The Telemachus Story Archive

By Telemachus

The marines were coming to town!

The local news announced the fact casually, though most of the people in town reacted quite differently. A few were pleased at the prospect of all the extra cash the young overpaid, oversexed, overactive young soldiers would be bringing in, but most were more concerned at the inevitable bar room brawls between the brash, arrogant marines and the surly local youths that were an inevitable result of these visits. Adam heard the news with quiet resolution. He had been waiting for this moment ever since the last time the marines had arrived. He had his equipment ready and he had carefully scouted out a small barracks to the west of town. He was as ready as he would ever be. Finally, they arrived, truck-load after truck-load rumbling through town to the main barracks over the course of three days. Adam watched them troop in, confident and loud, shouting abuse at the local boys with undisguised contempt and making loud, lascivious suggestions at any girl they saw.

It was now the night before the army manoeuvres were due to begin. As usual, the marines were all confined to barracks in preparation for the big day. This was what Adam was waiting for. As evening started to close in he put on the all-black clothing he had prepared, including some gloves and a ski-mask. Then he picked up a heavy, black bag and slipped out of town.

To the west, a small barracks lay surrounded by woods some way from town along a long dirt road. It was rarely used and completely isolated from the main barracks where the bulk of the soldiers were staying. Adam pulled off onto a side track and left the truck where it wouldn't be seen. Cautiously he approached the building, moving silently through the undergrowth. Once there he paused behind a tree, looking around carefully for any activity.

As he patiently waited a uniformed sentry strolled casually past the main door, a strong, Nordic looking young kid, late teens, early twenties maybe. Moments later a second young sentry, more Latino in appearance met him. They passed and moved casually on, slowly circling the building in opposite directions, the thought of being faced with anything more dangerous than the local wildlife had obviously never occurred to them. The barracks was just a wide, squat, single storey wooden building, only used when the main camp was full. It could hold little more than a dozen soldiers and one NCO. But that would be enough for Adam. He also noted that the windows were all closed against the chill of the evening.

He watched until he had the rhythm of the two sentries worked out then moved forward. The trees were clustered quite close to one side of the building giving plenty of cover so Adam arrived at his vantage point completely undetected. He placed the bag on the ground and took out a slim, weighted blackjack. As he watched, the sentries continued their slow patrol, oblivious to danger. Adam waited until the blonde sentry was approaching his tree and the other, Latino kid had just disappeared behind the barracks. As the cute, young, blonde sentry strolled past he stepped quietly out behind the uniformed soldier and swung the blackjack.

Thunk! - The blackjack struck the back of the kid's head with a dull sound and the young marine fell to his knees with a startled grunt, then started to slump forward, Adam caught him before he hit the ground. The youth was about Adam's height with a well-trained muscular build, but Adam had no problem in hauling the stunned kid quickly back to the trees. He swiftly retrieved the sentries rifle and slipped back into the shadows. The kid groaned gently, his arms flopping around as he tried to regain his senses. Adam quickly pulled out a white cloth and a brown bottle. He splashed some chloroform from the bottle onto the cloth and forced the sentry into a sitting position, the kid's head flopped forward as Adam kneeled behind him and placed the damp cloth firmly over the sentries mouth and nose. The kid feebly attempted to struggle but Adam's grip was remorseless, one hand holding the cloth firmly in place while the other arm was wrapped around the youth's torso pinning his arms to his sides, the kids back held firmly in place against Adam's chest. The young soldiers eyes fluttered as the fumes finally put him out, Adam felt the tension in his captives body fade and soon the kid was sleeping peacefully in his arms, the firm, young, muscular body open to his probing hands, the rough cloth of his uniform exciting his every nerve.

Adam gently separated himself from the unconscious marine he was holding and moved back to the tree, pulling out the blackjack again. The second sentry was just emerging from behind the barracks. His casual gait showed that he had heard nothing. As the soldier passed the tree Adam heard him mutter to himself "Where's the fucker gone?", he had finally missed his buddy.

Adam stepped out from behind the tree as the sentry casually turned round expecting to see the other soldier. "Hey, where have you been..." Faced with a black-masked assailant he made the mistake of pausing, his jaw dropping in surprise. "What the fu..." Thunk! - Adam's blackjack slammed across the Latino's forehead and the sentry staggered back landing heavily on his butt, his eyes unfocused, the look of bewilderment still on his face. Adam stepped quickly forward, pushing the dazed young man full on the chest forcing him onto his back as he clamped the damp cloth over the dark haired kid's face with one hand and placing the other firmly on the Latino's chest, pinning him to the ground. "Just breathe nice and deep, soldier boy" he whispered. "MMmmmm... mmmm... mmphhh..." The kids grunts of protest faded away and with a muffled sigh the stunned sentries eyes slowly fluttered and closed. Adam held the cloth in place until he was sure the kid was totally out, then he hauled the sleeping Latino into a sitting position, hooked his hands under the kid's limp arms and dragged him into the trees to join his pal. The kid's head bounced against his chest as Adam hauled him out of sight and into the shadows.

With stage one complete and plenty of time to spare Adam allowed himself to relax. The two sentries were lying side by side, hidden from the barracks by the trees. Adam allowed himself the pleasure of running his hands over their dull olive-green uniforms, feeling the hard muscle beneath. Both of the kids must be around twenty and each had cute boyish faces. Adam opened up the buttons and slid his hand across the chest of each of his victims, revelling in the feel of the hard ridges of the well trained flesh, he was pleasantly surprised to find that each one had a light sweat, in spite of the cool evening air. He toyed with his victims for a while before finally pulling out some thin ropes and securely binding the unfortunate youths at their wrists and around their black army-issue boots, finishing the job with some cloth gags. "Don't want you to go wandering off, soldier boys. We'll have some more fun later, I promise" he muttered to his captives as he collected his bag and left the two secured marines to the shadows.

Adam slipped across to the barracks and gently opened the door. A small corridor presented itself. Three doors were visible, to the left was the latrine, to the right the door to the NCO's room, and ahead, the main barracks. He knew the layout perfectly, even down to where the squeaky floorboard was. It was crucial to his plan that none of the snoring soldiers woke up, in fact his plan was to have them sleep quite soundly instead. He listened at the right hand door, a slow, deep, heavy, breathing sound. He listened at the door ahead, the sound of multiple steady breathing met his ears. Perfect.

Opening the bag, Adam pulled out a medium sized gas cylinder. He quietly pushed the main door ajar and slid the canister in. He opened the valve until a gentle hissing could be heard then gently closed the door. Looking at his watch he waited for the gas to start to take effect, with the windows closed it wouldn't take long. Then he slipped into the side room. On a bunk lay a big, sleeping marine. He was around thirty and the covers were pulled back showing a heavily muscled, dark haired chest and a six-pack stomach clad only in standard issue olive-green underwear. The NCO's deep, heavy breathing was quite audible as Adam pulled out the white cloth and refreshed it from the brown bottle. He approached the bed and waited until the big guy had breathed out. As the big soldier started to breath in Adam held the cloth just above the guys face. The soldier grimaced in his sleep as he breathed in a lungful of the sickly sweet fumes. "Huh? Wha.. Wha..?" the soldier started to wake even as the drug started to work. Adam slammed the cloth onto the big guys face forcing him to take another lungful, firmly holding the damp cloth in place with all his strength. "Perfect timing huh? Now breathe deeply Sarge, time to have a nice long sleep".

The Sarge had enough awareness left to grab Adams wrists, trying to push off his attacker. But he was disorientated and his strength was already fading. Now matter how hard he tried, the cloth stayed firmly in place.

"Mmmpphh.... mmmm..... mmm...............", the big guys eyes slowly glazed over then rolled up as the last of his strength slipped away. The overpowered soldiers limp arms flopped towards the floor as Adam removed the cloth. Adam looked down at his latest victim. It was too early to invade the main barracks, the knockout gas would need time to have its full effect, and that gave him plenty of time to play with his new toy. He sat on the bunk and ran his hands across the unconscious marines massive chest, feeling the pull of the coarse black hair, moving down across the solid ridged muscles of his belly to the tight waist then even lower to expose his latest victims thick, limp dick. "I wonder how many of the soldier boys you've used this on" thought Adam as he played with the soldier's big man meat, he didn't think he would get an erection from the KO'd soldier, chloro'd victims never did, but it was fun to try. And the slight but pungent smell of man-scent rising from the soldiers dick and heavy balls gave Adam a raging hard-on, which he found hard to ignore.

At last Adam tore himself away and reached into the bag, pulling out some rope. He leaned forward and hooked his hand around the soldiers big muscular neck, feeling the short, sharp bristles at the back of his head. The dark shadow of a morning beard was starting to appear on the square jawed, clean shaven face, his lips were slightly parted as he breathed in his regular, deep rumbling way. Adam heaved, pulling the doped soldier into a sitting position. The NCO's head flopped forward with a slight grunt showing a scalp covered in short jet black hair, properly trimmed in the marine fashion. Holding his victim steady by the neck Adam moved behind his sleeping victim and applied the ropes to his captive's wrists, then his ankles. Once his tamed marine was securely bound. Adam lowered him back onto the bunk. It was time to check out the main barracks.

Slipping on a gas mask from his bag Adam opened the door, stepped inside and quickly closed the door behind him. He didn't want any of the knockout gas to escape. The cylinder was still hissing gently as Adam checked each of the six sleeping marines in their bunks. All had succumbed to the effects of the gas while they slept and were now totally unconscious. Satisfied with the result Adam left the barracks and returned to the NCO's room. The Sarge was still out cold, Adam carefully lifted the heavy body up and across his shoulder, staggering under the weight. "Whew, you are one big fucker" he muttered with a smile, enjoying the man-scent from the crotch on his shoulder . Cautiously he manoeuvred into the main barracks and dropped his slumbering burden heavily onto an unoccupied bunk and rearranging his limbs into a nice comfortable position. The gas would soon take effect and it would keep the big soldier and his troop quiet for hours to come, much longer than chloroform alone would. Adam then left the barracks and crossed to where he had left the two sentries. As expected, the effects of the chloroform had already worn off and the two youths were trying, unsuccessfully, to escape from their bonds. "Now, now, boys" said Adam "You don't want to miss the party". He casually pulled out the white cloth, dosed it with some fresh chloroform and carefully held it over the Latino kid's face with one hand, his other firmly holding the back of the kids head in place. He watched intently as the dark haired kid struggled, trying to escape the sweet, sickly, fumes. As the drug took effect he could see the marine's eyes glaze over and his eyelids start to flutter. "Nighty, night soldier boy" breathed Adam as the Latino finally gave in. Holding the cloth in place for a few moments more to make absolutely sure of the kid, Adam looked across at his other captive. The bound and gagged blonde marine was looking at the scene with wide eyes. A black-clad masked terrorist was knocking out his buddy with chloroform and he could do nothing about it. As the attacker turned towards him he tried to pull back expecting the same treatment. But instead of applying the cloth Adam hauled the startled kid onto his feet and slung him unceremoniously over his shoulder. "Hmph, not as heavy as the Sarge" muttered Adam, aware that the captive kid had heard him and now knew that he had no hope of rescue. He carried the confused soldier into the barracks room and sat him roughly onto an unoccupied bunk. The bound kid looked around desperately at the unconscious troop of marines. Adam pulled the sleeping NCO into a sitting position so the kid could clearly see his unconscious commander, "The Sarge never knew what hit him, he's mine to play with now, just like you are, soldier boy".

Adam let the Sarge flop heavily back onto the bunk, the kid stared wild-eyed as the Sarge's torso rebounded twice on the bed before finally coming to rest. Already the gas in the barracks was starting to take effect. The blonde haired kid was starting to feel light headed, slightly dizzy as his black-clad assailant removed the crude cloth gag. Adam knew that his captive wouldn't cry out, all his potential rescuers were lying unconscious around him. "Wha, what you doin' this fer?" stuttered the kid. "Pure pleasure, soldier boy" said Adam, his voice muffled by the gas mask as he reached down to pull open the captive kid's uniform exposing the youth's muscular, hairless chest to the harsh glare of the barrack room light. As Adam roughly massaged the kid's muscular pecs and twisted his small pale nipples he looked intently into the kid's face. The young soldier was slowly losing consciousness as the gas slipped into his lungs. His eyes started to flutter and his head started to nod. Adam took the kid's chin in one hand. "Feeling sleepy, soldier boy?" he whispered. "yeah... uh... sleepeeee...." mumbled the blonde marine, a silly grin forming on his face as he finally abandoned his last attempts to stay awake. Adam kept hold of the kid's chin as he watched the blond youths cute face relax in sleep, then he released his grip. The kid slowly toppled sideways onto the bunk, then limply rolled onto the floor with a thump. Adam looked at the unconscious young soldier at his feet with satisfaction, then he returned to the trees to collect the Latino, carrying the dark skinned youths limp form over his shoulder into the bunk room to join the rest of the troop, Adam's collection was now complete.

"OK soldier boys, time to have some real fun" grinned Adam. Moving from bed to bed he checked out the rest of the soldiers he had captured. Apart from the two sentries they were all wearing the same olive-green underwear as the Sarge and nothing else. A rough looking, heavily muscled young redhead caught his eye. "My, my, what a nice fuck toy" he muttered as he opened the slack jawed youths mouth and inserted his rock hard dick. Once his meat was nicely lubricated he turned his attention to the shaven headed black kid in the next bunk. His tight young butt took Adam's slick tool easily.

Over the next few hours, Adam slowly worked his way around the room using and abusing the young marine studs in any way he pleased. He finished with a slow, heavy fuck of the Sarge's hard, muscular, bubble-butt, his hands filled with the NCO's massive pecs, feeling the rough dark chest hair run between his fingers, the tough leathery nipples rubbing into his palms.

At last, Adam was drained and the hissing from the cylinder was now barely audible. Collecting all the evidence of his presence, the blackjack, cylinder, ropes, gags, chloroform and cloth, he packed it all away in the bag and with a cheery wave left the unconscious troop sprawled in a variety of erotic positions around the barrack room, their uniforms and skivvies discarded carelessly across the floor. "Great party boys, enjoy the rest of the night". Even though the gas was rapidly dispersing it would still be a while before any of them started to wake up. Adam drove away to a well-earned sleep of his own even as the first glimmers of dawn were beginning to show.

Adam awoke later that day to hear a local newsreader announce that the military exercise had been abruptly cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances". The trucks quickly ferried all the marines away and the town went back to its normal humdrum life. No mention of the nights activities ever made it to the news - after all, what general would ever admit that a whole troop of his marines had been so thoroughly fucked? As Adam watched the last truck roll away down the road he smiled and waved slightly "Bye boys, see y'all next time...."