The Telemachus Story Archive

Sweet Dreams
By Telemachus

(Based on a story by knockmeout2)

Karl had been sitting silently in the jungle for over four hours now. The night air was oppressive, and Karl's black tights and sleeved leotard, soaked with his perspiration, clung to him like a second skin. Meticulously, he scanned the perimeter of the jungle fortress with a pair of night-vision binoculars.

Karl had been quietly observing the compound and its occupants nightly for nearly a month now. There were perhaps three dozen armed guards, with at least ten of whom were patrolling the compound and the outer perimeter at all times. Although all of the guards were stunningly muscular young men, Karl had noted that each was athletically built and each would probably be difficult to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Well, Karl thought, if things go according to plan I won't have to actually fight any of them.

Karl's objective was simple: capture the mysterious "Dragon Lord." The Dragon Lord had laid claim to a dozen acts of terrorism throughout Europe. The French Secret Service had decided that enough was enough and assigned its highly trained anti-terrorist agency to capture (or kill, if necessary) the Dragon Lord. In order to keep this operation as quiet and unsuspecting as possible, the agency had given this assignment to one of its newest agents, Karl DuBois.

It's now or never, thought Karl. The night was exceedingly dark with no moon visible, but Karl's eyes had already became dark-adjusted. He slipped a black nylon ski mask over his head, readied a backpack full of supplies, and began moving silently through the jungle brush.

As Karl approached the edge of the compound, an unsuspecting armed guard approached from his right. Karl crouched low behind a bush and pulled a cloth and a bottle from his backpack. As he soaked the cloth with a liquid from the bottle, he observed that the attractive young sentry was clothed in the standard dark-colored lycra-spandex uniform with a red Chinese dragon emblem on his left shoulder and a pair of leather, black mid-calf boots.

As the muscular blonde sentry made his way past Karl's position, Karl sprang like a leopard. The unsuspecting guard found a foul-smelling damp cloth clamped over his mouth and nose. He struggled mightily in a futile effort to separate himself from Karl and call for help. But Karl was relentless, and within a minute the guard had ceased struggling.

After another minute, Karl was certain that the young guard was totally unconscious. He removed the cloth from his helpless victim's face and dragged him several feet into the jungle. Knowing that his first victim could awaken before his mission was complete, Karl began to hog-tie the young sentry.

As he did so, he noticed that the crotch of his victim's uniform was damp. Gross, thought Karl as he recalled that chloroform could make some of its victims incontinent. But this did not smell like urine, Karl thought, it smells more like...then it hit him--this little fucker enjoyed this so much, he must have had an orgasm almost instantly. One hell of an orgasm, too, judging from the dampness of his uniform, thought Karl.

Karl then finished the hog-tie and assured the guard's silence with a ball-gag. One down, thirty-five to go, he muttered to himself.

Karl made his way back to the compound. He approached a corner of the square-shaped fortress and peered around the edge. Just as he had expected, another attractive guard, dressed the same as Karl's previous victim, was patrolling the perimeter. Karl noted that this guard was slightly taller than the last and had dark brown hair. Karl picked up a pebble from the ground and tossed it into the jungle, creating a small distraction.

Upon hearing the slight rustling of Karl's distraction, the gorgeous young guard approached the corner behind which Karl hid. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting sentry, Karl's distraction had worked perfectly. With the sentry's back to him, Karl crept up from behind the oblivious guard and once again slapped a wet cloth across his face and clamped down.

The attractive sentry struggled briefly before he did something that took Karl altogether by surprise--the guard unsnapped the crotch of his uniform and began stroking himself. Within seconds, the guard had brought himself to a massive orgasm, his body shuddering. Then, he went limp.

Karl found himself extremely aroused, although he swiftly remembered his job. Fortunately, this all happened so quickly and quietly that no other guards were alerted. Karl dragged the unconscious sentry into the jungle where he quickly hog-tied and gagged him next to the other unfortunate youth.

Karl then sat down for a moment, still aroused from the activities of the night. Damn, he thought, I'll never be able to concentrate on the task at hand being this horny. As he pulled down his leotard, Karl decided that he, himself, needed to masturbate in order to effectively focus on his job. And so he did, bringing himself to a mind-numbing climax within minutes as he fantasized about chloroforming another muscular, unsuspecting sentry.

After several moments of regrouping, Karl decided that it was time to continue his mission. He continued around the perimeter of the compound and silently dispatched of a half-dozen handsome guards, all dressed in the same type of black skin-tight uniforms. Each was chloroformed, brought to a violent orgasm, and promptly hog-tied and gagged. Strange, thought Karl already becoming aroused again himself, how each of these little bastards came to climax simply by being chloroformed.

Getting back to the task at hand, Karl silently scaled a wall and entered the compound. Although chloroform had worked fine up until now, he decided that it was now time to use something that worked a little faster. Karl then unholstered a tranquilizer gun and readied it with several darts. Just as Karl had finished loading his weapon, another attractive uniformed guard appeared from around the corner of luxurious mansion within the compound.

Unfortunately for the guard, he hesitated for a moment, apparently not sure what to make of Karl's appearance within the compound. That moment was all that Karl needed to fire a tranquilizer dart into the guard's left shoulder. He fell to the ground almost immediately. As Karl rapidly approached the fallen guard, he noticed that this guard too was beginning to tremble under the spell of a massive orgasmic release. Karl clamped down over the guard's mouth to silence him and dragged him into a nearby storage shed attached to the mansion. He quickly hog-tied and gagged this guard as he had done the previous ones.

Damn, thought Karl, this is getting to be too much again. As he pulled down his leotard in order to masturbate once again, he heard a noise coming from just outside the storage shed. At least two persons, Karl thought as heard at least two distinct voices. He picked up his tranquilizer gun, aimed it straight at the door, and waited wearing only his black tights.

The voices stayed just outside the door for what seemed an eternity to Karl, although he knew it probably was no longer than a minute or two. Then, just as he feared, the door opened, and two more attractive sentries appeared in the doorway. Each of the two attractive, uniform-clad blondes found a dart in their leg before realizing that there was an intruder in the closet.

The hapless blonde guards were on the ground writhing in ecstasy immediately. Karl dragged both of the climaxing guards into the shed. Both of the hapless victims were still shaking uncontrollably from the spell of their unexpected orgasms as Karl tied them to each other and gagged them.

Now, thought Karl, where was I? It took him only a second before he realized that his tights were soaked between his thighs. He proceeded to shove his hand down his tights and began masturbating. As he neared his climax, Karl rolled the unconscious, hog-tied blonde onto his back and straddled the uniformed guard's face. Karl's orgasm was as powerful as the first, and lasted much, much longer. He collapsed beside the attractive sentry, his legs still numb from the experience.

As he finally began to regain his wits, Karl noticed that he had cum all over the blonde guard's face. And the smell was quite overpowering. Karl mused, I'd like to see that little rent-boy when he awakens and realizes that he smells like prick. But, back to the task at hand...again.

Karl donned his black leotard once again and prepared to exit the storage area. Just as he was prepared to open the door, he noticed some large equipment to the side of the door. He then realized that the equipment was actually the intake for the compound's ventilation system. An idea began to form.

Karl reached into his satchel and pulled out what appeared to be large smoke bombs. However, these were no ordinary smoke bombs, Karl knew. These bombs would produce a large amount of vapor which was capable of rendering persons unconscious for several hours.

Karl put on his air mask and set off several of these bombs in the ventilation intake system. It would be only a matter of a few minutes before everyone in the compound, with the exception of Karl and a couple of guards who remained outside but within the perimeter wall, would be out cold. And, Karl thought, they'll all be having massive orgasms if things keep going the way that they have been.

After several minutes, Karl crept outside, knowing that only two more sentries should be patrolling outside while everyone inside would now be sound asleep thanks to his little bombs. He quietly snuck up to the corner of the building and peered around the edge. Things were going well for Karl tonight. The two remaining young sentries were standing together, apparently chatting, approximately 20 feet from the corner behind which Karl hid.

Karl aimed his already loaded tranquilizer gun at one of the guards, a tall, dark attractive black-haired hunk. He fired once, and the dart silently hit the uniform-clad guard on his left buttock. He immediately fell to his knees, grabbing at his crotch. His partner, a short and athletically built brunette was apparently confused and somewhat aroused by the sudden turn of events.

Karl, feeling more secure now that everyone else was unconscious, decided to be a voyeur for a few moments and watch how the shorter guard reacted to his climaxing comrade. As the tall guard fell completely to the ground and began shuddering under the power of an orgasm, his shorter partner leaned over the tall guard to check on him. However, Karl noticed, the shorter guard was rubbing his own crotch while tending to his collapsed partner. The shorter guard had obviously not realized that there was an intruder nor that his partner had just been hit with a tranquilizer. The shorter guard was also apparently very stimulated by his partner's unexpected and sudden orgasm and decided that he needed to do the same.

The shorter guard unsnapped the crotch on his uniform and began masturbating, himself. Karl watched silently, feeling a little tingly in his own thighs once again. He rubbed himself and realized that he, too, was turned on by the taller guard's sudden orgasm. Karl watched as the shorter guard came to a quick climax. The shorter guard fell to his hands and knees as he attempted to recover from his experience.

As the shorter guard was beginning to arise, Karl fired another tranquilizer dart into his right buttock. The guard momentarily looked in the direction from which the dart came and saw Karl, air-mask on, holding the tranquilizer gun at his left hip and rubbing himself with his right hand. The shorter guard then collapsed on top of his already unconscious partner and began shuddering under the spell of another powerful orgasm.

Karl quickly tied the two together and gagged them, just to be on the safe side, and proceeded into the building. The first thing Karl noticed upon entering was two muscular guards, each wearing a black uniform and leather boots, lying unconscious on a hallway floor. Karl examined both, and, sure enough, both had wet crotches that smelled of orgasm. That does it, thought Karl, I'm certain that the chloroform, darts and bombs that headquarters gave me are laced with some type of powerful aphrodisiac. I'll have to bring this up at my post-mission briefing.

However, the tingly feeling that Karl had felt just a few moments earlier was becoming stronger. Karl thought, I must focus on the task. I'm nearing my objective, and I must focus.

Karl crept silently though the building and up to the second floor. Everywhere he went, there were unconscious men, all wearing uniforms, although some were now wearing red instead of black. Perhaps the red is a symbol of some type of authority Karl pondered. It didn't matter. They were all knocked out, and they all apparently had orgasms. The knockout gas must have worked somewhat slower than the darts, Karl thought, because several of the uniform-clad men had apparently taken to "assisting" each other with their orgasms. Karl noticed several pairs of unconscious men lying together, a threesome lying on the stairway, a foursome lying in the hallway on the second floor, and even a group of six or seven lying on the floor together in what appeared to be a command center. All had obviously enjoyed an immense amount of pleasure before passing out. Wow, Karl thought while stroking himself, I would really like to try some of this stuff myself, but I have a job to do.

Karl proceeded down the second floor hallway, checking each room for his prize, the infamous Dragon Lord. He came to the last room at the end of the hallway. When he peered into the room, he noticed a short black-haired youth lying facedown on the floor. However, this youth was dressed differently than all the others. He wore a black leather teddy, black stockings and five-inch, black, spiked heels. And lying beside him on the floor was a leather bullwhip. Karl rolled him over onto his back, and much to Karl's surprise, the unconscious dominator was NOT the Dragon Lord.

Karl then took note of another unconscious youth in the room. This youth was also dressed differently. He wore a red lace teddy, red stockings, five-inch red heels, and a red spandex hood with no eyeholes over his head. The strangest part, it seemed to Karl, was that this youth was not on the floor, but was high overhead. The man-in-red was hung upside-down by his feet, with his hands tied behind his back and ball-gag in his mouth over top of the red spandex hood. Karl lowered the unconscious man-in-red to the ground, noted that this man had also suffered from a recent orgasm, removed the ball-gag and the spandex hood, and broke out into a huge smile. Karl had his prize.


Two nights later, Karl returned to his Paris apartment, totally exhausted. The Dragon Lord had been successfully captured and turned over to the French authorities. The Dragon Lord would likely spend a very long time in prison, and, if he were ever released, would be extradited to Germany, Britain, Italy, or any number of other countries in which he was wanted.

Shortly after Karl had notified headquarters that the Dragon Lord was successfully captured, the compound was raided by bounty hunters. The bounty hunters had little trouble capturing the henchmen since all of the henchmen were either still unconscious or bound and gagged. The unfortunate hunks would all spend several years in prison. Karl wondered how the bounty hunters might have taken advantage of these once-dangerous-but-now-helpless killers before turning them over to the French government. Well, Karl thought, perhaps it gave them one last opportunity at some sexual satisfaction before being locked away for a very long time. If I were going to be captured and sent to prison, he thought, I would prefer it happen like it did to those fuckers.

Karl plopped down on his bed, not taking the time to take off his pants, shirt and shorts, and reflected upon his post-mission briefing. As he had guessed, the chloroform, the tranquilizer darts, and the bombs were all laced with an experimental hyper-aphrodisiac. Why? He had asked. Better to test this stuff on known criminals since there might be some dangerous side effects, his superiors had told him. Why hadn't they told him, he asked. Because he would be able to give them a more objective opinion about the effects of the drug if he didn't know about it prior to seeing it work, they had told him.

He sighed as he realized that he had not completely "released his frustrations" since capturing the Dragon Lord. Karl closed his eyes and thought back to all of those muscular men he had forced into orgasm before rendering them unconscious. The thought of being suddenly and unexpectedly forced into an orgasm and then rendered unconscious was extremely arousing to him. He realized that his shorts were becoming wet and that his thighs were beginning to tingle. He took off his shirt and vest and rubbed his nipples. But he was so very, very tired. He needed rest as much as he needed to release some sexual tension.

He reached over to his bag and pulled out a small bottle and a handkerchief. I'm horny but I'm tired, he thought. What can I do? He soaked the handkerchief with liquid from the bottle, covered his face with the wet cloth, and said aloud to himself, "Sweet, sweet dreamsssss, unhhh, unhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh.............."