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The Cyberflasher's Comeuppance
By Varlance

The Cyberflasher’s Comeuppance

By Varlance

The following story is a work of fiction. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations and explicit and crude language. It is intended for adults only. The situations it describes may be unsafe in real life - use good judgement and play safe, sane and consensual.

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Story codes: MM, bd, exhibition, fantasy, chastity, humiliation

* * *

Greg stepped onto a half-full District Line carriage and took a seat. It had been a couple of days since his last hook-up and Greg was getting pretty horny. He took out his phone and opened up his current go-to dating app. His profile pic showed off his tousled blond hair, cold blue eyes and impressive jawline. As much as Greg liked the compliments he got on that photo, what he really enjoyed was how people reacted to his explicit nude photos. Especially when they neither wanted or expected to see them. Whether the women he cyber-flashed reacted with shock, anger or disgust - it all gave Greg an exhilarating thrill that he all too often wanked over when he got back to his flat.

At the next stop, a young woman entered the carriage and took a seat on the row opposite Greg. She too pulled out her phone and began scrolling through some messaging app. Greg cast his eyes up and down her body - she was exactly his type: young, slender, dark hair, and with an air of vulnerability about her. Greg needed to see how she would respond to his dick pic. While carefully shielding the phone screen from the eyes of nearby passengers, he retrieved the photo he’d taken that morning of his erect, 7-inch dick in all its masculine glory. Next he checked his phone’s Airdrop settings and saw that ‘Alina’s iPhone’ had appeared. Greg chuckled to himself as he tapped the screen. Seconds later, Greg’s dick popped up on the young woman’s phone.

Alina gasped audibly and dropped her phone into her lap as if it had suddenly turned red-hot. Greg tried to contain his excitement as Alina looked around angrily to identify the culprit. Gotcha! thought Greg. As he turned his attention to staring innocently out of the window, Greg thought he caught the woman muttering some sort of foreign language under her breath.

Greg suddenly felt a little lightheaded. For a moment, time seemed to slow down as his eyes gradually closed and his head tipped back against the seat. Greg blinked - and opened his eyes to find a stony-faced policeman with a hand on his shoulder.

“Excuse me,” said the police officer, holding up Alina’s phone with the dick pic still visible on-screen. “Did you send this photo to this lady’s mobile phone?”

“I, ah, um - no sir!” Greg replied. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Is that so. Then could you please explain why I can see a very similar photo on your own phone right there?”

“Well, um, I guess some creep must have sent it to me as well.”

The burly officer leaned closer, enough for Greg to catch the faint whiff of sweat from his uniform. “Are you saying that this photo was not taken by you? It’s not your penis in the photo?”

“Ah - no sir. I mean yes. I mean, I didn’t take the photo! Please!”

“I don’t believe you,” the officer said, frowning. “And it’s important that we get to the bottom of this nasty incident. Sending images of your disgusting penis where they are not wanted is a serious crime, boy. Now, I can either arrest you right here and now and take you down to the station for interrogation, or you can fully co-operate and then maybe - just maybe - I’ll go easy on you. What’ll it be?”

“Please, I’ll co-operate!”

“Good. Let’s start with your name, age, and address.” By this point the train had reached the next stop, and the carriage was beginning to fill with more travellers. Alina was watching and listening intently, much to Greg’s embarrassment.

“It’s Greg, Greg Rowland, twenty-three, 142 Bethnal Green Road.”

“And is this your first offence?”

“No - I mean yes - I mean, I’ve not done anything! Honestly!”

“Well, there’s an easy way to prove that you’re innocent, boy. Remove your trousers and anything else you may be wearing under them. Then I can confirm that the penis in these photos is not yours.”

“What?” said Greg, visibly shaking. “You can’t make me do that! This isn’t legal!”

“Look, boy, if you’re not going to follow my instructions, then we can take this down to the station and you can have everything put on your record. The Metropolitan Police take these kinds of offences extremely seriously. Is that how you want to do this?” Greg shook his head. “Good. Now take your shorts off. I won’t ask again.”

Greg sighed in resignation and stood up. He unbuckled his jeans and peeled them off down his legs. They wouldn’t quite slide past his shoes, so Greg had to slip out of those as well.

“Those boxers too. Quickly!”

Greg hesitated, but finally hooked his fingers into the waistband of the boxer shorts and pushed them down his body. His dick flopped out into view. The officer snapped on a blue rubber glove and gently grasped the shaft of Greg’s dick while Alina and a few other passengers giggled and smirked.

“What are you doing?” Greg squeaked as the officer took out his own phone and began to take photos of Greg’s body.

“Just gathering evidence, boy. Place your hands behind your head. Now.” Greg reluctantly complied. With Greg’s dick and balls uncovered, the officer continued to take photos of Greg from multiple angles. He then squinted at his phone, and looked back and forth between the photos and Greg’s dick. “Hmm… three inches soft, well defined glans, uncut. Problem is, the offending photo is of an erect penis.” The officer consulted his phone for a moment, leaving a very embarrassed Greg to stand barefoot in the middle of the carriage, naked from the waist down with his flaccid dick on display. “I’m afraid this isn’t enough evidence. Why don’t we get a better look? Please remove your shirt, boy.”

“Uh, what? What difference will that make?”

“For the last time, boy! If you don’t do as I say, I’ll arrest you right here and march you down to the station myself. Shirt! Off!” Greg hastily removed his shirt, dropping it on top of his other clothes. “Now, turn around! Hands behind your back!” Greg felt the cold steel of the officer’s handcuffs grip his wrists as the officer ratcheted them tight. A firm pressure on the back of his legs forced Greg to drop to his knees. “Now, boy, just stay there and don’t move.”

In full view of the other passengers, who by now were openly pointing and laughing at Greg or taking photos on their own phones, the officer took Greg’s dick in his gloved hand and began to rub and stroke it. Greg closed his eyes and tried to think about anything he could to keep himself from becoming erect - but it was no use. His stiffening dick began to rise. Another minute of firm stroking, and his cock was - just as it had been this morning - displayed in all its glory. Catching the overhead fluorescent light, a tiny bead of precum glistened at the tip of Greg’s seven inch shaft. The officer took even more shots of Greg kneeling, obscenely displaying his erect cock on the floor of the train, even though it was now abundantly clear that Greg’s cock was the one in the offending photos. He made sure to grip Greg’s cock at the base and continued to jerk the boy’s cock up and down. “Jeez, are you done?” asked an increasingly embarrassed Greg. “Come on, let go!”

“Not just yet. Now be quiet.” The officer moved to kneel behind Greg and wrapped his arm around Greg’s face, his hand clamping Greg’s mouth shut. The officer’s other hand continued to masturbate Greg’s throbbing cock as Greg grunted and moaned into his gag, trying hard to break free of the policeman’s grasp to no avail. The officer continued to stimulate the boy’s cock, occasionally moving up the shaft to massage Greg’s cockhead before giving his balls a quick squeeze. No matter how much Greg tried to struggle, the officer’s grip was relentless. He tried thinking about something else - anything - to stop what was about to happen, but it seemed as if his cock had a mind of its own. Greg’s eyes widened in horror as he felt his balls contract and his hips thrust involuntarily into the officer’s grip. Cum shot out of his cock, string after string of sticky white liquid arcing into the air before splashing onto the boy’s heaving stomach, groin and thighs. A couple of passengers cheered as they captured Greg’s explosive orgasm on their phones.

Greg lay on the floor covered in his cum as the officer released his grip and stood over him. “Well, boy, I think we have all the evidence we need. I am officially issuing you with an on the spot Modesty Enforcement Notice. Let me explain how this works. Pursuant to section 3 of the Flashing and Exhibitionism Act, officers of the law are permitted to enforce the wearing of chastity devices on individuals found to have committed an offence. In your case, I have established that you illegally transmitted an obscene image of your genitals via an electronic communication medium to another person without their prior knowledge and consent. The penalty for this is the immediate and indefinite application of a police-issue modesty enforcement device until you are certified as no longer a threat to public decency by a healthcare professional.”

From his belt the officer produced a large chastity cage in shiny black steel that looked to Greg like some medieval instrument of torture. Greg attempted to stand up again, but the officer simply held Greg’s body down with his arm. “Fuck off! HELP!” Greg shouted, but no-one came to his rescue. Indeed, even more passengers were now recording the scene on their phones. Greg continued to struggle, so the officer motioned to two nearby students to assist him in restraining Greg. The students held Greg’s shoulders against the floor. One of the students took the opportunity to run his fingers down Greg’s toned chest and tweak Greg’s nipples, drawing further cursing from the helpless offender. Ignoring Greg’s protests, the police officer pushed Greg’s softening, still-sticky cock into the metal tube. The steel base ring followed, exerting its tight grip around his shaft and balls. Both sections of the device then locked together with a heavy clunk. Fuck!

“Stand up!” The officer hauled Greg up by his arms and spun him round. Greg felt his cuffs being unlocked and removed just as the train pulled in to the next station. The officer roughly pushed Greg, coated in drying cum and still naked apart from the cage on his dick, off the train and onto the platform. Greg tumbled awkwardly into a couple of passengers waiting to board the train, and by the time he had picked himself up, the doors had slipped shut and the train was pulling out of the station - taking Greg’s clothes with it. Fuck fuck fuck!

As the train receded into the distance, something odd happened again. There was a flash of white light which made Greg blink, and when he opened his eyes again, he was back on the train, which was approaching the next station. He was fully clothed and seated opposite Alina, who was still messaging on her phone, ignoring him completely. Greg looked down at his crotch. His dick and balls were snug inside his boxers, and there was no sign of anything odd having happened. Had he fallen asleep and dreamt all of that encounter with the policeman? Greg shook his head, attempting to clear his thoughts, and reopened his phone. The screen was still showing the dick pic he was about to send to Alina. Greg tapped the Send button and grinned when - as before - the young woman gasped and dropped the phone into her lap. This time, instead of looking around angrily for Greg, Alina simply smiled and continued tapping on her phone. Seconds later, the train came to a halt at the next stop and Alina stood and disembarked. She rapidly disappeared into the crowd of commuters. Greg watched her go, then scanned the carriage to see if any other passengers would make entertaining targets for his dick pics.

Greg’s phone buzzed as the train pulled out of the station. Weird… it was ‘Alina’s iPhone’, and she had sent him a photo of some guy’s dick locked inside a heavy steel chastity cage. At the same time, he felt something cold and heavy surround his dick inside his shorts. Greg started up in shock, causing some of the other passengers to look up at him in surprise. But there was nothing he could do without actually exposing himself on the train, so he waited until the next stop to exit and dashed to the nearest toilet. Breathing heavily, Greg pulled his jeans and boxers down and stared at his groin in horror.

His cock was sealed inside a heavy black metal cage, just like the one the officer put on him in his dream. Greg’s soft dick completely filled the steel tube, and the constant pressure of the tube on his cock as it tried to get hard was both intensely erotic and extremely frustrating. Greg tried to grab the cage, but as soon as he touched it some invisible force would make his fingers slide off the smooth black surface, as if it was coated in the slickest baby oil. The cage clung tightly to his cock, the ring was secure around his balls, and Greg could not find any way to slip his cock out of the device even a millimetre. However it was locked, the worst part of all was that the device did not appear to have any kind of keyhole to allow it to be unlocked. After another few minutes of helpless fumbling with the device, Greg glimpsed in the mirror the silvery glint of tiny engraved lettering around the steel base ring:





* * *

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