The Telemachus Story Archive

Mitch Campbell, A Unique Stud
By William Benjamin

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Mitch looked out the window of the train. He was finally seeing the countryside he so yearned for. Mitch was 23 and the oldest of his brothers. He had 3 other brothers. The youngest -- Bobby had just graduated high school and was 18. David and Patrick were getting their education at the U.S. Naval Academy. David was 21 and about halfway through. Patrick was 22 and was about to graduate. It was a Campbell family tradition to serve in the military. Mitch was a corps member in the Air Force. David and Patrick were both in the Navy and had gone to Andover. Bobby had been accepted at West Point, and would be leaving at the end of the summer.

Basically, they were all off for summer, and were all in the process of returning home to the ranch. Mitch had been serving in the Air Force for 2 years. But, he was about to be transferred into a highly secretive branch, and would be going on high risk missions of national importance. It was a great honor. They had given him the summer off to spend with his family, and to get his affairs in order. His family could not be prouder of him.

Mitch's family had some curious aspects. Their Dad had always been mysterious about the details of the Campbell family, but had promised them that all would be revealed once they were together again. One curious aspect of their family was that it was composed entirely of males. This was no joke. Mitch's Dad had several brothers, so they had lots of uncles but no aunts. At least on their father's side. And they had tons of cousins who, of course, were all male as well. Dad had told them that it was a rare genetic trait that ran in their family.

Mitch recalled some of the other strange things he had encountered growing up on the farm. He and his brothers were trained to all sleep in the same bedroom. Dad had set up minimalist bunk beds, and referred to them as their racks, as if they were in the military. One of the weird things was that when they were all together in a crowded space, they would get tremendously horny. As if somehow their bodies were feeding off each other. And if they slept over at a friend's house in close quarters, the friend would usually become extremely turned on. Mitch had been on a few sleepovers and felt bad that his friends had to hide their level of arousal. And the effect just multiplied when you put more than one Campbell together.

Another curious thing was that he and all of his brothers seemed to have nocturnal emissions every night. Dad had taught them to wear a thick tight jock to bed. They weren't allowed to wear anything but their jocks when sleeping. Dad wanted them to be very comfortable with their own bodies and with each others. Every morning, all of them would awake with their jocks soaked. They would often remember having very intense wet dreams throughout the night -- Often more than one. It was the worst when they were around 16, the normal age of sexual peak for a male. But, Mitch still needed to wear a jock, sometimes two, to bed to absorb his nightly emissions.

For Mitch, even when he wasn't asleep, his body produced a constant flow of precum. It hadn't slacked off much since he had gotten older. Mitch was glad that he was bisexual leaning more towards the gay side. Women just thought his overproductive gonads were gross. He was often accused of having no self-control or even of being an animal. Down deep Mitch was proud of his prowess. Other men, both gay and straight, seemed much more receptive. A number of straight guys had told him they wished they had nads like his. To be sure, Mitch's giant balls looked like what you'd expect from such a heavy leaker. They were very frequently blue, and Mitch just had to deal with it. He hadn't had a lot of privacy to jack off.

That of course led to another topic -- his cock. He had seen his brother's equipment, and they were all well endowed. Mitch's cock happened to be the smallest at 7". But, his balls were by far the biggest hanging loosely like a bull swinging below his legs. They were huge --like duck eggs and every contour of them showed through the thin skin of his scrotum. His brothers weren't far behind also having large balls that hung low.

Dad was not shy about wearing his jock in the morning. He too had thick stains on the front. His cock was massive and poked out of the edge of the strap. He had huge balls to accompany them. Dad spent many hours physically training himself and was extremely muscular. His ass was formed by two large hemisphere's straining the straps on his jock. His body was massive with huge shoulders and monster quads on his legs. Mitch had to admit that he had a secret crush on their father. When Dad was sweaty, Mitch could smell the musk emanating from the older man's pits and the scent made Mitch very turned on and light headed. The older man had a similar effect on the other boys, but Dad didn't want to talk about it with them. But, he and his brothers had compared notes on Dad and dearly hoped to get close to him someday.

This was another thing that the Campbell boys had talked about openly. Their sexual preferences. Mitch had to admit that although he was attracted to women, he had much stronger feelings for men. Both in how he could relate with them, and how he felt about them sexually. He had to admit that some of his fantasies were pretty edgy. David and Patrick were completely gay. We often teased them, because they had both chosen the navy for their careers. They would be on ships or in submarines in close quarters with other men. They would doubtlessly find out quickly which men on board had any degree of latent homosexuality. They would have a heyday. Bobby seemed to Mitch to be like himself. He liked girls, but couldn't escape how naturally he fit with other men.

Mitch was temporarily jarred from his musings by an announcement; the train was nearing Temple, Texas where he would be getting off. From there one of his family members would be picking him up to drive to their ranch in hill country. He hoped it wouldn't be his father waiting for him. Dad had promised to explain everything to the boys, and he was afraid the questions would start tumbling out of him. He was really hoping it would be his brother Patrick. Patrick was the most hung of the boys bearing a full 9" when hard. Mitch had stared at that cock transfixed many times. He had long ago learned all the strokes and rubs he could do which were Patrick?s absolute favorite. The boys having jacked off together so many times knew each other's preferences very well. None of them liked the over-sensitive head worked finding the sensation to be unbearable. But, they all loved to have the frenum and the base of the glans rubbed while well housed inside of the foreskin.

There was an announcement on the train that they had reached their destination in Temple, and the train would begin unloading. Mitch found that he had butterflies in his stomach. He was very excited. Mitch in true military style had only brought one duffel bag which he had carried on. He slung the heavy weight over his shoulder, and made his way towards the door. Once off the train, Mitch moved towards the pick up area of the station, and sure enough there was Patrick waiting for him!

His brother had always been tall and impressive looking, but he had been seriously working on his body. His arms and shoulders were tremendous. His body made an impressive looking "V" ending with a major bulge showing in the young man's cutoff jeans. Mitch knew he was no slouch either. It was a side effect of their high sex drive. Dad had taught them long ago to channel their sexual energy into bodybuilding and sports.

Patrick's eyes locked with Mitch's and both men broke out in irrepressible grins. Mitch started sprinting towards his brother and Patrick held his arms open. They collided with a loud "Uuuummmmpphhhh". They bearhugged each other tightly to the limit of their strength. Mitch gave his brother a quick kiss on the lips, and Patrick grabbed Mitch?s bubble butt letting him know he was appreciated. Mitch exclaimed, "It is so good to see you man! I was hoping you'd be here!"

"Wild horses couldn't have kept me away. I'm really looking forward to the car ride home." Patrick emphasized his point by patting Mitch's bulge.

"You know it brother!"

Mitch grabbed his gear and they started walking towards an old Ford pickup truck. It had been Patrick?s prized possession for many years, and he refused to retire it. As Mitch got in he noticed a white bag in the back tied up with a tight drawstring. "Is that what I think it is?" Mitch asked Patrick.

"Sure thing brother! I've been waiting for this for way too long!"

They got in the truck, and Mitch waited until they got onto one of the old farm roads before reaching for the bag. When he opened it..... Jackpot!

Right on the top were all of Mitch's favorite things that only his brother could produce. There were heavily soiled athletic socks, a T-shirt that was thoroughly sweat stained everywhere, and a jock soaked with sweat, cum, and a little bit of piss. Mitch held the jock to his nose and inhaled deeply. He felt himself shudder all over and a wave overcame his brain. His cock instantly became achingly hard.

Patrick grinned as he watched the waves overtake Mitch, "Do I know what my brother likes or what?"

"Right back 'atcha stud!" Mitch opened his duffel bag and pulled out a large Ziploc bag with the same items.

Patrick cracked the seal and inhaled deeply. "Fuck! That's the stuff! But you know my favorite of course!" Patrick pulled out a sweatsock that was downright crusty and inhaled deeply. He also began to shudder all over and his huge cock became visibly distended down his right leg. As it expanded, the head and quite a lot of the shaft became visible outside of his cutoffs.

Mitch ogled the piece with awe. "Patrick, I've never seen a dick as beautiful as yours. It's truly something to worship!"

Patrick kneaded Mitch's cock trapped facing leftward in his cargo shorts. "So's your buddy! I've waited too long for this!" Patrick unzipped Mitch's shorts and pulled his genitals out for complete access. He rolled one of the giant balls around in the sac, and Mitch quickly sucked in air. "You always know my weak spot!" Patrick leaned over and the two exchanged in a passionate kiss.

"Dude, I've got you right where I want you!" Mitch smiled. He felt mischievous and pulled back Patrick's foreskin exposing the membranous translucent head. He rubbed his thumb directly over the frenum while also polishing the head with the palm of his hand. Patrick swerved a little bit on the road. "Dude! You know that's hard for me to bear when you do that."

"Yes, I know, all that power under the control of my thumb."

"Mitch you know I'd never stop you from enjoying yourself. But can we settle back into casual jacking for the moment? I feel like there are things to talk about before reaching the ranch."

"Sure bro. And I have some thoughts to share as well. You want to go first?" Mitch let Patrick?s foreskin slide back partially covering the large head and concentrated on rubbing back and forth and making circles over the frenum. He knew Patrick would enjoy this, and it would keep him on the edge.

"Well, first of all have you noticed the effect that our natural body odor has on other people?"

"Bro, you're not kidding. I've had conversations along these lines with Bobby and David too. Have you had trouble with roommates at school?"

"Yes! We always start out the semester with my roommate as being completely straight. Healthy boundaries and everything. But as time wears on, more and more I catch my roommates trying to smell me. It's not long before I catch them with my used clothes -- usually a stained jock, with them inhaling for all their worth and beating off."

"Exactly! I've had the same problem. We all have." "Then by the end of the semester they're doing anything they can to convince me to let them go down on me or just let them bury their nose in my crotch while they jack off,? Patrick said.

"I don't know about you Patrick, but I find it awfully tempting. I was roommates with a college football player one semester. He was a full back. Huge guy, gorgeous, beautiful set of cock and balls on him. By the end of the semester he'd lost all control. He was begging me to worship my genitals. It was so hard to say no. Dad really owes us an explanation on this. It seems to be part of the Campbell family sexual powers."

"I have a theory on this Mitch. You know that sexual attraction occurs when people who emit certain chemicals are drawn to each other by scent."

"Yeah, I've heard of it. You think that's what's going on?"

Patrick nodded, "Yes, I think we emit the whole spectrum of sexual attractants. And the longer a normal person is exposed to us, the more sensitive they become. In the end they can't help themselves."

"I have to say Patrick, it fits with all of our experiences. It also explains why we were totally in love with Dad growing up.

"No kidding! And Dad is such a prick about it sometimes. I remember when I'd do something right he'd pull my head into his armpit and make me breathe him in for a few minutes while I developed a raging hard on. Then when I was maximally aroused, he'd toss me some lubricant and tell me to go have fun with myself."

Mitch agreed, "Yeah, he's done that with all of us. I remember when I first got accepted by the air force, he told me how great it was while he stripped out of his shorts and jock. He told me I deserved a treat and held his cum stained jock over my nose for a few minutes. I was going crazy with arousal. He stripped off my jock and pulled my cock behind me from underneath. He rubbed the head of my dick in a way I've never had done again, and I promptly shot into his hand. He kissed me on the back of the neck, and told me I was a good boy leaving me there to pull up my jock again and make sense of it all."

Patrick said, "Dad is like a wild animal. He's totally driven by his balls, yet he gives us a strict code to adhere to."

"Tell me about it! Dad's cardinal rule: No sex with anyone outside of the family, and then, no sex with them that could involve even the smallest fluid exchange."

Mitch continued, "So Patrick, are you going to stick to our pact?"

"You know it brother! We agreed that when we got to have serious sex it'd be with each other. I can't wait to feel your mouth around my pole!"

Mitch grinned broadly. He had always had a terrible crush on his brother, because he was such a specimen of pure manhood. "I can't wait to do it with you buddy! And you're going down on mine too! I think if we 69, we can really pick up on what the other person likes and it'll be insane! I'm tempted to do it right now, here, while you're driving. Road sex!"

Patrick shook his head, "Dude, no you know we'd never get away with it. Dad can tell when someone is lying to him even in the slightest."

Mitch agreed, "I know. He asks you a question and looks you straight in the eye. If your pupils change, he knows you're lying."

"Right, so let's not risk it."

Mitch was transfixed looking at his brother's giant cock. He was mostly working the area just behind the head. A sensitive area, but not too sensitive. Occasionally, he would move his index finger up to the piss slit and very lightly tease the opening. In his brother's case it matched the cock. It was a large hole, and Mitch could tease just a little bit of the skin inside the hole. He knew how much he was having an effect on Patrick, because Patrick was squirming and thrusting his hips as Mitch worked him. Also, Patrick?s dick was leaking precum all over the seat. Mitch could smell the distinct odor from the precum filling the cab. He desperately wanted to taste it.

Patrick was no slouch either. Patrick was kneading Mitch's foreskin without retracting it too far. He knew his touch was just right. Finally, Patrick said, "Mitch I am right on the edge. How close are you buddy?"

"I'm right there with you." Patrick took a hold of the cum stained jock he had given his brother and placed it firmly in Mitch?s free hand. "I want to keep breathing you in later. Hold my jock so it catches all of your cum." Mitch nodded and put the jock into position. He moved his hips a little lower in the bench seat and pulled his thighs wide giving his brother full access. Patrick sped up his motion sticking to the areas Mitch liked best. Mitch was breathing heavily. "Just a few more seconds. I haven't cum in forever. It's gonna be a big one." Mitch's abdomen was quivering and he was trying to keep his breath steady. "Here it cums buddy!" Suddenly an immense shot came out of Mitch's hole and landed right on the crotch part of the jock. Mitch threw his head back and roared as shot after shot continued. His brother kept cranking on him relentlessly pulling every drop out of those deep balls.

Mitch leaned his head on patrick's shoulder. "That was the best!"

Patrick said, "Yeah, and you made me a perfect souvenir!"

"Your turn now." Mitch took his jock that was lying in Patrick?s lap, and held it with his free hand under the massive head. He mopped up the puddle of precum that was on Patrick?s thigh and on the seat. Mitch started to really thumb the piss slit. Patrick gulped and tried not to swerve. His cock was jumping and thumping in Mitch?s hand reacting to stimulation at its most sensitive spot.

"This is it bro. I'm gonna shoot, and it'll be a motherload!"

Mitch said, "Bring it on!" Patrick?s cock suddenly started arcing and spraying out massive amounts of cum. Mitch was careful not to miss a single drop as he caught the loads in the jock. Patrick slumped down on the bench clearly spent.

Mitch held the freshly stained jock to his nose and inhaled. He immediately sported another hard-on. "Yeah bro, this is amazing!" Mitch placed the other jock in Patrick?s lap for him to enjoy later. "Best we stow our gear buddy. It's only a few more miles to the ranch."

Mitch packed the clothing Patrick had given him, and Patrick did the same.

They were nearly home. Patrick turned off the two lane highway onto an old dirt road. Mitch checked out the new cattle that had been added to the herd.

Patrick said,"Dad runs a tight ship out here. He has a couple of ranch hands that help with the work. Naturally, they're young and muscular, and have learned to love having sex with Dad as an extra reward for what they do."

Mitch nodded, then asked "You know what I've always wondered about Dad?"

"That could be a million things, Mitch, but specifically?" "Why is it that Dad is circumsized, and we aren't?"

Patrick stroked his chin, "I always just assumed it was because he was from a different time period. Back then they always performed circumcisions."

Mitch responded, "Yeah, but what if there was more to it than that? Dad is great at fucking, because he's got the typical Campbell large cock and balls on him. But, he's not held back by the incredible over-sensitivity we have. Are we sure there wasn't a plan in place?"

Patrick thought about it, "Maybe, well Dad's promised to have a family conference now that Bobby's an adult and reveal everything to us. We can finally ask all the questions that have been on our minds."

They got out of the truck and approached the house. It was a beautiful two story house painted in white with shutters next to all the windows. There was a sizeable front porch that had a large swing and chairs for people to sit out and have a comfortable conversation once the sun had gone down. Bobby was out front on the swing. "Hey guys! Seems like I've been waiting all day for this!" Bobby ran up and hugged Patrick hard. Then he gave me a bear hug. "Come on! David is inside! So's Dad."

We went on in. David was sitting in the living room. He immediately came over and group hugged with us. Dad emerged from the kitchen with a spatula in one hand from turning over burgers. He was wearing khaki shorts without a shirt. Dad was a sight to be held. He has been weight training his entire life, and has a formidable chest and arms. His chest is covered with mossy black chest hair. I could tell his cock was semi-hard in his shorts. It usually was. His dick showed clearly that it hung down the right side of his khaki's.

Dad smiled, "Welcome home boys! It's good to have everyone together finally. I'm making everyone's favorite burgers with cheese on the inside. We're also having baked potatoes." Dad didn't come over and hug us. Dad tended to express his warm intimate feelings sexually. He had taught each of us boys how to jack off the right way for us, and helped us learn to jack off our brothers expertly. Sometimes Dad would take control and jack us off in a dominant way. He always emphasized that we had to submit to him. Dad made sure we got to see all types of porn, anything we wanted. We were all in love with Dad?s beautiful 8? cock. But Dad had never allowed us to do anything but touch it. We all hoped for the day when we would get to do everything we wanted with it.

Patrick and I looked at each other for a second wondering which one of us should ask. He nodded towards me, and as the oldest it was probably me that should broach the topics that had all been on our minds. "Dad, are you finally going to let us go all the way with each other? And are you going to answer our questions?" Dad ran his hand through his hair thinking of his response, "Absolutely boys. You're all of age now, and some of you have had to forgo sex for many years. There is good reason why I made the rules I did, and you'll learn everything tomorrow." Patrick and I looked at each other again, imagining our first time 69'ing. "But, I should let you men know, that you can't jack off tonight. You guys are all going for physicals and testing tomorrow with Dr. Adamson. We need to check your equipment to make sure you're totally healthy. I know you've all had physicals as enlisted men, but Dr. Adamson is one of the best endocrinologists in the country. He's very familiar with the way Campbell men are special, and he has some very specific tests to run on you. Once you're all clear, we'll come back here and you can ask me anything you want. I'll tell you everything. Once you're satisfied, we'll all have passionate sex together. And yes that's 'we'. I'll be participating too. The best way to teach you guys is to participate in what you're doing and coach you."

Mitch spoke up, "Thanks Dad. That means a lot to all of us. And we realize Dr. Adamson has been the family doctor for years. I'm sure a physical is fine with everyone here." All of the men nodded. "Great! Well come sit down at the table, and I'll start serving your food. I'm sure you guys have a lot of catching up to do."

We followed Dad back to the kitchen and set around the dining room table. Patrick quickly sat next to me. He was going to keep me on a short leash until he got my load tomorrow. It didn't bother me in the least since he was probably the most comfortable person I could be with. So, David and Bobby ended up sitting together on the other side. True to his word, Dad brought out delicious burgers with toasted buns for everyone. He put a stack on the table knowing we would be eating quite a bit. We were all doing heavy weight training and all of us had a lot of muscle. To maintain we needed to eat a lot protein. If I were eating for myself, I probably would have forgone the bun to limit my carbs. But, this was a special occasion.

We all settled into talking about our classes. David and Patrick had both taken a lot of science and engineering courses. They had learned several programming languages in the process. Bobby hadn't had his first year at college yet, but he was excellent at math and was thinking of majoring in it. We were all interested to learn more about how Bobby was doing as he was the youngest and we were curious how he was turning out.

He talked about having a crush on a girl his senior year, as well as wanting to jack off with a couple of other guys on the football team. He mentioned that in PE guys kept stealing his jocks and uniforms. He seemed like he had figured out that the odor that his body gave off was like fuel to other people. Especially young men at school, as they had access to his private clothes in his gym locker. We didn't pursue this as we thought it better to get the whole story out of Dad tomorrow.

Bobby talked about having already selected a roommate to live with at West Point. The guy was like Bobby. He was from the Midwest, and had been a jock in high school. He was highly intelligent and had gotten a near perfect score on his SAT's. He was majoring in mechanical engineering. He came from a large family having several siblings. We didn't say anything to Bobby, but the guy didn't stand a chance. He'd probably be in love with Bobby after 4 or 5 weeks being around his scent. Even if he was straight as an arrow.

After dinner, we retired to the entertainment center in the living room. Dad had everything. There were a couple of computers that had high speed internet. A very large screen TV that shared a hard drive with one of the computers, so downloaded files could be played on the TV. Tomorrow they would be able to load up the shared drive with their favorite porn and have a major jack off session to it. If not tomorrow, it would happen eventually. There were also several gaming consoles hooked up to the network, so they could all participate in games from the house collection. In the end they decided to watch a marvel movie featuring wolverine, which was hands down a Campbell family movie crush. They had all had discussions as to what they would do to wolverine if he could be captured and bound helpless.

Dad entered the living room, having cleaned up in the kitchen and checked everything for the night. "Hey guys, I'm going to bed. Remember what I said! There is to be no jacking off until all of you see the doctor tomorrow. Tonight you're all sleeping together in your usual racks. I'll check on you early in the morning. Do not shower or change your clothes until I've had a chance to inspect all of you." We all looked at the floor uncomfortably, and said "Yes sir." I still had nocturnal emissions as it is, let alone having to smell my brothers all night. We all remembered what it was like growing up.

With that, Dad left the room and we were left to our movie. I made some more off the cuff remarks about wolverine, and my brothers joined in the welcome distraction. When the movie finished, I bade everyone good night. I let them know I was turning in. Patrick quickly said he was tired too and got up to join me. Bobby and David said they were going to play an RPG for a while before turning in.

My brother and I headed upstairs to the overcrowded bedroom. Sure enough, our racks were still there just as they had been when we were teens growing up in this house. I started to strip. "Patrick, I still have nocturnal emissions every night even at my age!"

Patrick smiled, "Me too. I don't think the Campbell family ever stops ejaculating every night. To me it's a blessing. I love being a stud."

"Me too. Do you think Dad would be upset if I doubled up on the jockstraps tonight?"

"Yes I do, you know what's going to happen. He's going to have us stand at attention at dawn, and present. Let him revel in the fact that he created all of us." True to his word, Patrick stripped off all of his clothes and put on a fresh jock. It was clean for now, but we'd find out the truth in the morning.

I approached Patrick and gave him a deep kiss. We held each other and kissed for a couple of minutes. Our cocks hardened in our jocks and we rubbed our restrained cocks together -- the tops emerging from the strap held tight to our bellies. "Dude, don't get me going. It's going to be hard enough to fall asleep with you this close."

Mitch agreed, "Same here. Night bro."


With that he stepped onto the lower bunk, and hoisted himself into the top bunk. I admired his pumped up buttocks and huge quads. God how I wanted to part those cheeks and tease his hairy hole. Tomorrow. I settled into the bottom bed, and tried to think of things I had learned in the Air Corps. Boring non-sexual things. Eventually, I dropped off.

During the night, my sleep was restless. I had a dream of my fellow men and me in the Air Corps. We were all hooked up to machines that were milking us of our cum. I thrust desperately trying to make the sheath on my cock rub me just a little harder. I was almost there... Almost... Then finally my orgasm overtook me, and I fired shot after shot into a tube connected to my cockhead. I watched it travel to a collection vessel with markings on the side.

I awoke from my dream with a start to find that I had ejaculated a huge load into my jock. Shit! Where had that come from? It was dark in our bedroom, but I could tell all of my brothers were in bed now. I wasn't the only one who was being affected. All of my brothers were tossing and turning in their bunks. I heard a creaking sound and realized that Patrick above me was actively thrusting on the edge too. He soon let out a loud gasp in his sleep and I saw him shoot into his jock over and over again. He had created a serious dripping mess, and it was still early in the night.

I thought of getting up and cleaning myself off, but Dad wanted to see all of the evidence in the morning. I thought it unwise to disobey him. I settled back into my bunk and fell into an uneasy sleep. It seemed that a couple of hours had passed. This time I was dreaming of being restrained face down on a table. Bobby was feeding me his dick, and his scent was unbearably appealing. I was sucking for all I was worth. Meanwhile, David was jerking me off under the table. I jolted awake just as the orgasm racked me. I shot heavily into my jock again.

Patrick above me was grinding his crotch into his bed, and I felt him suddenly thrust one mighty last thrust and he shook all over as his orgasm hit him too. We seemed to be in sync! Yet another question for Dad. The cum in my urethra was irritating and I needed to take a piss. I set up in bed for a second collecting myself. Then I noticed it! The room was thick with the smell of sweat, crotch musk, and the chlorine smell of really strong fresh cum.

I padded quietly to the bathroom that was down the hall. I lifted the seat, and pulled my jock down. My cock was thickly coated with precum and cum. I pointed it downward and let loose. My urethra burned as the fresh piss changed it back to its normal pH. I was tempted to clean up my cock a bit, but resisted temptation. Dad might ask about it in the morning, and he was impossible to lie to. I pulled my messy jock back into place and wiped the goo off on my leg. I flushed the toilet, and headed back to our room.

Patrick was awake and waiting for me. Not surprising. He whispered, "Dude, are you as soaked as I am?"

"Yep, and I have a feeling we're not done for the night."

"It's about 4:00 AM now. Hopefully, if we all jizz again it will be only one more time. I'm normally pretty horny, but this is too much."

I agreed with him. I got back into my bunk. "Sweet dreams bro."

"You too," Patrick said.

I lay there for a while listening to everyone breathing deeply in their sleep. Soon, I was asleep again too. Once again, I found myself in a dream state. I dreamt that me and all of my brothers were together, and we were finally having sex. I was sucking on Patrick while Bobby was rimming me from behind. The sensations were delicious. Meanwhile David was sucking on Dad, and Dad had a flogger in his hand. The flogger would hit me on the back as Dad would yell at me spurring me on. "Suck him harder. Faster! Make him feel completely taken over by his cock!" To my surprise I was really turned on by the feelings of submission. I suddenly woke up and realized I had ejaculated again.

Patrick looked down from above. "You too huh?"

"Yeah, it was so fucking intense. I can't imagine what the real thing is going to be like."

"It's about 6:00 AM. Dad should be coming in anytime now to inspect us. I shot 3 times last night. I can't imagine how many times Bobby shot. He's the youngest, so I'd expect his hormones to be the strongest."

I got up and started making my bed. I tried to ignore the stained jock I was wearing. Patrick watched me for a moment, and then said "That's a good idea. Gives us something to do while we're waiting, and it's one less thing for Dad to rag us about." Patrick had a lot of experience making the top bunk. He was able to smooth everything out fairly quickly. He jumped down to apply the final touches. We finished at the same time. I whispered to him, "Should we wake those two? I hate to see Bobby get caught off guard."

"Yeah, all for one, and one for all," Patrick said.

I went over to Bobby's rack, and Patrick climbed towards the top bunk to stir David. "Hey you guys. Just a few minutes left before inspection. Better get a move on."

Bobby seemed exhausted. He looked me in the eye. "I don't want you to see me like this."

"It's ok bro, if we shot 3 times last night I can only imagine how many wet dreams you had."

He sighed deeply, "Try 5! 5 orgasms in one night. He pulled the covers back. Sure enough the entire front of his jockstrap was richly soaked in reproductive goo.

Mitch said, "Well, you know you're not allowed to clean up. Let's get your bed made, and see if we can't get you a little more awake."

Patrick helped David, while I helped Bobby. Sure enough, just as we were finishing up, Dad entered the room. He was wearing nothing but a jockstrap himself. "Everyone back to your bunks. Ten Hut!" We each scurried to our positions and stood at attention. Dad seemed pleased. "Parade rest everyone." We shifted our weight and put our hands behind our backs relaxing a little.

"Let me start by saying that there is no shame in precumming a lot, and certainly not when it comes to having orgasms in your sleep. Notice my jockstrap. I came twice in my sleep last night. And I jacked off yesterday. I put you men together last night to see how much your bodies would react when close together, and I got my answer." Dad walked over to Bobby.

He whistled when he saw the soaked jock. "Nice job young man. You've got a lot of reproductive power." Dad reached his right hand forward and started rubbing and squeezing the material gauging how soaked it was. After ascertaining that information, Dad now reached inside bobby's jock and started playing with his dick. Bobby gasped and swept the room with searching glances. Soon bobby was moaning and his overworked cock was hard again and ready to deliver another load. "Fantastic! I would have thought you would have needed more time to get another hard on. But, you're unstoppable."

Just one more thing to check. Dad reached inside of Bobby's jock and palpated his balls. Are they sensitive, Bobby?

Yeah, they always are when I shoot a load.

Dad continued to feel them. They still feel quite heavy. Do you actually feel like you could shoot again? Bobby blushed a bit, Yes sir.

Amazing! I'll have to let Dr. Adamson know.

Dad then went around and checked the rest of us. We had all shot three loads last night and soaked our jocks in precum as well. Dad seemed to revel in this. He took his time rubbing and feeling each jock. Then he would reach inside to work our cock and balls. Gauging for level of excitement and fullness in our balls. When Dad got to me, I got to see his jock close up. He was hard as a rock inside of his jock, and he had added more precum during this session with us in addition to the loads he had pumped out overnight.

Dad worked my balls in the jock for a long time. Then suddenly pulled the jock down. "Mitch, your balls are the biggest, and I'm not sure I can believe how much you've produced overnight. He carefully trapped each ball individually and spread them in my loose scrotum. He felt every contour and tested them for heft. He tried rolling them around and gradually squeezing them harder and harder. I became rock hard and dripping. It felt like I WAS my balls.

Dad said, You can get off on pain too as well as pleasure. That opens some extra doors for you. We'll talk more about it tonight." He pulled my jock back into place and gave it one last pat. "Alright guys. Hit the showers and get this stuff off of you. There are fresh clothes in each of your footlockers. I'll shower downstairs and start breakfast. At ease!" With that he turned and left the room closing the door behind him.

We all placed our soaked jocks in the laundry bags for dirty clothes. We grabbed towels and wrapped them around our waists. It was nice seeing all my brothers displaying their muscles and hairy chests. Patrick had the nicest treasure trail leading downwards towards his crotch. We teased each other a little over what had just transpired. We patted Bobby on the back for soaking his jock completely. We also talked about what it would be like to finally have real sex.

We took turns jumping in and out of the shower. Dad had an extra large water heater installed, so we made it through without having to take any cold showers. We all pretty much wore the same kind of clothes. Khaki T-shirts that displayed our muscles nicely. Cutoff jeans with a clean thick white jock underneath. I had brought my cross trainers thinking of going for a jog later. Bobby wore hiking boots (we thought he liked to wear them to add to his height).

We headed downstairs to be greeted by an overwhelming smell of biscuits, gravy, bacon, and eggs. A breakfast that was a bit more rich than we were used to. Dad was wearing cutoffs as well, his jock peeking just over the top. He was shirtless as usual. The settings had already been placed. We quickly sat down and started passing the food around. Dad said, "Eat up as much as you can men. When you're finished here, we're all headed over to the docs place to get started on some tests for you." Groans were heard around the table. I spoke up, "I hope there's not going to be too much poking and prodding." Dad laughed, "Don't worry; I think you'll really enjoy some of the tests."

We ate quickly. Talking about how we were going to look up old friends now that we were back at home. We also talked about friends we would miss over the summer being away from school. Bobby of course was enthusiastic about starting college. We promised him a life of adventure and new opportunities.

When we were finished Dad started grabbing plates. "OK, everyone scrape their plates into the trash and place them in the sink. I'll take care of the mess when we get home." Everyone worked through it fairly efficiently. I let everyone know I was grabbing my backpack before leaving, and it turned out all my brothers also had things they wanted to bring. Dad quickly threw on a black T-shirt, and shoes. So, we rounded up our gear, and headed for the garage. Patrick and I jumped into his pickup. The rest of the men were riding in Dad's Landrover. His pride and joy.

As Patrick and I rode we talked about Dr. Adamson. "He's an excellent doctor. And he always seems to be up on the latest studies and has the latest in technology."

I nodded in agreement, "Plus he has his own lab onsite at the office. That's unheard of these days. Everyone else sends the samples out to a professional lab that they're contracted to."

"Yeah, and he's got excellent staff to back him up. I wouldn't be surprised if he's kept our medical files current with our visits to military doctors."

"I wouldn't be surprised either."

We fell quiet the rest of the trip, and it seemed to go by quickly. We entered the small town it was near and turned. The doc had his own office building just outside of town. Really it was more of a complex. He was nationally known, and had some high dollar customers coming to him for treatment. He was also doing some research that was very "hush-hush" so he had government and corporate bankrolling behind him.

We all piled out of our vehicles and headed to the main door of the office building. Dr. Adamson was waiting for us at the reception desk, and there appeared to be no one here but us. Dr. Adamson smiled and approached Dad with his right hand extended, "Cooper Campbell! You look bigger and better every time I see you!" Dad smiled back, "You know I always push the envelope. Whether it's on a mission or at the gym." We were fairly certain the two of them had sex on occasion, but we never asked.

Dr. Adamson led us back to an exam room that was fairly large. There were several chairs along the wall. "Men, strip down to your jocks and have a seat." Being that we were all brothers and military, we were comfortable with this. We quickly stripped down to our skivvies, and had a seat. I knew my clean jock was already spotted with precum. Being close to Patrick this morning didn't help. We all simultaneously looked down towards Bobby. Sure enough, his jock was soaked with precum.

Our jock stains didn't go unnoticed as the doc looked the four of us over. "Wow, you guys cleaned up before you left right? And yet, you've already stained your jocks. Bobby especially. Yours is soaked." Bobby's face was red with embarrassment, "Yes sir."

"Well let's get started with the basic physical. We'll go from youngest to oldest. Bobby, hop onto the table." Bobby did as he was told. The doctor went through the basics of listening to his heart and lungs. Also checking his abdomen with the stethoscope. Then the doctor started changing his tactics. He squeezed Bobby's nipples. Bobby let out a surprised, "Ouch!", but didn't resist. After a couple of minutes it was clear that his nipples were quite erect, and his cock was stirring. "Interesting," the doctor said as he made a note on the chart.

"Bobby, it's time for some more specific tests. Remove your jock and leave it on the floor." Bobby looked nervously towards Dad who motioned with his head to do it. Bobby riggled for a couple of minutes and worked the jock off. His thick cock and low hanging balls now swung freely and open for any possible attack. Dr. Adamson cradled the heavy balls in one hand and began gripping and releasing the shaft including the area just at the base of the head. The outlines of Bobby's dickhead could be clearly seen through the thin tight foreskin.

Bobby looked at the doc, "What are you doing?" "Testing to see how you respond to the most basic of stimulation. Sure enough it only took about 2 minutes of this handling before Bobby was rockhard and his foreskin retracted naturally -- rolled up just behind the head. "Lay back and relax Bobby. Let me do the driving." Bobby leaned back, but still had a wary look in his eyes. Next the doctor started to move the foreskin back and forth over the base of the meaty glans. Bobby tensed up a bit, but didn't say anything. Precum was now flowing freely, and the doc worked it over the head and base of the glans. His pumping movements were now making a clicking sound due to the fresh lube on the outside, and cum caught in the throat of Bobby's dick.

"Doc, I'm getting close to cumming." The doctor said, "I know Bobby. Now I'm going to test whether a different kind of stimulation makes it harder for you to cum, or makes you more aroused." The doctor changed his pumping now so that he was grinding directly on the frenum. Bobby let out a cry, and struggled not to grab the doctor's hand. Next, the doc isolated Bobby's left nut which was the larger one, and bore down on it hard. Bobby let out a shriek. Yet at the same time, we could see Bobby's cock jumping and twitching in the doc's hand. "Do you want me to stop? Just say the word and the punishment will end." Bobby looked torn for a moment, "No doc keep it up. It's really getting to me." The doc was true to his word. He manipulated bobby's balls, and he moaned loudly. The doc really started to put crushing pressure on his balls while easing up the stroking. Doc, please, I'm so close! The doctor kept squeezing Bobby's balls and his cock kept throbbing and oozing precum. The doc asked, You're really enjoying the ball pressure aren't you?

Bobby looked at down at the doctor's hands working him and said, Yeah doc. I feel like I could almost come from that alone.

Doc said, "I'll make a note of it on your chart. I'm going to release you now. For everything that went on last night, your balls are completely full again! You'll get to cum in a bit."

After the doctor released him, Bobby asked, "So, are we done here?"

"Not quite Bobby, I still need to check your prostate. Switch to being on all fours. Bobby did as he was told and climbed up on the table.

"Come take a look Cooper." Dad joined the doctor looking at Bobby in an extremely intimate angle.

Coop looked at it, "Nice huh? I do good work!"

"You sure do, first take a look at the size of the prostate." The doctor traced the outline of where the prostate was clearly jutting out of the perineum.

The doc said, "Palpate it Coop." Dad placed his hand on his son's prostate and went over it probing at certain spots. "It's also filled with cum isn't it?" The doc nodded, "Tons! Can you imagine the amount of milk these guys could produce if they were taken by someone who's in that business? We're doing this just in time."

Bobby looked at the both of them from an awkward angle, "So, can I get down now?" Doc shook his head no. "Still one quick thing to do." The doc pulled out a sterile glove and handed it to Dad. Then he put one on himself. He picked up some lube and headed back towards Bobby.

Dad said, "Hang on a sec doc. I have got to stop and admire this! He ran his left hand over the seam that ran from the base of Bobby's ass, through the middle of the perineum, and continuing onto his nutsac.

Doc agreed with him, "It is a beautiful sight. And I'm pretty sure all of your boys have those markings. Let's finish off the prostate exam. Bobby, take some deep breaths. It'll help."

The doc put some lube on his gloved index finger and worked it inside of Bobby's hole. Bobby was panting slightly at the head of the table. "You're doing fine bobby! Just another minute!" The doc started carefully probing and found what he was looking for -- the backside of the prostate. "Got it Coop. He's definitely full, but not unhealthily so. He definitely passes this part of the exam." Doc pulled his finger out, and Dad checked for himself. He quickly agreed with the doc. Meanwhile, Bobby had relaxed and now had a dripping hardon again that was drooling on the inside of his thigh.

"OK, Bobby. You're done with the main part of the physical. There's still one last task. You have to be evaluated by an assessment machine."

Bobby groaned, "We're not done yet?" "No, sorry, as part of my research my colleagues and I have built several assessment machines in the first level basement. Basically, you'll be secured to a table. The machine has a VR helmet for your eyes and ears. You will be shown different kinds of images that excite people sexually. As your brain responds, the program will hone in on what turns you on the most. It is also capable of manipulating your genitals and has several attachments for semen collection and milking. It's the most efficient way to do things. I can get a psychological assessment of you done while testing out the extracted loads for composition and quantity. It will only obtain two ejaculations from you. Enough for an estimation baseline. Plus, you guys have big plans for tonight. Got to leave some in the tank."

Bobby seemed a bit taken aback. "Why is all this necessary? I know our family is a bit odd. But what's the deal with our semen and milking."

The doc explained, "Your semen is very special. It basically allows you to completely control any human whom you exchange fluids with. Even if you lead an honest life and don't abuse your abilities, you could be turned into very dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. I need to assess each of you for your potential productivity, effects of your semen, and strengths and weaknesses. Your Dad and I will fill it all in for you today. Think of it as a special day. A rite of passage."

Bobby nodded his head slightly dejectedly. "Fine doc, lead the way."

"Gather your clothes Bobby. You'll be naked for the test of course, but you can get dressed once the test is finished."

Patrick seemed to have a question, "Hey doc, are we going to be running around this building naked all day?"

"Yes, for pretty much all of it. Don't worry. You guys are an important asset. Everyone is out of the office today. They have all been sent to a conference out of town, and we have followed up to make sure no one stayed behind."

Bobby left with the doctor, and they proceeded to an elevator. The doctor punched up the first basement level, and the doors closed. Bobby noticed that the building had quite a few levels underground. The three stories above ground gave no hint to the major complex that was housed beneath it.

When the doors opened there was a long black corridor with doors every few feet for each individual room.

Dr. Adamson led Bobby to a room fairly close. Bobby was a bit shocked by what he saw.

What is that thing doc? It looks like a dentist's chair, but the seat abruptly ends. And there are two stirrups for my feet."

"That is correct Bobby. Have a seat." Bobby stretched out on the chair. There were restraints all over the chair. And it seemed to have several hydraulic arms that ended in pods that seemed to contain various devices. "You're not going to torture me or anything, are you doc?"

The doctor leaned his head a bit, "I have to be honest. Some of what you experience during your session will indeed be painful. How painful it is depends on how you respond to painful stimuli. Given how you reacted to ball pain upstairs, the machine will probably discover your affinity for it and test you more deeply."

The doc continued, "This is for your own good. Once all the tests have been run, you'll know a lot more about yourself. Physically and psychologically. Now, please place your wrists and ankles in the restraints."

Bobby complied, and suddenly the chair came to life. Straps slapped across his wrists and ankles. Bobby tried to twist, but could barely move. Restraints came out of the chair in a chain reaction. First his upper arms were strapped down. Then with a loud "Thwack!" broad restraints whipped out and slapped themselves below Bobby's pecs and across his waist. More restraints slapped across his thighs close to his crotch and lower on his legs. He tried to move, but was held fast.

"Now for the last set," said the doctor. He held up Bobby's low hanging balls and straps fastened around them at the base pulling downwards. A band slapped around the base of Bobby's cock and started to vibrate and tighten at the same time. Bobby felt himself getting turned on by all of this and soon his cock was completely distended with several veins popping up due to the constriction. The machine, sensing this, moved the leg attachments out wider clearly exposing the young man's perineum and ass.

"Overall, you will go through two cycles. During the first cycle you will be given various stimuli to see how you respond, and you will be kept on the edge of orgasm for a very long time. After being allowed release, the machine will try to extract a second load from you as fast as possible. This will give us an idea of your production quantity if for some reason you were used that way. Once the second cycle is over, there may be a few short post-tests."

"Now, there is only the matter of putting the VR helmet on you, and starting the first cycle." The doctor pulled on one of the arms of the machine which swung freely. Tethered to it was a large black helmet. Bobby could see there were eyepieces on the inside and what looked like built-in headphones. "For the next hour or two, this helmet will provide you with a range of stimuli while simultaneously monitoring how your brain and body respond. Just try to relax and let the machine do its work. The machine will automatically release you when everything is done. Just take a few minutes to compose yourself. Put your clothes back on and come upstairs, where I will give you the final results."

The doc placed the helmet over Bobby's head, and fastened a few straps to keep it secure even if Bobby struggled. The doctor walked over to a nearby computer console and keyed in a few details. He pressed enter, and the machine suddenly came to life. Bobby jerked suddenly as the helmet started to display images and monitor his responses.

There was one last thing to do. Dr. Adamson entered some commands into the keyboard and video cameras emerged from the walls. Later on, the doctor would be able to see Bobby's responses from every hot angle along with images and decisions made by the machine. The cameras would go back into hiding automatically before the machine released Bobby. He would never know. Dr. Adamson left the room pleased with himself. By late afternoon he would have footage and intimate knowledge of all of the Campbell men to be viewed over and over again. It was after all, important for science.

[The experiences that each of the Campbell men have with their session on the assessment machine is too detailed to go into here. Look for it to be released as a separate story.]

Dr. Adamson returned to the exam room. The men looked a bit uncomfortable with what was going on. "Relax guys, Bobby is not going to be harmed by this experience, and he will probably learn a lot of new things about himself. We're going to continue with the exams, and after each exam the subject will be led downstairs to undergo extensive testing by an assessment machine. As I promised Bobby, you will not be too physically exhausted to have your introduction to real sex tonight. Getting the results from your sessions on the machine will only take a few minutes once the tests are done. I will go over them with all of you once everyone is done. Do you mind sharing your results with your brothers, or do some of you prefer to keep this information private?"

Patrick spoke up first. "I have no objections to my family knowing more about me. I feel like I already know myself well. I've tried kinky things on my own, and I don't care who knows about it. David and I also agreed that all of the information should be shared. Plus, we wanted to see our father put on the spot, so we could ask him as many questions as possible tonight."

The exams proceeded with us each taking our turn on the table. The doctor checked our vital signs, and then handled our testicles to make sure they were healthy (along with seeing if he could get a reaction out of us to ball handling). Then he and Dad would take turns palpating our prostates to make sure they were also healthy. Dad was especially impressed with me and Patrick. We both had a thick line running down the middle of our perineums. Patrick's even had a light blonde fuzz over it, which Dad enjoyed caressing to no end.

I got the chance to hear them examining Patrick. While they remarked about the exceptional size of his cock and balls, his prostate wasn't as large as expected. Patrick was led away to be placed on a machine, then the doctor came back and it was my turn.

The doctor spent a lot of time playing with my dick. Although I wasn't as big as Patrick by a long shot, my cock was still a good 7" hard and I had the biggest balls of all of us. The doctor and Dad spent a lot of time feeling and analyzing my prostate. Dad left his finger in me for quite a while palpating me inside in a way that drove me crazy. Finally Dr. Adamson said, "Well, we need the results from the machine's computer analysis, but Mitch, by far, has the largest and thickest prostate and the largest balls. He's capable of producing a tremendous amount of semen and probably the richest source of y-factor we've ever seen in a Campbell."

I looked back at the doctor. "What exactly does that mean?"

"It means you could use your seminal fluid to rule over a small part of humanity. Just a drop of your semen would be enough to make a man or woman totally addicted to you. They would quickly reach a state where they would do anything, just to have another whiff of you. Let alone another chance to drink from you."

The doctor continued, "Patrick is the next closest to your quantity and concentration level. He's quite powerful. But, I think you'll check out as possibly being off the scale."

It was a lot to take in. Having power over others was the last thing I wanted. I just wanted to spend as much time rutting over Patrick as possible. This would probably be our last summer together.

The doctor spoke, "Mitch, grab your clothes and let's get you settled in for a full assessment. Mitch got his clothes, and followed the doctor to the elevator. The doc pressed the button for the basement. Mitch asked, "How big is this place doc? It looks like you're doing a ton of research here."

"We are Mitch. I don't want to scare you, but the military is very interested in producing so-called supermen. We also do research into reproductive warfare. I can't tell you much about it, because our business is held as very confidential."

As Mitch and the doc walked down the corridor, he couldn't help but hear the voices of his brothers crying out. He heard Patrick saying, "More, please more!" Bobby was saying, "I've done all you've asked. Please just release me."

The doc had reached the room for Mitch and opened the door. Mitch saw what looked a dental chair with arms that had many implements. "Are my brothers ok? They didn't sound very comfortable. Especially Bobby."

"All I can say is this machine is going to explore your sexuality completely. It will also reveal a lot in general about your psyche. If you fight the process it will take longer than if you embrace its methods. Don't worry; the chair can't hurt you, though it may stretch you out a bit." The doctor patted the chair, and Mitch got in it. He instinctively placed his wrists and ankles where they needed to go.

The chair came to life. His wrists and ankles were instantly locked in place. Then restraints sprang out restraining the rest of his body.

The doc spoke, "Good man. Now I'm just going to place the VR helmet on your head and the process will begin." Mitch was familiar with VR and computer interface technology from his Air Force training. Mitch settled back and let himself be absorbed into the images that were playing in front of his eyes. The doc nodded to himself. Under his breath he said, "I think this is the one." Doc punched up the commands on the computer to start filming Mitch from every angle. Also, he had noticed that when Mitch heard about his sperm being harvested, he was notably excited. The doctor added some extra tests to make sure Mitch was tested for different milking scenarios and to also make sure his reaction to pain was thoroughly tested.

The doc returned to his office. A few minutes later a tired and shaky Bobby walked in covered once again by his clothes. "Doc, I wish you would have given me a warning. That thing probed me everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!"

Doc nodded, "True, but do you know yourself better now?" Bobby assented, "Yes, I just wish I would have been introduced to urethral stimulation by a real person. I admit I loved having the inside of my dick toyed with, but coming from a machine made it a bit too clinical."

Bobby continued, "Plus, that thing worked on my balls forever. They're pretty sore now."

"Yes, but looking at the findings! The machine had good reason to do it. You love having your balls manipulated as well as a variety of other sensations. Now that you know it, I'd say go buy a stainless steel cockring and keep it on at all times. You'll love it!"

Bobby said, "Yeah, it did reveal some wild things about me that I didn't think I would enjoy. I thought the tests would go on forever."

David walked into the room fully clad. "That was a helluva ride doc!"

"Glad you enjoyed it! Have a seat and we'll wait. That way I can give you all the information and share my findings with everyone at the same time."

About a half-hour went by. Finally, Patrick and Mitch wandered in together. Patrick spoke up, "Sorry to take so long guys. After I finished, Mitch's machine was still working on him. I felt sorry for him, because the machine was really dishing out the pain with him. It was basically torturing him."

Mitch cleared his throat, "Yeah, but it was necessary. I'm guessing it was both because I got off on the pain, and the machine wanted to take careful measurements. Also, the machine was investigating how I would handle being tortured if I was ever caught."

The doc clapped, "Exactly correct Mitch! The machine is dynamic and was given as much background on each of you as possible. The program tailored your experiences in a very individual way."

The doc continued, "Now, are you willing to share your experiences with each other and the results? If you like, I can print up dossiers that summarize the findings for each of you as well as my notes from the physical and my opinion on each of you."

All of the men quickly nodded. Patrick spoke up, "You know I want to know everything I can about our family. Especially my good bro Mitch!" Patrick elbowed me in the ribs slightly. I leaned over and gave him a quick half-embrace to let him know I felt the same.

The doctor tapped a few keys on the keyboard. The doctor looked towards my father, "Coop, is it alright if I include your dossier so the men can learn all about you?"

"Sure thing doc. Print a complete set of files for each of us." The doc nodded and with a few more mouse clicks, the laser printer in the corner started cranking out pages.

The doc turned to face us, "Now, let's go over what this has all been about. You know that all Campbell men are very special right?" We all nodded. Finally! "You are all basically a perfect expression of the Y-Chromosome. All babies start out as females, then if they're supposed to be males, the cellular chromosomes change to XY from XX. That Y-Chromosome has the encoding for what the male will be like."

The doc continued, "In your case. Every single sperm cell delivers a Y-Chromosome, so the baby will always be male. Not only that, the baby will automatically be the best that the two chromosomes can deliver. Each of the males when they're born will have a proclivity for strength and competitiveness. They will be the most intelligent baby possible. And you all know about the overdeveloped prostate and balls, you all carry. That too is something all Campbell men inherit."

"Surprisingly, the vast majority of Campbell men are gay, or at least predominantly gay. The evolutionary advantage of this is you will produce the most offspring possible. Notice how you guys always seem to choose military careers? It's because you feel the most comfortable around other men. You're also very attracted to them and they are to you. But eventually, that furlough or shore leave comes around. You spend your offtime partying, and more than likely having sex with women. Also, condoms are not effective at stopping Campbell sperm. There's a special chemical in the precum that renders most barriers porous to reaching the egg. And the sperm that follow are very potent. It only takes a tiny drop or two, and you've got a woman pregnant. She of course, ends up staying in port (or wherever), not willing to believe that you're the Father because you played it safe."

With this news, all of the Campbell men straightened up in their chairs feeling a rush of pride. The doc noticed this and smiled, "There's more of course. You've noticed how your pheromones work on other people? I've gathered from information from your school records that roommates are always a problem for you in school and in life."

All of the men nodded. Patrick said, "I know I have! I've practically had to punch my roommate out a couple of times, because he turned into such a horn dog. Plus, my jocks are constantly stolen. Both at the apartment and the gym." Everyone agreed with Patrick. We had all experienced this.

The doc continued, "Well, I think you've also noticed the effect you have on each other. You all have a heightened sense of smell for pheromones. It's a way for you to literally sniff out the competition. Put that together with the variety and intensity of the pheromones you emit, being around each other makes all of you horned up all of the time. Coop, did you notice any difference having the guys home last night?"

Dad piped up, "Absolutely! I had three wet dreams last night. Normally, I only have one. And as soon as I turned in to my bedroom, just down a few doors from the men, I got a raging hard on and started dripping. I checked all of men at inspection this morning, and they had all starched their jocks hard throughout the night."

The doc responded, "Yep, and I checked all of your pheromone levels in the machine. Bobby is putting out the most right now, because he is so close to his sexual peak. David was next. Patrick and Mitch were the least of the four, but you have to look at the objective side too. Patrick and Mitch are still putting out enough pheromones that all they have to do to take someone sexually is literally put them in a headlock and hold their stained jock over the person's nose. They'll cue into their pheromones within a couple of minutes then willingly move down to smell the fresh pheromones in the crotch."

Patrick asked, "Or, if we want to have some fun with them, an armpit would also work?" Doc nodded, "Yes that would work too." Patrick turned towards me and gave me an evil wink.

The doc ignored us and continued, "Now comes the issue of the Y-factor. Your precum and semen contain this chemical we have named because it is like pure masculine power. Once a person decides to sniff your crotch for the pheromones. They will be drawn to the precum you're always producing. As they ingest precum, your power over them grows. More and more they will do anything just to taste your load."

"Once you give them your load is when the magic happens. Their brain will literally explode with pleasure and feelings of love. They will worship you afterwards. In this way you could take anyone you wanted. Even if they're straight."

I asked the doc, "How long does this effect last?"

The doc said, "Good question Mitch. The initial shock will wear off after about two days. During those two days they will beg you over and over to be given another load. After the initial two day phase they will go through a period lasting several months where they are slowly becoming more themselves and not as attached to you."

"You see where this is going right? All of you have to be very careful who you choose for sex partners. They must know the risks upfront. You have to limit your sexual contact with them, because if they become too addicted to your y-factor they will not be able to function."

"Your Dad can help you immensely with your path. He started out the same as you are now. Back when he was your age, he was uncircumcised. You're all uncircumcised for a couple of reasons. First of all, we wanted you all to make the decision for yourselves whether you wanted to be cut or uncut."

"But it was also left that way to deter you from having sex before you were ready. We are well aware how irritating you find the constant friction of intercourse. Your Dad sowed his wild oats in his youth, and then met the right woman for him when he was about 30. She was perfect for him. She wanted to bear children to leave her legacy in the world, but didn't want the strings of a traditional marriage. So, they agreed to have boys, and to have infrequent sex. Dad got circumcised with the family's blessing to allow him to more easily have sex."

"Does that answer a lot of your questions?" asked the doc.

Patrick spoke, "Yes doc. But just how dangerous is our sperm anyways. Like what if you spiked a punch bowl with it?" Doc looked a bit shocked by that question, "Patrick, I hope you would never do that. The y-factor you secrete is tuned specifically to you. Whoever drank from that bowl would be totally loyal to you and would constantly be looking for you. They would also be unconsciously scanning for your pheromones. If you made an appearance after they drank, they might all try to jump you to get a piece of you."

Patrick had another question, "Well, if they're totally loyal, then I could order them to calm themselves down and promise them more at a later time."

The doc responded, "Yes, which is exactly what we are worried about. We've tried to instill in you the values to use your power wisely since birth. But, you could become a perilous threat if you wanted to be. If that happened we would have to take you down."

"Take me down how? All I would have to do is have a few less than fresh jocks waiting, and I could make a group of guys do my bidding."

The doc said, "The Campbell family has its own arm of justice. There are ways to interfere with a person's sense of smell. Besides, their dicks can tell them if you're close by. Then you could be snared and captured."

Patrick asked, "Yeah, what happens then?"

The doc looked him in the eye, "You would be taken to a sex prison. A prison populated by many Campbell men, as well as some that have developed other abilities that make them a threat. You'd be forced to suck off the biggest guy on your block, once your will is controlled you'll basically do his bidding never being a problem again."

Patrick looked like he was convinced, "Fine, so I'm not going to use my dick to rule the world."

The doc said, "No, you're not. But, you can still have lots of fun, especially with your brothers."

"Before you men go. I want to give you one last warning. There are organizations that would love to possess any one of you. On the simplest level, you have very valuable sperm. A lot of potential parents would pay a lot to obtain sperm that always throws an athletic boy with high intelligence."

"Then there are groups who want to create a group of supersoldiers. Your sperm would provide the perfect basis for that."

"Finally, there is the y-factor chemical you produce. All of you are capable of producing tons of y-factor precum and semen. It could be used to take control of a sizable population. You men are an extremely horny lot. I imagine that you would be very powerful if ever placed in milking technology."

"Mitch, that warning goes double for you. You've apparently had some fantasies about being milked. The machine tested you for reaction to various milking methods, and you practically begged for it. Your reaction levels spiked when the method was painful or coupled with painful stimuli. Your psych eval does show that you have some heterosexual tendencies. But right now, you're a time bomb. Walking around with the feelings you have could cause you to seek it out unintentionally. I'm going to work with some of the doctors on your base to see if we can't find a way to condition your responses. The treatments could be quite invasive. When you go back, you may have some serious choices to consider."

I listened carefully to the doc, and knew he was right. This might have come along just in the nick of time. "Thanks for the confirmation doc. I'll read my dossier carefully." The truth is I enjoyed my go-around on the machine and would love to spend another session on it.

The doc said, "Enough of the warnings. You'll be briefed more as your Dad and I learn more. Go have yourself a fun night of sex!"

Everyone cheered at this. The doc quickly passed out folders to each of us containing full dossiers on each family member. I couldn't wait to read more of Dad's and Patrick's.

We made our way outside. Patrick and I jumped into his pickup. He smiled at me and said "Finally bro, you're mine!"

I kissed him quickly and said, "You're mine too."

He started the truck and we headed for home.

[That's enough for now. More stories covering the family's night of sex when they get home, what happened to each of the men in the assessment machines, Mitch?s conditioning and subsequent capture will all be posted in the future. Again, please write me if you enjoy these stories. My name is William, and you can reach me by email at:]