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Chapter 4
By Tyler Bernard

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This had to be a dream, Caden thought, as the sexy stud took him out of the shopping centre towards their fate.

Still, if it was a dream, he didn’t want to wake up. He had followed the sexy guy, who had said his name was Claudio, across the park and into the research centre, where they had gone straight to a small side room.

There was something odd about the way that Claudio moved, something mechanical, as if he had suffered some huge accident in the past and had now recovered. Caden wanted to ask about that, but everything was going so fast, he had to practically run to keep up with the guy’s pace.

In the small side room, this was the moment where Caden felt the most fear, as he assumed that if something bad was to happen, it would happen here. But instead, Claudio had stopped and turned to face him.

‘Take me’ Claudio had begged, in that strange, emotionless voice. ‘Tear my clothes off and use me any way you want to’

And without warning, Claudio had moved forward, his hands resting on Caden’s hips, and gave Caden a long, slow, sensual kiss on the lips. At first Caden did not know what to do – his hands were by his side, shocked at the intimacy of the situation, but cautiously he raised them, to touch the stud’s chest, and as soon as he felt that firm flesh through the thin material of the T-shirt, instinct took over.

He began to fondle and feel the guy’s powerful torso through the cotton, sliding from the stomach to the abs, marvelling at how tight and responsive the flesh was, how the muscles strained and tensed. He felt the boy from waist to neck, exploring those huge shoulders and underarm muscles. Meanwhile, his mouth had slipped open and his tongue had moved out, to taste Claudio’s lips, to move inside his waiting mouth. The sensation of his tongue meeting the tongue of the mysterious stud was spectacular, and all fear, all inhibition was swept away.

He remembered the stud telling him to tear off his clothes, so he moved both hands together on the neckline of the shirt, and tore with all his force. The cotton material ripped easily, and Caden placed both his hands onto the boy’s strong and powerful chest, feeling the electricity of flesh-to-flesh contact, stroking the clean, hairless skin, examining the hard nipples.

The kiss broke, and Caden looked into the eyes of his lover, before taking a long, leisurely examination of the rest of the body. Claudio was definitely a beautiful specimen, and Caden luxuriated in the ability to stare at such a perfect torso and stomach without fear of being caught.

He ran his hands over the landscape of muscles, enjoying the valleys between the six-pack muscles, the smooth broad curve of the pecs.

‘Tell me what you want me to do, master’ Claudio said. ‘Order me. I am your servant’

This is so bizarre, Caden thought. He can’t be serious. Why would such a perfect specimen of manhood want to be my servant?

Nervously, he issued his first instruction.

‘Remove the remains of your shirt’ he suggested. There was a pause. Then, Claudio did so, with almost ridiculous speed.

‘You have a beautiful body’ Caden said. He watched as the boy stood there, silent for a moment. It was as if he was waiting for instructions. After five seconds, he replied.

‘This body is not mine, master, it is yours. My flesh is your property. You may do whatever you wish with it’ Claudio said.

Caden needed no second invite. He moved in and started to kiss and lick that magnificent torso. Claudio stayed still, his arms by his side, as Caden stuck his tongue into every available crevice. He could do this all day, he thought, as he worked down across the velvety skin of the guy’s stomach, spiralling lower and lower, until he felt the surprise of the first pubic hair, sticking out just above the boy’s sports shorts.

He paused there. Could he really do this? He looked up at the hunk’s face, but it was expressionless, staring down at him. Caden took hold of the plasticky material of the shorts, and gently pulled downwards. More and more of the boy’s crotch appeared before him, an inviting feast of flesh, muscle and short curly hairs. The waistband of a red jockstrap came into view as the shorts dropped away, another titillating invite to the pleasures held within. Caden smelt the boy’s scent, and saw how the jockstrap was stretched almost to breaking point by the powerful organ inside.

He let the shorts fall to the floor, and gently allowed his fingers to rub that enticing bulge in the jockstrap’s red material. The cock was so erect and hard that the waistband of the jockstrap had been pulled down, revealing a tantalising glimpse of the first few inches of cock shaft, and Caden gently touched it, feeling a quiver go through the boy’s body and hearing a gentle moan escape his lips. His eyes ran down the whole length of the cock, still mostly encased in red cotton but hardly hidden, its size and length stretching out the Jockstrap from top to bottom, the pulsing cock head forcing the material into a vivid red bulge that projected far beyond the boy’s crotch.

My god, he thought, this thing must be enormous! He let his fingers slide inside one of the leg holes, and felt flesh on flesh contact with the giant organ in full, running his hand up and down the thick shaft. Unable to wait any longer, he pulled down the jockstrap, and the monster was free, springing up from its constrained position to a full, erect salute. Caden almost jumped back as the beast bounced up near his face. He had never seen anything like it.

Caden could not hold back. He put his tongue to the magnificent shaft, and licked it from end to end. His ever-exploring fingers found the ball sack, and began to play with it, squeezing and stroking, as Caden’s mouth opened to take its first meal of cock. He had to open his jaw very wide to consume that bulbous head, but he managed it, and he enjoyed the groans and twitches coming from Claudio’s body as he sucked in as much as he could take of the powerful cock.

He was determined to take as much in as possible, but even when his mouth felt totally full, and he was almost choking, the rod still extended out in front of him. This thing was enormous! Caden pumped his head on and off the organ, savouring its taste.

In the control room, the doctor leant back in his chair and sighed, as the sexual sensations flooded into his headset. He had used Claudio as a sex toy before, but this was something else. The guy sucking Claudio off was not following a program, but was willingly putting his entire heart and soul into the job of sucking the boy’s cock, and the doctor, connected via the neural link, could feel every tongue touch, every drop of saliva, every gentle scrape against the lips or teeth. This was ecstasy. He made sure the cum-inhibitor was on, and lay back to enjoy the ride.

And Claudio, trapped within his immobile body, was having a similar sensation. He had already suffered at the doctor’s hands, and under the control of that scum Browning, but this was different – the young guy was not some abuser, using and taking him roughly, but was treating him as a lover, as a partner, and was going out of his way to create the best sexual experience that Claudio felt he had ever experienced. He had previously had no interest in men, although he had heard a rumour that men gave better head than girls. He didn’t know if that was true, but on this occasion it certainly was.

Since his imprisonment by the Doctor’s evil technology, all Claudio had wanted was to break free and run. The abuse he had suffered, both at the hands of the Doctor, and at the hands of that stinking pervert Browning, not to mention the abuse he had suffered at his own hands whilst they were under the computer’s merciless control, had nearly broken him, both physically and mentally. But for the first time in several weeks, he felt that he was sexually aroused because he wanted to be.

His cock was on remote control and was hard as a rock because his controller wanted it that way, and up until now Claudio had fought, uselessly, against this unwanted erection, but today that was not the case. Claudio wanted this boy’s lips around his cock, he wanted to reach down and take the boy’s head in his hands, to force him deeper onto his crotch. As usual his body would not comply, and he was forced to stand like some shop floor mannequin, unable to act on the erotic surges pulsing through his body.

Caden pumped on the organ until his neck was sore and his head throbbed from all the backwards and forwards motion. He had felt the boy go close to ejaculation several times, and had braced himself for the sensation of warm fluids being pumped into his throat, but it never happened. He hoped he was doing this right and was not failing his new sexy friend, but he just assumed that the stud was a more experienced lover, and was controlling the ejaculation to maximise the pleasure.

‘Take me. Take my arse, master’ Claudio had said, and Caden had reluctantly pulled off the giant organ. Although he could have stayed with that thing all night, he was like a child in a candy store, he wanted to experience everything, and that fine, strong arse seemed so inviting. Sometime during the ten of fifteen minutes he had been working the cock he had slipped out of his own clothes, and now his own cock was erect and ready. Claudio went to the table, and bent over, legs apart, waiting.

This was a big moment for Caden, he had always dreamed of something like this, and he spent a moment, just a brief moment, burning the image before him into his memory – the image of the proud, naked stud, his body muscular and sweaty, his legs spread wide, looking back over his shoulder towards Caden and beckoning him forward.

Caden moved up behind the boy. There was lubricant and condoms on the table, and he frantically smeared up his cock, ready for action, before carefully positioning it before the inviting opening. He took a deep breath, and pushed, hard.

Claudio yelped in surprise and pleasure as Caden mounted him in one swift, long push. In an office not far away, the doctor did the same. And for Caden it was as if all those years of waiting, all that lust and restraint that he had shown over his life was all rushing out of him in one go. It was the most intense experience, of any kind, he had ever felt. He was the master of the universe.

He began to pound that tight arse again and again, feeling the power and strength of the boy beneath him and his own power, hearing the table creak beneath them. He did not care if the table collapsed, or if people came running from the adjacent rooms to see what all the noise was about, he was not stopping for anything.

He pounded, pounded, pounded, fucking the squealing stud beneath him, trying to force his cock all the way through him, to nail him to the table with his powerful thrusts. He wanted to fuck him deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

He groaned and yelled, as did the hunk beneath him. He felt the pressure building up within him, boiling to a climax. His muscles and sinews strained beyond breaking point as he pounded away to that spectacular, epic climax he knew was coming. He pushed with all his remaining power and strength, forcing his way thorough, until the moment could not be contained any longer.

With a yell of pain and pleasure, he sprayed his load deep inside the quivering body beneath him. Once, twice, a third spray, all bursting out uncontrollably, and without pulling out he fell forward, onto the boy’s sweating back, thoroughly spent.

The doctor gasped at the overwhelming sensation. He had often wondered what it would be like to be fucked that way, but had never fancied the prospect of asking someone to do it to him. Now, thanks to his helpless flesh puppet, he could experience the feelings remotely, with all the pleasure dialled up and all the pain subdued. That was exactly what he had built Claudio for, and exactly how he was rebuilding the young post room boy Daven.

However his plans for Caden were subtle and different.

The fact of the matter was that, although there were pleasures to be had from having a helpless slave boy like Claudio, who would carry out whatever instructions you wanted him to do whether he liked it or not, he knew that Claudio would always fight against his programming, and as such would never be able to achieve the full range of sexual sensations that a free and willing stud like Caden could produce.

His plan for Caden was simple – he would be the first willing volunteer.

He turned the cum-inhibitor off, and spoke into the microphone, instructing Claudio on what to say next.

‘Tell him to finish you off’ He said. But on this occasion, Claudio did not need to be told what to say.

‘Please wank me off, master. Please let me cum for you’ Claudio said to Caden.

Caden, still impaling Claudio’s butt whilst lying slumped on Claudio’s broad back, reached underneath to the stud’s throbbing, hard organ, and began pumping hard. There was no finesse, no subtlety, he instinctively knew that this wasn’t a time for foreplay but a time for a hardcore jerking. Despite his tired muscles he brought the stud to a quick, violent climax. He felt the body heave and shake beneath him, heard the groans intensify to a high pitched wail, felt the sudden dampness on his fingers and heard the splatter of cum hitting the floor below. He brought his dampened hand up to his own face, and looked at Claudio’s pearly white cum as it dripped from his fingers. Caden brought the fingers to his mouth and, slowly sucking one at a time, savoured the taste of the pure unadulterated man juice.

None of the three participants in the game felt like doing anything for ten minutes, although at some point Caden pulled himself reluctantly out of Claudio’s hole, but it was the doctor who was the first to snap back into the real world. Although bringing Caden here had been an intense, fun experience, there was another purpose to this mission, and he had to follow it through.

‘Would you like to have a body like mine?’ Claudio asked. Caden, who was still lying on Claudio’s back, grinning like a spoilt cat, responded sleepily.

‘You have a sensational body’ he murmured

‘But would you like to have a physique like mine yourself?’ Claudio asked.

Caden didn’t want his perfect moment spoilt, and he did not want to be reminded of the imperfections of his own body. Sure, he had some muscle, but not enough, and there was a notable spare tyre forming around his waist.

Reluctantly, he stood up, and engaged in conversation. ‘Sure I would, I would fucking kill to be as toned and fit as you, I’ve tried going to the gym and doing weights and stuff, but I guess I don’t have the willpower, or the genes, or whatever, to push that far. I’m kind of stuck with who I am’

In the control room, the doctor instructed Claudio to turn round and sit on the table edge. The doctor leaned into the microphone. This was the killer question. ‘Tell him this: Suppose I tell you that you could have a body like mine in just two weeks’ He said. Claudio repeated the doctor’s message, word for word.

Caden let out a short laugh. ‘Sure, I’d love that to be true. But I live in the real world. There is no miracle cure’

‘There is a photograph on the cabinet over there. Take a look at it and tell me what you see’ Claudio said.

Curious, Caden walked over to the cabinet. The photo was of Claudio, but not as he appeared now, in fact it was a picture taken by the Doctor on the first occasion when he had knocked Claudio out and stripped him for the initial examination. This was the old, out of shape Claudio. Caden examined it.

‘Wow. You’ve really changed a lot.’ Caden said. ‘You must have worked out really hard. I wish I could do that. How long ago was this picture taken? A year? Two?’

‘Four weeks ago’ Claudio said.

‘Bullshit. Impossible’ Caden replied. What was this game that his new fuck buddy was playing with him? Nobody could go from this flabby, ordinary body to the primed, muscular specimen sitting before him in that period of time. It must be a trick, why, even his cock is bigger now!

‘Not bullshit. Look at that newspaper in the background of the picture, remember that news story only a few weeks ago?. I can offer you a body like mine in two to three weeks, as part of the program we run here. If you come next door with me, all will be explained’ Claudio said, and stood up.

Caden peered closely into the picture, looking at the newspaper. It was definitely from a few weeks ago judging by the story. Maybe this picture had been photoshopped in some way, but if so, why? Why would someone go to so much trouble, just for his benefit? It didn’t make any sense.

Caden swallowed, nervously. ‘I don’t know, man. I don’t know what this game is, but I don’t think I like it...’

Claudio continued, in his robotic, emotionless voice. ‘Just come and look. It will only take a short time. If you want to walk away, afterwards, then you can, no problem. But I think you’ll like what you see.’

Claudio held open the corridor door for Caden. They were both still totally naked, and Caden was unsure of what was happening. But he took another brief glance up and down Claudio’s shining, perfect skin, and at that thick powerful cock, now flaccid but still dripping and still impressively long, and he realised he had no choice. He had always fantasised about having a body like that, and if there was even the slightest, thinnest chance that what the stud said was true and not just some mixed up fantasy, he had to grab at it...

They passed through into the examining room.

In the next room, Caden stood, and stared down at the sight before him. Daven, the post boy, was lying on an examining table, totally naked and unconscious, connected up to various medical devices.

‘Wait here’ Claudio said, and turned to leave.

‘What happened to him?’ Caden asked. There was no reply. Caden turned to look at Claudio, but he was walking out of the room through a side door, which he closed behind him.

As soon as Claudio was out of sight, the doctor hit the ‘freeze’ control. All Claudio’s muscles and limbs were immobilised, leaving him standing there like some Greek sculpture. The doctor removed the headset, and headed into the examining room. He couldn’t resist running his palm over Claudio’s sweaty six-pack as he passed.

Caden was feeling uneasy. The strange medical room, the naked unconscious body, the way Claudio had just walked off as if his job was done... Caden wanted to leave, immediately. He wanted to get his clothes and run... He turned to the exit, ready to go...

‘He had an accident’ the voice said. Caden swung around, and there stood the doctor, in his white lab coat, emerging from the side door through which Claudio had just recently exited. Caden immediately felt self conscious, standing there naked, but the doctor seemed so calm, so polite and professional, that Caden was soon put at his ease.

‘I’m Doctor Mason, and I run the research on this project. Pleased to meet you.’

He reached out a hand, and, cautiously, Caden shook it. The hand felt sweaty and hot – of course Caden did not know that it was Claudio’s sweat he was feeling, which the doctor had just wiped off the immobile boy’s stomach.

‘Poor Daven here is a bicycle courier, and he had an accident, got knocked down by a truck’. The doctor was a practiced liar, but he had worked on the story for a few days, just to make sure it sounded convincing. He continued.

‘I have a pioneering programme here, working on muscle regeneration after accidents. We can rapidly build muscle strength, it is a pioneering process, and we’ve had a few great successes. Daven here is being rebuilt from the ground up. His broken bones have been fixed at the hospital, but he came here because we have a highly experimental and secret cure for the harm done to his muscles and sinews. A few specific surgeons are aware of it, and they send their patients here under strict terms of secrecy. He chose to take the cure whilst sedated, because of the pain he had recently experienced. Claudio was one of our first subjects’

Caden thought back, to watching Claudio’s strange, rolling walk as he escorted him out of the shopping centre. ‘What happened to Claudio?’

‘He had a degenerative disease’ The doctor lied, ‘but I was able to catch it in time. In fact, Claudio led us onto the next phase of this process, because I only intended to rebuild the damage, but inadvertently I gave him a higher dose, and, well, you can see the results. I unexpectedly created for him a much stronger, fitter, more beautiful body. That’s where you come in. All my subjects have been recovering from major illness or injury, which tends to interfere with any research data I obtain. I need a healthy, fit subject in order to get the data that I need’

‘Wait a minute’ Caden interrupted. ‘If a process like this existed, I would have heard about it. The whole world would have heard about it.’

‘There are a few issues.’ The doctor explained, in his best fake honesty voice. ‘I have to carry out the research in secret, as I don’t own all the patents on the drugs used. Also, some people might see it as a bit, well, unethical. I need to test it further, before I let the world know what I am doing. Otherwise some large pharmaceutical company will snatch it away from me, and rather than being a cure for all the peoples of earth, they will get rich selling it as a luxury product for rich people only. I couldn’t let that happen’

The doctor managed to avoid smiling as he came to the end of this latest list of lies. As a scientist, he was used to pure, scientific truth, but he was actually quite good at lying, and he saw in Caden’s eyes that his lies were getting through.

In fact, when the time was right, he fully intended to sell the process to the highest bidder, plus with the added advantage of the muscle control technologies, which he didn’t feel Caden needed to know about yet.

He envisaged a future where super-rich people lived their lives to excess, bloating themselves on champagne and fine food, and then came to one of his clinics where their bodies would be returned to the physical condition of a 19 year old athlete.

He also imagined the future for the rest of the population - those huge millionaires houses would need to be staffed by perfect bodied youths, their muscles linked to giant computers which robotically forced them into unending domestic and sexual slavery, and the biggest house of all would be his own, as he fully expected this process to make him one of the richest people on the planet.

But that was for the future, once he’d perfected the process.

The doctor continued his speech. ‘The fact of the matter is that I need to take this research further. Claudio volunteered to go out and find another subject for the research, someone who would benefit from having stronger muscles and a more, well, sexual body, to be honest I think he loves his new body and wanted any opportunity to use it. I asked him to see if he could find someone who would benefit from the process. I didn’t realise how, well, randy, he was’

The doctor faked an act of embarrassment, as if he was shy on the subject of sex. If only Caden knew the truth. The doctor wondered how he would have reacted if he realised that the doctor had been an active participant in the recent sex games, that when he was sucking Claudio’s cock, he was also remotely sucking off the doctor... He felt excited by the thought that the naked guy in front of him had just had sex with him, and yet had absolutely no idea that it had happened...

He continued his speech. ‘I apologise if he brought you here under false pretences’.

Caden’s mind was swimming. Today had already been one mixed up, weird and fantastic day, and it was still getting weirder.

‘Is it dangerous?’ He asked. The doctor smiled – Caden was beginning to accept this as a real possibility.

‘No’ He stated. ‘We’ve carried out extensive tests, and have perfected the process.’

‘And what would you want from me?’ Caden asked

‘Only that you agree to see the program through to the end, that you will sign a contract to say you will keep the process secret, and not discuss it with anyone, until the time is right. I may need to ask you to make statements in future when the time is right, but that’s it. Free of charge.’

The doctor looked at the young man. He decided to close the deal.

‘And this is what I give you’ he said. ‘I can build your physique up to whatever level you like, give you a body like an Olympic swimmer, or a triathlete, or even a full-on bodybuilder, you choose. I can easily get rid of that fat that’s developing round your stomach, strengthen up your heart and circulatory system, leave you feeling ten years younger. And it will take anything from ten days to three weeks, depending on the level of development. There will be some discomfort during the process, I can’t deny that, and it’s not permanent, either. Once you have the new body, you will need to enter into a suitable workout regime to keep it in shape. I can advise on this. Oh, yes, there is one permanent change I can make if you like, I can work on your penis, increase the length or girth, or make it possible for you to get an immediate erection whenever you want. All that is possible, if you’re interested’

Caden’s mouth was gaping wide. This couldn’t be true, could it? Although the scientist seemed trustworthy and honest, He feared that there would be dangers that the doctor was not telling him about. What if something went wrong?

And then he thought about his sad life, hanging around shopping centres, taking menial, worthless jobs, leading a loveless and sexless existence. Wasn’t the chance of escaping from that worth the risk?

‘I can give you a few minutes to think about it, if you like’ the doctor said. But Caden was almost ready to decide.

‘It’s totally safe?’ He asked?


‘No side effects?’

‘Well, only that you will cease to live the life you’ve lived before and begin to live the kind of life of the physical elite. Apart from that, some mild headaches and a few weeks of discomfort...’

‘I’ll do it’ he said. He could hardly believe the words were coming from his mouth, as he was not usually the impulsive type. A little voice in his head urged caution, but he pushed it to the back of his mind.

‘Excellent’ said Doctor Mason. ‘We will begin immediately’.

To Be Continued...