. Rage began to grow from deep within.

" You . twisted fag..You will never control me."

"You underestimate my powers great hero...I have a way to make you totally compliant" His cackling laugh chills the hero's heart, and rage takes complete control. He rushes off of the stone to kill his nemesis.

As he passed between two of the sacred dolmans, he found himself brought to an abrupt halt by a sticky webbing. He strained every budging muscle to break it but only became more entangled as the witchdoctors eyes teared from hysterical laughter.

"This web is made from your own essence, it draws from your strength. You can never free yourself from your own power"

He sensed another movement vibrating on the webbing and turned to see a sight out of nightmare.

Part 3

It was the size of a small man But it was not a man. Neither was it a spider. He recognized every genus and phylum of spider, and while this had aspects of many, it seemed more a patchwork of spiders and human being. Even more horrible, as it spindled toward him it seemed to morph a leering human face without losing its mandible pincers.

"Dar, allow me to present your master; Dr. Nefario. He has been enjoying my morphing spells, and insisted to take this arachnid form for today's festivities. Tarzan has had to become accustomed to these games, as will you"

Dar was repulsed to see an unusually large, but human shaped cock growing from the underbelly of the hideous creature, but covered with spiking hairs. He struggled wildly and managed to free one arm. Just as he reached for the dagger strapped to his thigh, the monster pounced.


Pulling back Dar’s free arm, the spider “thing” wrapped its seven hairy legs lewdly around the sinuous torso of the struggling hero. "That was an impressive display of strength" lisped the monster into his ear. "However, I feel that you are entirely too conscious for our own safety" He sunk his fangs into a heaving pectoral, and the straining muscles, once again relax into limpness.


The spidery limbs enfolded the unconscious naked hunk, carrying him, head lolling backwards lost in sleep, up into the web. Spinning out more of the sticky material it formed Dar and the webbing into a sling. Gleefully pulling the tree trunk thighs wide apart to lewdly expose the tender brown pucker, which he lowered level with the waiting head of the witchdoctor.


Keeping the hairy black exoskeleton, and four spidery limbs the panting scientist morphed into a more recognizable human form. Using his extra limbs to hover above his victim trapped in the sling, he allowed the massive hair covered cock to lay heavily in the deep cleft between Dar’s pendulous pectorals pointing toward the stud's growing cock, which he took fully into his fanged mouth.


As the spider maw latched onto the captive cock, and its huge hairy cock rubbed onto the massive chest, the witchdoctor's tongue was inexorably drawn to the inviting exposed pucker.


Slurping deeply into the moist quivering hole, he took occasional breaks to chew away the curly blond pubes which encircled it, leaving it naked and bald.


From somewhere deep within his nightmare the ravished stud began to moan. The tender skin between his hard buttocks grew raw and red from the insistent licking and probing. Spidery precum pooled on his lower belly, a burning ache swelled from the base of his cock between bladder and stem toward the bobbing spider head. The repulsive villain’s defiling his most private places was more than his body can bear. His hips arched upward. Even in his dream he felt his soul gather into his loins and erupt from his spurting cock, in warm streams, eagerly caught into the skull goblet, and stirred into his own blood by the trembling witchdoctor who offered it up to the mouth of his spidery colleague. The monster greedily gulped down the manly potion as if dying of thirst. Throwing aside the cup he repositioned himself to face to face with his new slave. Holding the heavy sleeping head in his human hand, he forced a very human tongue far down the throat of the unresisting hero, a rapist's kiss. The extra spider limbs wrapped suffocating around Dar’s manly frame

His spider used its limbs to push the Dar’s tree trunk legs even further apart. It looked down at the exposed hole and smiled at its unprotected beauty.

The Beastmaster's eyes opened wide as the long hairy cock ripped past his sphincter and begins to piston rape his hole. Unable to bear the pain his consciousness is short lived, and his anal muscles are taught to relax and accept the pounding thrusts.


Limp muscled arms fell from their silken bonds. The limp handsome head bobbled back and forth in time with the monster’ relentless thrusting.


The drumming of the henchmen intensified. Thunder crackled in the sky. The oversized dick exploded within the raped asshole, simultaneously with its victims cock. Another spell was complete.

The victorious monster retreated into the web to watch the witchdoctor's even lager member take its turn, stretching the hole beyond all imaginable limits, and leaving a gapping exposed, leaking cavern.


The human spider once again shoot a long web into a cocoon in which Dar hung head downward, mummified in tight webbing. Only leaving his ass, cock, pectorals, and head exposed to the night breeze. The Beastmaster began to rouse and move slightly.


The creature sidled down to stand beside it's lewdly bound prey. " I think you should sleep through the night, before I cage you and take you home to join Tarzan." Baring his fangs he sunk them deep into a ripe round ass cheeks to inject a toxic sleeping venom. Dar struggled and hung still.

The scientist-spider loosed his grip from his new possession to turn and pay the witchdoctor. "Thank you once again my dear friend. I owe my impressive collection to you. As is my custom, I will leave my new slave to your henchmen's pleasure for the night before I bring him home." They shook hands and laughed.

In the moonlight, the obscenely bound Beastmaster, his cock still dripping, his hole still oozing cum, green venom seeping from the puncture wounds in his glute spun slowly in his web.