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The First Time Abroad
Chapter 4
By Tyler Bernard

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Caleb was running, as fast as he could.

He ran across the lawn to the shelter of some of the heavier undergrowth. Nobody had seen him slip out of the building. He had begun running with a towel around his waist but the towel had soon slipped off, and he had no intention to go back for it.

So now he was totally naked, and that was an issue, but right now he did not care. He wanted to be out of this psycho’s house, off this fucking island, and to get to somewhere safe as soon as possible – maybe the Australian embassy, maybe a police station on the mainland, he didn’t know and he didn’t care. He worried about the implications for his friends, but he had no choice.

He was a proud young guy, who only wanted to have a holiday and a bit of sex with the local girls, and in the last 24 hours he had been beaten with whips and straps, and – he could barely bring himself to think of it - forced to repeatedly suck the cock of another man, the perverted Pommie bastard who owned this house, who as a final insult had forced him to walk around with a rose clenched between his buttocks! He had thrown that rose in disgust on the floor as soon as he returned to his room.

Caleb had suffered these indignities because his friends were in danger, but who knows what other plans the pervert had in store! Well, no more. The man had said he was there of his free will, so now he was leaving of his free will, and to hell with anyone who tried to stop him.

He knew that the Master had told him to report to the garden room in ten minutes, that time was almost up, and they would start looking for him, so he had to be quick.

The guardhouse was just ahead. That fucking security guard, he might be quick with the leather strap but Caleb doubted he could catch him in a straight running race, even with Caleb’s limbs aching from the over-exercise and beatings.

He crept up through the undergrowth until the gates were in sight. He would have to hope that they would be opened soon, as they were about ten feet high, with spikes, and he doubted he could climb them in his present condition – those press-ups had temporarily taken all the strength from his arms, and they would certainly not be strong enough to lift his entire weight up and over those spikes.

He would have to hide here, and wait, and hope for the best. He had found a shovel, and held it, ready to use as a weapon.

‘What are you waiting for?’ said the voice, from only a few metres away.

Caleb spun round to face whoever it was who had discovered him. Anderson, the man in the linen suit, the man from the police station stood, impassively, on the lawn, looking directly at Caleb.

‘Get away from me’ Caleb threatened, brandishing the shovel like a weapon. Anderson looked at the boy, hiding naked in the undergrowth like some wild animal.

‘I wouldn’t stay there, if I was you. This island is famous for its venomous snakes. I know the ambassador keeps these gardens pretty orderly, but I wouldn’t want to be standing around with nothing but my skin to protect me’

Caleb looked nervously at his naked feet, then up at his new opponent.

‘I’m leaving here’ said Caleb. ‘...and no snakes or anything else will slow me down’

‘Suit yourself. Those gates will be opening in a minute, anyway. Do you know how I know? Because the chief of police himself, a man whose perversions and vices run just as deep and wide as the ambassadors,  will be arriving shortly for a meeting with Sir Harold. I don’t think you really understand what kind of man you are dealing with here’

‘He’s a fucking perverted lunatic’

‘Not true. Sir Harold is, in fact, is a very rich, very influential, very powerful fucking lunatic. And he has a very perverted idea about right and wrong. In his mind there is nothing wrong at all about using you, he sees it as some sort of divine mission to turn you, and all the loud, arrogant studs like you into his slave. You are not the first and I very much doubt you will be the last. But, at the same time, he has made a deal with you. You might think he is just giving lip service to the idea of rescuing your friends from Hun Kok, but in fact he will devote all his efforts to it, and once he has fulfilled his side of the bargain, not only them but you too will be released, free to go wherever you please’

‘I don’t believe you’ Caleb said.

‘Oh, well, I’m not trustworthy, I’ll be the first to admit it. That’s why I’ve been stuck in this hellhole so long. But he is, in his weird, perverted way. He will honour his side of the bargain. However, if you run away, he will view that as the ultimate betrayal, that he has honoured his side of the bargain, but you have not. And then you will be in deep shit – forget all that has gone before, he will really make you pay for that. If you don’t believe me, take a look in some of those rooms in the basement of this house sometime.’

‘Do you really think you can run? This is an island surrounded by shark-infested waters. You have no clothes and no supplies, and you are nearly physically exhausted. When did you last eat or drink anything? No-one will help you get across to the mainland, they fear too much the retribution they would have to pay. You’d be back here in chains within the hour’

Caleb felt like weeping. ‘I can’t stay here, man. I can’t...’

Anderson took a step towards the boy, who tried to brandish his shovel, but the effect was weak, feeble. Anderson took the shovel from him, and put a reassuring hand on the boy’s shoulder.

‘We’re not all like him, I assure you. He’s an old man, he’s well on his way to a major coronary, and then this place will be free of him for good. I’m sick of the shit he gets up to in this place, he acts like some sort of roman emperor, and everyone nods and agrees with him, even though most of them are disgusted too. I’ve lived with this too long, and I have my part in it. I’m gonna regret saying this but, I tell you what, I will help you escape’

Caleb looked through his watery eyes at the man, and a glimmer of hope appeared in his eyes. ‘Would you?’ he asked, hopefully.

‘Yes’ said Anderson, ‘But not right now. I can’t do it now, you will have to bear it for a few more days here. If you can manage that, there may be a way to get you out. Trust me’

And Caleb did trust him. He was horrified at the prospect of more time as the Master’s slave, and he knew deep down he had no choice, but he would cling on to that glimmer of hope throughout whatever he had to face.

The gates of the enclosure began to swing open, and Caleb could see the guard rushing out of the gatehouse, trying to straighten his uniform and look presentable. The man even gave a sort of salute as a military jeep entered, followed by an old black Mercedes, with the flag of the island flapping from its radiator.

Anderson turned to Caleb, an urgent tone in his voice.

‘You better make your decision now. The gates are open if you want to risk it, but my advice would be to get back inside, and quickly too, as you will be needed shortly. You can cut round to the back gate this way and no-one will see you. Go straight to somewhere you can wipe that mud off your feet, and then go directly to the kitchen to collect... well, you will find out’

‘And you will rescue me’

‘Yes. Soon. But you’d better hurry...’

Caleb looked at the gates, slowly closing. He could possibly still have made it... The gates closed shut. Caleb began to walk back towards the house.

‘Stop’ Said Anderson. ‘There’s something missing’

And he reached down into the flowerbed, where several red roses were blooming.

‘How did you know about that?’ asked Caleb, blushing.

‘It’s one of his trademarks’ said Anderson, as he found a suitable looking rose in the flowerbed. He felt the stem, it was smooth and thorn-less, a perfect, pain-free item for Caleb to hold between his cheeks.

Unseen by Caleb, he rejected the first rose, and selected another, a similar looking rose, but with many thorns and barbs on the stem. Using his pocket knife, he neatly sliced it and handed it to Caleb.

‘You better put it in now’ He said, ‘In case someone sees you’

Caleb put the rose in place, embarrassed, and cried out as the thorns pricked his sensitive skin. He clenched the horrible object as hard as he could bear, and began his hobbling, uneven walk towards the house.

Anderson watched the boy depart, and smiled. Another thick muscle boy, he thought. I’m gonna have fun with this one.

Caleb did exactly as instructed, quickly cleaning up his feet and legs in a small side room, before reporting to the kitchen. As he crossed the hall he heard the sound of footsteps, of people entering the building and being greeted by the butler. He heard him welcome the group, and lead them towards the rear of the house.

Some of the staff smirked as he entered the Kitchen, and some looked up and down his body, as if they were appraising some new piece of meat on a slab, only this was a piece of meat which was very much alive, panting from its recent exercise and with the rose sticking out behind it like some sort of vertical bright red tail.

Caleb blushed red under their lustful looks. The young fit Spanish looking boy was nowhere to be seen.

The head chef rushed up, as before, and presented Caleb with another silver tray, this time carrying bread, and fruit, and other items including meats, cheese and butter. Two separate bowls of butter. Also, looking out of place, a small flat cardboard box, with some sort of writing in a foreign language printed on it. The chef quickly briefed him on his instructions.

‘You are already late. You will go directly to the garden room, where you will enter silently and go directly to the table where the Master and his guest will be waiting. You will place the tray before them, and then do nothing at all, unless they issue instructions . You will not say a word or make a sound under any circumstances’

Caleb nodded, silently. The chef took a moment to admire the young body. He even briefly let a hand cup the boy’s buttock. And then, with a brief slap, he sent him on his way. Caleb left the kitchen, fearing what lay ahead.

He found the garden room without difficulty. It was the room with two armed militia men standing outside.  As he approached, the taller man unshouldered his sub machine gun, and looked Caleb up and down. He examined the tray carefully, and then looked in disgust at Caleb’s naked body, and the rose. After an un-necessarily long wait, he turned and opened the door to let Caleb enter the room.

As the door closed behind him, Caleb’s eyes adjusted to the dim semi-darkness. The shutters were half-closed and the room stank of cigarette smoke.

Two figures sat by one of the shuttered windows – the familiar shape of the Master, and another short and stumpy man, wearing the kind of peaked cap and military attire favoured by tin-pot dictators everywhere.

They were laughing and joking at some private conversation, and both were smoking large Havana cigars. Caleb approached the table, nervously.

‘so, as I explained to the owner’, the military-looking man continued in his high pitched, heavily accented English, ‘If he wants his cruise ship to moor up here, he will have to supply those goods we requested, or he might find his guests subject to more rigorous customs inspections than they are used to’

The man laughed, a bitter, dirty laugh, and Caleb saw the man’s rotten, yellow teeth as he carefully placed the tray on the table.

‘This is the new one, Captain’ the Master said. ‘Late as usual. I haven’t trained punctuality into him yet, but I will do’.

Caleb kept his eves pointed firmly at the ground as the two men discussed him like he wasn’t even there.

‘May I?’ Said the Captain.

‘Be my guest’ said the Master.

Caleb felt the Captain’s hands roughly grab his hips, and swing him around to face him. The hands then moved, roughly grabbing him in various different places – his stomach, his biceps, his crotch. It was as if the Captain was assessing a sack of coffee, not a human being.

The Captain did not rise from his chair during the inspection, pausing only to take another puff on his cigar.

‘Lots of muscle strength. Nicely Balanced, Good skin and Hair. Nice Pecs and Abs. Good size cock. This one will have lots of stamina. I see you’ve been liberal with the strap, my friend’ said the Captain

‘Of course’

The Captain turned Caleb around again, roughly, so the boy’s arse was facing towards him. He brushed the petals of the rose with his finger.

‘You are an inventive man, sir.’ He complimented the ambassador. ‘Slave, what is your name?’

Caleb stuttered. ‘C... Caleb, sir...’

‘Good, good’ said the Captain. ‘Caleb, I want you to pose for me. Show off those muscles. There’s nothing to worry about. Just pose, like those muscle men do on the TV. Mr Universe. Do some of that’. The Captain kept one hand on Caleb’s thigh.

Caleb began, nervously at first, to duplicate some of those faintly-remembered poses. The Master and the captain looked on, silently, as he nervously went through a routine which he had only in the past practised in front of a mirror. His muscles were an impressive sight, even in the dimness of that room. He was allowed to continue for about five minutes, and did not stop when the Captain’s hand rose from his thigh and moved behind him.

The captain took hold of the bottom of the rose stem where there was no thorns and, with a sudden sharp movement, pulled it from between the boy’s cheeks. Caleb yelped as the thorns scratched his skin. The Captain rested the rose on the table before him. He opened the cardboard box, and Caleb shuddered as he saw the contents – many fresh new surgical latex gloves.

The Captain’s hands removed one transparent latex glove, and pulled it on over the hand which until recently had been on Caleb’s thigh.

He turned to the ambassador. ‘With your permission?’ He asked.

‘Of course’

The Captain stuck a latex covered index finger into the second butter bowl, smearing its full length in the semi-melted substance.

‘Caleb’ said the captain, ‘I want you to bend over, and stick out your backside, as if you were sticking it out the window. No, put your hands behind your head, bend your knees, that’s right.’

Caleb did as instructed. He knew what was coming, but he had to comply. What else could he do with two armed men outside the door?

‘Now boy, I want you to start gyrating that ass, move it about as if you were some dumb pole-dancing stripper. That’s right, swing it from side to side, slower, slower, that’s good. Bend your knees more. More...’ The captain slapped the boy’s cheek. ‘More... that’s good. Now, keep doing that until I tell you to stop.’

Caleb had a particularly pert, strong ass, he had worked it hard when he was back in Australia, convinced that the girls loved that sort of thing, and now his muscular pride and joy was gyrating sexily for the benefit of two old men. He felt the shame all over again, and then he felt the approach of the finger – first the cold sensation as the Captain prised his butt cheeks apart, and then the slimy touch of the butter around the rim of his anus, and he closed his eyes, knowing what would come next.

He had been examined once by the team doctor back home, and had found the experience unsettling and unpleasant, but it was nothing compared to the sensation he felt now, as the latex covered finger inserted itself deep inside him. He winced, but managed to keep going, gyrating and twisting indecently.

And, like before, the two men began another civilised, disconnected conversation, as if he was nothing.

‘This one is very tight, Sir Harold. It has never been taken, I understand?’

‘That’s correct captain. I am planning to have that attended to later today, if my schedule permits’

‘And you have lined up a virginity taking ceremony for the boy?’

Caleb shuddered. He had totally forgotten the Master’s pledge yesterday to provide him with a prostitute to take his virginity. So many horrors had been perpetrated against him already, however the thought of losing his virginity against his will, and in such foul circumstances felt just so mean and un-necessary, he began to well up with tears. The twisting, turning finger in his guts did not help, either.

‘That is correct’, said the Master. ‘I am not interested in that sort of thing, but a few of my friends have requested to attend. It will be a perfunctory ceremony at best, I have instructed the prostitute in no uncertain terms that she is to carry out the sexual act with no added frills. This will be purely an educational process for the slave.’

‘I wish to attend also’, said the Captain.

The ambassador’s response was polite, but cold. It was clear from his tone that he disapproved strongly.

‘Very well, captain, as you see fit. The ceremony as you call it, will take place in about two hours time, in the stables. In the mean time, how would you like to amuse yourself? Perhaps a few hours in the basement rooms?’

The Captain pulled his finger sharply from Caleb’s rear. Caleb gave a sigh of relief.

‘Where is that nice boy – the Spanish boy? Can you have him prepared and put him to a room for me? And maybe some of those nice electric toys of yours?’

‘Certainly, Captain’.

The Master rang a little bell and Henderson immediately entered the room. The Master addressed him directly.

‘Henderson, please take the Captain to the guest suite, and have the Spanish slave suitably dressed and tied for the Captain’s pleasure. Please also prepare a wand and a charger, and a few other electrical devices. And then, take this one to the grey room and have him bound in a receiving position. Captain, I hope you have a pleasant stay, if you need anything at all while you are here, please let me know’

The captain smiled, stood, and gave a formal bow to the ambassador. Caleb sneaked a look at the Master, and noticed an expression of pure disgust cross the Masters face as soon as the military man wasn’t looking. He managed to look away before his Master spotted him.

The Master walked over to the window and opened the blinds fully. Light streaked in. He stood and contemplated the landscape.

‘Slave’, he said, ‘I have decided that now is the time for me to mount you for the first time. You will be taken to the Grey room and bound in position, and there you will wait until I am ready. This will undoubtedly be the greatest moment of your life, your opportunity to experience the true power of your Master and all I have to offer you, so I want to make clear to you that you will refrain from ejaculating, you will study and learn from the experience and so when I take you in future you will be able to better and better serve me. Then you will be fed and allowed a half hour of rest, before being taken down to the Stables for your rutting with the prostitute. I hope you have begun to understand your new place in the world, slave.’

Caleb shook his head in disbelief – the Master had his back to him so he would never see it. He had never experienced true insanity before, and it scared him – this was a man who had no remorse or concern for his welfare, and in whose deluded mind the concept of raping Caleb was seen as the greatest experience in Caleb’s young life, whereas Caleb knew, without doubt, that it would be the worst. This was where Caleb would find out his true strength. He had to cling on, to hope against hope that Anderson would come to his rescue.

‘Do you understand, slave?’ The Master repeated

‘Yes, Master’ Caleb replied.

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