The Telemachus Story Archive

Second Story
By Tripledistilled

Richard and Pete shared an office. Richard was single, decidedly so, he liked his smart suits, good shirts and silk ties. Pete was married with three kids, a great looking wife and a hell of a mortgage. Pete had worn the same suit for a year, cheap shirts and always one of 4 ties. As the months went by Richard became obsessed with Pete’s suit and cheap shirts. The more worn they became the more Richard became obsessed with them.

Pete suit was a navy pin stripe, his shirts a variation on Primark blue, the ties a non descript stripe, and his shoes well worn and occasionally shined brogues.

Pete cycled to work and kept his gear in a locker in the staff area. His suit hugged his well developed thighs and was tight across all the right areas. Around the waist the suit had gone slightly shinny where the belt had rubbed. The belt was well worn were it had been fastened hundreds of times.

Richard had to have THAT suit. One Friday he determined to act. Dropping Pete’s keys into his briefcase Richard went to the locksmith and had a second locker key cut. Pete left on cue at 4.30; Richard waited an hour, the building deserted as the weekend approached he wandered down to the staff area, apparently in no particular hurry but with heart thundering in his ears.

In the deserted locker room Richard found Pete’s locker. Fumbling with the key he praised the lock away and pulled the steel grey door open. Pete’s suit was handing alongside 4 shirts. The shirt he had worn today was pushed atop the only shelf in the locker. Richard pulled the shirt out and to his surprise Pete’s boxer shorts and socks were bundled up inside together with Pete’s ID lanyard.

Quickly stripping out of his clothes Richard began to don Pete’s gear. His boxers were slightly stained at the crotch; far from being distressed Richard pushed the stains gently against his crotch. Utilising Pete spray deodorant Richard pulled on Pete’s shirt and the tie he has worn that day. His cheap socks were still damp; those went on together with the suit trousers, fastened at Pete’s favourite belt notch.  Before donning the suit jacket Richard slipped into Pete’s brogues, pulled his lanyard and ID over his head. He had the suit that had obsessed him for so long, for all it’s cheap well worn state, Richard felt great. The shoes were a little big but apart from that it fitted like a glove.

For a couple of minutes Richard just admired himself. Forgetting completely his own expensive grey suit, silk tie, crisp white shirt, designer cufflinks and beautifully polished shoes. As he finally thought about returning the stolen suit the locker room door bust open to reveal Pete.

Both men stood speechless. Pete recovered first,

‘Hell mate if I’d known you liked my cheap crap I’d have given it to you! I forgot some work for this week end and came back but I never thought to find this. Why the hell would you want to wear my stuff when you’ve got such great taste?

Fuck I’m really sorry Pete, replied Richard, but the more I saw your suit the more I wanted it. I can’t explain it. What are you going to do about this?

Pete paused for a moment and then said, well if you don’t like expensive gear, I’d love it, let me try your suit.

Pulling off his tea shirt he attacked the pile of Richard’s designer gear, not even pausing at the CK socks and Armani trunks. Finally standing there in Richards gear Pete looked great. ‘Wow mate this stuff is a month’s worth of salary’, he grinned.

‘Look mate’, said Richard,’ why don’t we go for a pint as we are, the least I can do is buying you a drink for the embarrassment?’

‘Hey you forgotten whose got your wallet, I’ll by the drinks,’ said Pete, ‘and so you can really appreciate my life....’Pete pulled off his wedding ring and handed other this and his watch to Richard, who exchanged this for his Hugo boss £1000 bracelet.

Pete had a great time in the pub, splashing Richard’s cash and playing single, so much so he arranged another ‘life swap’ with Pete for the following Friday.