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Rivals Reunited
Chapter 8 - Rivals Reunited 8
By Tyler Bernard

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Bernard enjoyed leaving long pauses in his speeches. It let the slaves fill in the blanks by themselves. He knew that the perversions that their own minds could dream up would be infinitely worse than anything Bernard could tell them. He almost wished he had a way to access their deepest fears so that he could turn them into new pleasures for their upcoming games sessions. Oh well, can’t have everything, he thought. He decided to continue with the briefing.

‘The box in front of you is a transformer’ Bernard began, and he flicked a switch on the box. Immediately, a red light came on and it began to hum, ominously. The boys flinched, expecting an immediate assault, but nothing happened.

‘The transformer is on a timer. Every fifteen minutes exactly, for the next nine or ten hours, it will issue a ten to fifteen second electric shock to each of you, to either your cock or one of your nipples, or all three. You will never know which is coming next, it is totally random. The shocks will at first be mild, but will gradually increase in intensity and frequency throughout the night.’

Bernard pointed to a pair of small electronic displays on the box, which both slaves could see. Each display was set at fifteen minutes, and each one had a number printed on it. Bernard pressed a switch, and the two displays started counting down.

14.59, 14.58, 14.57, 14.56...

Bernard continued. ‘You can watch your fellow fuck pig taking his punishment, and he can watch you. Within a few hours, the pain level will be intense, and soon after it will become unbearable. As I will be leaving you on this machine until I wake in the morning, you are in for a very sleepless night.’

He paused again for effect, letting his words sink in. Then he twisted the knife.

‘However, there is a way for you to decrease the pain. In front of you, you may have noticed two black boxes. Inside those boxes are kill switches, which will not stop the electric shocks, but will reduce them by fifty percent, and reset the fifteen minute timer. The push switches are at the back of the boxes, so something long and hard will need to be poked through the hole in the side of the boxes to press against the switch, and held in position there. As long as the buttons are pushed in, the timers will be reset, as soon as the pressure is released on the switches the times will start counting down again.’

Bernard pointed directly at each boy’s cock. He continued with his explanation. ‘I think you can imagine from where the box is positioned what will need to go through the hole to press on the switch. The switches are quite a long way inside the box, so give up any ideas of sticking your limp cocks into the boxes – only a fully erect and hard cock shaft will be sufficient to reach all the way inside to the switch.  I’m really curious as to how long you can remain hard enough to keep that switch pressed in – can you manage it for the whole night?’

Bernard looked at the desperate faces of the two bound hunks. He could almost see their minds working, processing the horrors of their situation and working out the options – they were thinking that, even at their young, sexually active peaks, would they have the ability to push their erect cocks into the boxes to hit the kill switches, and hold them erect for as long as was necessary to keep the electricity from pulsing through their bodies? He decided to give them the final pieces of information they would need.

‘Oh, by the way’ Bernard added, an evil smile on his face, ‘the kill switch in front of you does not cut off your own torture. I have reversed the wiring, it cuts off the power to your sexy little fuck buddy. So if you cannot keep it up, your pal will suffer, and vice versa. If you can both stay hard all night long you will both suffer little more than a mild tickling current, but if you can’t manage it... I leave that to your imagination. And to spice things up, I have left a few little surprises for you inside the boxes, to keep your cocks company. I won’t tell you what though, that will spoil the surprise... So, shall we begin? How about a little demo of what all these wires do, just so you know what to expect?’

Bernard threw a switch, and the box went live. He adjusted one of the dials, and looked first at Tyler, then at Kraig. He smiled. Tyler and Kraig suddenly simultaneously felt an intense, unbearable shock of electricity blasting through their cocks, though the body and out through where their bare backs pressed against the metal bed frames. The little shock collars they had been wearing were nothing compared to the sensation they received now. Tyler and Kraig’s backs arched unbearably, their teeth bit into the rags in their mouths, arms and legs feeling like they would pull themselves from their sockets. They could not breathe or move. The shock seemed to go on forever, even though it was possibly only about ten seconds.

And then, as quickly as it began, it ended. Despite all he had been through in the last 48 hours, Tyler had never felt such insane levels of pain and agony in his life. He slumped in the frame, and had to gasp for a minute or more to take in air. Kraig had received an electric shock before, by accident, but even that did not prepare him for the full feeling of voltage passing through his most sensitive skin.

‘That is the kind of shock you can expect in about five hours time, and it will get worse from then on, unless you can hit the kill switch’ Bernard explained, as he reset the controls back to their starting levels. ‘The timers are now running. Let me take those gags off you’

Bernard removed the gags, and immediately the slaves began begging for mercy, desperately pleading and whining to their master to release them, and not to harm them any more. Bernard smiled again; he was enjoying the sense of power that their pleas gave him.

‘You will not be released, slaves. But I will offer you some help to get you started. If you beg me to, I will help you to get hard, by rubbing those cocks of yours. But I will expect you to be very grateful’

Neither of the bound hunks said anything. The thought of begging their abuser to touch them was too much to take. Bernard decided to wait for a bit, and see if they changed their mind. He whiled away the time by just gazing at the two six foot tall studs, strapped into their restraints, and congratulating himself on getting his hands on two such models of perfection. He admired the rounded bulk of their chests, the bumps and lines of the captive muscle across their stomachs, the tension in the arms and legs creating great elegant fluctuations in those thick and athletic limbs, and the beautiful fear and tension in their young faces.

He watched a single bead of sweat making its way from the end of Tyler’s chin, down onto the curved plain of his chest, making a track past the prominent nipples, tracking down slowly towards the crotch, where it disappeared into the forest of the boy’s pubes. All the time the two displays remorselessly counted down. Bernard watched the panic growing in the two boys faces as the clocks moved closer to zero.

Thirty seconds to go,

‘Please, no...’ Tyler begged. ‘Don’t hurt me any more...’


Tyler and Kraig began struggling violently, alternating between begging for mercy and cursing Bernard with all their might. But Bernard just sat, impassive, smiling, and waited.


Five, four, three, two, one...

The shock was nothing compared to that which had just recently blasted across their bodies, but the tension and fear caused by the ticking clock caused a reaction in the boy’s bodies far in excess of the electricity’s power. The young athletes jumped and screamed as the shock hit, as their bodies, still smarting from before, expected a repeat of what they had just suffered. After ten seconds it was over, and both boys slumped back against their torture frames.

Remorselessly, the two timers automatically reset back to fifteen minutes, and began counting down again.

14.59, 14.58, 14.57...

Doyle’s hand was gripped tightly to his own cock. He had seen some weird and unusual stuff in his life, but nothing like this. He was hooked. He had initially dismissed the old man but now he had new found respect for him – the guy was a twisted genius. Doyle did not consider himself to be gay, but he could not help but find the display before him to be one of the most erotic things he had ever experienced. He had no doubt that the two hunks were not there willingly, but he had no compassion for the two helpless studs, instead it gave Doyle the opportunity he had been looking for. Maybe a little blackmail was called for, he thought, but that was for later. Right now Doyle didn’t care about anything else. He just wanted the show to continue.

As of yet, neither boy had been able to generate a hard-on. Perhaps they were not trying; perhaps they thought it was not going to happen. Bernard sat and watched for the next half an hour, as two more shocks traced through each boy’s body, each slightly more powerful. As the timer reset again, Bernard repeated his offer from before.

‘If either of you want me to stimulate you, you had better say so now. This is the last change you get’

Tyler stared directly at Kraig, his eyes pleading.

‘Please Kraig, please. I can’t take it much more.’ he said.

Kraig stared back at his former enemy, and a strange sensation of revulsion rose in his throat. He had fondled and licked the boy’s cock, and had watched the blond boy being fucked by Bernard, and had seen how the boy’s cock spurted in the abuser’s hands. Now the boy was begging him to save him again. While Kraig had watched the earlier rutting between Bernard and Tyler, and had been unable to intervene, and been subject to all those humiliating taunts from the old man, he had felt anger boiling up inside him, but the anger was not, as he might have expected, directed at the captor. No, for some reason, he began to be angry at Tyler.

Who was this fucking stud, who could taunt him with his body like this, he thought. How dare he show off his body in front of Kraig in this way? How dare he use his beautiful physique to cause all these conflicting emotions within Kraig? If he had not been so beautiful, Kraig would not have ended up in this situation. He deserved to be punished for his beauty. He deserved to be fucked and tortured twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for the rest of his life.

All Kraig’s former feelings of sympathy for the boy had evaporated, and the boy’s whining and pleading now seemed pathetic and weak. Kraig wanted to see the boy’s torment continue, but at the same time he didn’t relish the thought of what lay ahead for him. He decided to mask his emotions for now; there would be plenty of time to take revenge on the boy later. He swallowed his pride, and spoke to Bernard.

‘Please... Please, master...’ Kraig muttered, ‘please help me to get hard’ he said.

Bernard smiled an evil smile. He turned and faced Tyler. ‘Looks like your buddy is coming to your rescue again. He never seems to tire of rescuing your cute ass from it’s fate. Let’s give him a little reward. Spit into the palm of my hand’ he ordered, holding up his right hand to Tyler’s face.

Tyler’s throat was dry, but he managed to do as ordered. Bernard took the glob of spit and rubbed it into Kraig’s cock, as he began stimulating the boy.

Tyler could not look directly at the act. He heard Kraig’s moans of discomfort as the abuser firmly fondled his cock, and a new resolve filled him. He had to help this stud, who had been so kind to him over the last few horrible days. He did not know why the boy had been so kind, and he did not understand why he had experienced such feelings of lust when the boy had been stroking him, but he knew he could not abandon his new friend now. There was no option.

‘Please master, do the same to me’ Tyler begged, quietly.

Doyle jerked himself off furiously as he watched the old man, a cock in each hand, carefully and methodically masturbating the two captured studs. From where he was sitting, he could see everything in detail – the way the cocks swelled to fill the two metal restraint rings, the look of misery and resignation on the boy’s faces, the two timers unstoppably ticking down.

There was less than five minutes until the next shock was due, and Doyle began to wonder if either boy would reach a full erection in time to stick themselves through the glory holes on the sides of the boxes and hit that invisible switch. But he could see that the dark haired one, the one the Blonde had referred to as Kraig, was pretty much there, and Doyle marvelled at the power and size of the boy’s erect organ.

Kraig was now fully hard, but he feared what came next. He saw Bernard’s lust filled face, and he looked down at the box. The exact words from Bernard’s notebook filled his head. He knew that Bernard had planned to fill the boxes with some of the many pests and vermin he had been tasked with eradicating from the gym’s ancient structure, as an additional torment for his captured slaves. Kraig had seen a two inch long cockroach in the gym’s shower once, and it had revolted him, and he knew, without doubt that his sensitive flesh was going to encounter one of that insect’s cousins inside that box, or may be something far worse. It made his skin crawl.

The timer was down to less than two minutes. He took a brief look at Tyler’s pathetic, pleading face, and once again he became convinced that the boy was taunting him, that the boy secretly loved the abuser’s hand on his genitals. He saw the boy was far from erect, and he knew he was not going to be saved from the next shock. Nevertheless, he awkwardly positioned his cock head before the glory hole in the box, and pushed. The clear plastic gave way, and he slid, cautiously inside.

Doyle noticed the change in the image on the monitor from the corner of his eye, and he stared at the unfolding scene in a mixture of admiration and disgust. In the lurid black and white of the infra-red picture, he saw a live shot of the boy’s erect cock sliding into view. He realised then that the devious madman had rigged up some kind of camera inside those black boxes, and what he was seeing now was what was going on out of sight inside there, as the boy pushed his cock towards that cut off switch. He saw the dozens of cockroaches inside the box, all different types from the rounded beetle type to the long thin bugs with the horrible antennae that he sometimes saw in his own bathroom. The thought of going anywhere near these foul insects repelled him, and yet here the boy was shoving his erect dick right into a nest of them, totally unaware. He gripped his own cock all the harder at the scene. He watched as a particularly ugly beetle dropped from the roof of the box, directly onto the boy’s exposed skin.

Kraig jumped in his bindings as the insect’s nimble legs ran across his sensitive flesh. He wanted to scream, to run, but there was nowhere to go. His flesh felt dirty, slimy from the insect’s contact, but he kept pushing in further, feeling for the contact of that mythical cut-off switch. There was less than thirty seconds left. He pushed deeper. More feelers and spidery legs touched him, scratching, invading, running all over his sensitive skin. He felt like there must be a dozen or more insects on him right now, and his whole body began to twitch and itch, as if he was infected. But then, with one final push, he reached his objective – a large, cold, flat plastic button. It was only just within his reach, and he realised that only a fully hard, firm cock could ever reach this far inside that box. He pushed against the button, and one of the timers reset to fifteen minutes. The other kept unstoppably descending the last few seconds to zero. Kraig looked up at Tyler, and Tyler’s eyes seemed to say ‘I’m sorry’.

A powerful shock arced through Kraig’s body. The electricity passed through his cock, causing crazy reactions from the wildlife in Kraig’s personal insectarium. The three observers looked on, one in horror, two in lust and greed. Tyler was ashamed that he could not help his ally, but try as he might, he could not become stimulated by the man’s foul touch. He remembered what Tyler had said, just a little while ago. Try visualising something you find sexy, a previous girlfriend or conquest. Tyler was determined to try, so he clamped his eyes shut and pictured that girl again, that one from the pool. But almost immediately, the image in his mid changed. It changed to the body of the guy hanging only a few feet away. Tyler opened his eyes, and stared at the real thing. Almost immediately, he felt his cock begin to move of its own accord.

Bernard felt it too, and smiled. He had stimulated both boys now. His process of turning them into slaves was proceeding. Tomorrow was going to be a great day...

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