The Telemachus Story Archive

My First Story
By Tripledistilled

I’m a good neighbour.  When the guy next door asked me to keep an eye on his place I jumped at the chance.  I’m not usually that socialable but when the guy’s divorced, late thirties and a police officer you’ve got to take your social responsibilities seriously.


‘Sure thing mate, going away for long?’

He stood in my door way, 5’10, my height and build, with his uniform tie clipped to his shirt’s radio loop, covered with a civie jacket, brown corduroy, a bit frayed at the cuffs. P.C. Charlie Mitchell.

‘Just a week, late internet deal with my sister and her family.  Listen I could be a real pain could I?  Thing is I need a lift to the airport tomorrow night straight after my shift finishes.


‘No problem’ I said catching his blue eyes.  ‘Say 11.00 pm?’‘Great mate, we’ll take my car, it’s going to be a bit of a rush a 10 minute turn around if I get a drop off straight from work’ He replied, the calculation of times and routes running briefly across his brows,  ‘yeah that will be fine, I’ll give you a knock’

‘OK see you then ‘I cheerfully replied, ‘Glad to be a help, hope you’ll return the favour sometime’

Next day I got back from work, changed out of my suit and tie and caught up on pizza and TV.  At about 10 and it was time for a shower and I dressed in a T-shirt, tracksuit and some trainers.  As the 10.30 news finished I heard a knock at the door.


It was him in his full uniform.  ‘Hi there, look this is really good of you.  I’m just gonna get changed into some comfortable travel clothes and we can go.  5 mins and we can head off.  Do you want to come to mine and I’ll show you the alarm and how the locks work?’

He looked hot, this helmet covering his slightly thinning hair and framing his eyes.  I shut my door and followed him over to his place, as he opened the door he started to shed his gear, helmet, vest and duty belt.  He walked straight into the bedroom pushing the door half closed and still talking, ‘everything’s packed, I’ll just be a minute, this is really good of you.’  As I stood in the hall I could just see him reflected in the wardrobe mirror quickly striping the rest if his uniform off, shirt,  boots, pants, underwear and socks, dropping the discarded stuff as he pulled on a T shirt, jeans and training shoes. ‘OK ready mate’ he said a big grin on his face with suitcase in one hand and a set of keys in the other.  I backed off towards the door where he showed me the alarm and how to double lock the door.


We got in his car, the suitcase on the back seat and took the airport road in 10 minutes.  As I dropped him at arrivals he said, ‘this has saved my bacon mate, listen, can I get you some, what do you drink, whiskey?  You look a whiskey man.’

‘Yeah that’s me, over ice and nothing else, but you don’t have to bother, just enjoy yourself and I’ll do the neighbourhood watch’ I replied clutching his keys. ‘Ok I’ wont hang about, I’ll end up paying for parking if I don’t get out of the short stay car park soon.’  I shook his hand and Charlie walked off with a wave and a smile.


Driving back I could still smell his aftershave in the car, it sort of hung in the air, part of the background to his life like the CD playing on the car stereo.  I started to get aroused, in his car, his music playing in the background and his cheap aftershave in the air.  As I pulled into the drive way of his place an idea of how to keep this feeling going had entered my head.


I opened Charlie’s door, disabled the alarm and walked into his bedroom, my eyes drawn to his dis-guarded uniform.  Pulling off my T – shirt I picked up his deodorant from the bedside table and rolled it on.  A touch of his after shave from the bottle on the set of draws and then I really got to work.


His shirt was slightly discoloured at the collar but I pulled it on, the slight dampness at the arm pits set a shiver through me.  Taking off the last of my gear I picked up his underwear, smelling the crotch and noticing a slight yellow stain against the white fabric I stepped into them.  His socks next, black, slightly ribbed and old enough to be going charcoal at the heal.  They were cool, damp and had a pleasant odour of Charlie.  His pants next, still with the belt in the loops were a little tight at the waist, but I managed to get them on.


His boots had been polished, but not recently.  I sat on the bed and pushed my foot down into the right boot immediately feeling the warm dampness, compounded as I stood down to squeeze my size 9 feet into his size 8 boot.  Repeating the process with the left boots I tied then tight and stood to examine myself in his wardrobe mirror and rubbing my hand across the wool blend of his trousers at the crotch.  Using the mirror his clip on tie was retrieved and attached,  I walked out into the hall way for the rest of his kit.


The black police vest was the hardest to put on with a complicated set of Velcro and elastic straps which as I finally zipped up pressed the damp from the back of his shirt against my skin.  His duty belt was heavy and worn with a single silver buckle holding the thick leather together.  A few of the pouches were empty, no gas but his asp and cuffs were in place in equally worn leather or plastic holders.  I finally picked up his helmet from the hall table returning to the bedroom to get a look at myself in Charlie’s uniform.


Clipping his keys on to his duty belt I stood looking at myself in the mirror.  The uniform and helmet giving me a kind of anonymity and a more than passing resemblance to Charlie.  I could feel his sweat pressed against my skin and smell his scent rising from my rapidly warming body.  I even stood like him as my feet adjusted to the worn heels of his boots and the wear on his soles.  My enraged cock was pressed against his underwear.  I released it through his trouser zipper and pulling his gloves out of a pouch on his duty belt I gave myself some relief as I drank in Charlie’s smell and the sight of his uniform in the mirror.


I  droped back to Charlie’s place a couple of times that week.  In the spare room I found his gym kit but I kept being drawn back to his uniform but left it on his bedroom floor till the last day of Charlie’s holiday.  One more go I thought before he gets back. I sat at work all that last day watching the clock and ready to have one last go in his gear although it would not be as hot as wearing his uniform a few minutes after he had taken it off.  

I was anxious to get back from work as soon as possible.  I could not remember exactly what time Charlie said he was getting back and I wanted time to enjoy his gear.  I’d taken the precaution of wearing is deodorant and after shave that morning so as I stepped across my neighbours threshold I was ready to don his uniform for the last time.


I stripped out of my suit and slowly savoured each piece of Charlie’s uniform until I was standing in his room in front of the wardrobe mirror again.  As I admired myself some of his odour returned and as a final touch I pulled on his gloves for a last wank. Finally I looked the part but just as I readied myself I noticed a figure behind me in the door way.  I shot round to see Charlie standing there in brown T shirt, baseball cap, khaki shorts and flip flips.


My heart hit my throat and I flushed red, unable to speak.  Charlie seemed dumb stuck too but then he smiled and said, ‘So I guess you like uniform then?’  I swallowed hard and stumbled over some words but Charlie continued, ‘does nt do anything for me, if you’re in it all day and surrounded by it it’s hard to get any kicks out of it.  A suit though, well in my world the arrogant guys from CID wear those.’  With that he picked up my suit jacket and said ‘fair exchange is...’ and looked directly at me with a grin

‘By all means mate’ replied.  Charlie pulled off his T shirt and picked up my work shirt, the cuff links still in place he tugged his hands past the cuffs and started to button it up.  When he pulled off his holiday shorts he picked up my CK boxers, ‘do you mind?’ he said with a raised eye brow.  ‘No I’m wearing yours’ I replied shame faced.


Charlie pulled them on and my red socks before stepping into my suit pants which he buckled up and picked up my highly polished Loake office shoes.  Sitting on the bed he tied them on after pressing one into his face.  Standing, he helped himself into my jacket and started to fasten my blue silk tie.  Finally he undid his fabric strapped watch and exchanged it for my steel bracelet watch and gave me his wedding ring and wallet.


‘So what now mate?  He said as he stepped closer, continuing, ‘ I’d like to see PC Mitchell show a suited bloke what real public servant can do for him’  With that he placed a hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me down to the waiting Loake shoe he  was wearing.  As Charlie’s helmet rolled away I licked his /my shoes as he rested the other on my prone back.  He pulled me up to his open flies next, replacing the helmet he pressed his swelling cock into my mouth  as he cried, ‘go on Charlie, take it like a man’  I began to sweat into his uniform and enjoyed the constricting feeling of his gear and boots as I serviced him in my suit.


I grasped his arse with my leather gloved hands, pushing him back onto the bed and pulling back slightly he shuddered as came across my face.  ‘Wow mate that was hot’ he growled.  We both got up and he unzipped me.  With little effort I came into his hand as he nibbled my neck just below the helmet rim.


As I stripped out of his gear Charlie told me about his holiday, chatting as if nothing had happened.  In a few minutes I was back in my suit and he was in his T shirt and shorts.  The uniform lay across the bed, an unspoken testimony to something I felt slightly ashamed of but Charlie seemed to take in his stride.


‘Well mate I guess I should get back to my place and get a shower,’ I ventured.  ‘Sure thing and thanks for keeping an eye on the place’ he replied.  ‘Hey I’m on an 8 – 4 tomorrow if you’re up for a rematch straight from work’ he added with a wink.  ‘Yeah great’ I replied tugging off his wedding ring and edging towards the door.


4.30 The next day I just happened to be back from work a little early when the door bell rang.  Charlie was standing there in uniform, grinning.  ‘Ready for that rematch’ he said, striding past me towards the lounge.  Sitting on the sofa he started to unlace his boots revealing white sports socks, stark against his black uniform trousers.  ‘Well what are you waiting for?  I want that suit.’ He said, almost seriously.