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Tormented college jock gets re-oriented through technology
By William Benjamin

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It should be noted that this is the first installment of a long arc of stories that I am going to write. This first part is to set up the main character and his background. I promise in the next part we'll get an appearance of the obnoxious jock (and his friends) harassing Adam -- the main character.

Tormented College Jock gets Re-Oriented through Technology

Part 1

I have been gay for as long as I can remember. Actually this had been by my Father’s intentions. My Dad worked for the Defense Department, and was one of their leading scientists. He held degrees in both genetics and mechanical engineering. After getting his college degrees, he went to medical school to learn as much about the human body as he could. He did his residency at a naval hospital, where he met many soldiers and became an accomplished surgeon. His specialty was in Urology. He himself had been gay from the very beginning as well, and working as a urologist allowed him to examine hundreds of soldier cocks in his time.

My Father had quickly become a national expert on male genitalia. After he gained notoriety, he made the navy a proposition. He wanted to use his knowledge to perfect methods of enhanced interrogation. He presented to them a plan to take advantage of the human male’s intense desire to protect his genitals as a perfect means for information extraction. The generals were impressed with his ideas even at the raw stage.

They set him up with a sizeable laboratory, and a steady supply of young arrogant men who had been very resistant to military training. It is often said that the military has technology that is decades ahead of what is available in the private sector. This definitely proved true in my Dad’s case. The navy already had some sophisticated ways of torturing prisoners. But, my Dad was a visionary and quickly invented things that were astounding.

I am a product of that earlier technology. Given that my Dad was gay, he had no desire to have sex with a woman to produce offspring. Also, he knew exactly what he wanted in a son. He wanted a young man who would have a tendency to put on muscle easily. He also wanted his son to be gay and to share his intense BDSM deviation. It was important to him that a son be highly intelligent, and to be able to understand everything he was doing from the ground up. Someone who could replace him if and when he decided to retire. Finally, to achieve complete perfection, he wanted his boy to develop a formidably sized and capable set of genitalia. His son, once through puberty, would have a huge set between his legs. Perfect for dominating resistant and hardened soldiers.

You might wonder how this was accomplished. Remember that my Father was a highly skilled geneticist. He collected a large sample of his own semen. Then he created a virus that would attack and kill the sperm cells that did not meet his rigorous standards. He researched women who were egg donors to find the exact candidate that had what he was looking for. Again, he introduced a virus that would kill the eggs that didn’t meet his standards. Once this was complete, the sperm and egg cells were mixed together to form fertilized eggs.

He examined these eggs to find the very best candidates that could meet his ideals. A surrogate mother had the best eggs implanted. When she gave birth, my Dad took sole custody of me. My Dad named me “Adam” – as in the first male. He was convinced of my potential from the very first day. I was born with a very high birth weight. And my cock and balls were well oversized starting immediately as a newborn. I am glad to report that my Dad did not have me circumcised. My sizeable glans remains a deep purple with a large and sensitive mucosal lining. And my intact frenulum is extremely sensitive.

I knew I was gay from a very early age, and my Father raised me in a very tolerant household. We had a full staff of servants in our home. All of them were young gay men in prime condition. They had been told to always follow my orders no matter what I asked. They were well payed for their complicity. In this way I was lucky enough to be raised in a home where homosexuality was the rule, and I never felt any exclusion or self-hatred about being gay. When I entered my teen years, I would occasionally order members of our house staff to do things with me of a sexual nature. My favorite was our driver of many years. His blowjobs and jack off techniques were amazing, and he would often let me sit in the front of the car where we would jack each other’s cocks while driving to our destination. He had a large beautiful dick which I loved to wrap my fist around.

In my sexual exploits I was always “versatile”. I enjoyed tying up other guys, but just as often I was the recipient of bondage. I was extremely sexual enjoying both dominating others and being dominated. My Dad had made sure that money was never an object. I was lucky enough to find guys to play around with in high school. But I assimilated a variety of techniques from all the books I read, and porn I had watched online. My interests ran mostly in a BDSM direction. With the money Dad made available, I would occasionally get a man off of “”. I was able to find very handsome and well endowed men who, for a fee, would let me tie them up and torment their cock and balls to my heart’s content.

I should mention that I had access to resources way beyond just online pornography. My Dad, being a scientist, was a stickler for detail. When he was at the military complex that was designated to his control, he had cameras set up everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) that tracked every thing that went on there every minute of the day. From the smallest thing, like capturing details of the men at the urinals, to important sessions he did using advanced interrogation techniques on very strong men. His favorite was to completely and systematically breakdown marines who had jarhead thinking pounded into them by their fathers.

When I turned 16, Dad had given me all of the server and password information so I could watch footage of everything on camera. This also included footage from the house. It meant that I could watch the servants getting it on with men they would bring back to the mansion. I also learned things I wanted to know about Dad. I watched him jackoff in his room while he in turn was watching footage of marines he had worked over with beautiful cocks that looked sculpted by truly horny artistes.

Dad had told me before he gave me access, that my computer was set up to keep a history on everything I did. Not just web browsing. And that in return for full access to all of the servers, I would agree to be monitored so he could keep track of what I was learning and what interested me. We both knew I would watch him in all of his private moments. In a way it was only fair. I had been on camera since birth and had long ago learned my Dad would never judge me. Even if I was doing something that was wrong, he would tend to let me go my own way for a while until it was absolutely crucial that he intervene. I dearly loved him.

After I turned 16, I noticed he started doing something else. Dad would sometimes bring men home to play with. Sometimes it was just gentle sex, but more often it was a man that had contacted Dad and was yearning to be thoroughly broken. Dad’s bedroom was just down the hallway from mine on the second floor. More often Dad would take them to the guesthouse which had been converted into a full scale dungeon with everything imaginable available. Dad gave me a key to the guesthouse when I turned 16, so I would have access to learn what was in it.

Anyways, when he would bring a man back to his bedroom, he would often leave the door open fairly wide. He knew very well that I would watch him from the hallway. His victim of the night would usually notice they had an audience, and Dad would tell him that watching his sufferring and domination would intentionally add to his humiliation.

Sometimes Dad would leave his door open, and would jack off. I would often watch from the hallway, and jack off myself while hiding in the shadows. Dad seemed to have an intuitive sense for when this was happening, because often he would make it an edging session. He’d get himself right up to barely a second from shooting and stop. I would force myself to do the same, and I sufferred many times from horrible blue balls before getting final relief.

I started to reciprocate. I would often leave my bedroom door open so Dad could watch me jack off, or work over a trick. I tried to apply the techniques I had seen him use, so that he would be proud of me. I would sometimes be able to catch a glimpse of him in the hallway, watching and rubbing his crotch.

This went on for the next year. I would sometimes try to bring up the subject at dinner. Dad and I always had dinner together promptly at 6. We took turns asking the chef to prepare different favorites. Things with us were always a bit competitive but, it was more a competition to see who could bring the best to the other person. I would do research and have the chef make complicated meals from different regions. Always looking for something new, and Dad did the same.

When I would try to broach the topic of sex between the two of us, Dad would say gently “there will be no talk of that until you are an adult. Until then, you’ll just have to let images satisfy your curiousity.”

Eventually my 17th birthday rolled around. I was going out with my friends later that night, but Dad and I had a special dinner together just the two of us. He told me I was almost a man legally and ethically. He said that for my 18th birthday, I could have anything I wanted. He had amassed a large fortune both from what he was payed through government contracts and from patents he held on torture technology he had invented. He literally said the moon was the limit. He loved me that much, and I could do anything I wanted. Even if that meant saying goodbye and for me to go to Europe or travel the world.

For my 17th birthday he gave me something he had designed himself. He took me outside and showed me a plain looking panel van that was basic white and quite large. I smiled and looked at him, “The secret is on the inside isn’t it?”

“Yep,” Dad pulled out a keyring with a fob. “This fob controls the van electronically. It will only work with your thumbprint, so you’re the only one who can control it. The engine is hybrid and it can run in stealth mode for miles if you want to be on the down low.” He handed me the fob. I quickly figured out the buttons and opened the motorized side door.

We stepped inside. The walls of the van had been thoroughly soundproofed. There was what looked like folded down bench seats in the back with another bench that looked like a typical bed in a van. I pushed one of the fob buttons and the scene immediately changed. The bench was replaced by a steel table covered with some sort of squishy surface and metal cuffs that were open at the neck, wrists, and ankles.

Also, various instruments lowered from the ceiling. There was an array of vibrators, dildos, elctro gear with a control box, a violet wand. All sorts of instruments for pleasure and torture. There was also a metal cabinet against the wall with a drawer full of equipment for urethral play.

“I’ll let you figure it out for yourself. The van has a perfect sound system. You can play anything you want through the system and the acoustics are precision. But, the soundproofing also keeps anything from being heard outside. It has a very large moonroof too. You can use this for romantic dates or torturing studs. It’s up to you. Oh, and it also comes with a driver! Come outside with me!”

We stepped out of the van and there was a line of men all standing at attention and naked except that each one had a very tight steel cockring on. They were all very good candidates. “I chose these men from what I could glean of what you like from your selections of porn and pictures on the internet.” He handed me a leather collar that was studded with real diamonds.

“All of these men have been conditioned to obey your every command even down to the level of their autonomic nervous system. They can cum on command or suffer relentless edging waiting for the word. They also have perfect driving skills. They can take you anywhere without needing navigational assistance. If you like, they can drive with one hand, and give you the best handjob you’ve ever had with the other. I really have tried to anticipate every eventuality.”

“Are they capable of being dominant if that’s my fancy?”

“Yes, these are all men that I recruited from the military. I have educated them on various dominance techniques. They have learned by both applying them to others and having them used on themselves so they know how it feels. These men have been given as much sexual training as possible. And I’ve been careful to keep their egos intact. All of these men would really enjoy serving you.”

“So, now it’s your turn to choose. Check them all out…..”

There were about 20 men in the line. Dad had done his homework. Most of them were caucasians, as that is what I tend to like. There were a few with darker complexion who were quite handsome. I walked down the line looking at the faces and could easily narrow it to just a few that way. But, then I thought, the most important characteristic would be their genitals.

I started going over the line again this time just looking at their genitalia. All of them were hard to a certain degree, but only a couple were hard to the point of showing puffed up veins. I stopped when looking at a cock that seemed destined to be my quarry. The man was uncircumsized, but because he was aroused his foreskin was slightly skinned back. The membrane covering his Glans was intact, and the huge purple helmet glistened in the moonlight. The meatus (also known as the pissslit) was a long line. Not a small hole that wouldn’t accomdate anything. This man could easily be conditioned to enjoy sounding if he didn’t already. The shape of the cock was absolutely beautiful. The deep purple helmet looked ultra sensitive. His balls hung down in a loose sack, but his scrotum being on the thin side I could make out every detail of his big balls. Nice!

He had another feature that I liked on a man:

He was curved!

I love dicks that bend. I often think of what it would be like trying to throw a fuck when you have a dick that hurts a lot when it is forcibly pulled towards vertical.

In this case it wouldn't be a problem. I don't like to play the bottom role often, and getting fucked is never at the top of my list.

This man's dick had a solid 90 degree bend at the base towards his left hip. I took it in my hands. The skin was supersoft. It felt like silk over hard steel. When I touched it, the cock jumped a couple of times in my hand with a solid *THUMP*. It was so hot that he could make his dick do this!

Although I wanted to know more about his dick, I forced myself to look up and evaluate the rest of him. His pubes were excellent. Slightly trimmed but mostly left intact. It consisted of softer blonde hair anyways so it was alright that it was left a little long. Plus, I hated manscaping preferring a more natural look.

Above his dick was a nice treasure trail leading from his navel downwards. His navel was an innie, but only by a slight amount. This man had a fairly low bodyfat composition. Dad knew I liked them beefie, and this guy was solidly muscular and a bit stocky. But at the same time he wasn't fat.

His chest was covered with a thick layer of black mossy hair. I ran my fingers through it, and it felt luxurious. His neck was a bit on the muscular side from doing a lot of bench presses, and he had a large Adam's Apple. From this I concluded he would probably have a strong and deep masculine voice.

Finally, I met his gaze and checked out his face fully. He had a five o'clock shadow with very sexy dark whiskers emerging from his skin. I thought about what it would feel like to have that chin hair rubbing on the more sensitive parts of my dick. That thought made me hard the rest of the way, and my cock was clearly visible through my pants now. He must have noticed, because a slow rakish grin crossed his face.

His face was definitely handsome. He had dark blonde hair, and his facial features were very nice.

I returned to his genitals while he kept his eyes staring into space directly in front of him. His dick was still rockhard and veiny. I playfully slapped it a couple of times and watched it bounce around only to quickly return to its home position, because it was so hard. As I played with his cock, I noticed something odd. The steel cockring at the base of his genitals didn't have a seam through the middle for a place to put hex bolts in place.

"What's your name boy?"

"Jim Callahan, SIR!"

"Jim, why is it that I don't see a seam on your cockring? It's like it's one piece of metal. How does it come off?"

"SIR! It doesn't SIR! I wanted to be permanently hard and ready SIR! I am very fond of you, and wanted you to be impressed with this DICK SIR! The ring has been cold welded in place!"

I did a double take after hearing that. This young man had made himself into exactly what I fantasize about. I was pretty sure at this point that he was the one!

"Jim, at ease soldier." "SIR, Yes SIR!"

Jim moved his legs a little farther apart and let his hands dangle at his sides after having them locked behind his back while at attention. I wanted him relaxed, because the next thing I wanted to test him on was how he tasted. No two men have pre-cum that tastes exactly the same.

"Jim, I'm going to suck on this dick for a while. If you feel pre-cum building up, don't hold it back. I want to taste you!"

Jim smiled, this was one contest where he knew he would excel.

I pulled the curved dick back towards vertical. He didn't wince so having his dick straightened while hard didn't seem to hurt him too badly. I took his whole dickhead into my mouth and sucked hard on the meatus. I placed my tongue over that slit and didled it around rapidly. I saw Jim's larynx move slightly as he swallowed hard. I had immediately found a vulnerability. I started to nibble now lightly on the tip of his cockhead, and he moaned softly.

Since he was hard and already partially skinned back, I next ran my tongue hungrily over his sensitive glans. I felt his cock jump a little as I did this. I slid my tongue under the foreskin that was still partially protecting the frenulum and he shuddered. After about a mintue of doing this, I was finally rewarded with a large dollup of precum. It was delicious! A little salty and slightly bitter. It was terrific!

"Jim, you passed the final test! I can't wait to really start working you over!" He smiled broadly and said "Thank you SIR!" I placed the leather collar around his neck declaring him to be mine.

"Dad, he's perfect! I'm just amazed at your gift!"

"I just want you to be as happy as possible son."

My Dad dismissed everyone, and they all filed back towards the house. "Jim will be waiting for you when you get there. Now, I'm wondering if you would do me a small favor in return?" "Of course Dad! Anything!"

Dad led me back to the house. He took me into one of his work areas. He went into a drawer and pulled out a retractable tape measure. "Son, I've wanted to do this for the longest time!" Thinking I knew what he had in mind I smiled and said, "Go ahead Dad. You're welcome to measure anything you like!"

His hand trembled slightly as he grasped the zipper on my tight jeans. This unexpected and welcome move on his part had caused me to harden again. He unzipped my jeans and the huge bulge underneath fell out -- though still wrapped in tight wet cotton that was stretched to it limits.

"Do you want me to do it Dad?" He shook his head "no". He lovingly caressed my trapped dick, then pulled the fly of the underwear apart. My genitals popped out immediately with the fly forming a kind of cockring around the base of my equipment.

I could tell Dad was quite taken with my dick. It was quite impressive. The foreskin hadn't retracted, but it was thin and tight enough to make out the distinctive impression of my hefty glans underneath the tight skin.

"You're not quite fully hard yet. You need a little more stimulation. Plus, I want to get a look at your massive purple glans." Dad skinned me back and started to palm my dickhead. It was so sensitive I nearly had to stop him! But, I had trained myself to also enjoy pain, so I resisted the idea of stopping him. My cock rapidly hardened to full mast and the large veins on the top started to inflate.

Dad pulled out the tape from the measure and placed it at the base of the top of my cock. He slowly and carefully pulled it out, his eyes widening as he got to the end. "Wow! 10 and a quarter inches! I'm very proud of you!"

I swelled up with pride. But now that my dick was out, I wanted Dad to go further. I took Dad's hand away from the tape measure and put it on my rod manipulating him into stroking it.

"Son, I just wanted to measure you. I don't feel comfortable going further than that right now. We can talk over your feelings more when you finally reach 18 next year. But, I will say this. Would you like to measure my cock to see how much you win by?"

I nodded and took the tape measure from his hand. Dad was wearing black jeans with a button up fly. By the look of it, he too had sprung a hard on. I easily undid the fly yanking it open and allowing the buttons to pop out of place. I ran my hand over his hard dick which was trapped in an upright position. I parted the fly of his briefs and pulled his cock out. It wasn't as long as mine was, but it was very thick. Thicker than mine. I could tell Dad was really enjoying me handling him.

I put the measure to his penis. I measured it along the top just as he had done with me. He was almost exactly 8 inches long. I had him beat by quite a bit. I held his cock in my hand running my thumb along the sensitive underside of the head. "Hmmmm, are you SURE you don't want to play a little bit?"

Dad shook his head no, and grasped his cock gently taking control of it back. He tucked it back into his pants. I shrugged and put away my manhood too.

He said, "It'll be different next year when you turn 18. We can talk then about things you are curious about. Things we might do together. But for right now, I just had to indulge my curiousity. Also, again, think carefully about what you want and want out of life. Whatever you decide, I'll try to make it happen for you."

"Thanks Dad. I can't wait! What a great present!" I ran into the house, and dashed up the stairs towards my room.

(This ends the first installment of the series. As you can tell, it's going to take several chapters to complete the story. This first part was just setting up the origin of the main character. There will be plenty of sex and actual kink in parts to follow. If you like what you read or have suggestions, please email me!)