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Weaponised Master
Chapter 3
By Tyler Bernard

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Cedric awoke. He felt like he had been sleeping for days. His first reaction, as it always was when he woke from his fantasy world and realised he was back in his dismal friendless life, was ‘oh shit. It was a dream’.


But today, it wasn’t.

He didn’t recognise where he was. The bed was comfortable, cool, and large, the exact opposite of his normal, cramped single bed. And instead of the grey painted ceiling and single light bulb of his shabby flat, he now looked up to a shining metallic ceiling. He sat up and looked around. He was in a huge but featureless room made out of some sort of bluish metal. The lighting level in the room raised as he sat up, but there was no obvious source of light. His king sized bed was not the only furniture – a classical wooden bedside cupboard, like something from the palace of Versailles, sat beside the bed, holding a crystal decanter and a bowl of exotic fruit, and, across the room, a single, brilliant red robe hung from a clothes stand and, at the foot of the stand and looking somewhat out of place, a pair of brilliantly shiny new black lace up Doctor Marten’s style boots. A word appeared in his mind.



He knew that was ridiculous, but at the same time he knew it was true. Although there was no window to look out of, he instinctively knew somehow that he was in orbit, many miles above the surface of the Earth. The thought did not frighten him, it felt totally right, somehow.


He tried to piece together the last things he remembered before he had slept. He had got to the island, and he had set off with the group up the mountain road to the Red House. The house of the lights in the sky. He remembered he ran some of the way, as did the others, as if giddy with anticipation. The house was almost exactly as he remembered it from the dream, although it was derelict. A group of the studs forced the door open, but there was nothing inside, just rotting furniture and ruins. It was almost nightfall, and as the other boats brought the remaining men over to the island, an eerie atmosphere took over. Everyone stood around, waiting. No one talked, but many of the studs were groaning, rubbing at their swollen crotches, trying to alleviate that ever more persistent itch, which was now getting to the point of being unbearable. Some even stripped off their trousers to rub ointments or creams onto the irritated flesh, much to the pleasure of the group of ‘outsiders’ including Cedric, who were watching the show with incredulous eyes.


And then, soon after dark, the sky became alive with a display of the Northern Lights, that strange, magical light show caused by charged particles from the sun’s magnetic field striking the atmosphere. The display was so stunning, so intense that the outsiders even took their eyes off the bodies of the young men who were now, in many cases, writhing around on the floor, rubbing desperately at their crotches.


And then a particularly bright flash of light across the sky dazzled everyone. The whole valley filled with colour and light, and Cedric found himself drifting into unconsciousness. Just one thing he remembered before he faded away – all around him, the youths were stripping off their remaining clothing. No, they weren’t stripping, more like the clothing was dissolving, quite literally the clothes were melting off the youthful bodies... and not just the 21 year olds. Cedric and the outsiders too...


Cedric pulled aside the silk sheets. He realised then that he was totally naked. A few tiny tufts of material, all that remained of his clothes, littered his skin. They dissolved into nothingness as he touched them. He looked around; there were no clothes to be seen except the red robe. Tentatively, he put his bare foot down onto the metallic floor, expecting it to be cold, but surprisingly it didn’t seem to have any temperature at all, either that or the floor was exactly the same temperature as his body. What’s more, the apparently metal floor was soft beneath his feet, like walking on grass. He walked quickly over to the robe, aware of his nakedness, and put it on. The robe was long and quite thick, but surprisingly light and comfortable. He quickly tied it around his waist, and looked around the unfamiliar room.

A doorway. How come he hadn’t noticed that before? A wide opening in the wall, with a corridor partly visible beyond, all made out of the same metallic substance. Although the floor was comfortable beneath his bare feet, Cedric had no idea what was awaiting him down the corridor, so he slipped on the black DM’s and laced them up.


The corridor was as featureless as the bedroom, just a wide, softly lit metal corridor, slightly curving so that you cannot see more than twenty metres ahead. Cedric felt vaguely ridiculous in his red robe and DM’s, but he kept going, he felt no fear at all, just a broad, childish curiosity. And then he came to another room, and, walking inside, he practically felt his mind was about to explode.


Cedric’s recurring dream for the last 21 years had seen him, dressed like a priest, walking across a desert landscape formed entirely of live naked male bodies as far as the eye could see, all interlaced together, all with rock hard cocks pointing skyward.


Well, this wasn’t a desert landscape, it was another long low ceilinged metallic room. And there weren’t an infinite number of bodies as far as the eye could see. But apart from that, the vision greeting his eyes was like his dream coming true.


No, there was no infinite number of naked bodies, but there definitely was about 40 bodies, all lying on the floor on their backs, tucked up against each other, hands behind heads, all naked, all spectacular. And they all had raging hard-ons but, instead of erect cocks standing like the flowering plants of his dream, metallic threads emerged from the rooms ceiling and descended to wrap around the erect cocks of the men, lifting the organs vertically and twisting and entwining them like ivy around the trunks of trees. Another slender cord ran to a strange mask over each of the hunk’s eyes.


At first Cedric did not know if the captive hunks were alive, but he soon spotted the slow fall and rise of the men’s breathing, also there were occasional faint sighs and groans from the men. He also recognised some of the men – there was Braulio, and Cameron, and Ramon, the three hitch-hikers, now buck naked and twice as impressive as Cedric had ever expected them to be. He could see that flickering, multi-coloured light was seeping out from behind the eye masks, as if some sort of vivid video was being played back into the sleeping hunks eyes. And across the far side of the room, the boy who shone out amongst all the others in Cedric’s opinion, easily identifiable by his blonde mop of hair, the one who called himself Zack. Even from this distance, Cedric could almost feel the perfect curvature and texture of his strongly built pecs, the ripple of muscle across his stomach, the finely shaped and oversize penis.


For a few minutes Cedric stood, captivated, drinking in the sight before him. He wanted to get closer to his idol, but the whole floor of the room was covered in male flesh.


He remembered his dream, walking on and across those male bodies like a high priest or something, listening to them sign and groan under the pressure of his boot. But, I can’t possibly do that, can I?  I can’t actually walk across these bodies, he thought.


He tentatively touched the nearest figure with the toe of his boot. He expected alarms to go off, for the body to rise up and strike him. The body groaned, but did not move away. No alarms rang, no one came running. He placed the sole of his boot onto the boy’s stomach... Again, a sigh but no movement to get out of the way. He applied pressure, then the whole of his weight, lifting his other foot off the ground. He could not believe it, he was now standing on one of those 21 year old stud’s bodies, just like his dream, but more than that, it felt right, like the flesh beneath his feet was somehow destined to be below the sole of his boot...


He began to walk, slowly at first, then with more confidence, across the carpet of male bodies. He worried that the unevenness of the surface would cause him to fall, but this was not the case. He weaved in and out of the fine metal threads linking to the cocks, stepping from body to body. He began to enjoy himself. He made a diversion to the French boy, Ramon, and, remembering the boy’s sullen and grumpy manner, he took pleasure in standing with both feet on the boy’s stomach and chest, his weight creating a soft groan of pain, or was it pleasure? From the boy’s mouth. He then, on a whim, rubbed the sole of his boot across the boy’s gaping mouth. Maybe he would get to teach them a lesson after all?

And then, he got to Zack’s prone body. As he was walking across the other muscle hunks, he had thought he would save Zack the indignity of being stepped on, but when he got to the body, he could not resist placing one boot firmly on the boy’s amazing chest as he stepped over onto the floor beyond.

He turned back and looked at the way he had just come, and at the bodies he had just used a footpath. He saw the fading red boot marks on Zack’s skin, and was amazed at what he had just done – it had filled him with an amazing sense of power – for once in his life, those physically perfect specimens had been his to use as he saw fit. He kneeled down next to the body of Zack, and observed with fascination the slow rise and fall of the boy’s chest, wondering how big the boy’s lungs must be to lift all that muscle up and down. He saw the way other muscles across his torso flexed and adjusted, some only by microscopic amounts, so that his whole front appeared to be moving and straining in different directions. He had no idea that so many muscles even existed!

He placed a hand in the centre of the boy’s chest, first getting a rush of excitement from the flesh on flesh contact, next feeling the dull thumps of the boy’s heart, beating away slowly and strongly somewhere below.

He ran his hand up and down the torso, slowly, carefully, feeling the bumps and ridges, stroking the Goosebumps which coloured the skin in the slightly cool room temperature...


... finding and manipulating the small patches of downy fuzz which passed for chest hair on this young body, examining the skin in forensic detail, touching the boy’s lips and his nipples, running his hand through the golden blonde mop of hair...


... curling and twisting the copper coloured pubes around his fingers, wanting to touch the swollen, erect organ but cautious about getting too close to those silvery metal threats which enclosed it...


...eventually, he leant forward and laid his head on the boy’s chest, felt the slow breathing as it raised and lowered his head, hearing the slow reverberations through the ribcage of that young, strong heart. He felt totally at ease. For the first time in dozens of years, he was home again. He drifted into another, endless sleep.


When he awoke, he was back in the bed in the metal room. The robe was back on the clothes stand, the boots underneath, as before. Everything was exactly as before.


Except, a man stood in the room. A man who looked almost human, but was slightly taller, had slightly different bone structure, with a slight reddish tint to his eyes.

Without moving his lips, the man began to talk. Don’t be afraid, the man said. I need to explain why you are here. The voice was the same voice that he had been hearing in his head for days. He assumed that somehow the man was talking to him telepathically.


Cedric knew exactly what he was looking at. ‘So this is an alien’, he thought. I’m talking to someone from another world. Despite the fast beating of his heart, he kept control of his emotions.


‘I’m not afraid’, Cedric said, and he sat up,

The man began to talk inside Cedric’s head, a soothing, calming voice, and Cedric listened intently to what followed. The man outlined briefly the history of his world, and the threat facing his planet from the slug-like Xyxians. Cedric listened, fascinated, but the thought kept going round in his head

‘What has that got to do with me?’

As if he could read Cedric’s mind, the man got onto the main part of his speech.


‘We have been experimenting for thirty years on the people of your planet. We noticed the males of your species give off an energy, a sexual energy, which is highly painful to our sexless enemy. The females do not produce this force, although its source is unclear, we believe it is somehow stored or created in the male sexual organs.  That is why your solar system has not yet been colonised by our enemy – it is too painful for them to approach. We have been trying to refine that energy to make a weapon that we can use against the great enemy which is destroying our world.

We picked the prime candidates from all the peoples of your earth – the young, the strong. The energy peaks in the early twenties. At first we tried to be kind – we used to be kind people, but we’ve discovered the universe is not a place to be kind. Building the weapon itself was simple, but refining the energy to power it, that has proved hard. It is not just a simple case of extracting the energy from the bodies. It is only released in a sexual orgasm.


At first we put the subjects into deep sleeps before we began experimenting on them, making them come using artificial and chemical methods, but we got unsatisfactory results, and then once, by accident, one of the subjects awoke in the middle of the procedure. He was a fine 22 year old boy, and when he woke aboard our ship, in a laboratory, naked, tied to a table, with pipes attached to his most sensitive skin, he became frightened and fearful. We quickly sedated him again but not before the moment of ejaculation, and afterwards, when examining the results, we noticed that his energy level spiked to new heights – his emotional state intensified the quality that we got from the test.

We have carried out many tests since then, with conscious subjects, trying all the emotions from pain through to pleasure, and now we have found the ultimate combination for the best production of the energy.

Only the strongest, the most proud, the most arrogant males produce energy of the right quality, and the purest form of this energy exists in only one circumstance – the very moment when all their vanity and ego is crushed from their body, when they cease to be proud superior studs and become humble, meek slaves. Only when they ejaculate at the moment of maximum humiliation, emotionally and sexually, are we able to extract the pure energy that we need to fight our enemy.

And that is where you come in. We have monitored you and your fellow outcasts as you call them, and you have skills beyond what we can imagine. Your ability to create in your mind unlimited new degradations, new tortures and sexual humiliations is beyond anything our minds can comprehend.


You may wonder if we put that dream of walking over the bodies in your head. We did not. We merely gave you the image of the bodies, and you adapted it in your mind. We set up that room down the corridor especially for you, to confirm you would go beyond dreams, to confirm you would turn your thoughts into reality. You have passed that test...


 A weapon which cannot be fired is useless, and we cannot fire it without your help. You will have seen the physical perfection of these studs. This is not a coincidence. We created them. 50 of them, to be precise, using the DNA of some of the finest, most virile men on your planet, and mixed in a few additional elements of our own creation.


We created more than we would need because there was a possibility not all of them would make it to 21, and not all of them would be able to get to the island when they received the call, and that is how it has been. One of them is stuck in a Jail in Jakarta. Two are still on route, but will not get here in time. Two fell into the hands of slave traders in the Middle East, and have already been defiled in their new master’s bed. Their energy has dissipated, and they are of no further use to us. But we have received enough to complete our plan.


We have been controlling all of their thoughts since adolescence, programming them to make them all feel they are the greatest men on the planet, make them think heroic thoughts about themselves, building up their self belief and their egos so that the moment you break their wills shall be a greater fall for them, and will be all the more powerful.

We grew them in the lab, and then planted them on earth 21 years ago, and then we waited. Waited for them to reach the perfect age, and then we activated another program inside their heads. Ever since the night that they were sent on their quest, a subconscious program has been activated in their nervous systems, a program that made it so they have been unable to physically ejaculate their sexual energy.  We have released the five who did not make it from this program, but the others will stay locked until we are ready.


We need to keep them that way, primed, as the first assault has to be devastating. Those wires you saw coming from the ceiling of the room are cooling and massaging their sex organs, keeping their bodies from self-destructing from all the force building up inside them.


‘And the masks?’ asked Cedric.


The man smiled. ‘The masks are our greatest innovation. We thought for years how to keep a supply of new, unbroken bodies to fuel the weapon. It would have needed thousands of fresh bodies, because they would only be good for us at the moment they are broken in, and that would require more resources than we can spare.

‘What do you mean?’ Cedric asked

‘It is like training a wild horse on your planet’ the man explained ‘...there is one moment when the horse goes from wild to domesticated, after that it can never go back to being wild. It is the same with these studs, they can power the weapon at the moment they give up their free will to become a slave, but for ever after they cannot be reused, as once they give in to being a slave, they mentally cannot go back to being a free, arrogant, cocky stud, and so the source of energy is lost.


The masks, to put it simply, have erased the stud’s short term memory. Everything they experienced or believed before coming to the island will be remembered as normal. They will still retain their heroic dreams, their vanity, their huge egos, and then they will have all those things stripped from them to power the weapon.

But, without their short term memories, within a few days, they will forget everything that just happened to them. They will return in their mind to the last thing they remember, standing outside the red house, as if it was five minutes ago, unaware of their humiliation, back to thinking they are masters of the universe again, all ready to be broken down again, and again, and again. They will suffer their first assault over and over and over, and every time it will be as fresh, as painful as the first time, every time as degrading and humiliating, and as powerful an energy source. That way we only estimate we need these 45 studs, evenly spread out across the continents, to cover our entire world, and rid the enemy from our lands forever.

And that is where you come in. They are the ammunition. You are the one firing the weapon. You and your fellow outsiders will be the one to break these studs. You will use all your deviousness, and your perversions, crushing their spirits, letting them forget and be rebuilt, and crushing them again. Our enemy is powerful, but it is slow moving. By firing each of the 45 weapons individually maybe once every thirty days, our enemy will not be able to return. We can use our technology to suspend the development of the studs; they will remain at the approximate physical and mental age of 21 for many decades. We can augment you, too, if you wish, to increase your staying power, or your physical attributes, the choice is yours. Eventually the studs will be worn out but by then we will have had time to develop a weapon based on our own bodies.


Your duty, and that of your fellow outsiders, will be to travel our world, firing the weapons. You will move around our lands and be treated as a god by our people, as a high priest, as the saviour of our race. You will have every luxury that we can provide. And, when you are ready you will take each one of the studs, one at a time, to a special chamber connected to the weapon, where they will be bound. You are then free to do whatever you want to them, sexually, physically or mentally to bring them to a climax and ejaculation.


We cannot force you to do this. You need to be willingly taking on this role...


‘I’ll do it’ Cedric said

... you will need to be able to create new methods, new techniques...


‘I’ll do it!’

...It may be dangerous, you might have to...


‘I’LL DO IT! I’LL DO IT!!!’ He yelled, interrupting the voice. As if there was any chance he might say no.


The man smiled. ‘All the outsiders have answered the same. We will leave orbit shortly, and be at my planet within a few days. You should begin preparing your mind for the task ahead...’

Cedric thought for a moment. ‘Does it matter which stud is first?’

The man shook his head.


It was Cedric’s turn to smile. ‘I want the blond one, Zack. He will be the first’

‘Agreed’, said the man.



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