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Rivals Reunited
Chapter 6 - Rivals Reunited 6
By Tyler Bernard

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After Bernard left the room, Kraig sat still, motionless, for a good half an hour, before getting up to explore his new jail cell. Not that there was much to see, the room was large, maybe half the size of a tennis court,  but mostly empty. The two bed frames were the only real bits of furniture. The toilet and shower were in a little set back area in one corner, with a tiled floor, a small sink and a wooden bathroom cabinet, but no screen or door for privacy. The floor felt dusty and dirty beneath his feet, and smelt damp. A line of hazard tape crossed the floor near the metal prison-like exit door, Kraig assumed this was the limit of the shock collars. After the pain of the level 2 shock he had no interest in finding out what a level 5 felt like, so he stepped back from the line. His body felt sore and used. This was not how he had imagined things.

When he had been waiting for Bernard to carry out his plan, Kraig had visualised Tyler and Himself, locked into some sort of shiny, chrome, leather and metal bondage equipment, rubbing against each other in sexual frenzy whilst the captor brushed them with stylised whips, like some sort of role play. He hadn’t expected the whips and other tortures to hurt so much, or the shock and embarrassment he had felt when that hand had been caressing him. He needed to tell the man that he was the guy on the phone, the one who paid for all this, and he had now had his fun, thank you very much, and he needed to be let free now. He still believed that if he walked up to Bernard an explained all this that the man would say OK, no problem, let me just untie you.

He was also concerned about the end game for Tyler – the book never had any kind of ending to it. The whole stylised crime scene thing that Kraig had come up with, it was just a bit of fun, he had never in the past worried about working out how things would end, if he had got into trouble he would have his fun, and then just turn up, hand sin pockets, with that, big, goofy, aw shucks expression, smiling and looking at the floor as if to say ’I’ve been naughty, please forgive me’. And of course, being a beautiful, sexy stud, everyone would.  

He almost imagined that when he and Tyler were released, he could pull that move, and Tyler would smile back, and all would be as before. But he knew this time that was not going to happen. Would the man just let Tyler go at some point, maybe threaten him not to say anything? Kraig realised that if Tyler saw him talking to their captor and then being released, he would realise that Kraig’s role in this whole thing was more than just another victim.

He would have to play it smart, he thought. He would have to find a way to speak to Bernard alone, outside Tyler’s earshot, then he could slip away and no-one would be the wiser. If he couldn’t pull off the ‘I’m sorry’ routine, then he was rich enough that he could go to another country, anonymously, and start a new life there, and no one would ever know.

‘Why did you do it’ It was Tyler’s voice, weak, from across the room. Kraig’s heart jumped. He almost thought the boy was reading his thoughts.

‘Do- Do what?’ He stuttered.

‘You told him to let me go, in exchange for you, why did you do that?’

Kraig thought back. He had come out of his drug addled coma just as Bernard began his campaign of terror on Tyler’s cock and balls. He has watched, silently. There was undoubtedly something erotic about the beating, and he had felt aroused at first. But then, as it got more severe, Kraig had begun to get angrier and angrier. Who was this worm of a man, who could treat Kraig’s idol so roughly. How dare he get his hands on that fine cock. That’s my property . HOW DARE HE!!! That was when Kraig had spoken up. His brain was still a bit addled from the chemical, and that was when he had recycled that line from all those hostage movies he had seen on TV, the one about letting him go and taking me instead.

‘ I don’t know’ Kraig answered, truthfully for once.

‘ He would have gone on beating me. I saw it in his eyes, He was out of control’

‘I know he would. He’s insane. We have to get out of here’

‘I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think I can walk. That bastard, my balls are on fire, they really really hurt, and I can’t even rub them to ease the pain’

‘Maybe there’s something in the bathroom cupboard, some sort of anaesthetic cream or something, I’ll go and look’ Kraig hobbled over to the cupboard, and opened it with his teeth, as his hands were still tied behind him. It was mostly empty, but there was a stick of shaving balm. That would have to do. He  knocked it into the sink, picked it up with some difficulty and then hobbled back over to Tyler’s bed.

‘Try that’ he dropped it by Tyler’s side. He couldn’t help, as normal, admiring that beautiful body, although the red whip marks looked harsh and painful.

Tyler struggled to pick the item up. ‘why are you helping me?’

‘What do you mean?’ Kraig asked.  ‘We’re in the shit, together. We have to work together if we are to get through this. All that bullshit between us, you know, before. We gotta put that aside..’

Tyler was still fighting with the shaving stick. ‘I mean, why did you offer to give yourself up, instead of me?’

Kraig thought for a moment. Tyler’s voice was sweet, innocent. He felt a surge of shame within him. He felt the need to tell Tyler everything, about how he had felt betrayed when Tyler rejected his advances all those weeks ago, about how he had set this up, everything. He also was feeling really sorry for himself. He cleared his throat to begin.

‘The reason is, I’m, well, I’m responsible...’

‘No,’ interrupted Tyler ‘You’re not responsible’

‘You don’t understand. I am responsible... I...’

But Tyler would not let him finish. ‘No, you’re not. You’re not responsible, Kraig. He made you do it...’


‘Yes he did. He made you... do what you did to me last night. He made you ... come. I know. It’s not your fault. He tried to do the same to me today, but I managed to fight him off. He almost succeeded. It’s not something you should be ashamed of. That would be letting him win. He wants you  to think it’s your fault, it gives him power. He’s just a fucked up pervert, he gets his kicks by busting up people’s minds. You’re right. We must stick together. I realised something after he finished on me today, that there is no limit he won’t go to. We can’t fight him, not physically. We have to tough it out, we have to...’ he swallowed’... we have to let him do what he wants, all we have to do is concentrate on surviving, until he makes a mistake, which he will. And then we will fuck him up. DAMN IT!’

Tyler had dropped the shaving stick onto the floor. Kraig bent down and, awkwardly, tried to pick it up with his bound wrists, but it was so small and he was so awkwardly bound, he found it impossible. He leant over and picked it up in his mouth

Tyler was tearful. ‘ I can’t do it, oh, my balls hurt so much. I can’t reach them in these fucking ropes. Look, I would never ask this, ever, but... can you help me out?’

Kraig, with the shaving stick pointing out of his mouth, looked down at the boy’s crotch, and the swollen, painful balls. He felt so conflicted, he wanted to help this boy’s suffering, but at the same time, the sight of that crotch...

‘Ok’ he said. He leant forwards, and placed the end of the shaving stick, ever so carefully, against the boy’s swollen balls. Tyler sighed at the cooling touch of the stick.

‘Thank you, thank you’ he signed. ‘I’m sorry I was always so mean to you. You’re so kind. I’m sorry you have to do this’

‘Don’t be sorry’ said Kraig, as he carefully rubbed the stick over the sore affected skin. He was only inches away from the boy’s magnificent cock, and his own cock, hidden from view because his waist was pressed against the bed frame, was hard as a rock. He gave the balls a good going over. The boy in front of him was sighing and begging him to continue. He knew the sounds and words were due to the pain relief and not sexually related, but Kraig enjoyed them anyway

‘Oh please, don’t stop’ sighed the Blonde muscle stud. Kraig had no intention to...

An hour later and Tyler was still lying on his bunk. Twice in the last hour, without warning, electric shocks had passes through their bodies as, somewhere in the building, Bernard had reached into his pocket and pushed the buzzer. Kraig had eaten some of the foul smelling food, not wanting to but being so starving hungry he had got over the embarrassment of having to kneel on the floor like a dog to do so. Now he was trying to negotiate opening one of the water bottles. He kept dropping it, and cursing. The fact that the room was cold and he had begun to shiver did not help.

‘Let me help’ said Tyler. He struggled from the bed, and worked his way slowly over to stand next to Kraig. With their arms tied behind their back, the only way to attempt it was for them to stand, butt to butt, clutching the bottle between them. There was a lot of negotiating and cursing, but soon they managed to work it between them. The problem remained now of how to drink from the bottle. Eventually, they found a way for one of them to kneel on the floor and for the other to tip the bottle slowly, so they could drink from it. More of the water poured over their faces than went in their mouths, but they both eventually got a drink, despite the weirdness of kneeling right next to each other’s naked butt to take a drink.

Tyler was holding the bottle for Kraig to drink, and he plucked up his courage. He had something to ask Kraig, and he didn’t know what the response would be.

‘I’m afraid’ he started. ‘He will be back soon, and he will want to – interfere with me. But I don’t know if I could take it if he tortures me again like today. I need to... I need to be able to do what he says. I need to get a hard-on, if that’s what he wants, but  I find him so disgusting, I don’t think I can...’

Kraig listened, sympathetically.

‘If you have to do it, just try imagining something else. Something sexy from your past. Just try and block him out and visualise some girl, or whatever. You have to try...’Tyler, swallowed, embarrassed. Don’t want to ask this, man, believe me I don’t. You  can say no if you want, I understand...’

Kraig listened, intently. ‘Ask it, there’s no reason to worry, just ask...’

Tyler swallowed back the shame. ‘Could you... touch me... down there, help me get hard. I’m sorry, I don’t want to ask you, but I’m so afraid...’

Kraig could not believe what he was hearing. He stayed silent for a moment. ‘Sure’ he said. ‘How do you want to do it?’

‘We could lie on the bed, side by side. I lie behind you. You could... hold me from there...’

Kraig felt his own crotch stirring. ‘Let’s do it’ he said. They went over to Tyler’s bed, and Tyler lay down on his side. Kraig lay down awkwardly in front of him. He reached back, and found his new friend’s stomach. With a bit of shuffling, he reached down and found the flaccid cock of his former rival.

Tyler tensed as the fingers touched him. He was ashamed and embarrassed, and his balls still ached from this morning, but he had to try. Tyler began fondling and kneading the cock. At first, there was nothing. Tyler began to coach the boy.

‘Relax. You have to relax. Try to clear your mind. Think about something that’s always made you hard in the past...’

Tyler tried his best. He visualised many of his female conquests, but none of them seemed to be doing the trick. After fifteen minutes, he wailed ‘It’s not working’

Kraig stopped his manipulation.

‘We have to try something else’ he said. And he turned round, to face Tyler.

‘Trust me on this’ Kraig said, ‘and close your eyes’

Tyler, puzzled, did what Kraig said. Kraig looked over at the muscle boy, eyes closed,  waiting expectantly on the bed. He leaned forwards, and pressed his lips against Tyler’s lips. Tyler’s eyes flicked open, and he recoiled.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked

Kraig smiled, kindly. ‘I’m trying to help you... let me try, OK. Forget it’s me. Just visualise the sexiest girl in the Gym, OK? That one who is always in the pool. Imagine it’s her, not me, OK’

Tyler was not sure, but, this guy had helped him so far, hadn’t he? He nodded, and closed his eyes. He visualised, as requested, that sexy 21 year old brunette, the one all the men in the gym gossiped about, the one they all thought was a lesbian, because she constantly refused their approaches? And he visualised her lips coming into contact with his, as Kraig leant in again and kissed him. He felt her body rubbing against him as Kraig’s pecs rubbed against his own. They began kissing, nervously at first, but then with greater and greater passion, mouths finally opening, and tongues becoming interconnected. And then Kraig began to move down the hunk’s  neck, kissing, licking, exploring the  chest and the pits, licking his tongue over every inch of swollen muscle and firm young skin.

Tyler felt a stirring in his crotch as Kraig approached it. But the image in his head was changing. The image of the girl faded, and the image of Kraig’s smile took its place. He could not believe it at first, but he realised he was getting turned on by another man. He began running over the times he had compared his own development to that of Kraig in the gym, doing it, he thought, just to compare the way the workouts were working, but now those images became sensualised, he realised he was falling for the young stud, and he felt a mixture of embarrassment and arousal. His cock was now getting hard. He opened his eyes, and looked down his body, to where Kraig was licking out his navel, and he realised he wanted this, for the first time ever, he wanted another man.

‘Don’t stop’ he said.  Kraig looked up, and their eyes met. Kraig was also loving this experience, he was finally getting what he had wanted all this time, he was getting to physically experience this body that he had admired for so long, and he lifted his lips from the skin enough to smile at Tyler, before continuing down to his objective.

The cock was firm and ripe, ready. He kissed the head, and heard the groan of appreciation from Tyler. He began licking the shaft urgently, his own cock rigid and firm.

He raised his head up, ready to consume. He opened his mouth wide, and looked at Tyler.

Tyler said ‘do it’

He moved forward.

ZZZAAAP! A powerful electric shock blasted from their neck collars. Bernard had turned the device up to level three. He had been watching, unobserved, through the spy hole in the door for several minutes, but now he made his presence known by sauntering into the room, already naked, already erect.

The two boys curled up on the bed in pain. He walked over to the remote for the pulleys, and turned on the one connected to Kraig’s neck chain.

Kraig found himself being pulled away from his lover, the two of them did not want to be parted, but they had no physical choice. They stared lustfully into each other’s eyes as Kraig was dragged away from the bed to a standing position. Tyler’s cable bindings also went taut, but his pulled him back onto the bed.

Bernard smiled ‘I thought as much. You two have been fucking. I did not give permission for that. I bet you two have been little fuck pigs all along, haven’t you? Rutting whenever you could. Well, if you had done as I ordered, I would have allowed you to occasionally rut, for my entertainment. But for now, I think you...’ and he pointed at Kraig ‘...can watch as I take your boyfriend. But thanks for warming him up for me’ he added, sarcastically

‘No...’ pleaded Kraig, but it was already too late. Bernard had clamped his own hand around Tyler’s firm cock, and begun to squeeze, mercilessly. Tyler squealed. Bernard began to pump the shaft in his palm, putting on much more pressure than he needed. Tyler and Kraig locked pleading, lustful eyes, as Tyler tired to block out his abuser’s vicious manipulation. Bernard paused, long enough to turn Tyler over onto his front, and pushed his knees in so that the boy’s firm butt rose into the air. He continued to kneed and manipulate the boy’s cock. Kraig watched, helpless, as his object of lust was abused before his eyes. For him, this was the worst torture yet, getting so close to sucking that magnificent organ, with its owner’s consent, only to have it dragged away at the last moment by this filthy scum. His own cock still bounced, erect, as he fought as hard as possible against the bindings. Bernard inserted a finger into the fine ass, and enjoyed watching his victim squirm. He also enjoyed the furious, violent struggling of the other boy, who he knew he was torturing by putting on this display on his lover, just out of reach. He turned and faced Kraig.

‘You’ve never had this butt, have you? It’s too firm to have had your cock in it.  Has loverboy been toying with you, has he? Well, let me show you what you should have done. You should have tied him to the bed like this, and then...’ he spat on his hand a couple of times and rubbed it onto his cock, and then he spat on the boy’s arse, ‘... and then you should have shown him who’s in charge, like this...’ He manoeuvred his cock into position, and began jabbing at the hole. Bernard did not have a big cock, but even so it took some probing and pushing before he got anything inside. Tyler was screaming, and Kraig was cursing and yelling at their captor, but to no effect, as Bernard invaded the hole, a bit at a time, pushing harder and harder. He turned and stared directly at Kraig again.

‘How does it feel, slave, to have your fuck buddy taken in front of your eyes, with nothing you can do about it ? How does it feel to know that I have fucked this virgin ass, when you never could, and now never will?’

Tyler was gasping now, as Bernard simultaneously entered him, and manipulated his cock. His mind was spinning – the sexual thoughts that were ignited by his moments with Kraig were now being perverted by the impulses coming from his own cock under the hand of his abuser. He was in pain and he knew he was going to come.

Bernard’s famous patience was gone that day. He had no intention to drag this out – this was pure, animal lust, and he rammed away as hard and as quickly as he could, his hand pumping away viciously on the boy’s cock.

From across the room, Kraig struggled against his bonds, but it was useless. He wanted to turn away, but he couldn’t help but watch. He heard the rising tone in Tyler’s grunts and moans, and he saw Bernard’s face go redder and redder, and a massive vein pop up across his forehead, as if his skin was about to explode off his body.

Bernard’s body was ordering him to stop, but he could not. He was going to come, no matter what. He stared down at his prize, his eyes almost popping out of his head. He gave a final, strangled groan, and he came, violently. It was so powerful an orgasm that he almost expected to see his own cum spraying from round the sides of the boy’s anus, like shaken-up fizzy drink when the cap is unscrewed, but all his juice was sprayed deep inside his victim.

Tyler felt the ejaculation inside him, and he climaxed too, a shameful, humiliating reaction to his violation, squirting his hot cum in three long bursts onto the stained mattress below him.

Bernard slumped over the boy’s back, the tied hands pressing into his chest. He was beyond exhausted, he had just had the most alive experience of his life, and now he felt close to death. He could feel his heart crashing around inside his chest, and he needed a 30 seconds to let it settle before he dare move. He had some medication upstairs, that the doctor had given him six months ago when he had that ‘scare’– maybe he should go and take some... He pulled out of Tyler, staggered off the bed and exited the room, without saying another word.

Tyler slipped down to a flat, lying position on the bed, groaning in pain. He felt the dampness on the mattress caused by his own cum pressing against his stomach. Once again, he asked himself – why me?

Kraig, meanwhile, stood in the position where the pulleys held him, silent. He was now truly being punished for his crimes.

And somewhere nearby, the fourth player in this little drama sat in his car and listened intently to the little speaker on the wireless receiver. He had picked up, completely by chance, the signal from the baby monitor which Bernard had forgotten to turn off while he was screwing Tyler. He had immediately pulled over to the roadside and had been listening intently for ten minutes, a hand rubbing his own engorged cock through the material of his jeans.

No names had been mentioned, nothing to identify where exactly the signal was coming from, but generally it would be within 100 or so metres of his current location. Now there was just panting, and maybe something that sounded like crying?

Sometimes the receiver picked up signals where it was impossible, due to the poor quality of the transmitting equipment, to work out what was being said or done, but not on this occasion. No, he knew what he had just heard – violent sexual activity between two, maybe three men. And he wanted to know more...

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