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Weaponised Master
Chapter 5
By Tyler Bernard

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In the ruins of the central tower of the city, The 13 Mazean youths continued to climb the stairs, slowly. Despite their own physical fitness, they could not climb a mile and a half of stairs without breaking for rests every now and then. They had encountered many Xyxian blobs on the lower floors of the building, but as expected there was less and less the higher they went. Somewhere around the mile point, one of the remaining blobs, obviously fancying a snack, reached out a lazy tentacle and grabbed one of the passing studs, paralysing him, removing him from his cloak and dragging the screaming boy to his doom inside the slime-filled membrane. The others in the party did their best to not react, there was nothing they could do anyway – all of them had seen it before, and they had come to terms with that fate. They must have patience. The remaining group continued upwards.


Somewhere above the planet, the spaceship arrived silently in orbit. In one of the laboratories, Cedric prepared for the final stage of his humiliation plan for Zack. He had reinforced what was at stake, and placed in his mind the image of the most revolting, perverse alien he could imagine; now he needed to bring his plan to completion, to coincide with the actions of the scientists and those on the ground below with whom they were co-ordinating. Meanwhile, Zack slept, having nightmares of the perversions he had already seen, of the helpless youth being emasculated by the filthy, laughing alien’s tentacles, of the foul feel of those worm-like snakes caressing and defiling his skin. He placed the headset back on his head, and began the process of entering  Zack’s mind.


And Zack awoke, in the jail cell as ever. He was back on his bunk, still wearing the skimpy red jockey shorts and nothing else, apart from the blue glowing restraints on his neck, wrists and ankles. He felt down his skin to where the alien tentacle had touched him, half expecting his flesh to have rotted and decayed away, but there was nothing there. He was still as clean, as toned and as muscular as ever. He signed in relief – that vision he had seen of the other poor stud’s muscles being dissolved from the inside out, turned from a virile young buck into a withered, helpless wreck was burnt into his mind. He was determined that fate would not befall him.


And then there was an explosion, somewhere outside the room. He sat up, sharply. What was that? Something that sounded like gunfire, sounds of running feet. The door to the cell burst open and in ran Cedric, his loyal foot soldier clutching an Ak-47 machine gun, with another one hanging over his shoulder . Zack jumped to his feet. Cedric smiled. He pulled a remote device from his pocket, and pointed it at Zack. The blue glow in his neck and wrist collars went off, as if the system had been deactivated.


‘What are you waiting for?’ Cedric asked. He threw the weapon to Zack, who caught it, before taking the spare one from his shoulder, cocking it, and preparing for action. ‘Let’s go!’

The relief Zack felt at that moment was immense – the threat hanging over him from that Alien warlord was lifted, now they had a chance to escape. His colleague and second in command had come through again, saving the day. Zack and Cedric charged into the corridor, ready for battle. An alien guard emerged from a doorway, with some sort of ray gun, and a blast of energy seared into the wall just past Zach’s head. Cedric cut the alien down with a quick blast from the machine gun. ‘This way!’ he yelled.


They fought a running battle down the corridor. Zach, dressed only in his red pants, did not feel at all self conscious as he ran down the corridors. This was what he was made for, he thought as he despatched another Alien crewman. They descended several decks, to a big, open hanger, where several small spacecraft were parked. Killing the guards quickly, Cedric and Zack boarded the first small vessel and Cedric started the engines, ready for take-off

‘We’ve got to get to the fleet as quickly as possible’, Cedric said, over the noise of the engines revving up. ‘I’ve got information that will win this war. I hope this ship can make it. Where have I got to get us to?’

Zack was buzzing, he felt like he was inside a video game, fighting off the alien hoards, saving the world. If he had stopped to think, he might have wondered why an alien jail would look like something from a medieval fort. He might have wondered how Cedric had got free, and how he had found a pair of machine guns, how he knew how to fly an alien spaceship. He might even had wondered why he was only dressed in red pants, but he didn’t. He was so sure of himself, he blurted out the answer to Cedric’s question without even thinking

‘We have to get to Mars,’ he said. ‘The fleet is there’

‘The whole fleet?’ Cedric asked.


‘Yes, all of it. Lets go, what are we waiting for?’

Cedric smiled, and pressed a button. The engines cut out.


Zack looked at him, aghast. ‘What are you doing?’ he screamed. In response, Cedric pushed another button, and the ramp at the back of the small spacecraft began to open.  Zack grabbed the control, and pushed it again. Nothing happened. A cold icicle of fear began to form in his heart. He looked at Cedric, to see why he was doing this, but Cedric was smiling. An evil, manipulative smile.


‘Somebody wants to talk to you’ he said, and pointed down the opening ramp. Zack turned to look, and there, behind the ship, standing amongst the bodies of the aliens that Zack and Cedric had killed just a few moments ago, was the foul, fat, multi tentacled chief alien, still sitting on its trolley, still with its tentacles wrapped around two loincloth-wearing young hunks – an olive-skinned boy with long wavy brown locks and tattooed, muscled arms had replaced the poor, desiccated Braulio, although Cameron still took the second position by his side. And the alien was laughing.


Zack picked up the machine gun and, without waiting, emptied the whole magazine directly at the fat alien body . The laughing continued after the loud rattling of the machine gun had echoed away. He kept pulling the trigger even though the gun was empty, but the firing had had absolutely no effect. A word appeared in his mind, and he knew it was true. Blanks. The gun had been loaded with blanks.


And the alien bodies on the ground began to move. They climbed to their feet, very much alive, and stood and stared at Zack, smiling. From behind Zach, Cedric’s voice rang out.


‘The Human fleet is on Mars, my master. All of it’

The alien replied, in his strange, metallic voice, and Zack immediately realised why it had sounded so familiar. If you took the distortions, and the metallic noise away from the voice, it would have sounded exactly like Cedric.


‘Launch the attack immediately’, it said. ‘Destroy them all’. The suddenly revived aliens ran to adjacent ships in the launch bay, and began firing up the engines. Zack turned to Cedric, fury in his eyes.


‘You betrayed me!’ he yelled, and ran at his former ally. But, as before, Cedric simply pulled a remote from his pocket, and the wrist and arm restraints went red. Zack was immobilised instantly. Cedric pressed another button, and the restraints rotated Zack round to face his alien foe.


Zack cursed and swore in anger, but another thought was welling up in his mind. He had been tricked,  by one of the oldest tricks in the book, and he had revealed the one secret he should never have revealed, and right now, all around him, alien ships were lifting off, heading out to catch the human resistance unawares, to make good the alien victory over the human race. And it was all his fault.


‘Let us go to the throne room’ the alien said, ‘where we can watch the destruction of the human race once and for all’.


They made a bizarre procession as they proceeded through the bowels of the alien ship, Led by the two enslaved studs in their Tarzan costumes, their hands tied in front of them, struggling and straining to pull the vast bulk of the alien’s chariot just through the tentacles wrapped around their cocks and testicles, blobs of alien slime dropping from their bodies onto the floor as they walked, then the alien itself, its tentacles smearing the walls and the floor as they flailed around the fat, revolting body, followed closely by Zack, immobilised and spread-eagled, floating just above the floor, pulling and tugging at his binds, ineffectually, as other alien tentacles slapped and licked at his torso. Just behind walked Cedric, who was whispering to the stud as they moved

‘You have betrayed the people of earth. They trusted you and you have signed their death warrants. Forever after you will be known as the fool whose arrogance let him be tricked into the ultimate betrayal’

Zack gave a fighting response, promising that the people of earth were not finished yet, they would fight on. He even forced himself to believe it.

But thirty minutes later, that thin sliver of hope was ripped away, as, on a huge screen in the throne room, Zack watched the last remnants of the human fleet being slowly torn to pieces as they desperately tried to escape from the Martian planet, the one or two ships that were not destroyed on the ground being disintegrated one by one as they climbed into space. He hoped one might escape, just one, but he watched that final ship, taking hit after hit, make a valiant attempt to fight the hundreds of alien ships, before it too exploded into fragments.


He hung his head in shame. How had he let himself be tricked? It was true what Cedric had said. It was his own vanity, his own ego.


The screen faded, and the Alien overlord turned to face Zack. A pointy-tipped tentacle extended and rubbed across Zack’s exposed chest, causing him to grimace. He tried to block the foul sensation out.


‘And now for the people of your planet’ the alien said. ‘You have certainly been a troublesome race. I think the best course of action would be to wipe them all out, once and for all. Yes, I think that is what I will do. Order my ships to set course for Earth when they have finished on Mars. Tell them to not leave a living thing on the planet’

Zack cursed and swore. The alien tentacle was still foully rubbing and caressing his skin. ‘Don’t do it’ he shouted. And then, more quietly, ‘I beg you, please don’t do it’

‘Who will stop me?’ The alien mocked. ‘You whole pathetic fleet is gone. Your people have no defences. And you, their so-called champion, is crying and begging me for mercy.’

‘Leave them alone. They have done nothing to you. It is my fault...’

The alien smiled, and the tentacle squirmed round to the small of Zack’s back. Zack’s fist balled up as he tried to block the sensation. ‘Yes, it is your fault.’ The alien agreed. ‘But the question is, what are you going to do about it?’

Zach remained silent. The tip of the alien tentacle lapped inside the rear of Zack’s red jockeys, exploring the crevice between the cheeks. A dark stain of sticky goo formed on the red material.


‘I have a proposal for you’ the alien began. ‘I told you before, you would willingly become my slave one day. Well, that is what you will do. I will save your planet, for now, if you willingly, and without reservation, go down on your knees before me and beg me to allow you to become my slave, permanently, and forever, accept whatever punishments and pleasures I wish to bestow upon you without question. I will enjoy taking and using your muscular body unendingly for the rest of your life, which can be extended indefinitely until I choose to end it.’

‘ And don’t for one moment imagine that you can agree to my terms, and then, when your planet is safe, somehow escape. No,  you will voluntarily agree to undergo a procedure which will bind you to me, physically.  You will never be free again, you will spend every minute of every day worshipping me.’

‘Never’ said Zack, under his breath. In response, the tentacle which had been caressing his butt cheeks suddenly and unexpectedly made a move for his unguarded anus. It just tipped its point inside, but that was already too much for Zach, who yelled out in displeasure.


‘You can choose not to do it’, the alien continued, ‘but if you do not your people will die, today, with you watching. And then I will drink from your body anyway, take all the masculinity and power, leave you to flounder and roll around in the dirt, your muscular strength and virility taken by me’

Zack was silent. The horrors of the choice he had to make hung heavy on his mind. At the very least, there was still a slightly heroic option, he could save the people of earth at his own expense, and maybe they would still remember him, in some small way, as someone who, despite his terrible error, had saved them? And then that final crumb of comfort was taken away.


‘Of course’ said the alien, ’the moment of your acceptance of your new life as my willing slave will be broadcast to all the people of your earth. You will tell them, in the most convincing terms, that you willingly revealed the location of the human fleet to please your new master, that you betrayed their trust deliberately in order to experience the sexual power of your Alien lord. If you are at all unconvincing, if you fail in any way to convince them that you are saying and doing this willingly, I will immediately destroy the planet. Once you have finished telling them of your submission to me, then you will kneel before me and pledge everlasting slavery to my body, and I will physically take your body and mind in front of millions of your fellow humans, who will despise you forever more. I wish all the people of your planet to see their once proud saviour, their muscle bound hero, is nothing more than the lowest form of scum sucking whore, willing to carry out the very darkest perversions of his new master. I will give you time to think about it, and then you will decide’

And then, Cedric put him into a tortured, nightmare filled dream state, not waking but almost fully conscious, able to spend the next few hours, which would seem like a hundred, turning the choice over and over in his head. Cedric was convinced there was only one option he could take.


On the planet below, the 12 Mazean survivors spread slowly, cautiously throughout what now formed the top floors of the central tower. One by one, they had assigned themselves to the alien blobs they had found there, each one standing by one of the putrid shapes, ready to do their duty. There was one blob every couple of floors, none of them already containing victims, so when they were all in position, they had spread themselves out over the 24 top floors of the building. From their robe pockets they each removed a small, painless tablet which they placed between their teeth, and they waited, nervously, for the signal.


And then the signal came, a single, firework type rocket, exploding in the air. Simultaneously, the 12 youths removed their cloaks to reveal their proud, naked bodies, facing directly towards their chosen representative of the alien oppressors. And simultaneously, they all reached down and began stroking their cocks.  At first, some struggled to create a reaction, but in a land where sexual activity was impossible, the young studs found that their unused flesh was quick to respond, and they began to experience the sensations that their elders had only described to them, the sensations of sexual arousal. They began to pump harder, frightened but also invigorated, and they watched their alien enemy as it began to react, shimmering and squirming. As their actions became less and less within their power to control, they watched as the alien blobs began to reshape, forming tentacles, which stretched out before them towards the youth’s sweating skin. As they felt the cold, clammy slime touch their skin for the first and last time, and the paralysing sensation begin to envelop them, the boys bit down on the pills, which would dull their conscious minds so they would never experience the torment of their short lives within the membranes. They were slowly swallowed up inside the blobs, their mission complete.


For one thing the Mazeans had noticed over time about their enslavers was, that they would only take one victim at a time. Once a blob had its victim inside, it was inert, immobile, totally safe, until the body inside was fully dissolved. The twelve heroic sacrifices had just made the top 24 floors of the building into the one place on the planet where you could safely set up the weapon, ready for the attack that would free the people forever.


And at that exact moment, the first shuttle craft was heading for the ruined top of the building. The strongest weapon would be fired first, and that would be powered by the strongest team, that of Zach and Cedric. The mechanical parts of the weapon consisted of a large silver sphere, with a cut-out for a door, big enough for the victim and his operator to stand inside. It was lowered from the vessel onto the decimated rooftop, and then the shuttle deposited Zack and Cedric, ready to carry out their work, before hurtling back into the sky.  Zack was already in a zombie-like controlled state. Cedric took a moment to stare out over the alien city before him in amazement. He could see people milling around, far below, and the oily shimmer of the millions of Xyxian blobs covering the planet’s surface. Fear gripped him immediately, and then was replaced with a grim determination. This was what he was here for. He led the submissive, zoned-out Zack onto the sphere, and put on his headset.


He stepped into Zack’s mind, and started creating the image of the throne room. This would be the moment of truth. He believed he had done the work necessary to crush the stud’s will, but he could not be sure. He could only influence via the headset, if the stud failed to submit willingly to his evil plan... he did not want to think about it. The scientists had said that it might take two of three hours for other slow moving blobs to take the place of those which had been immobilised by the twelve youths, so he had some time. He had set up the headset for no restrictions on how long he kept the boy in his trance, if this did not work it would make no difference anyway. He led the boy into the centre of the sphere, where hanging metal bindings could be easily attached to the stud’s body. Everything was ready. He took a breath, and began the final phase.


Zack awoke, in the throne room. He had been re-dressed in the bizarre costume of boots, t-shirt and silver shoulder pads and chains, and of course the tiny red shorts. There was no bindings holding his hands, but there was a shiny, silver chain linking his collar to the base of a large, extravagant throne. He could not stand, he could only lie in front of it like some pet.  There was even a soft, red rug for him to lie on.


He had been turning the alien’s proposal over and over in his head, and he knew, deep down, that there was only one choice he could make. The alien would become his master, and he would enter a world of depravities unlike anything he could ever imagine. Just thinking about it cut into his vain, masculine psyche. He looked around the room and saw various items on tripods, must be cameras, pointing in towards him. And beyond, huge screens, showing scenes of crowds on earth, flooding public squares, standing before televisions. He knew then that he would see his own humiliation before the population of earth. There was the sound of a ceremonial trumpet, and the cameras blinked into life. He saw his face being projected across the earth, chained yet pampered. He heard signs from the crowd.


And then his new master was carried into the room  by the two studs, who lifted him carefully onto the throne. The fat body made a squelching noise as it settled into place. Immediately the tentacles began to writhe and rub at Zack, exploring his flesh. He tried not to flinch. The cameras showed the full scene to the silent masses – the hero, cowed, lying like a favoured pet before the foul, victorious alien master.


And in the silver globe above the city, Cedric impersonated those tentacles, squirting lubricant  and rubbing it into the flesh of his slave, who was suspended centrally in the sphere. He loved fondling this masterpiece, and he stared longingly at the cock, still swollen and ripe, and he desperately wanted to grab it. But the time was not yet right. He focussed.


‘People of Earth’ the alien began, ‘This is your new master. I have destroyed your pathetic fleet, now you are servants of mine. You will find I can be a considerate or a harsh master, the choice is yours. Your champion, Zack, has made his decision on the matter’

The tentacle curling over Zack’s neck prodded him. Now he must destroy himself. Zack cleared his throat.

‘The master’, he began. He had a lump in his throat, he could hardly talk. ‘The master has offered me the honour of becoming his personal slave’ he began. From across the planet, he heard a sigh of disbelief. He continued. ‘I have been granted this honour in exchange for my betrayal of the location of the human fleet, which I willingly gave up to please my master’. From below, shouts of disbelief. Shouts of ‘Traitor’. Tears came to his eyes, but he had to continue. ‘I will pleasure the master sexually for as long as he wishes it’. As he spoke, two of the tentacles grabbed the white t-shirt and tore it from his body, exposing his oiled and waxed chest.


Cedric adjusted the controls on the rigging which held the boy in position, lowering his head to waist height. He swallowed. This is what he had been waiting for all his life. HE issued a command in the alien master’s voice.


‘Slave’, it said, ‘Show your appreciation to the master’. And in front of Zack, the obscene, thick tentacle reared up. It was clear what he had to do.

‘Yes, master’ he said.


Zack opened his mouth, and he extended his tongue.


In the Sphere, Cedric watched in pleasure as the stud’s tongue came into contact with his erect organ, which was poking out the front of his ceremonial gown. It was a hundred times better than he could ever have fantasised. The Stud licked and caressed with all his might, going up and down the shaft, over the tip, and then, opening fully, swallowing it deep into his mouth.


Zack tasted the foul, acidic tentacle as it reached inside his throat. He remembered the other boy shrivelling up as the tentacle pumped away at his face, but he was powerless to resist. He heard the voices of the millions on earth, watching this display from a traitor, cursing his name in a hundred different languages. He heard the alien voice groaning and sighing as the foul mass slipped in and out of his lips. He tasted the saltiness of the slimy appendage. The world in front of him was spinning, one moment he would be in the throne room, the next in some kind of silvery sphere, looking at what could only possibly be someone’s stomach. His mind was going.


Cedric clutched Zack’s hair in his hands as he pumped against the boy’s face. He was losing the mental link, he knew, but it was too late to stop now, he was going to come any moment. He felt the boy twitch and begin to struggle as the hypnotism wore off.

Zack suddenly popped back into reality, and what a reality it was. He instantly knew he was in a different place, and he was choking. Choking on something which was being rammed in and out of his face. He smelt a musty odour, felt hairs on his face as Cedric’s crotch pumped in and out against his face. He realised to his horror what was going on – he was being fucked in the mouth by a man – something he had never imagined would ever happen to him. He tried to react, to pull away, but it was too late. The man groaned in ecstasy, and Zack felt a jet of warm liquid hitting the back of his throat, and another, and another, as the weak, sexually frustrated loser took the virgin mouth of the strong,  prime, masculine hero.

Cedric pulled out, and crouched down to look at the sweating, destroyed boy before him. The link was now totally broken, there was no way back into the fantasy now. Oh well, he thought. I’m just going to have to do this the old way...


Outside in the street, strange turbulences had begun to occur within the Xyxians. The weapon had accentuated Cedric’s weak sexual ejaculation into an energy wave, which was doing some amazing things. The Xyxians nearest to the tower were remerging into a single lifeform, hundreds of them joining back together, and this single lifeform was forming a mega-tentacle, reaching up into the sky towards the source of their pain. It was not nearly tall enough yet, but it was growing by the minute. Cedric and Zack’s time was running out.


‘What did you do to me’ Zach asked, in between coughs as he tried to expel the spunk from his mouth. ‘You tricked me. You made me believe I had failed...’

Cedric looked at the boy, struggling in his binds. He decided on one last course of action. He raised the boy up, and then he dropped the robe from his shoulders, and stood before the boy , naked.


‘Look at me’ he said. Look at my body. See my weak and powerless arms and legs, see my bulbous and fat stomach. See my greasy skin and balding head. My small cock. And compare all that to your muscular perfection.’

‘And now see this. I have just  taken your mouth, and all your power, all your muscles were worthless. You have failed. And now, I will complete my victory. I will not give you illusion, or trickery. I will take your virginity now, to seal my victory over you, and there is nothing, nothing you can do about it.


Cedric moved behind the Stud, and began to rub some of the lubricant on his cock, as he probed the exposed hole with his finger. The stud began to fight against his bindings, cursing and swearing, but it was useless. Cedric stood in position, paused to savour the moment, and began work. At first it was harder than he imagined, the hole was tight and firm. But he pushed harder, harder. And, as he did so, he reached round and fondled his new possession, that ripe, prime cock. The stud squealed, a high pitched wail of horror and humiliation, as the full magnitude of what was happening seized him.


Cedric pumped longer, harder than he had ever done in his fantasies before. He stared down at the bound body before him, feeling it thrash about, and he squeezed and pumped the hunk’s cock.


Outside, the huge alien tentacle had reached three quarters of the way up the structure. It was quivering and shaking, as if with anger. Inside, Zack cursed and swore as the puny man rammed his rear again and again. The pain was vivid and intense, and what made it worse was his cock, which had failed to come for him in the last 10 days, was responding to the stranger’s touch. He felt he was going to climax, and he felt this would be a climax unlike any he had previously experienced.


Cedric was also close to climax, but he knew he had to bring the boy to the boil first. He began working the boy’s cock harder and harder, faster and faster.


A shadow fell over the top of the building as a column of alien slime rose high into the air. It towered over, ready to smack down on those who would dare to oppose it.


Zach had tears running down his face as he felt the unending thrust of his defiler again and again, felt the man’s clammy hands gripping his muscular sides, unable to block out the man’s disgusting panting and groaning, or the feel of his hot breath as it blasted against the naked back of his neck. He did not want to come, not this way, he did not believe that his body would dare betray him. But it was out of his hands, literally. He felt a boiling, bubbling sensation in his balls, a pressure building up which had to be released, and he cursed the heavens for allowing such an injustice to be dumped upon him. The hero of the earth was gone, the victorious god amongst men was now lower than an old drunk in the gutter, his precious ego and masculinity punctured and deflated forever.


And then, with a cry, Zack and Cedric simultaneously ejaculated. The energy of the stored power, which had been stretching Zack’s balls to breaking point, was blasted out over the insides of the Sphere as he ejaculated once, twice, five, ten times. It felt like he had a high pressure hose blasting through his cock.


A wave of energy, magnified and focused by the Sphere, evaporated the massive single Xyxian. Others within fifty miles either shattered and boiled, or just disappeared.

Immediately, other landing parties from the ship began descending on the planet, each with their own sphere, each with their own master and slave team, ready to spread the energy wave further and wider. The repulsion of the aliens had begun.




Two days later, and the party was in full stream. Across the world, everyone seemed to be screwing everyone else, an outpouring of repressed sexual energy that could repopulate the entire planet. The monk-like robes of subservience had been swept aside in exchange for bright colours, or no clothes at all...


The scientist climbed to the top of the great tower, to the first sphere. He had been partying, and was slightly drunk (A habit he had picked up in his years orbiting earth). He was looking for the hero of the day, Cedric, the man who had created the beginning of the end. Everyone had been waiting for him to emerge, but no sign had been seen. Were they OK? They had left offerings of food and wine, which had been taken inside, but apart from that no sign had been seen. Cautiously, he peered into the sphere.


Inside, Cedric and Zack lay together on the floor, naked. Zack was securely bound with rope, and Cedric was astride Zack, riding him. The scientist was tempted to interrupt, but decided against it. The news he had could wait, at least for a short while. Let him have his fun, he decided. We will deal with this later. He spent a few minutes watching, fascinated and shocked by the struggling of the victim and the way the master extended the process of humiliation until the boy was a shivering, senseless wreck. The scientist walked, unsteadily, away.


In his hand, he had the latest scientific information on the Xyxians. The planet was purged, they had all left forever. This world was safe. But their researchers had seen where they were heading.


The Xyxians were determined to feed, and they had set their eyes in a new world, where there was plenty of food, a world which, until recently they would not consider, but now they were getting desperate.


In the Arizona desert, and in the depths of Siberia, and the deepest jungles of the Amazon, they appeared, one by one. They were in no hurry. They chose out of the way places where they could hide, and breed, until they were ready.


The planet Earth would know their names soon enough...


THE END – or is it?